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Let’s Spell it Out

November, 2009

Financial Abundance with the Help of Mawu

Mawu, pronounced MAH-woo and sometimes alternatively spelled Mahu, is a West African Mother Earth creator goddess associated with both the sun and moon.  Sometimes she is seem as a moon goddess, the twin sister-wife of the sun god Liza (alternatively spelled Lisa), but sometimes “she” is seen as one androgynous or hermaphroditic deity, Mawu-Lisa.  When seen as two separate deities, Mawu and Liza are the children of Nana Buluku and the parents of Xevioso.

Mawu is said to have created all life on earth with her husband Liza, but after doing so, she worried that it might be too heavy, and so she asked for help from the serpent Aido Hwedo.  Another androgynous being, it curled up beneath the earth and pushed it up into the sky.  She also requested aid in creating more animals out of clay, so she asked the monkey Awe, who turned out to be arrogant and challenged Mawu and tried to show that he, too could give life.  When Gbadu, the first woman that Mawu had created saw all the chaos that had ensued, she called out to the children of the earth to remind them that it is only Mawu that can give the gift of Sekpoli, the breath of life.  To drive this point home, Mawu gave Awe a bowl of porridge that contained the seed of death; the she and no other is the giver and taker of life.

As Mawu is no stranger in asking for help, you can call upon her to learn how to live in harmony.  In these financially traumatic times, she ensures that our needs are abundantly met without causing any harm to our planet.

The Spell:

This spell is designed to be so simple that you can perform it anywhere or at any time. If you have the option of waiting to time your spell work, then perform this under the light of the Full Moon.

The only supply that you need is your need; your need to have a roof over your head, clothes on your back, food in your stomach, reliable transportation, etc.  You have the option of casting a circle and performing a full ritual, or you can simply gather your bills and ask for Mawu’s help in keeping your checkbook in the black and out of the red.

It wouldn’t hurt to light a candle or a stick of incense and to give an offering from your heart to Mawu (such as flowers or cowrie shells).

When you feel that you have everything ready for your particular situation, say:

“Mawu, goddess of earth, sun and moon,

I ask that you grant to me this boon.

Mawu, Mother Goddess, creatrix of life,

I call to you to help end my strife.

Please, let us work in harmony,

And all my needs be met abundantly.

For the good of all and to the harm of none,

So say I, so shall it be done.”

Source: Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards Guidebook by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.