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Review: Council of Light – How to do Toe Readings Webinar with Katherine Veltri

April, 2018

Review: Council of Light – Toe Reading: How to do Toe Readings Webinar

Reading Your Soul Through Your Soles with Katherine Veltri



Before I started this course, I had never even heard of toe-reading. It was pure intrigue that led me to choose the course, as I’m always open to learning new things. That said, I was a tiny bit skeptical, as I felt it would be perhaps just a transplantation of ‘palm reading’ onto the feet, or something along those lines.

I’m pleased to say I was wrong, and that the skill of toe reading stands alone as a therapy quite in its own right. I was surprised to learn that each toe represents an element, and also a part of our psyche or personality. Also, deeper than that, how we interact with the associations of that toe depends which foot it is on. The shape and condition of the toes can also lend insight into the past life, or destiny of the foot owner.

The course itself is hosted by Katherine Veltri. Her introduction to the course is lovely; very upbeat, very positive; welcoming the student with ‘open arms and open heart’. She tells us a bit about herself, which is a nice touch. Congratulations on your upcoming bundle of Joy, Katherine! Once introductions are done, Katherine tells us a bit about her qualifications and how she loves to teach. It’s clear she has a real passion for learning and loves to instill that passion in others. Her introduction leaves me excited to start the course.

This toe-reading course is one of the shorter courses on the Council of Light training pages, and is priced accordingly. It’s very short, but well worth the few dollars you would normally pay to gain access. All the coursework is downloadable, so there is no time limit to complete the work. I doubt this would be an issue anyway, as once you start the ‘webinar’, the coursework is interesting and keeps you engaged. The webinar is basically a slide show that takes you through all the aspects of toe reading, from the history and basic principles to actually putting it into practice. I don’t want to say too much about the details of the content, as that seems unfair to the Council of Light and their paying customers! I can say that the coursework follows a consistent thread, is clear, easy to follow, and leaves you keen to learn more.

My favourite thing about the toe reading course is the way it teaches you to be open and non-judgemental with those you may practice on. It encourages open questions, without probing, and discourages diagnosis. My overall feeling was, even if you don’t believe that the toes hold genuine insight into someone’s past or their destiny, you can absolutely use toe reading as a tool to open up gentle conversations that may allow the client to be honest with themselves about crucial situations in their own life. Discussing the different aspects the toes represent is a way to encourage a therapeutic and holistic approach to mental well-being, and could be very useful to lots of different types of people. I can imagine that toe reading could easily be implemented by reflexologists, masseurs and a range of holistic practitioners.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed my first course with the Council of Light immensely, and look forward to my next educational foray. I’m hoping to do some study with them around Chakra Meditation soon, so watch this space for further reviews.

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**Full disclaimer: I was offered the course for free in return for an objective review.


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