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Finding Your Own Way: Book Review & Free Book Offer

January, 2016





I wrote this book as a response to over forty years of trawling through endless books on the occult, magic and mysticism. I am not saying that I did not learn a great deal from many of the authors, but, in some ways, they were also a distraction from this, now obvious, truth which was right under my nose. In the end, we must find our own personal path. No one who simply follows the spiritual path of another person will ever find their rightful place in the universe until they finally strike out on their own and discover their own, unique inner truths. Many of us are discontented with our achievements because we are, mistakenly, trying to live out someone else’s dream. In this book, I offer a selection of dreams, which I have channelled over the last few years, along with the mystical art of Bill Oliver. I also include safe meditations and advice about possible paths to explore. This book is merely a stepping stone. You, the reader must take that first step and begin to explore the many gifts which the universe has to offer to those who simply ask, and who have the courage to listen to the answers given.
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Personal meditations for peace and balance

Meditation, inspiration and inner journeys,- aided by safe techniques, poetry and the beautiful art of Bill Oliver

Despite the growth of information technology and leisure, many more people are finding that they are unsatisfied with life. They are turning to meditation and alternative lifestyles to bring meaning to their lives. This book tries to lead the reader through the maze of conflicting methods and ideologies, by introducing simple, but effective meditations with a sprinkling of common-sense and some ‘down-to-earth’ advice.

True balance and happiness come from seeing and understanding our own individual needs and learning to gauge when it is appropriate to satisfy them, and how best to do so. Sadly, the western world has passed from the strict regimes of the Victorian age to the illusory freedoms of the twenty-first century, without any real improvement in the mental health or happiness of the majority of people. Many have left the repressive atmosphere of mainstream religions, only to fall prey to either excessive consumerism or the petty tyranny of gurus and groups who demand much more than that which was ever asked of our parents. We are bombarded day and night by those who would use our need for meaning in our lives, to sell us an endless succession of ideologies or distractions. It is getting harder to know who to believe. This book will assist you in finding your own true core of belief and help you to begin the journey of challenging and adapting these beliefs to allow you to fulfil your real needs.

Patrick W Kavanagh

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