Celebrating the Old Ways in New Times

February, 2019

the Old Ways in New Times For Imbolc February 2019


my, did the Winter Hag hit us last night. In Central Ohio we got I
don’t know how many inches of snow- which would be fine- except we
got solid ice underneath it first. I can’t walk my dog in certain
parts of the grass or we will slide away!

plows, salt trucks, and sidewalk clearing is in full swing. I only
had to shovel my front stoop, as a neighbor shoveled the walk before
our helpers got here. Not bad, but I am aching all over- as it’s
only 8 degrees, and my body revolts against the cold.

is ice frozen inside of our vintage 1970 windows, and I am wearing
double layers and sitting under a blanket, as is the dog.

cats are sound asleep, and while I have a cup of hot mint with black
tea, my husband has started his coffee ritual. We all know what that
means. Nothing happens before coffee!

is beef stew cooked already for supper, and we will probably make
some tacos as well. I am sore, exhausted, and I know it’s due to
the cold.

am one of THOSE people. This weather has knocked me out.

am more than in the mindset to think about Spring. I’m thankful we
are close to another turning of the Wheel, and I look forward to when
I can hear more birds singing, and I can see the thaw, and the
wildflowers poking through the forest floor.


one of my least favorite Sabbats- because it is bloody cold, Imbolc
is both a blessing, and just another stepping stone moving us towards
warmer days, and the growing season.

between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, it was traditionally
celebrated in Scotland, Ireland, and the Isle of Mann. In a nutshell,
the animals would be lactating, or producing milk, so people had a
feast, thanked their gods, and had a good old time.

it was, and is a seasonal harvest type celebration, but it was so
much more than that.

was celebrating the goddess Brigid.

was used to ask her to come into the home to bless and protect the
people and livestock. Beds so she could accept hospitality would be
laid for her, and special foods set out. Everybody wanted the goddess
to come into their home and protect them and guide them into the
coming Spring.

is a scary time. Even today, ice can knock out electricity, and what
if you can’t even afford electricity? It’s cold! Reports of the
poor and homeless freezing to death are in the news every Winter.
Imagine how much scarier it used to be hundreds of years ago, and how
grateful people were for both the milk, and the thaw which heralded
the fact Spring would indeed come. The Wheel was and is turning
again, and people are very very happy about that.

Winter Hag

while Brigid might be a goddess of light and life, some would say in
Winter, she is her hag aspect.

goes by different names depending on what part of the British Isles
she is being talked about. For some, she’s Beira, and she washes
her plaid on the Loch until it is pure white, and she spreads it upon
the land, making snow. For some, she is called the Cailleach.

uses her hammer to make mountains and valleys, and uses her staff to
make it cold and wintry. She rules from November 1- Samhain, to
Beltaine- May 1, and she is VERY resistant to give over her rule to
Brigid, who rules from May 1- to November 1. Some even say she gives
power to Brigid as early as Imbolc although some say it’s as late
as Beltaine. Some say the early Spring snows are Beira’s way of
trying to stay in power!

many ways these stories express human beings way of trying to explain
seasons before modern science, but in many ways, they express the
duality of our own lives as well.

Light and Dark

among us has never been a vivacious, lively person one moment, only
to endure a period of personal darkness, tragedy, or illness? Just
like the goddess.

for many of us the goddess IS the earth, these stories speak to us.
When it’s the warmer seasons, the goddess- aka earth- produces
abundantly. Like in our own lives, when all is well and we are at our
best, we are more capable, and get more done successfully. Likewise,
when we are sick, suffering, sad, or just upset, we are not at our
best, and fall fallow- like the earth, or the goddess in Winter.

my memory is not what it used to be, and I have done a LOT of reading
over the years, I cannot pinpoint exactly what stories express what I
am about to share.

I have read many stories about people hearing a knock at their door
in the night, and an old hag asks hospitality, sometimes just to warm
herself at their fire. In the stories, it turns out this is no
ordinary old woman, but either a powerful witch who blesses the
family if they are kind to her, or curses them if they are unkind. In
some stories, it’s the goddess coming for a bit of comfort.

moral of these stories is not so much to try and be rewarded for all
the good we do, but to remember those who are struggling, who need
our help.

you never know who somebody who looks to be a down and out old bag of
nothing actually is. Everybody is important and deserves comfort and
alleviation of suffering. Let us never forget there will come a day
when we, too may be that pitiful creature begging for hospitality.

Living Saint

of my personal heroes was Mother Theresa, who, to me, was a living
embodiment of the goddess. At a young age, she chose to work with the
poorest of the poor because she felt her god called her. Her Sisters
in Calcutta are world famous for their compassion and determination
to grant comfort and love to those who the World seems to have

used to read her books and just cry. She told stories about people
being carried in off the street with nothing. These people were
sometimes actively dying. Some of the people could only be given a
bed to lie in until they crossed the veil. Sometimes, their bodies
were not only filthy, but infested with vermin. The sisters would
patiently pick the worms off the people’s bodies, and thank their
god for the opportunity to “tend to Jesus in a distressing

drew this belief from the scriptures where it is said ‘I
can guarantee this truth: Whatever you did for one of my brothers or
sisters, no matter how unimportant [they seemed], you did for me.’

Theresa wrote about tending the body of Christ, HER god. She said by
doing for others, you touched, blessed, and tended the body of her

turn away the Goddess

saw the Goddess in her Winter Hag form at a grocery store this week.
She was in a “Distressing Disguise”.

was sitting by the door, waiting to be picked up, as many elderly
people do- and she had her nose and mouth wrapped, and her hands
tucked into the sleeves of her coat. I could see she had on no

asked if she would like a pair of gloves. She said yes. I put my
gloves on her. I had initially walked past her, but something told
me not to. She was cold, she was alone, and I did not have time to
stay, but I had a pair of gloves to give her. I helped her into the
gloves, and she thanked me. As I walked away, I could feel chills,
and not because it was cold. I told my husband “That was The

was old, bent over, decrepit, cold, and suffering. She needed a
little comfort.

she a celestial spirit? No. She was merely a human being, but women
are the physical embodiment of the Goddess in the same way people are
the physical embodiment of the body of the Xtian god for people like
Mother Theresa.

of a Sabbat ritual, I have a suggestion, a plea actually. Would you
be able to find the time to tend to the body of the goddess in her
distress? Can you welcome the hag into your home and heart, and
celebrate her in her struggles as well as glorifying her in all her

Imbolc Working

this as a regular practice, not just something to do for Sabbat. This
is not a ritual, but is a set of things to keep in mind. We all need
one another and sometimes forget, or don’t know how to ask for what
we need.

get caught up in our own lives and are busy with what we specifically
are doing and sometimes forget about the people who are not directly
IN our presence. Let’s face it, adulting is exhausting sometimes.
It’s not easy to remember everything. Try to train yourself to keep
an eye out for those who need your help. You can begin with a prayer
like this:

Goddess, she from who all life came, and to who we all return, Open
my eyes. Open my heart. Open my awareness to those who need me. I am
easily distracted by my own life. Don’t let me miss the call, or
misunderstand signs. Use me as your hands, that I may do all the
things you see fit. Use my voice to be your words so I may be as
comfort for those who are hurting. Use my arms to be your warm
embrace. Open my heart so I may take people in who feel nobody loves
them. Use me as your vessel that I may be a living embodiment of you.
So be it.”

  1. Set
    an intention to keep tabs on those who are sick, isolated,
    depressed, sad, grieving, old, or just alone. This extends to your
    loved ones who are overworked and do not have time for a social life
    as well. People who are easily forgotten because they are not nearby
    are the ones who need to be checked up on the most.

  2. Remember
    that YOU are sometimes the one who needs care or help. Do NOT
    hesitate to ask for what you need. We are in one another’s lives,
    and together, life is better. Be compassionate and patient with
    yourself. If you feel frustrated with yourself for whatever you are
    struggling with, ask yourself if you would be harsh with somebody
    ELSE struggling with this? Of course you wouldn’t! Remember to be
    healing, patient, and loving to yourself as well as others.

  3. Holiday
    time is especially difficult for those who are alone or struggling
    somehow. They feel like a third wheel at gatherings, and may forego
    attending for not only that, but if they cannot afford to
    contribute, they may feel embarrassed. Think of ways to make them
    feel comfortable coming, and reassure them.
  4. You
    may need to arrange transportation and take somebody home early.
    People who struggle may not be physically capable of staying the
    whole time. Make sure they know that is okay and they won’t be
    stuck trying to be presentable when they need to leave early.
  5. On
    the other hand- be understanding if they just need to skip out.
    Don’t make them feel attendance is mandatory. Let them do what
    they can do.

  6. Learn
    to listen. I cannot tell you how many family members of sick or
    elderly people I have heard spout off about “I JUST don’t
    understand Mom/Grandma/Aunt Ethel/ etc…” and literally complain
    about how said family member has some sort of struggle THEY don’t
    have, so they have no clue why ANYBODY does. As if said family
    member is willfully doing this to themselves, and is a GREAT
    inconvenience to the “normal” people. Learn compassion and
    empathy, or leave the care to somebody who has some. That is all.

  7. Make
    quality time with the goddess in distress. Don’t just go do
    errands and or appointments, aka “good deeds” or “duty”.
    While all of that is important, do not forget your goddess needs to
    be treated as a normal person and she wants to spend time with you.
    Have a cup of coffee and birdwatch together. Go for lunch. Go feed
    the ducks, or hit the movies. Enjoying life should not be forgotten
    just because the goddess is in distress!
  8. Don’t
    just do good deeds for the goddess in distress when it is socially
    acceptable to do so- like birthdays or Sabbats, or mainstream
    holidays. People need love and care year round, not just when you
    get a reminder because of the time of year it is.
  9. Give
    her gifts. I don’t just mean candles or incense lit on your altar.
    I mean give things to human beings who are struggling. Say you have
    an elderly neighbor who used to grow tomatoes, but can’t anymore.
    Give her some of yours from your garden as often as possible. Say
    you have a disabled neighbor who likes to go to the park. Take them.
    Say there is an old decrepit neighborhood stray cat. Give it treats,
    food, shelter, love, and take it to the Vet …unless you can find a
    way to have it adopted, of course!
  10. Never
    stop looking for a way to venerate the goddess through the lives of
    her creatures. There are opportunities constantly. Keep your eyes
    and ears open. Ask for guidance regularly, and then just remain open
    to her call and vice.

Imbolc bring new beginnings for you. May the weather be gentle, and
the Winter Hag spare you in the days before she becomes Brigid. May
the goddess appear before you in her splendor, and may you be aware,
and know what to do to help when she is reaching out to you in a
distressing disguise.




the Author:

Saoirse is
a recovered Catholic.  I was called to the Old Ways at age 11,
but I thought I was just fascinated with folklore. At age 19, I was
called again, but I thought I was just a history buff, and could not
explain the soul yearnings I got when I saw images of the Standing
Stones in the Motherland. At age 29, I crossed over into New Age
studies, and finally Wicca a couple years later. My name is Saoirse,
pronounced like (Sare) and (Shah) Gaelic for freedom. The gods I
serve are Odin and Nerthus. I speak with Freyja , Norder, and Thunor
as well. The Bawon has been with me since I was a small child, and
Rangda has been with me since the days I was still Catholic. I
received my 0 and 1 Degree in an Eclectic Wiccan tradition, and my
Elder is Lord Shadow. We practice in Columbus, Ohio. I am currently
focusing more on my personal growth, and working towards a Second and
Third Degree with Shadow. I received a writing degree from Otterbein
University back in 2000. I have written arts columns for the s
Council in Westerville. I give private tarot readings and can be
reached through my Facebook page Tarot
with Saoirse
. You can, also, join me on my Youtube

Celebrating The Old Ways In New Times

December, 2018

Celebrating The Old Ways In New Times for December 2018

Bright Blessings!

Some of us count the start of Winter with Samhain, and we were lucky that we had a warm beginning of Winter here in Central Ohio. One night in Early November though, surrounded by the glory of fall colors in the leaves of the many trees I live amongst, I was out walking the dog, and I felt a chill, and the silence that had fallen upon the body of Mother Earth told me the Cailleach was here.

My husband swears up and down Winter is not here until Solstice time, but I feel her moving across the land, and in my bones and joints. She’s here!

Soon, Yule will be upon us, or Winter Solstice, whichever you celebrate.

For many years, I have completely removed myself from the traditional American holiday processions. I simply don’t have the time, money, or patience for the craziness. Aside from a meal, a ritual, and a gift for my husband, I don’t do a thing anymore because I am so exhausted from doing Christmas professionally for over a decade. I also have a lot of friends, and cannot afford to buy for all of them, so I don’t buy for anybody. I have not sent holiday cards in close to fifteen years.

For some odd reason, this year, I bought a box of cards to send. I might not send many, and might just send them to my husband’s immediate family. The whole thing made me think, and wonder about how our tradition of gifts got started? I know it originated in Pagan times, but I wanted to look further into the practice.

Speaking of things that can be given as gifts, first, I’d like to review a new product I think many of you would love.


Megge on Audio

I had the privilege of reviewing Megge of Burydown, and interviewing author Rebecca Kightlinger earlier this year. The link to the article and review of the book can be found here:

Luckily, Kightlinger contacted me last month and offered the opportunity to review her book, Megge of Burydown on Audible, a product found through Amazon.

I have never been one for books on tape because I am hard of hearing, but I figured I would give this a go because I like Kightlinger and I love doing reviews.

I, of course, rely very heavily on reading lips in conversations, and use closed captioning/subtitles when watching films, but the speech was clear. My husband, who has normal hearing, said the sound was crisp and perfect. The narration was very good, and I can see why people love these products.

This is the perfect gift because you can have the link for this sent to an ipad or cell phone, and take it anywhere you go. This is perfect for road trips, the commute to and from work, and even in the car waiting for the kids to get out of school. It is also perfect because you can plug your headphones in, and listen on walks places, lunch breaks, while shopping, or anywhere you want to go.

This is the perfect product to give as a gift for the holidays to yourself or anybody on your gift list!

Here is the link so you may purchase Kightlinger’s book on Audible.


Presents were Wrapped by the Chimney

So why DO we do gifts during holiday time? I have always questioned it. Especially with the mainstream faiths. It is supposed to be a religious holiday, and for many people, it is all about buying things and attending parties, it seems.

Well, surprisingly, there are different reasons given.

Some Xtians say they give gifts in remembrance of the gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh given by the Three Wise Men to Jesus. Some say it is in honor of St. Nicholas, who they believe was morphed into Santa Claus.

Gift giving this time of year predates that. Think back to old Roman times


IO- Saturnalia!



Saturnalia ran from December 17-December 23, and honored the Roman god Saturn. He was the god of agriculture and time, and the event had originally begun as a single day, and they decided to expand on a good thing, and keep the fun going.

Saturn was the god of many things, including agriculture, and Saturnalia was considered both a time to give thanks for harvest and sowing, and a time to reflect on what was considered a golden era- when Saturn ruled. He was overthrown, and kept bound as he was seen as having capacity to be very cruel. During the festival, his bounds were taken off, freeing him for the celebrations.

Ironically, our gift giving might stem from gifts given during Saturnalia, but our style of doing so in no way resembles Saturnalian gifts.

The gifts given by them were sometimes gag gifts, and sometimes candles known as cerei, to signify the strengthening sun. They also gave something referred to as Sigillaria- which was wax or terracotta figurines. Mentioned by Macrobious in the fifth century in his publication Saturnalia, one speaker in the book says sigillaria are substitutes for human sacrifice victims, and another speaker states they are playthings for kids. It is speculated there was a time human sacrifices were made, and that practice was replaced by animal sacrifice, and the figurines.

The word Sigillaria refers to the last day of Saturnalia, the gifts given, and the word sigillarius referred to the crafts persons/ vendors who made and sold the Sigillaria. The vendors set up temporary tables and vendors booths and sold their wares for four days. This sounds just like the crafts fairs and street fairs we have today!

Money was also given to servants by their employers, and this was sometimes used to buy offerings to give at the Temple of Saturn. Today, we have holiday bonuses, and can thank the Ancient Romans for starting that practice.

The employers would also reverse roles, and host dinners for their employees.

Notice I am not referring to them as masters and slaves, as many are overly fond of when referring to ancient Pagans. I have been wondering just WHO cooked the foods, and catered the parties that could become lavish? I highly doubt the employers who had chefs year round became overnight chefs themselves.

I picture people running around for days before the dinners, getting things done in advance, and then paying people to cater those parties for them. Furthermore, recall, at one time, the festival was for a day, then it was extended to three days, and finally five days. Can you imagine people who never cooked or cleaned or did a thing for themselves all year would magically become Betty Crocker for five days? They had some form of help somehow, I am thinking.

Today, we have something similar. While schools and places of business are closed for the day of the holiday, food service staff still work the day of all around the world.

Times may have changed, but how much have humans changed?

So, I write that employers hosted for employees.

Gift giving was a big part of the holiday, and although we do our gift giving differently, we can thank the Ancient Romans for this tradition for the winter holidays.



Today, many feel stress and strain to give gifts, some statistics state some people spend around $1,000 for all the gifts they give. Economically, retail establishments market and sell things for Xmas as early as Samhain, or even beforehand, and the day after Thanksgiving begins a mad dash of insanity while people fight, scream, and plow their way through the holiday.

Actually…some shops start their Black Friday sales the day OF Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving this year, before our guests arrived, just for the heck of it, we went to Wal Mart at about 3:45 P.M. There were not a ton of shoppers, but there was a ton of staff. They had set up massive amounts of displays of things they had covered with plastic. I asked if they were getting set up for tomorrow. They said no, that the sale started at 6 P.M. TODAY. I jokingly told them to try not to get trampled, and they did not laugh. My husband said “Let’s get out of here!”

We joked about it at dinner later, and friends informed me that Black Friday sales are basically a conspiracy. I was told they set out things they had in the back they had not been able to sell. They said prices had been marked up right before Black Friday, and dropped to the original price that had not been inflated. They also told me they set out older merch they want to clear out so they can bring in new items. I was told you do not save money at Black Friday sales, and you are not getting anything worth fighting the crowds for.

I did a bit of reading. Stores also create an illusion of scarcity, which makes people FIGHT each other for an item. A store might be out of an item, but it is because they deliberately understock of something they believe a LOT of people want, and this is so they can spike the price, based on supply and demand. One of my favorite holiday films is based on this. Jingle All the Way with Sinbad and Arnold Schwarzenegger is about two dads in a battle to get the last of a certain toy for their kids, and the ridiculous, hilarious messes they get themselves into- all because they both failed to plan ahead to buy their kids gift in advance.

If you wait until AFTER Christmas, you will get a better price because they slash the inflated prices. You might save yourself the trouble of lines at stores, and just nab gift cards for everybody.

A lot of people refuse to give money or gift cards at holiday time, and I have literally been told this- because they take pride in filling up the underside of the tree with gifts, and they enjoy watching their loved ones rip open presents, and exclaim how much they love what has been bought for them. Parents often use it as a sign of wealth and to give themselves a pat on the back for what great providers they are. This is no longer about taking care of your family, but it is a way of making yourself feel good. It’s also a way to compare yourself with others and measure whether you feel you are coming out ahead of everybody else.

Need I remind people just how very much waste we have in our landfills right now, and how polluted we have made Mother Earth? Even just not using all that packaging waste from one time uses at holiday time would drastically reduce waste.

I cannot tell you how many children cry because mom and dad did not buy them what they wanted for the holiday, and how many people save money year-round to buy things they feel will make their loved ones pleased. My Granny, for example gathered gifts all year, and stashed them in a box in her closet. She kept Christmas wrap on hand, and would wrap the gifts and label them the minute she got them home. It would be 99 degrees and Summertime outside, and Granny was nabbing and wrapping Christmas gifts.

All of these things have created an unhealthy expectation and a sense of entitlement for us culturally. Due to this, and various other reasons, some people do not give gifts for the winter holiday.

For example, some Jehovah’s Witnesses, and some Pentecostals do not give or receive Christmas gifts. I have been told Jehovah’s Witnesses also do not celebrate Halloween, and this is due to their understanding it is a Pagan holiday. I had thought perhaps the Amish do not give gifts, but indeed they do! I read that they tend to give more simple gifts, however, and the practice of children setting out a special plate for their parents to fill with nuts and goodies observed. The article I read said parents will give toys their kids want, but it’s not like the toys we have for non-Amish mainstream American kids in stores. They do the handmade toys, and games.


Alternative Giving Solutions

I know this is easy for me to say – because I don’t have children. However, ask anybody who knows me, and they will tell you that I can be a cold-hearted bitch, and I don’t bend to peer pressure. I realize those of you who have kids and families who place demands on you will suffer immensely if you rock the boat, and don’t buy them what they expect you to.

Again, I say, yes, it is easy for me to say, but it wasn’t always so. I slowly distanced myself from the holiday expectations, and you can too, if you decide to. Instead of a ritual, I will include some alternative gift giving suggestions, and talk about my very special, late great Aunt Wanda!


Aunt Wanda’s Way

My Aunt Wanda was a strong, and shining influence on me, and the older I get, the more I realize just how much she shaped me.

A member of her local Eagles club, and onetime President of that chapter, she worked her tail off gathering and distributing food around Thanksgiving and Christmas to needy families. She would load her cars trunk up, and she and her best friend Ruthie would do drop offs at residences together.

One year, when mom and I were struggling financially, they showed up with a whole trunk full of food just for us. I have never forgotten this.

If you want to get into the spirit of giving during the holidays, instead of dropping hundreds or thousands on spoiling kids, friends, or family members who already have all they need, why not contribute to some cause that reaches out to those who need help? Here are a few suggestions.


Saoirse’s Simple Holiday Gift-Giving Suggestions

  1. Contribute money, items, or your time to a local community organization that gives to those in need. Food, clothing, and home goods are accepted year-round at many sites, and your local city offices can be reached for information if you have no idea who to contact. Gently used items can be donated as well. It’s never a bad time to go through your things and purge every last thing you cannot use that is in decent condition, and donate it someplace. Your house will be cleaner, and somebody else will benefit from what you are no longer using.
  2. Volunteer to work the holiday if your work site allows it. It will give the day off to somebody else who wants the day with family. This is an added bonus if your family annoys the tar out of you, AND you often get time-and-a-half pay! Volunteer to do so early, so you can get out of a family gathering without getting yelled at if needs be! You’re welcome.
  3. Have a White Elephant Gift Exchange. A hilarious article about the rules is provided at this link. You don’t have to do White Elephant’s only at holiday time, and I have done this at “Unbirthday” parties, and everybody has a ball. A spending limit is often set, and sometimes, people have a gag gift be the theme.

  1. For those who do not have family to gather with – or simply do not want to gather with family – have a friend gathering. I always say friends are the family we choose.
  2. Some people I know adopt a family for holiday time and give things to them. You can also sponsor an animal at an animal shelter, or a zoo for an annual fee.
  3. You can anonymously pay towards somebody’s debt. You can pay off the balance on a child’s overdue lunch account. You can offer money towards somebody’s doctor bill without knowing whose bill it is. You can prepay at a restaurant towards whoever the staff feels is needy. I know how some feel about mainstream churches, but truthfully, many of them do amazing community work. You could always call them and ask what debts some of their members need help with.
  4. OR, you could contact your local Pagan, New Age, or Metaphysical shop, and ask if they accept cash donations.
  5. Leave food outdoors for wildlife. Not all birds migrate to warmer places, and not all animals hibernate. Suet, birdseed, corn on the cob, a salt lick, or even water you ensure does not freeze will be a huge help for the animals during the meager winter months.
  6. On a more self-nurturing note – take the money you would have spent on presents for people who do not need them, and apply towards a bill or debt of your own. If you have neither that need paying down, put the money in a savings account, your 401K, or to buy some investment that will multiply!
  7. Pick one person who you know that gets very little company, and spend time with them. Make it a point to do this regularly instead of just doing a holiday visit

The biggest issue with the “giving season” is it lasts for under two months, and people tend to forget to keep the spirit of giving alive the other ten months of the year!


Blessings for your Winter Solstice time holiday, however you celebrate. May the spirit of giving be with you year-round, and the light of the love of your family and friends always warm your heart and days.

Blessed Solstice.

Blessed Be!


About the Author:

Saoirse is a recovered Catholic.  I was called to the Old Ways at age 11, but I thought I was just fascinated with folklore. At age 19, I was called again, but I thought I was just a history buff, and could not explain the soul yearnings I got when I saw images of the Standing Stones in the Motherland. At age 29, I crossed over into New Age studies, and finally Wicca a couple years later. My name is Saoirse, pronounced like (Sare) and (Shah) Gaelic for freedom. The gods I serve are Odin and Nerthus. I speak with Freyja , Norder, and Thunor as well. The Bawon has been with me since I was a small child, and Rangda has been with me since the days I was still Catholic. I received my 0 and 1 Degree in an Eclectic Wiccan tradition, and my Elder is Lord Shadow. We practice in Columbus, Ohio. I am currently focusing more on my personal growth, and working towards a Second and Third Degree with Shadow. I received a writing degree from Otterbein University back in 2000. I have written arts columns for the s Council in Westerville. I give private tarot readings and can be reached through my Facebook page Tarot with Saoirse. You can, also, join me on my Youtube Channel.










Book Review: Reiki Insights by Frans Stiene

June, 2018

Book Review

Reiki Insights by author Frans Stiene

Publisher: Ayni Books

Text copyright: Frans Stiene 2017

I’ll be honest this book wasn’t what I was expected it to be. It turned out to be more. Mr. Frans Stiene (stee-nuh) has been a major global force in Reiki. He is the co-founder of The International House of Reiki.

In this book, Mr. Stiene has written about what Reiki truly is, a spiritual practice. The founder of Reiki Mikao Usui’s teachings shows that it was a spiritual practice. Reiki is a practice, has meditations on mantras and the symbols, on the hand positions, being in a meditative state while performing or receiving the reiju/initiation/attunement.

Mr. Stiene states that when he was working with his teachers in Japan and researching the original teachings of Mikao Usui, that the precepts where instructions to be followed. This teaching worked to help students bring about a state of wholeness. Wholeness is a state of mind: in which we are happy, content, at peace and full of compassion. This wholeness was a form of healing for the students and all who followed Usui’s teachings.

In today’s world, we often talk about either giving or receiving a Reiki healing. In the spiritual practice of Reiki, it was taught that you were “Being Reiki.” Reiki is often called spiritual energy, and we are always working with spiritual energy in that We are Spiritual beings having a human experience.” (unknown author)

Mr. Stiene also states in this book that through his research he found there is a correlation between the 5 precepts of Reiki and the 6 paramitas from Buddhism. In Japanese Buddhism, there are 3 precepts. I found it interesting that these 3 systems shared so much.


The 5 Precepts For Today

Do not Anger

Do not Worry

Be Grateful

Practice this Diligently

Show Compassion to Yourself & Other


6 Paramitas








Japanese Precepts

Cease to do bad actions

Do Good actions

The action of helping others

If you want to get serious about your practice of Reiki, I would suggest this book no matter what your level is. Mr. Stiene wrote this book for all practitioners and teachers.


You can find out more about Reiki Insights by Frans Stiene on Amazon.

Reiki Insights



About the Author:

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Witches Soul Work

November, 2015

Witch’s Soul Work: Community

People join community for many reasons, maybe as many reasons as there are people. I joined the Pagan community many years ago because I had a child and wanted him to grow up identifying with and belonging to a community. Some people join community to be part of something, or to have social interaction with others, because they are lonely, looking to connect with people of like mind, searching for support and healing, or many other things. When Witches or Pagans join the Sacred Cauldron community what are they looking for? If they don’t find what they are looking for do they verbalize it, ask for it or try to create it? Or do they just walk away. I find that people come to the community looking for nourishment and many other things, but few people join with the idea of participation and giving back. Then if one small problem comes up they dump the community and go back to ‘oh poor me, I’m all alone’. There is no accountability and no loyalty. After years of trying to include people it hurts to get dumped and slandered because of a small mistake. No one is perfect and no community is perfect.

A Wiccan community is not the same as joining a Coven. A Coven is a small spiritual group run by (hopefully) Elders who have many years experience and can give spiritual guidance and teachings. Many of the teachings in Wiccan Covens are oath-bound (not public) and all are confidential. What happens in Coven, stays in Coven! The Elders or Priest/esses will tell you what is secret and what is not. A few weeks ago one of the Covens closed. This Coven had been going for 11 years and the two main teachers were moving out of town for work and school. Also there was a problem with attendance in the Coven and many people were just not committed to coming. When the HPS decided to close the Coven she was criticized by some of the members and others went behind her back and complained about how devastated they were. No one stepped up and said: Well this Coven is important to me; I would like to give my time and energy to keep it going. Not one person said that. The Priestess stopped spoon feeding them and they all went home.

So what is a Wiccan or Pagan community? For us it is a place where Wiccans can meet to talk about their spiritual work, celebrate together and share. We can share teaching, work, crafts, services like healing and tarot and all the other things that regular communities share. We can create a place that newcomers can ask questions and a place for families. Community is the place we celebrate births, successes and weddings and support each other through funerals, illnesses and tragedy. When we belong to a community we feel as if we are cared for and that we are not alone. A community can be online but better a community where people can get to know each other in person.

My problem is that people want community and Coven yet they don’t want to give anything. There are a few volunteers that give all their time and energy and the rest show up waiting to be spoon fed the nourishment, support, love, friendship and all the other things they are looking for. Goddess forbid that someone should ask them for something in return or make a commitment! And if they pay a small fee to belong to the community then that is their only contribution and they then feel they are entitled to receive everything without giving any more. For example we ask the Witches in the Covens to give $15 per month to help support the Center and the Coven. For that $15 per month they get 3-6 hours of teaching per month in Coven, one on one spiritual support from their Priestess if they need it, a place to come and hold their meetings, candles, incense, tea and toilet paper, all the other things they might need. It costs us $2500 per month to run the center including rent, phone, insurance, cleaning supplies, toiletries, ritual supplies and so on. No one is making any money from this venture but the benefit we get from a thriving loving community is well worth it. It is very frustrating to see people sign up for workshops and then not show up, borrow books and not return them, come to the center and leave dirty cups lying around and not put away what they use. Even more frustrating is that they don’t offer to help with anything but when one tiny little annoyance happens they just walk away and criticize the community to anyone else who will listen. No one is perfect and community is not perfect. If you don’t like something, work to change it. If you are angry talk about it and try to resolve it. Treat people with respect and don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.

There is so much loneliness in the world and depression and sadness. A lot of this is because people are isolated and don’t have communities. We need them! So why not open your heart and participate in your community and support it. Help the ones less fortunate in your own community and it will mean so much.