Calendar Review A Year of Crystal Healing 2019 Learn About the Chakras and Healing Powers of 13 Powerful Crystals

November, 2018

Calendar Review

A Year of Crystal Healing 2019

Learn About the Chakras and Healing Powers of 13 Powerful Crystals

16 Month Calendar



This 16 month calendar (Sept 18-Dec 19) is designed by Phil Buchanan, photographed by Exquisite Crystals and published by Quarto Publishing Group USA Inc. It retails for $14.99 in USA. It is a standard wall calendar size. It features 13 beautiful crystals in full page photographs and explains under each crystal both that crystal’s healing powers and it’s chakra powers.

The crystals featured are a nice mix, and include: clear quartz, fluorite, ajoite, amethyst, aura quartz, amazonite, moonstone, blue sapphire, brandberg quartz (amethyst), aquamarine, smoky quartz, turquoise, and celestite. All the crystals chosen are either clear, blue, green or purple in color. Not sure if this was intentional or not. But worth mentioning. It also has the moon phase dates at the top under each month.

If you enjoy looking at beautiful photos of crystals, and learning a bit about them as well, then this is a very nice calendar for you. The pictures are gorgeous, especially if you like blues, greens & purples, or if that color scheme fits your decor, this will look beautiful on your wall.

I love that is has the moon phases clearly marked right up top under the month for easy reference. I love that it includes a little bit of information each month on the featured crystal. Great for beginners to crystals to learn as they admire the pictures. I personally love that they made this calendar as a crystal enthusiast myself! Crystals are becoming more popular and many are now starting to get interested in them for both their aesthetic value as well as their properties. I love seeing products featuring crystals!

I highly recommend this gorgeous calendar. Bring some crystal magic into your space by hanging this calendar and getting familiar with their essence.

A Year of Crystal Healing 2019: 16-Month Calendar – September 2018 through December 2019 on Amazon


About the Author:

Retha N. Lent has been married for 17 years to her husband Mark & they have four cats that are their life. She lives in Norristown, Pa. Retha has her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Behavioral Counseling Sciences from Drexel University. She is the owner of “Retha’s Crystals” & sells sterling silver unique crystal jewelry & specimens on her FB business page. She has a FB group for her customers and those interested in learning more about crystals & all things magical called “Retha’s Crystal Circle“. She is also an advisor in the Sage Goddess Affiliate Program. She has her Holistic Healing Certificate and Pillars of Priestessing certificates from Sage Goddess. She is also an Ordained Pagan Minister from the Universal Life Church. Retha has a passion for crystals, nature, astrology, working with moon cycles, ritual practices, tarot and oracle cards, runes, essential oils, herbs, manifestation work, ancient cultures, magic & music. Her favorite place is New Orleans, La. Retha has an extensive personal crystal collection and loves sharing her love of crystals with the world. She has been a practicing pagan since she was 16 years old. 

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Celebrating the Old Ways in New Times

October, 2016

Bright Blessings. I write this October article on the week of the Fall Equinox. By the time you read this, the days will be even shorter than they are today, the temperature will have dropped even more at nighttime, which will be longer, and all of us will be enjoying the bounty fall time brings.

I started doing that this past weekend. I bought some bulbs to plant that will bloom in springtime, and I got my FIRST pumpkin spice latte of the year. And yes, I was the stereotypical white lady in stretchy pants when I pulled into Starbucks to nab that treat! As a matter of fact, I have stretchy pants on right now as well!

Because I celebrate Samhain in early November, I will save the November article for the one I specifically write about the Sabbat, and October’s article will be about my favorite thing about the season- the foods we eat!

I will share some recipes I have created, and spill the beans on what the secret ingredients are for pumpkin spice coffee- no pun intended- so that you can have it year round if you like.

Greens n’ Turnips

Turnips were used as the original jack o’ lanterns, carved with “scary” faces and with a candle put inside them to ward off evil. Turnips make a great addition to fall and especially Samhain gatherings. Unless you are vegan, in which case, I’d just boil equal amounts of turnips with potatoes and mash together as you would regular mashed potatoes, make a big pot of greens with pork ribs and put in turnips for a marvelous dish.

Take three, or four, or even five bunches of mixed greens including mustard, kale, and turnip greens, and wash and chop well. Throw them in the biggest pot you can find. Put in a pound to a pound-and-a-half of pork ribs and chop up about five turnips into two to four pieces. Throw in four to six chopped up garlic cloves, and two or three large chopped onions, or a couple bunches chopped green onions, the white part removed if you have stomach woes. This cuts down on the acids from the onion just to use the green tops. Add salt, black pepper, and a dash of red pepper to taste. Cover all of this marvelous goodness with plenty of water and boil the hell out of it until it is all done and the broth is a rich, green-black liquor like substance that smells like the breath of the gods. Adjust your seasonings to taste and serve. Because you have the meat and veggies in here, it stands as a meal on its own, or you can do the Southern thing, and have macaroni and cheese and fried chicken with this. I think you can tell by the way I did not give distinct measurements this is a very versatile dish, and every cook has to customize this in their own way. Greens are not something you do by the recipe. They are something you do with your soul. With plenty of seasoning, your first batch will probably be perfect.

I wound up making my first pot of greens in my late thirties. Any Southern cook worth their salt has their own variation of this, and regularly it would have been a disgrace for me to learn this so late in life. In my defense, though, I have lived in Ohio since I was thirteen, and my mom never learned to make greens. I guess that is my excuse, but my greens are excellent despite my late start!

Pumpkin Spice Coffee

How many of you get eager for it to hurry up and be fall already so you can nab a pumpkin spice whatever coffee drink?

Guess what?

While I don’t advocate taking business away from the establishments that created those amazing yummies, I am also somebody who wants what I want when I want it. I don’t WANT to wait for fall for pumpkin and I refuse to wait for wintertime for peppermint as well.

So, I asked at Starbucks what they use to make the pumpkin spice? The answer shocked me. It is brilliantly simple.

All it calls for to make it special is sweetened condensed milk and the pumpkin spice syrup, some spices, and some vanilla syrup. You can do this at home anytime of year.

Here is the online site you can order the syrup from,

And here is the Starbucks listing of the Pumpkin Spice Latte ingredients!

You might have to mix a couple by hand before you get the measurements the way you want them, but now, if it is not on the menu, you can make this at home for yourself.

You’re welcome.

Apple Walnut Pan Fry

This is something I created myself when I was experimenting one day. Fried apples are something I grew up eating, but I felt I could take it a step further and make it more decadent. I never really cared for apple pie, but my husband absolutely does. This is a hot apple dessert we both agree on. It’s quick, it is easy, and it is done all in one pan, so cleanup is fast!

Core apples and chop them any size you like, but leave the peel on unless you HATE the peel. We eat all the peels we can in this house because the peel is filled with fiber and nutrients, and it adds a pretty color to the dish!

Melt butter- LOTS OF IT- in the skillet, and add your apples. Fry for a few minutes, and add brown sugar. You want brown because it is coated in molasses, which gives a more sticky texture than plain sugar. Add more butter and sugar as needed and cook until apples are ALMOST soft. At that point, throw in some walnuts, as many as you prefer. Cook till apples are JUST soft, but not mushy, and walnuts are aromatic. You can add a little cinnamon, ginger, or clove if you like. Just not TOO much cinnamon, or it will get slimy.

Serve as is or with ice cream!

These are just a few of the foods we eat especially at fall time. From my home to yours, may your “kitchen witchery” feed the souls of you and yours, and may the bounty of the season provide the freshest, best tasting ingredients to do so.

Happy Eating!

Blessed Be!

WiseWoman Traditions

May, 2010

An Abundance of Greens

I didn’t lose it all with Bernie Madoff, but, like many others, I watched my material wealth shrink this past year. Am I worthless because I’m worth less? Of course not. I’m worthwhile, no matter what I’m worth financially. Having less money doesn’t have to mean having less joy or less abundance. I didn’t lose my job – since I am self-employed, I know I won’t be laid off – but work has slowed down, giving me time to appreciate the many ways abundance pops up in my life.

An abundance of things is not fulfilling or satisfying. Having many things can be a burden. It takes time to care for them, leaving less time to enjoy them. Things can be lost, stolen, or broken, giving rise to anxiety about loss. To find abundance, give something away. Trust that the empty hand will be filled.

Abundance is nurtured by sharing. Abundance is not wasteful. Keeping it all for myself is not abundant. Abundance is not proud. Abundance is open and flowing. Abundance loosens my grip on life and reminds me that every breath is a give-away dance. I am surrounded by abundance. Abundance is free. Abundance is a gift. Where is your life abundant?

My goats give me an abundance of milk. So much milk, I have to make cheese every other day. Abundance is hard work. Abundance is usually the result of effort.

My friend fed a stray cat. Now my friend has an abundance of cats to feed. Abundance can appear unexpectedly. Feed abundance and it will multiply.

My peach tree ripened an abundance of fruit last year. One branch, loaded with a hundred pounds of peaches, broke – even though we propped it up in an effort to prevent breakage. Abundance pushes boundaries, it breaks through the levees, it is not orderly or tame. Abundance is demanding.

There are an abundance of weeds in my garden. If I let them grow, my tomatoes would suffer. I must remove one abundance in order to cultivate another. Abundance requires attention. One abundance may prevent another abundance.

I don’t really weed my garden, though; I harvest the weeds for food and medicine.

Some weeds – such as purslane, garlic mustard, catnip, chickweed, wild oregano, oxalis, and chives – are delicious in salads. Others – such as lamb’s quarter, amaranth, dandelion, chicory, and sorrel – are better cooked.

And many are superb medicines. Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) is a prolific weed that I harvest and tincture when in flower. A dose of 5-25 drops can be used to ease and eliminate menstrual cramps, relieve even extreme anxiety, lower blood pressure, strengthen the heart, counter blood vessel inflammation, and moderate menopausal flashes.

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is a generous and abundant plant who offers her roots, leaves, stalks, and flowers as food and medicine. Dandelion wine, cooked dandelion greens with fresh garlic and olive oil, and dandelion root tincture and vinegar are a few of our favorite ways of using this weed. A few drops of the root tincture just before a meal aids digestion and prevents heartburn.

Yellow dock (Rumex crispus) also offers an abundance of food and medicine. We add her leaves to salads, make a vinegar of her red seeds, and dig the root early in the spring or late in the fall to tincture. A dose of a dropperful of the tincture (or a teaspoon of a vinegar) of the roots, taken two or three times a day, is one of the best ways to increase the amount of iron in the blood. Yellow dock tincture is considered to be the very best agent for helping those who need an aid to maintain regularity. Since it is not a laxative, it’s safe to use daily, if you wish.

Garlic mustard (Alliaria officinalis) is the essence of abundance. It covers roadsides as well as blanketing the garden. This biennial plant gives her roots for horseradishy condiments – just blend the spring-dug roots with vinegar – and her leaves for salads and cooked greens. Being in the cabbage family, garlic mustard is part of an important and established means to prevent cancer. (Four servings of cabbage family plants a week reduces overall cancer risk by fifty percent.)

Some weeds – such as grasses, wild geraniums, ragweed, clear weed, smartweed, knotweed, and beggar ticks – are too tough or too bitter for me to eat. I feed them to the rabbits, whose droppings enrich the garden soil and nurture the weeds.

Using my weeds gives me abundance in abundant ways. I save about $500 a year by eating my weeds instead of buying greens and vegetables. I save more than $2000 a year by eating my weeds instead of buying vitamin and mineral supplements. And I can’t even guess at how much I save by using weeds as my primary health care. My entire health care expense is about $100 a year. That buys me all the vodka, vinegar, oil, and honey I need to make the tinctures, vinegars, ointments, and honeys I use to maintain and regain health.

Harvesting and drying the herbs I use for teas and infusions not only saves me money on health care, it saves me money on entertainment. Instead of going to a movie or the mall, my family spends time together picking anti-cancer red clover, hanging memory-boosting comfrey to dry, harvesting St. Joan’s wort for muscle-easing oil and anti-viral tincture, gathering wild grapes and elderberries for heart-healthy wines, and preserving the abundance around us for winter.

Material, physical things are finite and limited. Feelings and thoughts and weeds are not. I may have less money and less ability to buy things, but there’s no price on joy. Smiling creates brain chemicals that make us happy. Cultivate an inner smile. Look for the silver lining. An abundance of love is always available, if we avail ourselves of it. Accept and make use of the earth‘s green blessings.

Abundance is free.

Abundance is a gift.

Abundance is open and flowing.

Abundance can appear unexpectedly.

Feed abundance and it will multiply.

Abundance is demanding.

Abundance is wild.

Abundance is hard work.

Abundance is not proud.