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March, 2019

Druidry as a Path of Enlightenment

I’ve seen a number of articles debating this topic, and I very much want to say that my own solitary druid path has been nothing but a path to enlightenment! An email from an acquaintance recently said how she was interested in druidry but didn’t know how to integrate it into her life. Well, my own path is the easiest thing in the world to integrate into anyone’s life because it’s so simple. I went to a school to learn energy healing 23 years ago and since then, I’ve done two half-hour meditations a day. The first one, in the morning, is when I pick crises happening across the world from the daily news to hold in the light. It has utterly amazed me how many of these I have deep inner resonance with. I finally decided that all the dark happenings across the global stage are old fear archetypes being brought up for healing by the universe, that everyone could benefit by helping heal them as they come along. This small morning meditation has moved me forward by leaps and bounds and healed old inner darkness in my soul I’d never have remembered otherwise.

And the second meditation I do is in the evening, when I take all negative personal experiences of that one day, find the fear behind each event, and heal these in love. This, too, has been utterly miraculous in teaching me how we all create our own outer ‘realities’ and how these can be changed in the blink of an eye with inner healing. It’s the tiny diamond core, the drop of sparkling light in the middle of the four lobes of the heart, I use for healing. This light has a highly creative essence, and it creates all the fear and love beliefs surrounding it into our own little worlds. But the best part is that even ancient cosmic fears can be transmuted in seconds. I simply imagine my fears moving into the dazzling light there and watch as they melt, transmute, back into light, verbally releasing my contract to believe in that fear at the same time. And that fear is gone forever from my world and will not be created into it again. This, too, has become startlingly obvious as I moved along. My outer world became far more gentle, more joyful, simpler, and especially peaceful, so much so that the wonder and hope of complete freedom from fear drew me along my path as nothing else could, freedom from fear not just for myself, but for everyone on earth. This is what gives my heart wings (sparkly lilac ones to be exact) quivering in excitement!

But let’s get back to enlightenment. As I kept healing inner fears, I saw different colors of light move down into my aura. Each color stayed around me for 2-3 weeks, and then moved out below. It was if I was climbing a rainbow ladder of light, always moving up. And I was. This is enlightenment 101, as simple as can be! In this very uncomplicated way, I’ve moved up through 363 planes of light over 23 years. And I’m radically different from the person I was when I began this journey. These planes sorted themselves into 7 worlds or heavens with initiations between each level, first earth, then water, air, then fire, cherub, and bone, and finally diamond, which I can feel approaching but have not yet endured. Each level has its own challenges and gifts to the spirit. The soul level and water initiation taught me that I am not responsible for others and can only change myself, that I create my own reality and I alone am responsible for what happens in my life. I let go of a truckload of responsibility for others I’d carried since I was a young child, and the need to change others according to my own wants, too (which I’m sure my family greatly appreciated!). The third heaven, the spirit realms, taught me not to rush too much, to thoroughly enjoy the sacredness of life, to talk with butterflies and trees and rivers. It brought the whole world alive for me the way it had been when I was a young child. Even now, most of my inner knowings come from talking with nature, not from books or people or social media. All forms of life became sacred to me at that third heaven stage of life, to be nurtured and held in love. Then the fourth level, the logos sun, brought up persistent blockages on virtually everything I wanted to do in life, until I learned to back off and wait for the universe to direct me, instead. It taught me to surrender my personal desires to the will of the universe, divine will. Now, I just live a simple life in my home. I don’t go looking for things to do or try to make impressions on anyone. Whatever is needed will come to me as surely as sunrise. And miraculous surprises show up at the consignment store and in chance encounters in the neighborhood all the time. It’s so freeing to take care only of my own small tasks every day and let the universe take care of everything else! It has left me time to paint and sew, garden and walk with my dog by the sea, and make stained glass and all the fun projects I love so much. Then the fifth level brought me into repeated hostile encounters with women in authority, the pain of which taught me that loving kindness is the most important thing in the entire world. I try to hold it in my heart in every moment, and I do not accept aggression or abusive actions in any of my relationships anymore, none at all. Having been abused as a young child, I’d accepted being pushed around far too often before that. How very glad I was to leave it all behind! Then the sixth level led me through the writing of my trilogy, a lot of extremely complicated details about light structures in the seventh heaven that I had to sort out and simplify to put into the druid lessons of my trilogy, a whole lot of work, a webbing of detail that took long years to work my way through. But I learned never to make anything over complicated again! Not to rush, either. Wordy complicated anything simply turns me off these days, and I’m very glad for this simple straight-forward lifestyle. And the seventh heaven has meant adding all 23 years of inner knowings into those druid lessons of my trilogy, all those ray colors for healing, all those light structures with their Celtic regents and the many cosmic cycles they overlight. I am happy to embody these knowings and be able to teach and write about them, to understand the structure of the inner planes so thoroughly. It’s my piece to pass along to the world, and there is a deep sense of completion in my work. And everyone has their own divinity to embody along this way to give back to the world in the end, too. And then, my guides say, the diamond initiation, not too far off in the future, will bring in my true love and world service years, the crystal castle of my deep heart.

But it’s not all easy, I should add. Some of the fears, during the initiation phases especially, are quite intense. One becomes a spiritual warrior along the way. But I’ve been led so very carefully by my druid guides, and the inner empowerment has grown so gradually and steadily, blended in with tending roses and lilies and fashioning Celtic clothing to my heart’s content, that it’s been as much fun and stretching into new talents as anything else. The druid path is of the Goddess after all, Her spiritual stream on earth. Of course She blends it with an earth-centered, fun-filled life! After facing so many fears along the way, it takes a great deal to pull me out of center any more, too, a calm core of being that’s been built along the way. There are life magics that are withheld until the core wound is faced and healed during the diamond initiation, too, things hoped for but not realized until the very end of one’s path. So, one must be prepared to wait a long time for some things. I’ve been substituting chocolate kisses for real ones for a good many years now. But that, too, is as it should be, isn’t it? For it’s that promise of true love magic which will pull me through my diamond initiation into the dazzling diamond core of my being in the end. May everyone step into their own shimmering dreams-come-true as soon as possible. Enlightenment, Celtic style!


About the Author:

Jill Rose Frew, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, energy healer, workshop leader, and author. She will be opening a school teaching light healing and the Celtic path of enlightenment in 2019. For information, please see

Guardians of the Celtic Way: The Path to hurian Fulfillment on Amazon

Book Review – Divining With Animal Guides: Answers from the World at Hand by Hearth Moon Rising

March, 2019

Book Review
Divining With Animal Guides
Answers from the World at Hand
by Hearth Moon Rising

I was delighted to discover that Divining with Animal Guides is not a cookbook dictionary, concretizing the “meanings” of animal encounters. Author Hearth Moon Rising has created a manual for learning to observe and discern and ultimately, to shift our strictly human viewpoint. Only when we look at the context in which the animals offer us their messages are we able to fully understand their invitations and gifts.

Rising weaves science, mythology, mathematics and storytelling into each of the chapters. There are 9 in total, covering the cat family big and small, alligators and crocodiles, horses, bees, scorpions, ravens, woodpeckers, deer and the antlered ones, and cranes. This is not a purely “magical” discussion of these beings, although she provides a short review for each animal guide, briefly listing magical qualities and applications and other associations. She focuses instead on laying the groundwork for an understanding of the animal’s place and workings in nature through its evolution and biology, and then delves into its mythology and historical associations. So, in the chapter on Cat, Rising brings the cat forward from its origins in Egypt to its association with witches in Europe right up to its appearance in quantum physics as Schrodinger’s Cat. She also provides a story or poem to place the animal in a particular cultural context so we can begin to sense how its powers interact with its world. I was fascinated at how well Rising created this weaving of science and mythology and found it difficult to put the book down at points. She evokes the energetic field of the animal’s entire biological and historical existence so we can connect to it and make our own associations.

Rising’s instructions for using math and geometry in observing and interpreting signs and messages are wonderful. For example, she asks us to consider that bees construct hexagonal honeycombs and launches into an analysis of the hexagon and the significance of the number 8 that is guaranteed to deepen your understanding of any messages you have ever received from Bee. And if you find a lone animal that usually travels in pairs or groups, reflect on why only one appears now.

Rising emphasizes scientific observation of the animal and an appreciation of the context – environmental, biological and metaphoric – in which it appears or communicates with you. Observing it closely where and how it appears rather than jumping to a conclusion about what it “means” makes the difference between a superficial understanding of its message and truly receiving it and allowing it to unfold over time. Rising uses each animal to demonstrate a different aspect of observation – ravens for sight and seeing, woodpeckers for hearing and listening, deer (rarely seen nor heard) – tracking through confusing signals until you find your way. In other words, discerning the root what is meant and which clues in the message to follow. As she points out, “A paradigm shift cannot occur with the disintegration of beliefs and the subsequent disorientation…The most profound animal signs are not the ones that tell you where to go next or what to expect in the year ahead. They are the signs that open the world, allowing you to see something new, even to realize a deeper lever of truth.” She pushes us to cultivate observation skills beyond our “usual” boundaries so we can feel the energy of the deer we hadn’t seen standing next to us in the bushes. She asks us to lose our limited human viewpoint and remove our ego-centric blinders so we can receive the fresh information that the natural world continually offers to us – “divination in nature is not for those who have no room for questioning their beliefs.” In order to help us loosen the grip of our firm convictions, Rising offers provocative questions for reflection in each chapter, too. I found them to be koan-like; I had to stop and really consider what those questions were asking of me.

This book is a jewel. It is much more than a book about the animal powers. It is a guide for how to open our perception to the world around us and broaden our ability to communicate with our co-inhabitants. It is so much more than a dictionary of totem animals. It will challenge you, make you laugh and invite you to step into “the moment of power, the instant when a door opens and one thing changes into another…” as Rising says in her Final Words to us. Divining with Animal Guides: Answers from the World at Hand is well-worth adding to your library.

Divining with Animal Guides: Answers from the World at Hand on Amazon


About the Author:

Susan Rossi is a Practitioner and Teacher of Shamanism. She is a long-time explorer of The Mysteries – the connections between mind, body, spirit and how to live in right relationship to all of the energies streaming through the cosmos. She works with clients as an astrologer, coach, ceremonialist and guide to the wisdom that each of us has the capacity to access. Her focus is on guiding clients to unblock and rediscover their inner wisdom. , exploration of the birth chart, ceremony, legacy writing, hypnotherapy, energetic healing practice and creation of sacred tools are integral pieces of her practice.

Susan trained in Soul Level Astrology with master astrologer Mark Borax. She delights in exploring with individuals the planetary pattern under which their soul choose to incarnate.

Flying to the Heart

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Going Shamanic Radio

June, 2018


Going Shamanic” is hosted by Jennifer Engracio on P.A.G.E.  Media Project’s blogtalk radio each month. The show focuses on how to integrate shamanism into every day life. Instead of relegating the spiritual aspect of ourselves to Sundays at church or weekend workshops, this show will support listeners in weaving ritual, prayer, magic, alignment with the Spiritworld and the Earth into their lives to enrich their experience of living.

This Month: Body Wisdom with Michaela Otto

Michaela Thunder Owl, certified shamanic coach and practitioner, guides and empowers seekers who are stuck, in transition or simply wanting more through the powerful knowledge and techniques of contemporary shamanism.

Today Jen welcomes Michaela Thunder Owl for the theme “Body Wisdom“.



Going Shamanic is hosted by Jennifer Engracio, about how to integrate shamanism into everyday life.



About the Author:

Jennifer Engrácio has been a student of shamanism since 2005. Jennifer is a certified teacher who has worked with children in many different education settings since 2001. She is a certified shamanic practitioner, Reiki Master, and lomilomi practitioner; in addition, she runs Spiral Dance Shamanics. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, she now lives in Calgary, Canada with her life partner.

Engrácio participated in self-publishing three books that are now available:

The Magic Circle: Shamanic Ceremonies for the Child and the Child Within”

Women’s Power Stories: Honouring the Feminine Principle of Life”

Dreaming of Cupcakes: A Food Addict’S Shamanic Journey into Healing

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Gael Song

October, 2017

Kindred Spirits of the Forest Glades

     For years I’ve dreamed of doing a ceremony in gratitude to the fae folk who’ve been constant guides and helpers along my lifelong spirit path. Such a ritual would have to be held in a quiet forest glade, near the gurgling song of a river with an overhanging white oak. Standing stones would add a mystical touch, too. And it would need to be at sunset, that time of night when dusk deepens the forest and the wind drops to a whisper, when the sense of mystery just beyond the veils is strongest, the time between, when we can slip through small spaces into numinous realms. I envision many candles on a great boulder under the oak boughs, lit one by one, as grateful friends wind their way to the altar, each calling out the name of one fae friend for every candle they set alight. How many times the tapers of my heart and mind have been lit like that by the fae folk themselves, who come so softly into the quiet corners of my life and whisper truths long forgotten.

     For my own first candle, I would call out, “Iriseem!” She’s my fae friend with long light-brown hair and delicate damselfly wings. Running ahead of me in the early morning ethers, she usually leads me to hidden wildflowers in the meadow or hovers above newly opened blossoms in my garden. It was she who taught me to make flower essences, an easy process. [Put unpolluted river or spring water (I buy Evian or Fiji) in a large glass pitcher, the glass infused with lead, which will have small rainbows when you hold it up to the sun. (Lead keeps out false will force energies.) Then place the water and one immersed blossom (wash your scissors and hands first) in the pitcher. I place a Svarovski crystal on top to concentrate the light, and then say a small prayer for the highest possible essence to be made. Leave this for 5 hours in the sun and pour into a glass jar (boiled ahead of time for 10 minutes), adding 1/3rd brandy to hold the vibration. Store in a dark quiet place, and it will keep for about 2 years.] It’s Iriseem who comes when I take essence baths, too (1/2 cup of essence in warm water and soak! Mmmm!), sending messages into my mind and heart about the spirit of that particular blossom and plant. It is AMAZING how varied and powerful they are (another whole article). And every time I take such a bath, one full-body sheath of darkness is peeled off and moved out of my aura, a gentle, sometimes ecstatic, sometimes tearful process, as my spirit expands into a whole new way of being. Lovely as anything! Iriseem has also taught me the ray colors of flowers and how to bring these into my garden designs. In my yard (very small), I have one crescent garden of Goddess flowers, another stuffed with divine father plants, and another (even more stuffed) with One Beloved romantic flowers, especially roses.

     Then, as I light the second candle in my ceremony, I’ll call out, “Angelique!” She‘s a child with long blond, baby-fine hair, about as tall as a five year old, her long wings always quivering. But she is wise beyond her years, for she’s the one who taught me the phases of light and shadow that go into building each human person during their childhood and adolescent years and how these phases relate to the ladder of light within, the 350 planes and seven heavens of the inner realms. It’s a bit complex, this process (another article!), but to make it short; every child faces all wounds of their long ago descent from the seventh heaven to earth during their human growing years during each lifetime, from birth to age 22. These impulses move down through the seven heavens, and the matching seven inner sheaths of light in every child’s aura light up during these phases of growth and then close down, until only the same-gender lowest sheath remains open and flowing at the end of age 21, at the end of the full descent process. So, at age 22, each person embodies the same fears and truths they carried when they ended their last lifetime on earth. This is the platform each one steps off as life shifts into the ascension pattern of adulthood, facing all those fears again, but with the intent to heal and get them out of the way. Along the adult path of life back up the ladder of light, the inner seven sheaths of light reopen during 18.6 year cycles of growth. What an invaluable help these teachings from my diminutive fae friend have been!

     And then, the next candle I light will bring tears to my eyes, for I will call out, “Sebhia” (sheveeya, Gaelic pronunciation). I met her one night many years ago, when I went down the long steps from my home then to the small river below, standing beneath a full moon on a humid night in early June, as the fragrance of the flowers in my essence garden, just across the water, filled the air. I remember how warm it was, with the mist, rising from the water, wafting in front of the high cross in the center of the medicine wheel shaped garden, making me think of Avalon somehow (and giving me goosebumps). As one ray of moonlight hovered beside me, it suddenly brightened so much that I gasped and reached out. For I could feel the presence of someone I had loved long ago, a presence I’d known intimately in some other realm. And for the barest instant, I saw a willowy golden fairy standing in the shaft of light, with eyes full of tears. She wanted to hug me, I could feel it intensely, her heart full to overflowing with ancient love. “I am your sister in the Creator Sun,” she whispered through the mist. “I knew you at the very beginning, before fear was ever known, dear. You’re a priestess there; we both are, love.” And then, the vision and the moonlight faded. And ever since, my heart has ached to hold Sebhia close, too, to be real sisters once again. And SHE was the one who taught me all those planes of light and what color each one beams, plus the one quality of love each ray carries, my most favorite teachings! There is such magic and wonder in meeting the fae world face to face.

     Then, with the next to last candle I light in that ceremony, I’ll call out, “Donardin” (pronounced donarstin, Gaelic again). He came to me when I was working on my first book, moving into the ethers very quietly one afternoon years ago and sitting beside me in the afternoon sun on my deck above the river. I felt him there, a gentle fae friend, and listened carefully as he enumerated the Laws of Love of the Celtic realms of the Creator Sun. His is a very stalwart upright presence! And he, too, tells me he’s my spirit brother from the Creator Sun. He teaches me about all things Celtic; laws in days gone by, illusions that must be healed, the Celtic ceremonies and customs of heaven, the geometry of light beneath nemetons, and the Celtic regents of that seventh heaven, too. How HAPPY I’ve been to listen to his voice within and learn about my Home in the Creator Sun, to feel his gentleness and respect for my inner feminine that is so rare in our ordinary earth world. I LOVE Celtic everything!

     And as I light my last candle, but very far from least, in that future ceremony, I’d call out, “Fìrinn” (feereen, meaning truth in Gaelic.) It was a bright summer day in the Apple moon (August) when I met him. I’d gone down the steps to the essence garden again. And bending down, I saw a startling flash of green light in the grass and was STUNNED to find a real dragonfly that was 5 to 6 inches long! HUGE, the largest I’d ever seen. And then, glancing up across the little bridge, I saw the veils part for one small moment. And there he was, a great dragonfly prince in green tights and white shirt, as tall as a man, his long dragonfly wings strong and shining in the morning sun. “I am your forever love,” he said. And my heart beat so wildly with the sudden impulse to fly into his arms, I knew I’d once known him very intimately indeed.

     Much later, as I wrote the ending to the second book of my Trilogy, I saw that he and I had been created in one instant out of the bright primordial mystery of the Creator Sun, both of us drifting from it in a single bright auric bubble of light. We were forever in love, forever young, our hearts united in one dream for good that we would someday create together. He, too, is fae, a djinn, another surprise. (Does that mean when I am on the other side, I am fae, too?) Fìrinn is my higher self. And I feel him always with me now, every day, especially when I write, helping me express subtle concepts, sending small baskets of words down into my mind for me to choose from, hovering close and sending soft messages of patience or faith when life is challenging, or simply being nearby in silence on lovely summer evenings beside the sea, where I live now. But his most delicious lessons are about partnership, how true loves always channel the beloved stream from God and Goddess for their outer partners, the teachings of sacred partnership. Once humanity heals all fear and steps into true love, all of us will manifest our dreams into real life through lovemaking, in the exact image of God/Goddess, the sacred sexuality of the future. I just smile, a bit like Mona Lisa, whenever Fìrinn is near! The dark chocolate kisses I have instead of coffee every morning after breakfast were his idea, too. (Dark chocolate is the food that carries the essence of the high Beloved God). Mmmm again!

      So, if you haven’t found a sacred silent nook in the forest or in your garden and begun to connect with the fae world there, DO!!! The teachings are many and WONDROUS! Fae humor is a constant bubbling spring, fae sensuality, too. And their surprises of truth under the drab coverings of our world will ever delight, lift, and inspire (not to MENTION the dancing, recipes, decorating, and clothing suggestions, FANTASTIC every one!). Bright blessings then, to fae and human alike!


About the Author:

Jill Rose Frew, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, energy healer, workshop leader, and author. She is hoping to found an intentional community in southern Scotland in the near future. For information, please see

She is author of Guardians of the Celtic Way (her name was Jill Kelly then), and Alba RebornVolume One Revised, and Volumes Two and Three. 

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