Bringing Up the Next Generation of Witches

July, 2018

As a child, I led such a weird childhood. I was known for seeing things that weren’t there and knowing things before they happened. I felt like a sin in my parent’s household as I was being raised in a Christian church. As I aged, I found solace in Wicca. Life and the things going on finally made sense.

When I was pregnant with my son (Little Bear), I made the decision to raise him in a Pagan household and support him, no matter what religion he decided on. Little Bear is now 4 years old and this has proven to be the best decision. He has shown signs of experiencing the same things that I went through as a child. Little Bear is a natural born healer, empath, and animal lover. He has to sleep with a light on because the dark brings weird things with it. While I cannot confirm it yet, it sounds like he is seeing people that have crossed over.

One of the major things that Little Bear and I have started doing is celebrating the Sabbats. Any reason to celebrate, right?

June 21st was Litha or the Summer Solstice. This is the longest day of the year and Little Bear and I took full advantage.

Every Sabbat, we discuss the Wheel of the Year. This helps remind us where we are on the Wheel and where we are headed. Because this follows the seasons, it is easy for Little Bear to understand. We discussed how Litha falls in the summer and some of our favorite summer activities. Little Bear loves grilling out, riding his bike and playing in the water.

The day started before sunrise. I poured out orange juice and we headed to the porch to watch the sun. It was a warm, quiet morning. I explained to Little Bear that we should be grateful for everything we have. I asked him what he was happy to have. “My bike, my mom, my bed, my dog” and the list went on and on. I smiled at his innocence and gave my own thanks internally. As the sun rose above the horizon, the world started coming alive. The birds started singing, the neighborhood stray cat came to visit, and we watched a herd of deer in the field across the street. We ended the morning with a barefoot walk around the property. We stopped at the outside altar and poured orange juice into the fairy dish as an offering. This is one of Little Bear’s favorite parts. We actually had to make a fairy altar closer to the house so he could easily access it without supervision.

After work, I had Little Bear help with dinner. We were preparing Grilled Chicken Salads. As we pulled the vegetables out, we talked about each one. Where they came from, how they grow, what the health benefits are, and what kind of super powers the vegetables might give us (This was Little Bears idea). I feel that knowing the health benefits of each vegetable will help Little Bear develop his Kitchen Witch side as he grows.

While making the salad, I noticed Little Bear had made a pile that contained a piece of each vegetable that went into the salad. It was his offering for the fairies.

We ended the night with a bonfire and watching the sunset. The longest day of the year had officially ended.

It may seem like I do a LOT of talking with Little Bear and I do. Little Bear is at the age where he is like a little sponge. He is asking tons of questions and curious about everything.

The next Sabbat is Lammas and I’m excited about it. This has always been a personal favorite because I love to bake bread. Lammas is the start of the harvest season. So breads, wheats, grains, grapes, apples, corn and wild berries are great foods. While I don’t have recipes pulled together yet, corn dollies and bonfires are part of the ritual for sure!

Some ideas to do with children are:

-Corn Dollies

-Magical Picnics (Make sure to leave an offering!)

-Collect berries for jams or jellies

-Time to harvest the garden

-Create a Witches Bottle (smaller children will need help with this since you will be working with sharp objects!)

-Time to redecorate the altar

-Visit an apple orchard (bring some home if the apples are ready!)

-Collect rain or storm water

-Bake bread, cakes, or muffins (cookies could be substituted so the little ones can decorate)

The biggest thing to remember, “It’s not about the action you are doing but the intent you are putting into it”.

What are some fun ways you are celebrating the Sabbats with your child/ren?

Blessed Be!

Morgan’s Wardrobe

August, 2006

Households and Their Pets

Merry Meet Everyone!

Wishing everyone a Blessed and Bountiful Lammas!

This month I have decided to talk about how pets fit into the Wiccan household. Since Wiccan households see things a little differently than mainstream households, of course we treat our animals differently as well. As people who honor deities and energies of Mother Earth, we cannot help but hold Her wild creatures in reverence as well as Her domesticated creatures.

First and above all, pets in a Wiccan household are usually unbelievably spoiled. They are more than just pets; they are members of the family. Their moods and feelings are taken into account as such. Most magickal households will also have a conglomeration of animals if at all possible. They are treated as family members and are given the same attention and regard. Living in a house that is technically two residences, our household is home to 4 cats, 3 dogs and a myriad of fish. All are happy, well cared for and given at least as much attention daily as the children in the household.

One word of warning here is that while there may be many pets in a Wiccan household, it is also required that they all well cared for. This includes not just being fed and watered but being given the attention they both need and deserve. To have animals and not do this would be showing blatant disrespect to Mother Earth.

The presence of ritual in the Wiccan household is another aspect that doesn’t exist in mainstream households. While our pets are obviously present for our daily magickal workings, they may also participate in them as well. Some pets, not all, are considered to be familiars and will actually lend their energy to the daily magick of the household. Some of our household pets are familiars, actually, come to think of it, most of them are. Familiars are attached to a specific person and this is also the case here. While all the pets interact with all members of the household, each of them is spiritually connected to a specific member of the household. As spiritual consorts, each of these familiars aide the household member they are attached to in some special and/or magickal way.

As with good pets, familiars also tend to choose their ‘people’. When looking for a familiar, one can only ask that one be given and wait for an answer. Don’t expect that you will be able to go out and pick up a household pet and it will be an automatic familiar. It just rarely works that way. Familiars tend to appear in some of the strangest places in the strangest ways. My familiar is a perfect example of this. Through a twist of fate, I acquired him at the very young age of three weeks. At the time, I did not realize he was my familiar as I wasn’t particularly looking for one. I had just lost my dear old familiar of many years and hadn’t even given thought to a new one. One day a friend of a friend, someone I didn’t know well at all, asked me to take one of their kittens early. He was being such a piggy that the one other kitten in the litter was not getting nearly enough to eat. Since I had hand raised kittens before, I agreed to take on the task of raising the little piggy. The rest is history, as they say.

As you can see, pets hold a position of high regard in this household. I cannot stress enough that proper care must be given. This is something that needs to be considered before taking on the responsibility of a pet. To steal a comment that a friend recently made to me, they are not houseplants or frozen dinners to which one can just add water, they need love and attention. Yes, they can be and are work as well, pleasant work but work all the same.

Another consideration is what kind of pet you are willing and able to care for. Some pets require more attention than others to be healthy and happy. If you are looking to bring a pet into your home and are unsure of what type of pet might work the best for you, talk to your local veterinarian or humane society. They can help you to choose the pet that fits your lifestyle. Who knows, that perfect familiar may just be waiting to be adopted!

Light and love to all from Minnesota!


author bio:

R.Beth Hall was born in Southern Minnesota and grew up around the country as a “Navy brat” since her father had a career in the Navy. Her mother was a teacher for 20+ years and she also has a brother who lives in Denver, Colorado. Living in Garden Grove, California, until she was 18, she now lives in the Mankato, Minnesota area and has for the past 30 years. Although she is living the single life now, she has three children and four grandchildren to date; they all currently live in Minnesota as well.

R.Beth has an Associate of Applied Science degree as an Administrative Legal Assistant and while she has held several jobs in this capacity, she currently works as an independent contractor for a mail processing company. This gives her time to pursue her music passion. She has spearheaded a folk duet called Dusty Rockers that plays in local coffee houses and are working on recording an album.

[email protected]