The Bad Witch’s Guide

January, 2019

Bad Witch’s Guide to The Older People”

You get Better or You Get Bitter”

are some people who never seem to get old. Their bodies might age,
but something in their eyes and heart has remained or even grown.
Then there are people who seem to crave death. Sometimes it is
depression. Often untreated, under supported and dealing with the
loss of a great deal. I have been the supporter of an older relative
dealing exactly with this. Without support and indeed medication
these folks become something dark and unpleasant. As The Veil grows
thin for a person you start to see what might be beyond for them, a
light or a darkness. This is not about religion or faith but an
almost physical psychic presence around people near the end. Those
near their light glow. There is a peace and beauty.

there are the other ones. A presence like black sticky smoke. A smell
of something rotten or burnt like old tires or something sickly
sweet. It seems to pour from them. I can not tell if it’s their
mood, their energy, their internal mean-spiritedness or the
manifestation of something else.

people are just that, people. They are neither saints or devils, but
dealing with someone whom is dark and difficult because they are
family is hard work. It is often hard physically, emotional and

how do you live with or be around this polluting force? Toxic
parents, and relatives become no less pleasant as they age and some
just use their frailties (real or imagined) as weapons to brutalise
their children and spouses and grandchildren.

a child of a toxic parent and one who watched someone become one in
their last years of life there is a complex soup of horrible
feelings. Guilt, duty, blame, shame, fear and pain.

a witch I have to change my perspective.

must squint at the situation sideways and think magickally.

the mundane. Is this person mentally ill? Are they depressed,
grieving or suffering in some other way? Is mental health support
possible? Many older folks have still have a lot of shame and
misconceptions about mental health. Many have some really ugly or
difficult coping strategies. From alcohol and cigarettes, to shutting
themselves away, generationally we are in a much better place to
understand mental illness today. Some might be struggling with side
effects of medications, not knowing that their could be newer better
medications or combinations out there. Some might not have been to
the doctors at all. Avoiding what they think will be a frightening

out. Find charities and professionals that listen not only to what
they say but your input too. It isn’t easy. We had a lot of doctors
simply refuse to believe Pop’s had depression. That many of his other
issues would have been solved if they treated that first. In the end
it was as much that as his vices that killed him.

course you can not help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. This
is perhaps a hard truth of our own we must face. The other option is
also mundane and really tough. Sometimes you have to walk away. For
your self, your health, sanity and well being. This might be a break,
this also might be an end to the relationship. It is not our job to
watch someone destroy themselves.

neither of these two are applicable (life is complicated and messy)
protect and cleanse yourself and space as often as you can. You might
want to physically clean it as well as smudge. Adding salt and
essences to your wash water can help. Protective wards, charms and
crystals help a lot too.

are a couple of things that can help absorb some of the toxic seep
but they are not permanent measures. One is sacrificial house plants.
Sounds macabre I know. House plants tend to die in the presence of
such people, yet these little heroes can and do take much of this and
convert it as best as they can. They don’t have to be fancy, and if
you get a few you can rotate them around (increasing their lives for
a short time). Ferns are good. One near where they sit, one in their
room, one in the loo or near where they spend a lot of time and
absorb a lot of yuck. Some quartz pebbles might even make them live

other is a salt and barely mojo. You can make up a big batch and keep
it in a jar and change out and throw away the used one. How often
depends on the person.

a month or once a week depending on how bad it is. This can go under
a mattress, or sofa cushion or even into a pillow.

Will Need:

the best kind you can afford.

(pearl barley is fine)



one cup of salt you will need a tablespoon of barley and calendula
oil with a teaspoon of parsley. This is the base mixture and you can
add other things, like moss or wheat straw (again to absorb the


of Salt I call to thee

what is harmful away from me.

keep the Dark away

it here until I wash it away.

darkness shall harm

this charm:

et non nocebit (And the Darkness Will Not Harm)

et non nocebit

et non nocebit!

in fabric mojo bag as discreetly or not as you like. Under the sofa
cushion, or mattress is useful and make sure to empty them regularly.
Dispose of the used mixture down an outside drain with plenty of
water. Don’t put it in a river, but you could put it in the sea.

This mixture can be used for a circle ward around your home, too.

none of this deals with the cause of the problem sometimes all we can
do is muddle through and keep ourselves safe. In an ideal would this
sort of thing wouldn’t need to happen but the world is often not
ideal and we need to use our magick to keep us as safe as we can.
Toxic relationships are difficult and draining and it can take a long
time to heal from them. If a little magick can help you feel strong
enough to say “no” when you need to then it has done you a great

A Shamanic View

June, 2013

Signs of the Times?


Incidence of mental illness is rising. More and more people are developing allergies, whether food or environmental. So many kids have lists of foods they can’t eat. More and more people are being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases, autism spectrum disorders… Is anyone truly healthy anymore?


So why is this? Are these new disorders, or are we only recently diagnosing them? What about all the “functional” disorders–the ones doctors can’t explain or find causes for, but can agree that the symptoms are real?


From a shamanic point of view, all of these are symptoms of soul or power loss. We all have a strength of spirit, which you could consider a measure of the soul’s health. This is often called power. When you are “power-filled” you are more vibrant and alive. When that power is drained or lost, so is protection from illness, injury, and misfortune.


This power comes from connection to Spirit. It can come from protective spirits, such as power animals. These are called that because they tend to appear in animal form and serve as connections or conduits to that power. Everyone has them–or at least starts off with them. Among shamanic cultures, simply surviving to adulthood would be seen as proof of having one or more protective spirit guarding over one.


Everything is alive, but modern society insists that unseen spirits aren’t real and rocks and trees and the earth itself are “inanimate” objects.. People have forgotten how to see spirits, but that does not mean they are not there. Our society has been disconnecting from spirit and spirituality. Belief in the supernatural has been waning for a long time now. Can we blame spirits for not going out of their way to help people who insist they don’t exist?


Our society tends not to embrace nature. Most see ourselves as the top of every hierarchy. We claim ownership of land. We push animals out of their natural habitats. Can we blame spirits for not helping us if we are pushing them away?


Each generation is being raised less connected to spirit than the one before. Illnesses that used to be seen in adults are being seen in children. Self-destructive behavior is happening among younger and younger people.


So we are finding ourselves less protected by spirits that would have been guardians. When we aren’t being reinforced and resupplied from the spirit realms we have only our own power to work with. We burn that power dealing with stresses we create for ourselves. We use it up when we don’t take care of ourselves. We eat poorly, we don’t get enough sleep. Should it really by a surprise that we can’t maintain ourselves that way? It isn’t sustainable.


As we become a powerless culture we become weak and frail. We don’t have the strength to withstand hardship and trauma. Our souls wound easily. We end up with depression and anxiety. To fill the wounds in our souls we turn outward, to drugs, or caffeine, or gambling, or sex, even the internet becomes an addiction as we try to escape emptiness.


Whether these trends continue or reverse is up to us.