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February, 2019

the Gods: Eros


the Hallmark holiday, Valentine’s Day, falling in February, it is
fitting to turn to lusty Eros, the Greek god of sensual love and
primal desire. The word erotic comes from his name.

some tellings, he is the son of Aphrodite, the goddess of sensual
love and beauty, and Ares, the god of war, or of Aphrodite and Zeus,
the king of the gods, or of Hermes, the divine messenger of the gods,
according to Britannica.

say he is a
primordial god, the son of Chaos, the emptiness of the universe.
Later depictions show him not as an adult male, but as a mischievous
child. At sometime he became a winged youth that was made younger and
younger until he was the infant we see as a Valentine’s Day mascot
that the Romans knew as Cupid.

early Greece, no one paid much attention to Eros, but eventually he
earned a cult of his own in Thespiae. He also was part of a cult
along with Aphrodite in Athens,” according to “Deities of Imbolc”
by Patti Wigington on

another article for, Wigington wrote, “As a god of
lust and passion,?and fertility as well, Eros played a major role
in courtship. Offerings were made at his temples, in the form of
plants and flowers, vessels filled with sacred oils and wine,
beautifully crafted jewelry, and sacrifices.

didn’t have too many boundaries when it came to making people fall in
love, and was considered the?protector of same-sex love?as well
as hetero relationships.”

honoring the lusty Eros today, and asking for his help in matters of
love, consider leaving him roses or other flowers symbolic of love,
apples or grapes. Offer eggs or hares if it’s the fertility god you
wish to honor. Wings, and a bow and arrow are also representative

offering to a god is an invitation for him to enter our life. Gods
cannot force or demand our worship and cannot violate our freedom or
our conscience. Expressing gratitude, appreciation and love toward
them, allows their energy to flow back to us.

part. And merry meet again.


the Author:

50 – divorced and living on her own for the first time – before
she consciously began practicing as a self taught solitary witch. She
draws on an eclectic mix of old ways she has studied – from her
Sicilian and Germanic heritage to Zen and astrology, the fae,
Buddhism, Celtic, the Kabbalah, Norse and Native American – pulling
from each as she is guided. She practices yoga, reads Tarot and uses
Reiki. From the time she was little, she has loved stories, making
her job as the editor of two monthly newspapers seem less than the
work it is because of the stories she gets to tell. She lives with
her large white cat, Pyewacket, in central Connecticut. You can
follow her boards on Pinterest,
and write to her at woikelynn at gmail dot com.

Book Excerpt – Love Magic: A Handbook of Spells, Charms, and Potions by Anastasia Greywolf

July, 2018

Book Excerpt

Love Magic

A Handbook of Spells, Charms, and Potions

by Anastasia Greywolf


Whether you’re hoping to catch that person you’ve been secretly in love with for the past five months, or perhaps an unrequited crush is not getting your subtle hints, the one true adage is that love has no rules and sometimes needs a little help or gentle nudge. To help readers navigate through their amorous adventures, Love Magic makes love of all kinds as easy as simply knowing the right words. Inside, readers will find timeless incantations, mystical concoctions, and homemade talismans that will help them harness their inner love powers to:

Attract love

Find out you who you’ll marry

Become a better lover (or make your mate one!)

Keep your love going strong

Bring good fortune to your beloved

End and forget about a love

In addition to traditional spells, Love Magic includes spells from:

Susan Adcox, Gemma Aronson, Jennifer Boudinot, DY Edwards, Elisia G. of Ancient Nouveau, Greta Goldbart, Gabriel Grey, James Benjamin Kenyon, Suzanne Lareau, Savana Lee, Josephine Preston Peabody, Hollen Pockets, Calyx Reed, Jill Robi, Elisa Shoenberger Jeanne de la Ware, Marguerite Wilkinson, Des D. Wilson, Katriel Winter

Here are a Few Spells From the Book:


To Find Love in the Summer

by James Benjamin Kenyon

How beautiful the summer morn,
With billowy leagues of wheat and corn!
The shining woods and fields rejoice;
Each twinkling stream lifts up its voice
To join the chorus of the sky;
O beautiful unspeakably!
In the dry cicada’s notes,
In the thistle-down that floats
Aimless on the shimmering air,
In the perfume sweet and rare
Of the sun-steeped, dark-leaved trees,
Dwell the year’s deep prophecies.
Hark! the clangor of the mills
Echoes from the drowsy hills.
The foamy clouds, the smiling dale.
The dimpling waves, the laughing flowers,
The low, faint droning of the bees.
Mixed with sweet twitterings from the leas,
Conspire to charm the magic hours.
Under a spell the spirit lies;
Sundered is sorrow’s misty veil;
Today life is a glad surprise,
A tranquil rapture, fine and frail.
Wherein to joy-anointed eyes
The old earth seems a Paradise.


To Help Bond You With Someone


To make a romantic partner feel bonded to you, use this Gaelic charm. Keep a sprig of mint in your hand till the herb grows moist and warm, then take hold of the hand of the woman you love, and she will follow you as long as the two hands close over the herb. No invocation is necessary, but silence must be kept between the two parties for ten minutes, to give the charm time to work with due efficacy.


To Make Love Last


Love will last forever with this charm. Take a bay leaf and split it in half. Kneel with your beloved in front of a red candle. Kiss one half of the bay leaf, then press the other side to their mouth to kiss. They should repeat the same process with the other bay leaf half. Tie the two halves together with one strand of hair from each of your heads. Place it in a green sachet and bury in your yard or another place that has meaning for you.


If you have enjoyed these spells, you will certainly enjoy the many this collection book contains!!

Love Magic: A Handbook of Spells, Charms, and Potions