A Brief Essay on Numerology

July, 2006

Since the earliest times, people strived to find a convenient way of classifying the archetypal energies in the universe. Many priests and scholars came to the realization that the best way to do so, was through the symbolic language of numbers. The Mayans, the Egyptians and the Babylonians, The Vikings and the Celts, the Greeks and the Jews were some of the few nations in different corners of the world who developed a numerological system of their own, with their own ideas of numbers. However, most of this knowledge vanished with the destruction of the major libraries in the ancient world.

The two major branches of numerology we know today come from the works of the Pythagorean School and the Kabalistic treaties. From these sources most of the contemporary numerologists learned about the psychological, and the energetic dimensions of numbers. The uniqueness of both approaches is in the immense practical emphasis. Pythagoras in particular, investigated extensively the numbers first, before making any theoretical suppositions. He verified his conclusions about the main patterns of number energies many times before writing down the first rules of numerology.

In my own practice as a numerologist, I likewise apply the ideas of numerology on the everyday basis. I can determine what each day bodes for me by calculating its energy, understand the way others see me from my Attitude Number, and make good bets in the lottery with my Lucky Numbers. Indeed everyone can benefit from numerology. You can learn how to improve your relationship with others, or even find out what you really need in life. More importantly, numerology gives the answer to the most important question of all, “what is the meaning of my life?” by analyzing one’s Destiny Numbers.

And it’s so simple – each one of you can do it right now by adding a few numbers!

Consider for example a person who was born on November 27th of ‘72. Translate it into numbers: 11 for November, 27 for the day, and 1972 for the year. Then add: (1+1) + (2+7) + (1+9+7+2) = 2+9+19 = 30. Now, the sum 30 translates into 3 + 0 = 3. This final number 3 is the sum total of the individual who was born on November 27th in the year 1972. While this is a gross simplification, it gives a quick insight into the person’s character. You can similarly calculate you own number and look for it in the short list below

Numerology then is an empirical science that investigates the archetypal energies of the universe. For the sake of simplicity, these major energies are represented by the one digit numbers, from 0 to 9. Each number has certain distinguishing properties briefly summarized below for easy reference. Some of you who are well versed in any of the Pagan traditions will find these archetypes familiar and easy to remember. This is the beauty of numerology; it is independent of the frame of reference you use. You can be a Pagan or a Christian, a Jew or a Buddhist; the numbers will work for all of you as they work for me.

1     Creation – Adam

2     Balance – The Gemini Twins

3     Realism – The Philosopher’s Stone (Tourmaline)

4     Strength – The Oak / The Willow

5     Freedom – The Leap of Faith

6     Responsibility – The Parent

7     Quest – The Seeker for Truth

8     Control – The Manager of the Universe

9     Wisdom – The Hermit

0      Openness – The Initiate

A Note: In the brief description of the numbers I freely interchange the pronouns ‘he’ and ‘she’ to show that number energies are independent of gender.

I chose as the archetype of the first number to be the Biblical Adam. He lacked something in his life and was incomplete until the missing thing came into being, from his own rib. We now call Adam’s creative initiative Eve. Similarly, the 1 person needs to create more than anything else. Until he does, he will feel an ache, a deep hole that needs to be filled

Many of the ideas for the number 2 are taken from the astrological glyph of the twins which represents the sign of Gemini. Some astrologers believe that a typical Gemini is threatened to be torn from the inside by two conflicting urges. It is equally true for the 2 individual. She must be aware of oscillating between two extremes and of the necessity to make the most balanced decision possible in every stage of her life.

In metaphysical studies, tourmaline is considered to be the stone that transmutes any negative vibration into a positive one. This is the lesson of the 3. He is a realist who acknowledges bad feelings when they come. Nonetheless, he has the ability to use the negative energy in a constructive manner. He is like the dolphin, an animal endowed with superb senses which are used for the sake of proper communication. When on the right path, the individual will “channel” his heightened sensitivity into some form of self expression, drawing or singing, writing or baking pies. Anything will do, as long as an individual puts a piece of his soul into his work. Then he discards the negative emotions. They are all invested into his creative masterpiece which will fascinate all observers. It is said of such an artist that the emotions exhibited in his performance more than compensate for his lack of technique. Thus, in the fashion of the tourmaline the person forces even his disadvantages to work for his benefit. If for some reason this path is not taken, the enhanced sensitivity of the 3 will turn inward and discern insults even when they are not meant.

The 4 person misapplies his strength, like the oak. She holds onto the past and finds safety in the ritual. She needs to adapt to new circumstances as does the willow, so that she can survive. The successful 4 quickly realize they don’t care about the nature of the changes which take place in their lives. They object on the principle level to the very idea of a change, which threatens their otherwise orderly existence.

Superficially the 5 are easy going. Deep inside though, the 5 person feels entrapped, for no fault of his own, like the Biblical Job. Yet he doesn’t have the mentality of Job to just believe in the goodness of the universe, or its logic. Instead, he often concentrates on his feeling of entrapment and blames others for his lack of discipline. It is to be noted that his trap is usually self – induced. He seeks freedom so hard that he imprisons himself even more by placing all the important decisions in the hands of others. The path of the 5 is not easy but people who succeed on it find great rewards. They are the ones to possess the talent of non linear thinking. Their mindset is such that they can consider several ideas at the same time. It is from the ranks of the triumphant 5 that we get the greatest number of geniuses in different areas.

The 6 person becomes an excellent care taker, parent or boss. What she needs is to take responsibility for herself and nurture the inner child. Acceptance of the imperfection is necessary for the inner growth of the 6.

7 is the number of the seeker. Such a person often feels separated from others by his desire to find some understanding of the world. Some look for answers in psychology or physics, others study the occult. All of them however are distinguished by this invisible mark of the search that usually ends inside.

Control is the central issue of the number 8. People on this path often assume that the quickest way to mastering their fate lies with financial success. Circumstances prove them wrong. By being subject to the choices of others they learn about the true nature of control. Since there a lot of unfairness on this path, the rewards of this energy are also the most tangible. To those who solve the problems presented to them, money comes easy.

9 is the number of the “old souls” who have to establish their own rules. They may have issues with their parents which are later resolved. This number seems to have the greatest protection from the Higher Power, but their responsibility is also the hardest to bear.

0 is equivalent to the Coyote in Native American Folklore, the Fool in the traditional Tarot deck, or to the reversed triangle in the Nordic magic. In plain words, it is the number of the initiate who opens himself up for spiritual journey.

Those key sentences in my experience show the essence of each number. Keep in mind though that numerology is above all empirical. You are encouraged to use these ideas but eventually to find your own patterns and understanding. Just listen to the numbers and learn from their lessons. No teacher is better!

For the interested, I attach a short list of informal bibliography. The books I recommend amply complement this short article and will benefit any beginner. If however you are curious about my own system, feel free to contact me with any questions at

Informal Bibliography

1) Glynis McCants Glynis Has Your Number

2) Dan Millman The Life You Were Born to Live

3) Ellin Dodge Numerology Has Your Number

4) Shiv Charan Singh Let the Numbers Guide You


author bio:

Ishamael is a mathematician, a hypnotherapist, and a

rune reader, who has been practicing numerology for

years and developed his own unique methods, based on

his knowledge of math and ancient cultures. Now it is

his great pleasure to share with others the secrets

behind the remarkable science of numbers.

Getting the Energy from Your Food

May, 2006

We all know about the necessity to eat right, and strive to do so as often as possible. Yet, many of us occasionally slip and go to a fast food restaurant anyway – bad eating habits are hard to change. I had this problem too, until I found out how to make the best out of this unpleasant situation, when I had a craving for something unhealthy. Nowadays, wherever I go, I don’t have to worry about levels of cholesterol or calories, they are all incorporated into the plan.

Many years ago I learned about the Pranic method of classifying food. It turns out that Prana, the universal life force, can be found in abundance in certain products, and in lesser quantities in others. Thus, when we ingest a particular type of food, we obtain from it a corresponding amount of energy. This very logical consideration led me to the idea of charging anything I eat. What if I decide, what kind of energy is stored where, and to what end, I thought, and conducted my first experiment.

A very appealing chocolate bar was lying on my kitchen table, and I simply couldn’t refuse its summons. As I took the first bite out of the delicious German invention, I imagined it having energy of its own, which I resolved to adapt to my needs. I pictured a beam of green light spreading from the chocolate to all of my energy centers. I saw those energy centers in my mind’s eye as revolving spheres, swelling from the green light which inundated every single one of them. I made a mental command to my mind, to use this excess of energy for my daily activities, whenever I feel weaker than usual.

Needless to say, my experiment worked wonderfully. I found strength to do many assignments which I would normally find taxing. My energy reserves definitely increased. But during my next experiment, I thought I should take an additional precaution. I ate something rich in cholesterol, of the bad kind, and decided to compensate for it by exercising further my imagination.

I imagined cholesterol in my body being comprised from little red cells, shaped as circles. I next pictured them drawn form my blood stream towards the energy center that was a little below my navel. This energy center, known in the East as Tan Tien, was, in my mind, recycling the cholesterol cells. They were literally moving through the Tan Tien, and when they came out, they changed their color from red to green, to signify their new function.

Instead of the detrimental job they have been doing in my body, they have become a new form of energy that I gave my brain to redistribute at need. I kept changing more of the cholesterol cells that way, stipulating for the process to end when the cholesterol level was low enough not to pose a danger.

I performed this exercise several times, and then did a similar form of recycling with the sugar levels. I conditioned the recycled sugar cells to supply my brain pathways with the appropriate amount of energy, and seemingly, so they did.

Interestingly enough, when I did my blood test a month later, it turned out my cholesterol dropped 200 points from the high level it previously was. It finally convinced me that my imaginary tricks gave at least some tangible results. Fortunately, these exercises in creative visualization can be tailored to individual needs. You can make them work for you as well, or even better, than they worked for me. Bon Appetite!

*Disclaimer: My system started working for me better with more practice, and it required total belief in the validity of the methods involved. Any doubt might reduce the effectiveness. Don’t try unless you are completely sure it will help.*


author bio:


Ishamael is a numerologist who developed his own

system, aided by his math degree from the Tel Aviv

University in Israel, his knowledge of Kabala and

ancient cultures, and inherent psychic abilities. He

is also a certified hypnotherapist and a rune master,

currently dwelling in Southern California.