Children’s Book Review: My Name is Isis The Egyptian Goddess By Susan Morgaine

December, 2017

My Name is Isis

The Egyptian Goddess

Author Susan Morgaine

Illustrator Arna Baartz

Publisher a girl god

Copyright 2017

Length 47 pages

Ms. Morgaine has written a beautiful book for children. It is very basic book, one that would be good for a parent to read to child(ren) at bed time. Or to be read out loud at festivals in the children’s tent. The words just seem to flow of the page. It is a book that even a child that is just learning to read would have an easy time with. The words even allow the reader to picture the Protectress that is the Goddess Isis.

The art work is beautiful soothing colors. They are just beautifully done and just flow with the words on the page. Arna’s art work is so colorful and almost otherworldly. It will help to keep young eyes focused on the book and allow them to meet Isis on their terms in ways that they would understand.

Together both artist and writer seem to have found a flow that allowed them to sync what they both envisioned in a seamless manner. There seems to just be a symmetry in the way everything just works to complement both minds that worked on this book.

I think Pagan families will find this book is one that becomes a family heirloom. I can see parents being happy to use “My Name is Isis The Egyptian Goddess” to introduce their children to their maternal Goddess.



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About the Author:

Dawn Borries loves reading and was thrilled to become an E-Book reviewer for PaganPages.Org. Dawn, also, has been doing Tarot and Numerology readings for the past 25 years. Dawn does readings on her Facebook page.  If you are interested in a reading you can reach her at:

She who is All – The Goddess of Ten Thousand Names

January, 2016


I have chosen Isis for this month’s column because I do believe it is time for us and Her to reclaim Her name from those who use it to bring terror, evil, murder and injustice into our world. She is a Goddess from the beginning and She is still worshipped today. Let Her name be heard and live beyond those who dishonor her.

There, in the beginning was Isis, Oldest of the Old, She

was the Goddess from whom all Becoming arose.

She was the Great Lady, Mistress of the Two Lands,

Mistress of Shelter, Mistress of Heaven, Mistress of

the House of Life. She was the Unique. In all Her

great and wonderful works, She was a wiser magician

and more excellent than any other.”

~ ~ R. E. Witt


(Photo credit:

Our beloved Isis was the first daughter of Nut, the Sky Goddess and Geb, the Earth God. Her twin sister-Goddess was Nepthys.

Isis was kind to her people, spending time with them, teaching the women how to grind corn and make bread. She taught the people agriculture and reading.

One of the stories surrounding Her is the anger she felt at Ra’s uncaring and cruelty to the people. She fashioned a snake out of mud and Ra’s saliva, which she had stolen. When Ra was subsequently bitten by this snake, becoming very ill, he ironically called for Isis to cure him due to her powerful healing magic. She refused to do this unless he gave to Her his secret name of power. Continuing to feel ill, Ra agreed and whispered his secret name to Her, realizing that from that point on, Isis would then have power over him.

While Isis loved Her people, She most loved her beloved brother/ lover/consort/husband Osiris. Overcome with jealously, their brother Set, who wanted Isis for his own, killed Osiris. Isis went into mourning, deeply grieving for him. She set out to search for his body.

In her travels, She came upon the Phoenician Queen, Astarte, who did not recognize her and hired her as a nursemaid for her child. Isis attempted to gift this child with immortality, laying him within a fire. The Queen saw this and became angered, pulling the child from the fireplace. As she turned to face the nursemaid, She revealed Herself as Isis. In atonement for her anger against the Goddess, Astarte revealed that Osiris’s body was hidden in a nearby tamarisk tree.

As Isis is returning to Egypt, Set comes upon Her and steals the body of Osiris, dismembering it and hiding each part separately. Once again, Isis searches for Her beloved. She finds each piece but one. She fashions Osiris a new penis out of gold, anoints him with oils and brings him back from the land of the dead. He impregnates Her and their son, Horus, is born.


(Photo Credit:

Isis was also known as Au Set, Auzit, Eset and Isis, the All Goddess.

These are but a few of her names. As Her own powers grew and as She took on the powers of lesser Goddesses, her names also grew.

Her name is similar to Ishtar, Astarte, Ashtoreth and it has been suggested that they have a common distant origin. She was associated with the Goddess Hathor, with whom she has sometimes been mistaken and had a close relationship with the Goddess Bast, who’s name is “Ba-Ast”, or “Soul of Isis”. There were always cats in the temples of Isis.

She was known as “Isis Myrionymos” or Goddess of Ten Thousand, which we know Her as still today.


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She is the Mother of the Sun, She is the Moon. She is the Goddess of the Earth and Stars; the Goddess of Healing and Magic, as we have seen from the two previous stories; She is the Goddess of Love and Motherhood. She is the Goddess of Medicine and Wisdom. She is the Giver of Life and Guide to the Underworld, protecting all with Her outstretched wings.

She was also known as the Goddess of the Sea, known as “Isis Euploia” or “Isis of Good Sailing”. One of Her festivals is the “Isidis Navigium”, held on March 5. There was joy, music and dancing as boats were dedicated to Her, as She held the power of the seas and the tides.

Other of Her festivals are the “Going Forth of Isis”, held on October 7, when Her image was decorated and proceeded to “visit” the temples of other deities.

June 14 is the “Night of the Tear Drop”, to commemorate and remember Her mourning of Osiris. It is said that when She wept, the Nile flooded.

Of course, one must not forget Her birthday celebrations on July 30.

Some of Isis’ many symbols are the full moon, the stars, Her diadem headdress (moon with horns), the ankh and the sistrum, used in Her many celebrations.

Of the many temples that were dedicated to Her, the one in Abydos was said to pre-date the pyramids. Of course, there were temples to Her in Alexandria, Petra, which was used for healing, Coptos and at least one in Roman London.


(Photo credit:

Some of these temples have been removed from Egypt. The Temple of Tafla is now located at the Museum of Antiquities in Leiden in the Netherlands. The Temple of Debad is in Municipal Park in Madrid, Spain. The one closest to my heart, as I have been there several times, is the Temple of Dendur which now resides at the Metropolitan Museum of in New York City, New York, USA. Please see this month’s “Sacred Place/Sacred Space” column for more on the Dendur Temple.


(Photo Credit: Susan Morgaine)

I wish you peace and the blessings of Isis.

**Personal Note: In my quest to reclaim Isis’ name, I currently have her on my Yule altar. After the new year, I will be putting together a ritual to continue this. If anyone is interested in joining me, please email me at and I will be happy to send you the ritual when it is finished.**


The New Book of Goddesses & Heroines by Patricia Monaghan

The Mysteries of Isis by DeTraci Regula

Isis Magic by M. Isadora Forrest

SpellCrafting : Spells & Rituals

January, 2016

Reclaiming Isis

Merry meet!


Isis has not been a goddess with whom I have worked. I hadnt felt particularly drawn to deities from the Egyptian pantheon, but hearing ISIS in the news has led me to think her name is being taken in vain. She is not the most frightening terrorist organization: the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Isis is the Great Divine Mother of the Universe. She is the personification of femininity; she is the wife of a king and the mother of the god Horus. As such, she is the goddess of motherhood and children. She was the original madonna with child, later to become Mary and Jesus. Isis is also a patroness of fertility, nature and magic. She is portrayed as a friend of the oppressed and a protector of the dead. Isis brought back her husband-brother from the dead. It is said she listens to the prayers of everyone.

Worship of Egypts great mother goddess extended to all parts of the Roman Empire, spilling over into Greek civilization as well, so it is quite possible my ancestors in Sicily and Germany paid her homage.

It did not bother me that ISIS became the acronym for such things as the Institute for Science and International Security or the Intercampus Student Information System, but it does bother me that this religious extremist group was given the name.

The Associated Press uses ISIL and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in its news stories, and some have followed that usage, despite the fact it seems to legitimize the group with statehood. Some in governments are using Daesh as an acronym for the Arabic phrase al-Dawla al-Islamiya fi al-Iraq wa al-Sham for the Islamic state. Depending on how it is conjugated, it can be seen as an insult to the death cult.

While efforts continue to persuade the media to stop calling terrorists by the name of the Goddess of Ten Thousand Names, the Mistress of All Magic, we might consider helping break the connection between a mother goddess whose history stretches back 4,500 years and a present-day violent hate group.

My idea is to make space for an altar to Isis and the divine feminine. Im starting mine with a tarot card of her image from the deck Daughters of the Moon. I intend to light the candle in front of it every time I am home and encounter her name being used to refer to the terrorist organization, and offer prayers to the great mother to she who brings together the power of both the sun and the moon for healing.

She is associated with all of the elements. Incense and oils including frankincense, cedar, sandalwood, cinnamon and sweet orange have been named as connected to her, as have roses, jasmine and lotus flowers. When choosing a candle, I have read that her preferred colors are cobalt blue and black, and to anoint them with myrrh or vervain or both. Other sources list additional colors of silver, gold, red and green.

Her sacred animals are the cow, snake, scorpion, hawk, swallow, dove and vulture. Gems include gold, silver, ivory, ebony, obsidian and lapis lazuli. Such offerings can be placed before her to honor her, and to recognize the high priestess that dwells within us as well. We can let Isisintuition and knowing become our own, merging inner wisdom with conscious awareness as we reclaim our voice and speak her praises.

Perhaps, if more people begin to honor her, we can restore sacredness to her name as well as to our lives.

Merry part.

And merry meet again.

She Who is all – The Goddess of Ten Thousand Names

July, 2015

Healing Goddesses


Like so many others this week, I am saddened and devastated by the recent racist murders in South Carolina, US. In memory and honor of those whose lives were taken and in hopes that this country, and this world can begin to heal the hatreds that tear it apart, this month’s Goddess column will be on just a few of the Healing Goddesses, whom I ask to please look kindly upon us all.



COVENTINA – The British Goddess of springs and wells, she was also a Goddess of abundance and inspiration. Her sacred well, located in Northumberland, is considered a sacred healing site.




ANAITA – While there is not much information on her, Anaita was an Italian Goddess of the Oscan tribe, a Goddess of witchcraft and healing. It is said that she is the originator of herbal charms.




AKESO – The daughter of Askelpios, the God of Medicine and Epione, the Goddess of Pain Relief, Akeso is the Greek Goddess of healing and curing, which is the meaning of her name. She is also associated with the moon.




SULIS (OR SUL) – Another British Goddess of Healing, Sulis oversees the sacred wells and springs, all of which bring healing and blessings. Her most sacred site is the healing hot springs at Bath, where thousands still gather for Her annual Festival.




AIRMED – She is of the Tuatha De Danaan, the Irish race of Gods and Goddesses, founded by the Mother Goddess, Danu. Airmed healed those who fell in battle. It is said that the healing herbs of the world fell from her eyes as she wept of her dying brother’s body.




AJA – A powerful healer of the Orisha, her name means “wild wind”. It is said that she is the one who taught all of the worlds’ healer.




ISIS – The Egyptian Goddess Isis, THE Goddess of Ten Thousand Names; her worship has circled the world. While stories abound of Isis and Her magic, Her powers of healing are foremost in the story of her searching and finding the dismembered pieces of her beloved Osiris’ body, killed and scattered by their brother, Set. She searched the world over to resurrect him.

Another story of Her healing powers, She cured Ra of a snake bite, although truth be told She sent the snake and blackmailed him for the name of his power before She cured him.

May we be healed. May we have peace. May we all be blessed  )O(

Gems of the Goddess

April, 2009

Isis:  Healer, Mother, Egyptian Goddess

Isis was a goddess in Ancient Egyptian religious beliefs, whose worship was adopted by other20ancient cultures such as Rome.  She was the wife and sister of Osiris, daughter of Seb and Nut and mother of Horus.

Worshiped as the ideal mother and wife, patron of nature, magic and sailors; friend of slaves, sinners, artisans, the downtrodden, as well as listening to the prayers of the wealthy, maidens, aristocrats and rulers.   Isis was known to be compassionate to all, no matter what their social class.  Isis also is known as the goddess of simplicity, from whom all beginnings arose, and was the ruler of bread, of beer, and of green fields.

Isis is also known for teaching humanity the basic skills to build civilizations.  She came to represent the powerful attributes of faithfulness, love, inner beauty, psychic insight and spiritual awareness.  Isis was a very powerful healer.  She received much of her power by creating a cobra to bite Ra, whose power was based on his secret name.   Isis told Ra she would help him, only if he told her the secret name.  Ra, dying, did tell her, thus opening the healing powers available to him.

She is also known as a very powerful healer based on the story of her healing her husband Osiris after his brother Set murdered him because of jealously.  Set had passed the throne to Osiris and Isis but regretted it and wanted the throne for himself.  When Osiris returned from a battle, Set and his followers had a banquet and invited Osiris.  During the banquet, Set brought=2 0out a chest and said whomever could fit in it would receive it as a gift.  Osiris stepped inside and of course, it was a perfect fit.      Set and his followers nailed it shut and threw it in the Nile.

The chest floated to the island of Byblos.  It washed ashore and a tree grew over it.  When the tree was cut down to make an altar for Phoenician King, it gave off a beautiful scent.  Isis received word of it and went to her husband.& nbsp; She brought him back to life with magic from Thoth and they conceived a child – Horus.

Isis stayed in Byblos until Horus was born.  While Isis was away one day, Set found Osiris’s body and he cut the body into 14 pieces.  Isis found all the pieces except one; Osiris’s manhood had been eaten by a crab in the Nile.  With help from other Gods such as Anabus, Thoth and Horus, Isis created first rites of embalming and Rite of Rebirth, giving Osiris eternal life.

Isis was also involved with trying to help Horus regain the throne.  After much debate by the council, and after Isis shape-shifted to trick Set to confess Horus should be the rightful heir to the throne, a competition was created to see who would rule.

During the competition, Horus and Set changed into Hippos and were crossing the Nile.  Isis threw a magical spear and hit Horus by accident, who came out of the Nile and insisted she heal him, which she did .  After Horus went back in, Isis threw the spear again and hit Set.  Horus was so angered at her interference that he cut off her head.  Ra found of the situation and asked Thoth to help.  Thoth replaced Isis’s head with a cow’s head.
Isis is known as a great mother and did everything she could to protect her son Horus.  However, a lesson to learn from Isis is to know when the be involved with helping their child and when to step back.  Isis may have thought she was helping but she was causing chaos during the competition.   The teaching here is to use good judgment when dealing with those you care about.

Isis can help with magic, harvest, dreams, divination, perspective, faithfulness, love, spirituality and destiny.  She can help you by speaking to you in dreams.  You can also invoke her to create powerful healing and working with the downtrodden.

Isis’s feast days are January 9, March 5, August 17 (Isis’ birthday) and November 12th.  Her colors are white, cobolt blue and gold.  Stones to use when working with Isis are Pearl, Cobalt, Moonstone, Bloodstone and Lapis.
Working with Isis is like working with someone who is like your mother.  She has strong nurturing, caring and healing energy.   Isis is here to help you – make sure to work with her during the times that your need to give or receive healing, create nurturing or help with grieving.  Isis is here to help and heal.