Book Review – Dictionary of Gypsy Mythology by Claude Lecouteux

February, 2019

Book Review
Dictionary of Gypsy Mythology
By Claude Lecouteux
Publisher Inner Traditions
Length 183 pages

be the first one to admit that I don’t know anything at all about
the Roma, so I found the book interesting. There are several sources
that Mr. Lecouteux quotes. His primary source is Heinrich Albert von
Wlislocki (1856-1907).

author states that there are 15 different gypsy languages, he has
tried to remain faithful to everything as it appears in the source
text. He also tells whether the words are feminine, masculine,
plural, or singular. And he is very faithful in the way he listed the
source text from which he gathers his information.

of the first entries is for Adam and Eve pg. 16 (Damo and Yehwah is
the way he has it listed in the book), I did not realize that in both
the Rama and Jewish traditions that Adams first wife was Lilith.
(But Eve’s name should not be confused with the Yahweh the name of
God, spelled differently but pronounced the same way.) Each entry
into this book is interesting; there are pictures, sigils, and in
some entries little hand drawings.

are four texts at the end of the book, one is on The Great Flood, the
next is The White Hind, next is The Mountain of Cats, and the last
one is the Bride of Phuvuš. I had never heard the stories before,
so reading them for the first time was interesting.

this book, I have gained a lot of insight into the mythology of the
Roma. I feel that this book is written with a lot of respect for the
tradition, and the people of the Roma society. I learned a lot that
I didn’t know; it also sparked my interest into more of the
mythology of the Roma.

also inspired to start checking out more of Claude Lecouteux’s
books. This being the second book of his I have read, he writes like
a professor. At times a little dry, but always interested. If you
want to know more about the Roma mythology, I would suggest this
book, the Dictionary Of Gypsy Mythology.

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Book Review – Sigils, Ciphers and Scripts: History and Graphic Function of Magick Symbols by M. B. Jackson

March, 2018

Sigils, Ciphers and Scripts: 

History and Graphic Function of Magick Symbols

by M. B. Jackson

Published by Green Magic, Somerset, 2013


Big thanks to Green Magic for sending me a copy of ‘Sigils, Ciphers and Scripts’ by M. B. Jackson to review. First of all, it’s a really beautiful book. Glossy black, A4, coffee table style; it’s certainly a conversation starter. The subtitle is History and Graphic Function of Magick Symbols, and I think it’s important to bear this in mind when reading the book. This volume is not a comprehensive break down and explanation of every single magical alphabet and symbolic system, as this would require a much thicker, denser volume. What this book does is introduce you to each set of symbols, give you a bit of the history, and provide you with some beautiful graphics.

My favourite aspect of this book is that it is not path specific. Symbolism from many different cultures, studies and religions appears here; Judaism, Paganism and alchemy, to name but a few. Each section is spread over two pages. The first page being a two-column history and description of the symbols; the second page being the symbols themselves. The illustrations are really beautiful and highly detailed where necessary.

Now if you are thinking you can pick this book up and learn the inner secrets of Enochian and how to communicate with angels, I’m really sorry but you’re going to be disappointed. But what you will learn is where Enochian was ‘discovered’, who made it famous, and the symbols themselves. What you do with this information is, I guess, up to you! Further reading is definitely required if you want to go more in depth or fully understand how to use the scripts. But again, this is in the title; this book gives the history and describes the symbols; it isn’t a ‘how to’ guide.

This is one of those volumes I’m likely to keep to hand, for those times when you see a symbol but aren’t sure of its origins, or simply for reference information. I particularly enjoyed learning how the ‘flower of life’ leads into the development of platonic solids, a connection I had not previously considered.

One minor criticism: in the further reading section, the first website listed is Wikipedia. I would never, ever cite Wikipedia as either a source or as recommended further reading on a specialist subject, as it is too easy to edit and place misinformation in there. As a first step towards finding other sources, it’s fine, but it was off-putting to see it listed as recommended reading in such a niche volume.

Other than that, I was truly delighted with this volume. The presentation is outstanding, and it really does give a good outline of each set of symbols or ciphers, giving you a good starting point and a great foundation to work from.

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About the Author:

Mabh Savage is a Pagan author, poet and musician, as well as a freelance journalist.

She is the author of A Modern Celt: Seeking the Ancestors and Pagan Portals: Celtic Witchcraft.

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Hally’s Hints

October, 2009


I see the beauty of the plants growing in each and every direction subtly oblivious of where they should and can go. They seek the warmth and energy of the sun, sourcing moisture from the earth and air. All else is irrelevant; all else has no consequence to their day.

The days come and the days go. The sun rises and the sun sets. The clouds pass over, sometimes bringing rain and other times a moment of a shadow. There are no conscious thoughts in these actions. There are contributing factors influencing the direction, however it isn’t premeditated or in a manipulative manner. It is all for the greater good.

So many Angels, Spirit Guides, Ghosts, the Para-Normal, energies of another world glide between us; sometimes they are on a particular mission and other times on their way to a new place. We are oblivious, most of the time.

Plants communicate with other plants via vibration, Dogs, Cats; Animals communicate telepathically all the while reading your energy gauging how you are feeling today. So many people believe our environment is lesser than us because the words they use, the way they communicate does not register with our conscious logic. Yet, the irony is that it is so natural and ironically more advanced than the conscious mind. We limit ourselves through believing that it needs to be understood consciously for it to be accepted.

I wonder what would happen when the majority of the planet realise that everything we do, everything we feel, decide and want happens way before it even reaches our consciousness. That our actual behaviour is a result of the process in which our minds work and only once it reaches our conscious mind does the action follow.

So many are blind to that fact that every day they are having conversations with their pets, sending vibrations to their plants and brushing against their spirit guides.

It is common to find yourself in an environment where the people are concerned with bills, getting to work, meeting the deadline, the argument they had with their partner as they were walking out of the door and for some the kiss that they shared. It would be easy to assume that this is more than enough to occupy the mind to consider room for the things that do not occur on this plane and still affect who we are.

The beauty is that when working on the metaphysical plane all of these idiosyncrasies are irrelevant and the sense of space, freedom, openness embraces your very being to the point that what many worry about seems rather ridiculous.

It isn’t surprising that often the conscious drama created is to provide balance or depth to the conscious mind. Almost like a foundation on which it is based so that it has some control and security to exist.

The more many of us go between planes, open ourselves to the energies of the universe that influence and provide so much growth and enlightenment, the harder it becomes to communicate in conscious logic with those that hardly, if ever travel beyond the mortal plane. You hear the words come out from the person before you and though it seems to be English or the language you are familiar with, it however does not make any sense. It does not resonate meaning to your conscious mind leaving you feeling confused; often to shake your head wondering if it is you or them. The barrier is there and until they begin to evolve communication will be a little challenging, for you.

It can be truly fascinating catching up with people that are not particularly close, perhaps part of a social circle that ebbs and flows, to enter into and see how many struggle within themselves and seek refuge in methods of escapism, judgment or hatred. Then consider you were once them.

It is humbling and opens the heart in the hope that they too have the opportunity to experience a touch of what the universe offers in its beauty, strength and unity.