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Book Review – Wicca, Plain & Simple: The Only Book You’ll Ever Need by Leanna Greenaway

April, 2018

The cover states that the book is plain and simple and, also, the only book you’ll ever need. The forward of the book was written by Judika Illes, who is, also, an author and I quite liked it. The first chapter informs the reader about Witches and magic. She touches on the different types of Witches like Hedge, Traditional, Gardnerian, etc. It’s nice because she just does a quick little description of each, but it’s enough to give the reader a good idea of the differences between them. After that, she mentions Covens and how they were formed when Wiccans were persecuted so they had to worship in secret. Then she gets into Angelic Wicca right at the end and how she has personally chosen to follow the Angelic Wiccan path. It’s a great first chapter considering all that she mentions, but it doesn’t seem overwhelming at any point.

Chapter two breaks down Wicca and positive thoughts. “Life is like a big classroom. With each day, we learn and encounter new experience, and although at times the problems we face are hard, by going through the processes, we climb that spiritual ladder and evolve to a higher plane.” Has got to be my favourite quote from the book. It resonated to me as someone who has survived a lot of abuse and it made me feel like maybe my next life may be better due to the struggles I’ve already endured. She ends the chapter after going over some “Wiccan Ground Rules”

As with almost all Wiccan books, there is a chapter about Tools. That’s chapter 3 here. She gives a good list of typical items, touches on colour significance in the candle section and briefly talks about all the things you should have on your altar. This book lives up to its claim of being plain and simple, but in a good way. The way she just touches the tip of everything would make it a great book for a beginner.

Lunar magic is next. I think lunar magic should also be a pretty standard topic in Wicca, as a lot of what we do is based on the moon cycle. “The gravitational field of a full moon changes energy particles that reach the earth, influencing the way that we think and feel by changing the functions of our brain”. She informs the reader about the various cycles and the importance of each.

Chapter 5 is a very short chapter about initiation, specifically self-dedication and initiation, with just a few steps. The following chapter is about growing your own garden, the benefits of that and some ideas on which plants to grow and why. It’s one of the longer chapters of the book, and for good reason. She writes about what would be good for teas, tonics and superstitions, but again, in a user-friendly way with nothing being too complicated.

Chapter seven delves into animal magic. It’s another very short chapter that doesn’t get into much. I would have liked this section to be a bit better as half of the chapter is a personal story that is nice, but considering how much space if takes up, there isn’t a lot on animal magic itself. The tarot magic chapter is next, and that one is much better, with a lot of good information in a short amount of space and she writes about how “all tarot cards hold a magic of their own, and they can all help to bring about a positive result to your spells.”

I really liked chapters nine and ten. Chapter nine is about magnetic magic and chapter 10 is about the power of the pendulum. I, personally, use a pendulum all the time to help me with tough decisions and she suggested a great way to use a dictionary to help with divination, and the way she talks about the healing powers of magnets, I think a lot of readers would like it. She touches on some basic spells as well, which they are plain and simple again, so beginners can feel like these are spells they can do easily.

The rest of the book is spells specifically. There are spells for love, health, wealth, prosperity, happy families, career and willpower. All of the spells are user-friendly, and don’t need much for supplies. I am a fan of casting a circle before doing certain types of magic, but the author suggests just sitting and asking for protection. I personally wouldn’t feel safe enough to perform some of these spells without a proper circle, but I’m sure a lot of people would be fine with it. I think once a person has had experience with darkness, they are a bit more cautious.

The book overall is only 127 pages, and so it really is “plain and simple”, but she touches on a lot of different topics in those few pages. I would recommend this book to anyone starting out, but not really to anyone that has been practicing Wicca for a while. I still took some information out of it, as I do every book and I was really happy with it. The book is a quick and easy read, and I know if I meet anyone who is interested in Wicca I would for sure tell them about this book. I, also, think I will be looking into more of Greenaways’ books as it seems like she knows what she is talking about, and I love that she doesn’t over-complicate anything. I am happy I had the opportunity to read this book and write a review for it.

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January, 2017

Lunar Magick: Part Three

This is the third of a series of articles that explores our connection to the Moon and how to use HER energy for magick and spiritual growth. This month we’ll take a look at ways to create devotional practices with the Lunar energies…..


[caption id="attachment_13966" align="alignleft" width="268"]23482315 - arch silhouette in old temple at night sky with full moon premade background 23482315 – arch silhouette in old temple at night sky with full moon premade background[/caption]




The Moon rides high in the sky as

Her light floods down bathing me in her embrace.

I stand in the cold, cloak wrapped around my body

With feet planted firmly on Earth.

I breathe in deeply taking in the energy of the air

Around me and lifting arms, fingers stretching up

To hold the orb of milky whiteness.

I begin my devotional esbat in honor

Of the Star Goddess and call to

Her with words of invocation….

Charge of the Star Goddess

Listen to the words of the Great Mother, she who of old has been called Artemis, Astarte, Dione, Melusine, Cerridwen, Diana and by many other names:

“Whenever you have need of anything, once in the month, and better it be when
the moon is full, then shall ye assemble in some secret place to adore the spirit of Me,
who am Queen of all the Wise. You shall be free from slavery, and as a sign that
ye be free, you shall sing, dance, feast, make music and love, all in My praise.
For Mine is the ecstasy of the spirit, but Mine also is joy on Earth.
My law is love unto all beings. Mine is the secret door that opens
upon the land of youth, and Mine is the cup of the wine of life,
that is the Cauldron of Cerridwen, that is the Holy Grail of Immortality.
I give the knowledge of the spirit eternal, and beyond death, I give peace,
freedom and reunion with those who have gone before.
Nor do I demand aught in sacrifice, for behold, I am the Mother of all things,
and My love is poured out upon the Earth.”

Hear now the words of the Star Goddess, the dust of whose feet are the hosts of Heaven,
whose body encircles the universe:

I who am the beauty of the green earth, and the white moon among the stars, do call upon your souls…arise, and come unto Me. For I am the soul of nature that gives life to the universe. From Me all things proceed, and unto Me they must return.

Let My worship be in the heart that rejoiceth, for behold – all acts of love and pleasure are My rituals. Let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, honor and humility, mirth and reverence within you. And you who seek to know Me, know that thy seeking and yearning will avail thee not, unless thou knowest this mystery: that if that which you seek you findest not within thee, you will never find it without, for behold – I have been with thee from the beginning, and I am that which is attained at the end of desire.”

A Form of Devotional

The Charge of the Goddess is the quintessential devotional offered to the Goddess. The Charge was found in the Gardnerian Book of Shadows and is attributed to Doreen Valiente. Over the years the Charge has been adapted and there are now several versions.

The Charge is often used as the invocation to the Goddess during most Esbat rituals. An Esbat is the time of working Lunar Magick within a ritual setting. It is during these ceremonies and rituals that we seek to connect with the energies of the moon, her phases and the gifts that each brings. These rituals could include:

Rites of Healing
Rites of New Growth and deeper awareness

Working with the Moon and her phases are part of the Natural cycle that is used in the Craft of the Witch. We draw from the energy of the Goddess as represented in her various forms of Maiden, Mother and Crone and see these in manifest form as New, Full and Dark Moons.

Given all of the diverse energy and mystery surrounding the Moon is it any wonder that its greater mysteries are used to enhance sacred work. Dancing around a fire on a moon lit night, moving to the beat of drums is the nearest one can come to being totally absorbed into the Natural world.

If we also work with the energy of the planets, a rite held on a MON-day would correspond with the energy of the Moon. A moon phase in the sign of Cancer would add additional lunar energy as the astrological sign of Cancer is ruled by the MOON.

Another devotional that could be used in your lunar workings is:

The Liber Vel Hecate


The Liber Vel Hecate was developed based upon the model of the Liber Resh Vel Helios . It comprises the phases of the Moon and the many and varied names and pantheons that honor the Goddess in her power as Queen of the Heavens. This could be used as invocation or devotional during an Esbat.

Although the Liber Vel Hecate is not a traditional form of invocation used in Wiccan practice there is much that can be derived of the nature of the Lunar Goddesses in its study. 

Hail Luna, as you rise,

IxChel, Kia, Lady pale,
Queen of dreams, Cast your spell, Of triple veil
Ar-iadne, Ar-ianhrod, Ar-achne Moerae,

Hail Hecate
Of faces three,
Shining from afar,
Spider of Destiny
In your web of Silver Stars


Hail Diana, Huntress,
As you draw your silver bow,
Hail Artemis and Io,
Oh Horned waxing luminous present glow
Nu and numinous maiden crescent shewn

Hail Clotho, Spinner of life’s thread
Drawn forth from Nix Night
Turning Fate’s first strands
With nimble hands
Twining twixt the dark and bright


Hail Moon Mother,
Full and fecund, round and bright,
Isis, We draw you down from the night,
With your cauldron-womb of luminous white

Hail Lachesis, Weaver, Craft your web
Weave the lines between the times
Of wax and wane; And tides
Of flow and ebb
Gossamer silver cords
Of dreaming draw together

In your matrix matted of matter and ether
DreamMother, give Birth
As your light shines down to Earth


Hail, Grandmother Spider,
Crone and crow,
Wisewoman, elder, seer,
Help us face, and destroy our fear

Hail Hecate of the Crossroads,
Oh old and ominous presence glowing
Your waning numinous crescent going

Hail Atropos, Cutter,
With your waning silver scythe,
You cut the thread of Life.


There is a fourth face, though unseen
There is a fourth path, whom few know
A fourth Fate, who awaits
In shadow

Hail Kali, Blackness, 
From whom the kalas of Time emit
Three Norns converged,
Past, present, future merged,
On the path of Blood beyond the Wheel we surge and scry

To Caer Arianhrod, Castle in the Sky

Hail Nought, Not, Nuit, Maat,
Yours the dark and secret art

While crone’s scythe cuts breath and with death
The thread of life appears to dwindle
From No-thing you craft another mask
And re-splice it back, on another track
To Clotho’s spindle


No matter what form of devotion you choose, the Goddess will bless your work and light the way of your spiritual path. Blessings of the New Year!


December, 2016

Lunar Magick: Part Two

A Little Astrology

This is the second of a series of articles that explores our connection to the Moon and how to use HER energy for magick and spiritual growth….




So What’s Astrology Got To Do With It?

One of the important considerations when doing lunar magick is maximizing the effects of the working through use of the most beneficial astrological sign that your Full or New Moon is transiting through. Each of the astrological signs is identified by two basic qualities: the element (Earth, Air, Fire or Water) to which it resonates and the quality of that particular element (Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable) called the Modalities.

Below is a basic table that outlines the basic qualities of the astrological signs:




The Elements of the Astrological Signs

One way to approach deciding what the components of a working should include is to be sure to select something that aligns with each of the four basic elements. We work so closely with the elements in Wiccan practice that this is yet another way to integrate those energies into our magickal and mundane worlds.

Keywords: The Elements

Earth=Manifestation/Physical Plane




Keywords:   The Modalities 




As you can surmise…

It All Comes Together with Past Lessons and Teachings:

You can use these as a guideline for planning what workings would be supportive of the element of the astrological sign the moon is in.

EAST – Mind

Those practices that utilize your intelligence, that move to inspire and make use of air.

Reading and Breath Work

SOUTH – Will/Action

Those practices that fiery up your passions, make you move and stimulate you to take action  and make use of fire.

Exercise, Dancing and Creating

WEST – Emotional/Intuitive

Those practices that utilize your feeling nature, that open the intuitive nature and make use of water.

Journaling and divination

NORTH – Physical

Those practices that utilize your physical energy and/or make you move and make use of manifest reality.

Movement, Drumming and Hand crafts

The list is endless and the combinations of work are only limited by your own creativity. Review the lessons about the elements and their energies. Remain open to the many possibilities and allow your inner guidance to direct you towards a practice that will be reflective and in resonance with your magickal self.

The Modalities of the Astrological Signs

The Modalities of Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable map closely in their dynamics to that of the waxing, peak and waning of the moon. The Cardinal qualities are those of initiating whatever they are exerting their energy upon. The Fixed signs are stable and the product of the initial burst of movement to a place of permanence and center point.  And, the Mutable signs are those that are flexible in nature. Their movement is that of having come from a stable center point to a place of stretching towards endings, completion and anticipation of the next phase of new catalytic action.

Below is a basic table that outlines the modalities of the astrological signs:




The Cardinal Signs

Aries – Cancer – Libra – Capricorn

The Cardinal signs of the Zodiac offer an energy that is initiating and growing in nature. This is the initial thrust of energy that moves  in accord with the bursting forth of the energies that surround. We see this in the inquisitive nature of Aries, the healing intuitive nature of Cancer, the equalizing balance of Libra and the solid expansive range of Capricorn. Cardinal signs are those best used when you want an added boost to kick-start your endeavor, a fresh perspective and energy to put into motion your hopes, desires and dreams.

The Fixed Signs

Taurus – Leo – Scorpio and Aquarius

The Fixed signs of the Zodiac offer an energy that is strong, reinforcing and consistent in nature. This energy forms the container that stabilizes the initial outpour of the Cardinal signs. It coalesces and brings this burst of energetic force into a state of form and cohesion. Permanence and resilience are native to this modality with the ability to transform and remake into something innovative and different. We see this in the steadfast nature of Taurus, the fierce protective nature of Leo, the transformative powers of Scorpio and the far reaching vision of Aquarius. Fixed signs are those best used when you want to strengthen and transform your workings seeing far into the future.

** It is worth noting that the Four Fixed Signs of the Zodiac are the astrological attributes of the Four Holy Creatures.

Taurus is the winged Bull- earth

Scorpio is the Eagle – Water

Leo is the Winged Lion – Fire

Aquarius is the Winged Man- Air

The addition of wings to these creatures represents the elements of nature and man in their highest form and the aspirations and achievement of spiritual purpose having transcended the lower planes.

The Mutable Signs

Gemini – Virgo  – Sagittarius – Pisces

The Mutable signs of the Zodiac offer an energy that is fluid and adaptable in nature.  Unlike the initial thrust of the Cardinal signs and the solid stance of the Fixed signs, those of the mutable energy move in accord with the ebb and flow of the energies that surround. We see this in the quicksilver duality of Gemini, the analytical nature of Virgo, the exploratory sparks of Sagittarius and the fluid emotions of Pisces. Mutable signs are those best used when you wish a certain amount of flexibility in outcome, with room to rethink, remold and reinvent.

How does this apply in planning a Lunar working?


The Moon is New in Capricorn.  So how can you use the energy of this New Moon (New Moon= new beginnings- starting projects, goals, planting, seeding, etc…) in the Cardinal (becoming/initiating) Earthy (manifest/physical foundation) sign of Capricorn.

The New Moon in Capricorn is a good time to start that project which has been on your mind for sometime now, but procrastination has won out.  Diligence and hard work will bring the necessary steps towards scaling those high ambitions for manifest and material return.  Capricorn energy is the foundation of earthly delights having been attempted from all possible angles until just the right place of passage is found. Because it is a cardinal sign there is potential for tangible results, but the energy is often slow to start and sheer determination is what will win out.

So, with all this enhanced energy in earthy Capricorn- the sea goat- set your sights on the highest peak of the mountain, but first stabilize and anchor yourself in the foundation of digging deep into your watery, emotional roots and then set foot on the path, sure, steady and strong.

For more ways to use Astrological timing, look at the posts in The Temple of Cosmic Spheres Blog. (