Crystal Balls

January, 2019

ball are used for divination (scrying) and spirit summoning. It is a
well respected technique of divination and is used through the use of
reflective surfaces and taking advantage of the bioplasmic energy
(psychic power) in inanimate objects like crystals as it comes from
the cosmos itself. If you can tune into that force the crystal ball
will be very beneficial.

should usually be made from clear quartz and can be large or small.
Smoky quartz is beneficial if you mainly want to use it for summoning
spirits. Manmade crystals are spiritually dead, so use those only
for decoration. Natural crystals are what you want. Some people
think it is better to be given one as a gift, but personally I think
you should choose your own. It is a very personal object so you want
to choose it carefully. You should be drawn to it and feel its

crystal ball is a tool of Pisces and the modern clear round ball is
effective because it evokes the image of the moon. Now, some people
can’t afford a real crystal ball, but there are
other options. Even using something like a glass bottle of water, ink
or water in a pan, etc. will give you some results, but the power of
a cleansed crystal ball will be much more substantial.

new crystal ball must be cleansed by exposing it to the light of the
full moon at least once (13 times is ideal) before use. A crystal
ball covered in negative energy and spiritual debris will cause
disturbances and may not be accurate. Also, when you are not using
it, you should keep in covered in a dark cloth. A great way to clean
the crystal ball is with a blend of spring water and vinegar, charged
waters, mugwort hydrosol or a water-based herbal infusion with dried
mugwort and/or anise-seed.

is a great way to get into clairvoyance. You should stand the
crystal ball on a black base or black cloth so that when you look
into it there are no distractions. You don’t
want anything to draw your attention away. The lighting should be
behind you and it’s best to be in a semi-darkened room. Close your
eyes and try to empty your mind and be open to the energies and aura
around you. Then open your eyes and gaze into the center of the
crystal. When you see a shadow or shape, clear your mind and follow
them. You may immediately see someone or something or you may see it
fill with smoke. The smoke will probably fill up the whole ball and
then start to dissipate and leave a scene. This is called clouding.

you don’t get anything, don’t worry. Keep
looking for about ten minutes, but not much more. You don’t want to
force anything or strain yourself in anyway. Just give up and try the
next day. You will develop your own way of working with the crystal
ball. Some see images right away, but sometimes you may need to try
for a few days and weeks. Do not strain to get results, just relax
and let it happen. At first you won’t have much control over what
you see, but as you progress you will adjust and you will improve at
clearing your mind and you will start to see what or whom you
mentally ask for. If you are constantly getting negative or scary
images or feelings you may want to try cleansing it again, cast a
protective circle or simply try a different type of divination.
Crystal balls just aren’t for everyone. Keep in mind when
attempting to communicate with spirits, you should always cast a
circle first.