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Book Review – The Witchcraft Handbook by Midia Star

January, 2019


Witchcraft Handbook:

Your Magical Powers to Create the Life You Want

Midia Star

is a beginner’s book, someone who has some experience may use the
spells in this book just as a jumping off point to create some new
spells. At the very beginning of the book, the first thing the
author writes is “Witchcraft is the practical side of the Wiccan
religion.” I have to say that I disagree with that statement
because not all witches are Wiccan.

had a hard time on telling what demographic the writer was going
after with this book. There are spells for home, sex, work, and love.
While at the back of the book there is a section on Dreamboards. In
this section, the writer states that the Dreamboard should be for
your dreams and not those of your friends or parents.

the author’s writing is well done, I do have to wonder about the
information this book contains. As far as information on herbs,
crystals, oils, and Moon phases the author is spot on. But there are
other little small things that I feel are misinformation.

79 of the book the author writes in the Did You Know? box:
“Christians once used the pentagram as a religious symbol. Each
point represented the five wounds of Christ. To pagans and to
witches it represents Morrigan, the war goddess who fights for peace
in good fortune for others. If you see the pentagram drawn with the
top point of the star pointing to the bottom of the circle, this
represents dark and sinister magic, so always draw your pentagram
with the top point of the star pointing upwards.” The part about
the Christian’s is correct. I honestly don’t know about the
Morrigan part. But the inverted Pentacle I do know something about.
This is misinformation because on specific paths the pentacle with
the star pointing down is a sign of protection or even a sign of
attaining another degree within that path.

page 97 the author writes when talking about A Garden Space: that in
the William Shakespeare’s witches’ famous incantation’ eye of
newt and toe of frog’ actually refers to mustard seeds and a type
of buttercup plant. I had never heard that myself, I would like to
know what research the author used to arrive at that conclusion.

page 123 Midia Star writes in the Did You Know? box: “The Druids
where the first to believe and the power of the four-leaf clover.”
Now whether this is true or not I don’t know, again I would like to
know other resources the author used to arrive at that conclusion.

book contains no bibliography, or other sources were the author may
have gotten their information. The author does state that they have
tried the spells and they have worked for them. Again, as I said at
the beginning, the information on herbs, oils, candles, and the Moon
phase are all spot on. But, I do take exception to the things I have
listed, due to the lack of the bibliography.

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SpellCrafting: Spells & Rituals

June, 2016

Two Book Reviews

Merry meet.

Small books are fun to grab and travel easily. This month, well take a look at two that are about spells.

Little Cauldron of Good Luck Spells by Midia Star, first published in Great Britain in 2004, is a collection of more than 40 spells and charms to bring about good fortune.


Dedicated to all those who are down on their luck right now,this 128-page book offers a magical helping hand. There are good luck spells for an audition, travel and selling your home. Others cover business, finances, love and health. Nearly all take up two pages, assuring that nothing is too complicated. Tools and ingredients are common and simple.

Readers are also given a section on banishing bad luck, and advice on how to retract a spell that was cast and then regretted.

The book starts off with a brief introduction including rules of the Craft and some basic information that serve as a base for working magic. Star rightfully notes, You can craft spells using no tools whatsoever, except for the tool within you the power of your mind,and,The best spells are the ones that come from inside you.

Not every spell will resonate with every reader, and while you can follow the recipes which the author states do work you are also free to piece together parts of more than one to tailor something for yourself.

The Little Book of Hexes for Women by Sophia was printed in 1997. The professional psychic, spiritual teacher and author offers hexes for nasty landlords, phone or door-to-door solicitors, drivers who steal your parking spot, people who leave you waiting and individuals who always tell the ending of books and movies. If you feel youve been wronged, chances are Sophia has a curse you can use for revenge.


While the introduction states this book is just for fun, a laugh, a harmless way to blow off steam,it also calls itself an instant karma-adjustment-how-to book.

Hexes, bindings and cursing are not for everyone, and some paths forbid it. Like other forms of magic, hexes are serious and should be done after careful thought and with a clear intention. For instance, the hex for people who are always on the phone (yak yak yak )reads, These people can tie up a phone line for hours, talking about nothing! It is remarkable, but it can go beyond irritating. When enough is enough, pull the plug with this little number!The spell to correct that calls for dipping a black feather in patchouli oil, drawing a W in the air and repeating a chant, leaving the feather under the phone or a under a photo of the person – “at night when the moon is half-waning.

If it is important to you to put a techno snob in his or her place, to seek revenge for a bad haircut or to change the behavior of couples who use cutesy-wootsieterms of endearment, then this book will offer hexes so you can have the last laugh.

Both books are available on

Merry part.

And merry meet again.