Book Review – The Little Book of Saturn by Aliza Einhorn

January, 2019


The Little Book of Saturn

Astrological Gifts, Challenges, and Returns

by Aliza Einhorn

those who don’t know a lot about astrology cringe when Saturn is
mentioned. Often thought of as bringing bad luck, challenges, loss
and constriction, it has been called the Greater Malefic. What Aliza
Einhorn does for us in her wonderful book is to show us Saturn as an
ally and a teacher, the cosmic alarm clock that tells you to “wake
up! Get up…don’t be late.” Don’t miss this opportunity to
find out what you need to do to become true to yourself! Saturn will
point out where we have strayed from the cosmic blueprint in our
natal charts and point us back toward our prenatal vows of who we are
striving to become in this lifetime.

book is a handy manual for those unfamiliar with astrology. In the
first two chapters, Einhorn discusses astrology in general, the inner
and outer planets and even introduces the ideas of generational
planets and timing in the chart. She gives an overview of the houses
and explains how the planets “dress” depending on their sign and
house placement. So a Taurus Sun in the 12th house is
quite different than a Taurus Sun in the 5th. As she
says, “you are more than your sun sign.”

then takes an in-depth look at Saturn, useful for astrology
neophytes as well as those who are more experienced. She kicks off
with the comment, “Saturn is your fear.” I had not thought of
Saturn that way – but had blamed all my fear on my spooky 12th
house Pluto! Where we freeze, where we are blocked, where we are
afraid is described by our Saturn sign. As Einhorn says, if we get
to know our fear inside and out, Saturn will push us to get through
it, to get over it, but creating situations where we can confront it
and put it behind us. Thank you, Saturn! Rather than being our
worst enemy, Saturn can be our greatest friend if we accept that it
will prompt us to keep evolving. And as she says, we can then
dismantle that wall of fear brick by brick. Einhorn goes through
several other Saturn facets: responsibility, showing up, work and
career, mastery, obligation and duty, patience, our teachers,
leadership, fathers, growing up. Her examples are well explained and
excellent for the astrological lay person who is looking for deeper
insight into how to understand a natal chart.

next sections showcase Saturn in each house and sign with gifts,
challenges, ambitions and advice for each. I got good insight into
my Libran Saturn from Einhorn’s discussion and found much truth in
an interpretation I had not considered before.

book finishes with a section on the Saturn Return. Einhorn covers
the first, second and third returns at ages 28, 56 and 84 (give or
take) with real poignance. She shows us how we die to the self we
have been, at the losses we have sustained, at choices we must make
to move forward. There may be grief and morning thrown in. The
Saturn Return is inescapable whether we are aware that the transit is
happening – we will feel the pressure as we shift into adulthood,
midlife and our elder years. We look forward and backward and assess
where we are now and we move into the next phase of our lives –
whether we want to or not! Einhorn describes this point as a rite of
passage and a crossroads, and suggests working with an actual
crossroads at these initiatory times. Her recommendation is to slow
down, pause in the center, and then take a stand, make a decision,
make a choice about which way to go.

Little Book of Saturn is of big import and well worth having in your
astrological library!

The Little Book of Saturn: Astrological Gifts, Challenges, and Returns on Amazon


the Author:


is a Practitioner and Teacher of Shamanism. She is a long-time
explorer of The Mysteries – the connections between mind, body,
spirit and how to live in right relationship to all of the energies
streaming through the cosmos. She works with clients as an
astrologer, coach, ceremonialist and guide to the wisdom that each of
us has the capacity to access. Her focus is on guiding
clients to unblock and rediscover their inner wisdom. , exploration
of the birth chart, ceremony, legacy writing, hypnotherapy, energetic
healing practice and creation of sacred tools are integral pieces of
her practice.

trained in Soul Level Astrology with master astrologer Mark Borax.
She delights in exploring with individuals the planetary pattern
under which their soul choose to incarnate.

Flying to the Heart

Channel Astrology:

The Road to Runes

December, 2018

The Road to Runes: The Right Headspace



Reading runes is a form of divination. All forms of divination require an open mind ready to receive messages and interpret symbols. A stressed and worried mindset will lead to false interpretations, or prevent messages coming through at all. Even the strongest connection between diviner and tools can be blocked by a worried mind or troubled soul.

Of course, we often look for answers from the runes because we are troubled and worried. So how can we stop these worries affecting our divination?


As an anxious person, believe me, I know this is easier said than done. Relaxation becomes even trickier when you have lots of questions on your mind. However there are several techniques you can use to relax your body, which will normally also help relax your mind.

Listening to music is an old standard for me. Very familiar songs allow me to blank out everything else in my mind, and I often find that belting out a good tune can release a lot of pent-up tension. Classical music can also be very relaxing, but if you’re someone who finds classical music boring, don’t go down this route! Spend some time figuring out which music relaxes you. Are you more relaxed after shouting along to something upbeat? Or by closing your eyes and letting some panpipes wash over you? Services like Spotify are great as they allow you to search for relaxation music and sounds, if you can’t think of anything from your own collection.

The pendulum method, or progressive muscular relaxation (PMR) is also a method I use to help me relax. It also works for sleeplessness. It consists of deliberately tensing groups of muscles, then allowing them to relax. The idea is that for the pendulum to swing the most one way, you first have to pull it all the way in the other direction. So muscles will relax better, or feel more relaxed, after being tense. You may start with your hands, work up to the shoulders, then down to the feet, all the way back up the body leaving neck and face until last. I tend to start with the feet and really take my time. I will talk to myself mentally as I do this: “I’m tensing my toes; I’m relaxing my toes. I’m tensing my feet; I’m relaxing my feet,” and so forth. The combination of muscular relaxation with focusing on the task will leave body and mind loose and ready for anything.


Rune meditation is a specific type of meditation designed for understanding the runes better. However, any form of meditation before divination can help make the mind more receptive to messages and more skilled at interpretation. Meditation helps move our mind onto a different level of operating, and allows us to let go of thoughts and feelings which may be bothering us unduly.

Breathing is the key to meditation. A very skilled meditation master advised me that breath is the only tool we ever need. Philosophical, but also accurate. Find yourself a comfortable position. There’s no rule that says you have to sit cross legged, or sit at all. Laying down is perfectly acceptable, although there is the risk of falling asleep! I have joint issues which means it’s very painful for me to sit cross-legged, so I normally sit on a chair or on my sofa, supported by cushions in order to have a straight back whilst remaining relaxed. Once you are comfortable, start to focus on your breath. Breathe naturally, but make a note of it flowing in and out of your body. Notice the breath coming in, then feel it leaving you. In, then out. Imagine yourself breathing in fresh, cooling air, and imagine any stress or tension leaving you with every out breath. Inhale refreshment, exhale stress and worry. Inhale light, expel confusion. Inhale relaxation, exhale aggravation.

If you struggle to breathe normally whilst focusing on your breath, try counting as you breathe. Breathe in through your nose for a slow count of four, then breathe out for a slow count of five. There are lots of different breathing techniques to allow you to enter a meditative state. Once you find your mind starting to relax, you can start to let go of troublesome thoughts. Notice them appear, then just let them drift away. Don’t try to quiet your mind; this is impossible and can make you feel more stressed when you fail. Let the thoughts rumble through your mind but treat them as though you are watching traffic, or the birds flying by. You don’t need to be involved with them right now. Observe them, then let them pass. Stay in this state for as long as is comfortable or until you feel relaxed and comfortable. Always come back to yourself slowly, and gently. Drink some water. Thank yourself for the gift of relaxation. Now you are ready to read your runes.


About the Author:

Mabh Savage is a Pagan author, poet and musician, as well as a freelance journalist.

She is the author of A Modern Celt: Seeking the Ancestors and Pagan Portals – Celtic Witchcraft: Modern Witchcraft Meets Celtic Ways.

A Modern Celt: Seeking the Ancestors on Amazon


Pagan Portals – Celtic Witchcraft: Modern Witchcraft Meets Celtic Ways on Amazon

Book Review – In Focus Meditation: Your Personal Guide by Jacqueline Towers

October, 2018

In Focus: Meditation

Your Personal Guide


by Jacqueline Towers

© Zambezi Publishing Ltd.

imprint of Quarto Group

page count 144

One of the first things Ms. Towers says about meditations is “meditations aren’t something you need to work because they just start” I like the way this book is laid out, Ms. Towers has done an excellent job of presenting this material.

In the first chapter, entitled “About Meditation,” Ms. Towers lists 12 benefits of meditation and eight different techniques. Of the eight different methods of meditation, not all of them require you to quiet your mind. (Which is a good thing, because I never have a quiet mind.) In chapter 3 on equipment and products for meditation, the author lists a few meditation cushions or zafus that you can use. In chapter 3, she also includes a list of incense or essences, and these she has broken down into wood or mineral, fruit or plant.

Chapters 4 through 15 are about the different types of meditations. Ms. Towers has them broken down, in such a way that if you are looking for a meditation on chakras, or knowledge, or angelic, or emotional, they are easy to find. One of the meditations in chapter 7 that I found interesting was the Flower of Life. I have several flowers of life around my desk where I work, and where I do most of my reading, so it was easy for me to envision this image while meditating.

In chapter 12, Ms. Towers starts talking about psychic techniques, and how meditation can help you heighten them. The author also talks about how psychics use meditation before doing readings. Chapter 13, Ms. Towers writes about using a meditation to do a past life regression. While reading this meditation, I went into the meditation and was able to explore part of a past life that comes to me during a dream. So, I can say without a doubt, this meditation works.

In chapter 14 Ms. Towers covers mindfulness meditation. The author includes information about mindfulness, yoga, and even doing a meditation upon the five principles of Reiki. Within the five principles of Reiki meditation, the author breaks it down even further into helping you meditate on why you may have an issue with one of the five principles.

In the last chapter, chapter 15, Ms. Towers has a meditation with candles. In this meditation. She explains how the flames may behave during your meditation and what that can mean for you. She also covers Christian contemplation, Buddhist meditation, cosmic ordering, and astral travel. In Focus Your Guide to Meditation is a well-written book, and it’s laid out intuitively. I’m glad I can add it to my library, I hope you will be too.

In Focus Meditation


About the Author:

Dawn Borries loves reading and was thrilled to become a Reviewer for PaganPages.Org. Dawn, also, has been doing Tarot and Numerology readings for the past 25 years. Dawn does readings on her Facebook page.  If you are interested in a reading you can reach her at: Readings by Dawn on Facebook at

Finding Your Own Way

August, 2018

Chapter 5

Setting Boundaries

Not every adult believes in the existence of the spirit worlds, but almost every child does.

That we still have that child within us and are influenced by forgotten beliefs, has a major impact on the results of our meditation. If we wish to ensure that our journeys are positive and uplifting, it is best to set boundaries before we begin. The poems and art in this book will naturally tend to lead to the areas mentioned and always have a positive aspect. However, as we forge our own path to mental and emotional balance, it is best to have this ability completely under our own control.

Keep an open mind about the imagery and words used. This is not a book which favours any belief system. I have witnessed many different beliefs helping people who needed to make a change of perspective at that point in their lives. I am a pragmatist. I have only included those things which I know to be helpful. I leave it to others to argue as much as they wish about “absolute truth”.

The Auric Egg

This exercise has many applications apart from setting boundaries during meditation It will help the reader in stressful situations and in dealing with those who would try to overpower our emotions and sensitivities. Once mastered, I would advise using it in any situation in which we feel anxious or threatened.

I once had a student who believed he had to enter some type of bird’s egg and complained about the yoke being in his way, so I will try to describe the auric egg in as great a detail as possible.

Before you start the exercise, take a few moments to peer at a fine mesh colander or a flour sieve.

Try to picture the fine mesh in the shape of an egg with the wide part at the bottom. If you find it easier to do so, – just imagine it as a sphere around you.

It is best to start this meditation with the treeing exercise. (section 5)

Feel the light from the sun pouring in through the crown of your head.

As you picture the light from the sun filling your body, begin to push it out from your solar plexus.

As you breathe in, push the light out until it forms the shape of an egg around your body.

See the light turn to gold and form a shell around you made from fine golden filaments.

Tell yourself that this light will let nothing negative or dark enter your mind. Only positive thoughts and feelings are allowed through it. All else is filtered out.

Take your time. Spend as much time as you need to master this.

If you have trouble in visualizing, then think of yourself in a warm, safe bubble. Feel the warmth around you. Tell yourself that you are loved and protected.

If there are any smells or sounds that you associate with comfort and safety, then take the time to remember them.

Remember… there is no rush and no pressure. It may take a few attempts for some people to get this exercise flowing smoothly.

Was there a special place where you felt safe? Remember that.

Was there someone in your childhood who was a protector? Remember them. Say their name. Remember how you felt when they were around. Fictional characters will work too!

Even if you visualize well, adding these memories will make what you are doing easier and even more effective in setting a safe boundary for your meditations.

Then allow your mind to wander.

Now might be a good time to start keeping a record of your thoughts and feelings.

Paint the Sky with Summers Hues

Paint the sky with the deepest blue,

Paint your world with all the brightest colours and the lightest hues,

Golden corn and buttercups, a gleaming yellow sun,

Silver streams that sparkle, – cool and clean as when the world began.

Sweet green grass and roses of the deepest red,

Shady fern-filled forests with the softest, mossy pillows where you rest your weary head.

Why imagine gloom and doom,

when you can paint your future with your brightest hopes instead.

The ocean beckons us with promises of warm dry sand that trickles through our hands,

A bucket and a spade create a fairy castle or a soldier’s keep with turrets and a moat.

The simple joy of lying on the beach and listening to the waves,

and love hearts on the sand, that wash away as quickly as we write.

Long mild days to trek, to travel, to explore,

or lay and bask; – I dare to question, who could ask for more,

The heaviest of hearts can find that on a summer’s day it lifts.

The rich and poor alike can both enjoy the summer’s gifts.

Summer is a season and a place deep in your heart.

Summer lasts forever when our final winter thaws,

Even in this fleeting, fickle world of pain and flaws,

Summer is the journey of a heart that needs no laws.

Summer is that secret place of calm within the storm,

Summer is the goal of those who seek to live beyond the norm,

Even as the icy grip of winter howls, and swirls around our homes,

Summer is the warmth within our hearts and hope of better things to come.

Just take a few minutes to absorb the images from the text and the art.


This meditation will help boost optimism and courage. It will help us to see beyond present difficulties and start to manifest more positive and helpful responses to challenging situations. Nothing material lasts forever in this fleeting world, especially not hardship or misfortune. What does last are the valuable lessons that we learn, and the joy in our hearts from happy times. The wheel of life will turn. Winter thaws into spring and then the summer comes.

Now is the time to remember all the good in your life and all the times that you felt loved and protected. This will help to release the energy from your subconscious mind and free you to find the best solutions to any obstacles in your journey to a happier and more balanced life.

Take the time to compile a short list of your successes in the past and present. Remember books and films where the main character won through after many difficulties. Concentrate on the positive things in your life and only on actions you can perform immediately to help the situation. Then tell yourself that you have done all you can for the moment and relax until a solution comes to you from within.

This meditation is very helpful for increasing the effectiveness of the Auric Egg exercise.


About the Author:

Patrick W Kavanagh, Featuring the inspirational art of Bill Oliver

Writer, poet, Patrick W Kavanagh was born in Dublin and now lives and works in Lincolnshire in a small rural town. Patrick became fascinated by the strange abilities of the human mind from watching his mother give psychic readings using tea-leaves and playing cards. With a lifelong interest in metaphysics and parapsychology, he has given tarot and spirit readings for over 40 years. He travels to many events with his wife Tina, exploring the power of shamanic drumming to heal, and induce therapeutic trance states. They also hold a regular drumming circle in the picturesque Lincolnshire Wolds.

By Patrick W Kavanagh available at most retailers:

Finding Your Own Way: Personal Meditations for Mastery and Self-knowledge.

What your Pagan Teacher wants you to know … About Meditation

December, 2017

What your Pagan Teacher wants you to know …



About Meditation

Meditation is a weird thing. It is seen as this perfect thing that a few people can actually do. In reality even after 30 years of meditation there are days I struggle. Not because I’m bad at it but because life happens!

Much like falling asleep (a different kind of brain activity) there are layers and stages to meditation.

I am sure they have proper names and titles somewhere. This is how I experience them, still.

Brain Radio.

Brain radio is the weird ambient noises inside my brain often a mix of 80’s cartoons, toy advert jingles, and random chunks of some song I heard and didn’t like on the radio 20 years ago, along with odd question and ideas.

Brain radio can be a distraction. It can give you colours and shapes for your attention to chase. It is actually useful sometime too. If I am “stuck” for an idea or creative thought just sitting in this stage and watching the random chatter can produce what I’m looking for without looking.

If you get past this phase you can go into the next phase.

The Itchy Fidgets.

Suddenly everything is itchy. Your clothes are made of burlap. Your bra is digging in. Your knee hurts. You struggle to get comfortable. The clock is too loud. What is that smell?

The itchy fidgets is actually you being aware of something you usually ignore, your body. In this sense while irritating breathing through it and ring your attention to it can give you a new understanding of how you are feeling.

The truth is your bra was digging in long before it bothered you. Your knee always hurts. You are just more in your body than usual. It is a stage not the end point. There are days when I get stuck here. I give myself permission to let it go. To breathe through it. To soften. This state is its self a meditation, just like the previous one. It is a place that yoga, tai chi and dance dwells. Movement can help. Sometimes the reverse, stillness. It’s a stage not where you need to end up, but if you do, don’t berate yourself too much.

The Nothing.

This a peaceful and pleasant place for many people and for other terrifying. It is like almost sleep. It is soft and calm and relatively empty. Sometimes images or thoughts come but they have a different quality from other states. This is a balance of dreaming and awareness. This is the place most people think of as “meditation” lives. The thoughts often symbolic, paradoxical and beautiful. There may not be any thoughts at all.

The Nothing is the place people seem to aim for without understand all parts are part of the process. It is also a place that people fear. I have seen students struggle like they are drowning after working so hard to get into the water! I don’t know if it is fear that is usually there and they suddenly discover it. I don’t know if it is feel of voids in general (must fill everything with light and bright). Fear of death (is the nothingness like death?) This place is one of peace for me. I know “I think therefore I am” is not true for me. I am comfortable and happy in thought-less nothingness. In a book I read it was described as heart stone. I like the weight of that idea. A sense of drawing one’s self into a core point.

Lucid Dreaming or Journey Work.

While it is possible to move into this state other ways it is underneath the Nothing. The Observer self or awareness become less tethered. You can journey inside your inner landscape (you are a universe after all) or outside of yourself. You may find yourself in a pleasant or significant landscape. If your journey often enough you may have a starting point you can come to easily and return to easily. Yet the quality of the journey, and how tactile and “there” you are will be down to your own psychic muscles and ability. Practice as always makes better. Still there is no guarantee you will find your Narnia a peaceful beautiful safe place. There may well be terrifying and conflicting part in this space too. That doesn’t of course make it less worthy or valuable. What we fear, what we loathe dwells within us too. True spiritual and even magickal progress comes from working inside our own darkness as well as our own light. Sometimes it can be difficult but that makes it no less worthy. Being present and breathing through what you experience and allowing it to teach you is important. Beyond this is another place.

The Everything.

If you have never experienced this state you can not understand it in words, mine or other peoples. Connection. Infinite. Tapping into the cosmic brain. Light. Love. Everything.

Meditation is a journey. One to try and take every day. Much as it would be amazing to walk around touching the infinite everyday it doesn’t get your food shop done. Different stages on the path are just as valid and important as each other. Yes it is bliss to touch deep within and without the self. Yes it is amazing but you must also be a messy human too! One who likes dirty jokes and food and dancing.

Meditation is like mentally and spiritually going to the gym. If you didn’t get as far as you wanted try doing more later. Don’t give up or berate yourself if one of the stages is sticker than usual. It shows you where you might need to do more work. That’s all. If your thoughts are distracting, look at them. What are they trying to tell you? Are you itchy? Does your knee always hurt? Maybe see someone about it! Is the Nothing your only goal, or terrifying? Examine that.

When I teach I work a lot on person growth, and meditation. I have caught a lot of flak over the years. “Oh it’s just meditation, teach me something exciting/magickal/proper/” and all I do these days is shrug. Scrying, divination, astral and journey work all come this place of altered consciousness. Meditation is one of the 8 paths to ritual magick. There other ways to attain different consciousness, but in terms of reliability, legality and safety it is by and far the best. Meditation is an amazing tool, with a diverse and complicated array of effects. After thirty years I can still see only a fragment. The practice is not for any one kind of person or group. It doesn’t make you perfect. However it does give the space and tools to heal ourselves in deep, changing and profound ways. Imperfect practice and bad days are going to happen. That doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong or that you haven’t meditated. Show up. Give yourself the attention you need. Forgive your bad days.

Keep breathing and work through it.

Autumn Pickings

November, 2016

I saw a crow carrying a hedgehog today. The hedgehog was dead, crushed by a car whose driver was oblivious to its small, spiky presence. Maybe that driver was in a hurry, or didn’t see, or simply didn’t care.

The crow waited for a gap in the traffic, and, just a few yards in front of me, it glided smoothly down to the tarmac, grasped the sorry, squashed creature in its beak, hopped ungainly a couple of times to catch its balance and flew on to the railing separating road from grass verge.

Nature’s cleaners, I thought. It immediately struck me that this wouldn’t be everyone’s reaction. Probably more like gross or something along those lines. But without carrion eaters, our roadsides would be a mess of maggots and rot. Mind you, even the maggots ensure there is less decaying meat hanging about and making the countryside smell bad.

Autumn is all about dying. In the wheel of the year, winter is often named as the season of death, but autumn is where it all starts. The leaves fall in a shower of spectacular beauty, but the colours soon fade and crumble into a crust of browns and blacks. The day becomes shorter; a hunched, elderly shadow of its former glory. Fungi spring forth everywhere, their mycelium eating away at their hosts. Even the fruit still clinging to brambles, hawthorns, elders and rowan trees reminds us that the season of plenty is coming to an end; these are the last pickings of the year. Best grab them while you can.

So of course, as a witch, I tend to listen to nature. I grab: I take my young son out after school, and we pick rowan berries and the last of the blackberries, some stubborn crab apples and even a few sloes. We bask in the golden, autumn evening, and we talk about how different the woods will look soon, when the leaves have all left, and the trees are skeletal shapes haunting a frosty cemetery. Nathan doesn’t shy from asking about death, and I’m glad about this. His lack of awkwardness makes it easier for me to be open with him, so we talk about the season dying in the same tone that we sometime talk about our own mortality.

I wonder if it’s odd for a six year old to be asking about death, but he often asks me how long I’m going to live for, and when I will die, and he talks about his own death in quite a matter-of-fact manner too. I try and match this attitude by not couching death in different terms; if something is dead, it is dead. It’s not ‘passed’ or ‘sleeping’. Life is confusing enough, and its ending is both fascinating and terrifying. No need to make it more confusing than it already!

He often asks about my ancestors and when they died (When did your great-nanna die mummy? How did she die? How old was she?) and although the only deaths he has experienced are of beloved pets, he seems to both understand the concept and be incredibly ready to speak about it, including articulating the different ways he feels; sad, puzzled, intrigued and at times unsure. I think this is something we lose as we grow older: the ability to see death as a part of life, albeit a puzzling and often devastating part. Perhaps it is the devastation that makes us shy from discussing it, but wouldn’t it be easier if we could reach out to someone and say exactly how we felt, without feeling awkward or clumsy about it?

These seem like deep thoughts to have come from a poor, flattened hedgehog! But I often find myself reflective around the autumn equinox. Day equals night in a point of both balance and liminal potentiality. We are not quite into the chills of later autumn but we certainly can’t call it summer any more. There is death on the horizon, the death of the season and, eventually, the eternal promise of the return of the sun and the longer days.

There is also the promise of the darkness; of rest, rejuvenation, and time to oneself. The promise of cold, white mornings and mysterious mists. The whisper of snow in the distant weeks. I don’t always crave the light, the sun and the heat. Sometimes I like to feel the touch of ice, like the crooking of a skeletal finger, to remind me that I am alive, and I feel all things: happy and sad, joyful and angry; energetic and lazy. I am whole, yet flawed, broken even… and that’s OK.

Summer dies, and that’s OK too. I miss the long, luscious days but I crave the long, cosy nights. I can be safe in my home, by my hearth, watching the world outside die slowly or move into hibernation. And the crows… well they are there all year round, clearing up the corpses and tidying the entrails away.

I have my own crows that pick up the rotten bits in my mind and carry them away. They aren’t always active, but when they are, I am grateful. Hail to the carrion eaters, reminding us, like our children, that death is a part of life and when it gets messy, there is always someone who will enjoy the gloppy bits.

Originally posted on Moon Books Blog, 21st September 2016

Finding the Pagan Way

June, 2015

Many people start their exploration of the various neopagan beliefs by looking online or reading books. This may well open up our minds to new ideas and outlooks, but I would advise visiting some Mind, Body and Spirit events to get to know people in the various pagan movements

One of the things I have come to love most about the Pagan movement, is the sense of community

that exists, despite a huge divergence in beliefs and cultures. In the last five years I have met and befriended many amazing and wonderful people. Tina and I have been to many events. Sometimes as participants and sometimes as visitors. The atmosphere is usually amazing, and we have had free readings and advice from so many people in so many different places, that it is impossible to claim that these people are money orientated in any real sense. Some of the larger events may seem more commercial because of the financial pressure of high fees for the use of the larger venues,, and the resultant higher stall fees. I would recommend finding local events at smaller venues to really get a taste of the variety and integrity of those who follow the various pagan paths. I have mentioned Cabourne Parva in the past. I have been to many of the larger events there, but the lovely Kirke family, who run the events, often donate the use of their facilities to smaller groups who could not afford to pay a commercial fee for the use of the venue. Because there are no pagan churches as such, these many events are an important way for pagans to share their knowledge and and get together to celebrate nature.

I have a story to tell about one such event, which starts about three years ago. It was my second time to attend the Lin Dhu Festival at Cabourne Parva. The opening ceremony was conducted by a local druid, and a lovely gentleman, called Kevin Guy,- who was aided by a local pagan group called Abus Coritani. Tina and I were there as stall holders, and we did tarot and Spirit readings. Mainly, we chilled out and enjoyed the marvellous atmosphere.

There was live music all weekend, and I even got to do a couple of songs on stage myself,-due to a cancellation. Tina performed her first ever public demonstration and astounded me by manifesting her guide, Nicholas Black Elk. Just to show the diversity amongst pagans, Tina also lead an Angel meditation. One lady, kept the many children entertained making wands and it was a delight to see them running around in a safe friendly environment, despite an attendance of around five hundred people. It was there that I was introduced to the idea of being a member of the “Unsupportable Supposition”, by a friend, Ian. I have found it to be a very useful term for dealing with people who need labels. Some of us congregated around the fire-pit and drummed all night and I met many people who were to become friends.

It was there that I met a lovely lady, now sadly passed over, by the name of Anna Salter. She had a stall nearby and was doing “mini-readings” for charity. At the time, I was writing a book about the Faeries, and she told me of her plans for an event which was to be called “Spirit of the Marsh”.

She was looking for story-tellers, and I found myself agreeing to do a story-telling session, although I did not actually have anything suitable at that time. She assured me that I would do fine! And I walked away, bemused at my agreement, but determined to write some short tales to use by the following year. The winter passed and I had all but forgotten my promise, though I had written some short stories.

I learned the sad news that Anna had passed, but two lovely ladies, Julie Sheppard and Sarah Goodley, had decided to continue with Spirit of the Marsh in her memory.

They contacted me, and I readily agreed to keep faith with my commitment. It was a bitter-sweet weekend. There was a beautiful ritual by a Wiccan priestess and priest and Anna’s ashes were scattered. The weather was lovely. Although the event was not well attended,- it was nevertheless a perfect weekend in many ways. Financial success is seldom at the top of the list of requirements for events like this, although often the proceeds are earmarked for various charities, and failure to meet costs would, in time, have a serious impact on the whole pagan movement.

I have to move forward in time to this years event of the Spirit of the Marsh,- renamed as the Beltane Camp and Gathering. The event was well organised and advertised in advance and we all looked forward to a great weekend. Tina and I went as Spirit of the Drum. We gave drumming workshops and shamanic healing with the drum. I again did a story-telling session, although not originally booked to do one. As we drove our van into the field I was surprised to see a huge circus tent in the centre of the camping area. Tina recognised it immediately as one of the huge tents used at Cabourne Parva. I wondered why it was there, as there were three hospitality tents set up in the entertainments area near the stalls. Also there was another tent in the area near the entrance for workshops. We set up in a really sheltered area and went off to enjoy the opening ritual by Pan’s Grove and the rest of the evening. Despite the unsettled weather, we enjoyed the weekend, but, almost total, disaster struck in the early hours of Sunday morning. A bad storm struck and ripped the entertainment tents from their moorings. Tina and I slept through the commotion, because we were asleep in our van at the far side of the camping field. One of the hospitality tents was totally destroyed and the furnishings and electrical equipment were exposed to the torrential rain as a handful of volunteers rushed to move everything into the circus tent.

Tina and I awoke to find that everything had been moved to the circus tent donated by the lovely people from Cabourne Parva. People had set up, as best as was possible, to continue with the days advertised events. One lovely lady had set up two camping stoves and was handing out mugs of tea and coffee. The atmosphere was warm and friendly as everyone adapted to the circumstances and did their best to support Sarah and Julie in keeping the event on track. The bar, which was an inflatable, building was moved into the large circus tent, and the day began with a display of morris dancing inside the huge tent. The day went well, with many events going to plan despite the lack of electricity and sound equipment. That evening, all of the musical performers carried on with great professionalism, using acoustic equipment and candle light. I spoke to Gary, the stage manager , who confirmed that the tent had been donated by Jayne and Peter Kirke. He told me that Jayne had insisted on them having the tent, “just in case”. He had been slightly reluctant to accept, due to the size of the tent and the skilled manpower needed to erect it, but Jayne had insisted.

Along with a group of entertainers called the Misfits, Jayne, Peter and their sons had delivered and erected the tent at their own expense.

This generosity has a much deeper significance than one might first realise. It was based on a premonition by Jayne that the weather would be much worse than expected, and that the tent would be very much needed.

To put this into perspective,- It needed about ten skilled people to erect the tent safely. It had to be delivered and erected,- then dismantled and collected. That is a lot of confidence in one ladies intuition. The size of the gift is truly admirable, but on a smaller scale I have seen hundreds of examples of similar behaviour over the past five years. I have witnessed many situations where another’s needs and well-being were seen as much more important than either profit or convenience.

In this new community in which I have found myself, which I call “Pagan” but which is really comprised of a much wider circle of beliefs and spirituality, I have found a group of people who are truly seeking to make the world a better place, in whatever small way that they can.




The Spirit of the Marsh

The Spirit of the Marsh was gentle,
like the soft white, wispy clouds that scudded by on clear blue skies.
The spirit of the Marsh was warm and welcome
as the smiling sun, that greeted us each morning as we rose with bleary eyes.

The Spirit of the marsh,- A timeless weekend spent adrift,
For many of us,- such a perfect and a timely gift.
A gentle spirit touched our hearts and minds,
As we all shared the dream she left behind.

The Spirit of the Marsh lives on,
As we remember those who loved us and have gone ahead.
A weekend spent away from worldly cares,
A time to drift away and dream beneath the stars.

For Anna Salter

Patrick W Kavanagh.

Training the Mind for Magick

October, 2012

The mechanics of Magick comes win a matter of many different formulas for the continuous

conclusion; remember the results are not a one and done, but are carried throughout the universe in the

infinite. So some major parts of the magical equation consist of faith, belief, will, focus, practice,

experience, knowledge, and the level of conscious awareness attained. These are a few parts of the

equation, however, the most primal half that dictates all of these options are last listed, level of

conscious awareness. When this is trained through every trial it sets your moral, views, opinions,

perceptions on life, and helps you find the Inner Light of the Crystal Tower you carry within yourself.

Kabbalist do their best to seek out the Tree of Life they have concluded that lives within the soul and

reach it by heightening their awareness. There are many aspects of life that will continuously improve

about yourself when you target in on the higher conscious, but there will be many people who will

debate this fact due to their own opinion. It is proven that those who attain the higher conscience are

content, spiritual, and carry on with the live and learning process, as is proved by the Buddha, Jesus,

Mohammad, many Jewish Leaders, and many other spiritual leaders. This is what occultist work to

achieve as they also focus on the power of the Inner Self that is dictated by the higher level of

awareness. These occultist include Aleister Crowley, Gerald Gardner, AE Waite, McGregor Mathers,

Alan Bennett. Israel Regardie, and many others as they were all ceremonial magicians and kabbalists as

well. These men where about raising their awareness to learn about themselves if you have a chance to

read any of their papers. There is no doubt that this is the main statement in any religion.


In the 13 goals posted “Know Thyself” is listed as the first for a reason. There are many ways

to know yourself and raising your consciousness is one of the most effective methods of this

achievement. Let us go even further into how this process works, why it should be done, and what it

accomplishes in the end the method of raising awareness is an old way of learning morals and values

for setting the stage of being a better person. This is done through allegorical teachings that were a part

of many cultures and traditions deeply delved with stable foundation of civilizations. The Cherokee had

many myths designed for the most simple of tasks to allow the person to gain their own perspective of

moral and doing the right thing as they grew as a person. Mythos have most definitely reshaped the

conscious level of the person earning what they learned. When the Cherokee men would go out on the

hunt it was one sign of achieved manhood. In our modern society this would be achieved by a man

getting his first job, so you would take him out to celebrate as a reward for achieving his manhood. The

ancient Greeks used the story of Uranus downfall to Cronus as an example in Greek history to show the

relevant history of their agriculture. Mythology is merely one way of raising your awareness. The

philosophy of raising the conscious must be lived as well. This is lived by earning and working hard in

your practices which consists of various practices; such as yoga, kabbalah, Freemasonry, looking at

everything around you, living an orderly life, being level headed in every situation, seeing life as a

lesson to be learned, and many other relevant practices. So to achieve this state you have to work very

hard in everything you do; this is no easy task and can take a lifetime to achieve. When you achieve

this you will ultimately reach your Higher-Self and be rewarded in the heavens. Improving yourself is

one more state of achieving the higher conscious. You do not have to study any religious of spiritual

practices honestly to have your Divine Conscious unlocked, the methods are listed above in this

paragraph for understanding. When you strive to work on yourself you are cracking the doorway to

knowing who you are inside and out.


There is a state called the Samadhi in yoga, meaning Bliss State. When you have

reached this last branch of the eight you have mastered the mind. Pay attention to yourself and what

you do, you will learn so much about yourself; thus you have defined self-discover at that moment.

Magically this dictates how effective your ritual or spell is in the long run. One way you can do this is

to focus on your goal in your Magick without looking back; you have raised your awareness. Self-improvement should be the goal of every person on the earth in every category that makes us who we

are. As Jesus said, “He who is perfect cast the first stone.” The reflective meaning is none of us are

immaculate gods or goddesses running around in the mundane world, if that was the case there would

be no point in learning. When one focuses on bettering themselves they are inadvertently working on

their awareness, this hold true if the individual does not make that same mistake over, if they do then

they have learned nothing and failed to cue in on the higher conscious. The Higher Conscious makes

you realize all of us are people with the same issues of living life and all we can do is try harder the

next time we have the shot to do our best. We cannot dwell on the past, but look ahead to the future to

better ourselves in every way and rediscover the kid we felt like in terms of knowing we have

problems, but driving forward like tank to learn from them in the end. There have been a few

experiences from a few young adults I have witnessed who are bold enough to move on. I notice as we

grow old we take a few punches from life while we are in the ring and lose that idea of going forward if

we are not careful and have to retrieve it again.


There are circumstances that all of us as humans have to face that make us human to show we

are mortal, not the gift of the divine with a shield of white Light around us. When you have a higher

conscious you tend to find this concept a lot easier when a period of “I really messed up” comes into

play. There is a time for males when they are in their twenties when they just wake up and feel

different, like an over night thing. I have came crossed this and discussed it with other males whom

have lived life, they felt the same thing I did. I cannot speak on the behalf of just waking up and feeling

different, but I can say all of us go through this phase, but sometimes it is not over the period of an

overnight transcendence. This would be considered the initiation as a man or woman, aka a life

initiation. When a person goes through this phase it is gladly earned. You have become the Mother or

Father in terms of allegorical definition. You have earned the next level of consciousness and

awareness. In the end of this process the higher conscious when one sticks with the hard work of

finding themselves they have made a feat few can say they have tried to accomplish in the end. The

rewards for this lifetime goal are beyond that of the mind’s comprehension, a lot like the Ain Soph. We

will never know the full results after we leave the Malkuth, but when we do we can promise there is a

Light at the end of the tunnel. The people who stick to their guns in this stage are the ones who are the

most enlightened when they understand the Inner Tree of Life by the higher awareness that influences

the conscious mind. These are truly the most bold of people that are honored and should be the role

models by the standards of moral. There are cultures that do take notice of this achievement with

regards to the Native Americans, the Norse, the Celts, and so on. The term “respect your elders” refers

to this application of they have lived and learned from their mistakes, taking their subconscious beyond

yours in the end. When you look a a person in the eyes you can tell a lifetime full of experiences,

tragedies, successes, and wisdom. There are those who discover this later, late bloomers, but this is

better then folks who never try at all to raise their awareness. When I look at my grandmother I see that

she raised her awareness by living and learning, so I really enjoy talking to her for this purpose. So

when you raise your Awareness and Conscious mind take the personal step of maintaining it, even

when times get hard. You will find yourself in better situations and more content with your life. The

Deities of your choice will gladly reward you if you follow this path.