Stones Corner

January, 2016

Healing Crystals for Men


A “Master Healing Crystal”. Also called “the Royal Stone”. Amethyst’s most noted healing quality is its ability to purify and transmute all forms of negativity. Get a large Amethyst Crystal cluster for your home or office to protect yourself from hostile energies around you. If anxiety causes shortness of breath, put the cluster on or near your chest and breath slowly for a few minutes to lessen the symptoms. Consider a large, well-set
amethyst gemstone ring to enhance your personal magnetism and to provide mental clarity. Amethyst is also helpful for migraines, arthritic pains, and connecting to one’s spirituality for guidance.


“The King of Crystals”. Diamond intensifies and activates one’s internal energies through its purity of vibration. The better the quality of Diamond, the better one’s own personal qualities and actions. When freely given,
Diamond power becomes activated and can be used for manifesting abundance and increasing personal self-esteem. It is a token of one’s love to another, and both enhances and radiates the beauty of the wearer. The diamond is also known for invincibility, representing the life force (prana).


The “Sex Stone”. Garnet strengthens and restores physical and emotional energy lost through constantly ensuring the protection and welfare of others. When you feel a bit lost or abandoned in the chaos of daily life,
Garnet helps to provide the needed grounding and empowering to become more decisive and committed to a direction. Garnet is well-known for enhancing and regenerating one’s sexuality (the physical aspects). For best
effects, tape a small half-inch piece at the Hara Centre – one and one-half inches below the navel – and wear it overnight.


“The Stress Stone”. Hematite is a versatile metallic-like crystal used for enhancing one’s logic, mathematical abilities, rational thinking and depth of technical knowledge. It grounds creative energy to make one’s thoughts
more practical and focused. As a “Stress Stone”, Hematite reflects negativity back to the sender, so you don’t end up with someone else’s stress. For backache or leg cramps, use surgical tape to fix a few pieces onto painful areas. The crystal’s energy is like a magnet and effectively draws out pain related to muscular or joint alignment problems. Hematite is also used to reduce insomnia.


A “Crystal of Tranquillity”. Also called “the Sport Stone”, promoting agility and swiftness. Many men from the Far East know the benefits of wearing Jade. Some will tell you that it is for their health, and how the color of the
Jade gets darker with good health and lighter with declining health. Jade soothes the emotions, and provides emotional detachment and restoration after various traumas such as minor surgery, divorce, funerals, or loss of job. Some say it is for good luck. Jade is a stone which is easily obtained in most city centers and can be openly worn as a pendant.

Lapis Lazuli

“The Stone of The Pharaohs”. Lapis Lazuli is well-known as a favorite stone used in the courts of the ancient Egyptian Kings. Lapis (stone) Lazuli (blue) is used for stimulating mental strength and intellectual precision.
Lapis is a consciousness elevator, raising one’s awareness to new heights and to greater expansion. It brings feelings of success and connected-ness and protection. For intuitive people, Lapis intensifies psychic power.


“A Man’s Stone”. The deep forest green of Malachite is symbolic of the deep healing and cleansing this stone provides. It can aid in breaking down old patterns, whether emotional (stuck patterns of behavior) or physical
(tumors, swollen joints, muscular). Malachite promotes business relationships and the increase of wealth by removing obstacles to one’s growth. The most important aspect of this crystal’s healing ability however, is for the preventative health of the physical heart and liver. If you are attracted to this crystal, chances are you have a family history of heart-related problems and probably need a heart check-up.


“The Feminine Balancing Crystal”. To soften and balance dominant male attributes with some feminine qualities, Moonstone provides for a depth of perception and feelings, discernment, creativity and self-expression.
Other properties of Moonstone include: increases awareness and focus, releases one’s intuition, rejuvenating qualities for the skin and hair (baldness?), reduces water retention, and protection for travelers. Moonstones increase their powers before and during the full moon, so leave them out at night to soak up the moon’s rays.

Rose Quartz

“The Love Stone”. Rose Quartz is another Master Healing Crystal that specializes in transmuting emotional negativity at all levels. It enhances one’s ability to give and receive love, by opening the Heart chakra and
stimulating greater flexibility in communications. It mellows out a reluctant Heart, and provides peace in relationships through harmony. Rose Quartz is used for meditation, as it stills one’s aggressive thoughts and provides mental tranquillity. It can heal a broken heart very quickly too.

Smokey Quartz

The “Emotional Balancer Crystal”. Smokey Quartz is a very specialized crystal for negative emotional energy. This crystal is excellent for mood swings, aggressive actions, ill temper, and generally nasty thoughts. It grounds all kinds of negative energy. This stone is helpful for burnout, fear of failure, reluctance to take risks, or wanting revenge, as well as for tendencies to over-eat, smoke or drink due to stress. It helps you accept
responsibility for yourself, and to broaden your capacity for effective communication by dissolving self-limiting perceptions.

Callie’s Cavern

September, 2009



Moonstone is a very soft stone that chips easily, handle it with care.  It is a variety of Feldspar, which is one of the most common minerals on the Earth.  Raw Moonstone rarely shows the stones full beauty.  Most of Moonstones play on light can only be seen after the stone has been cut.

As its name suggests Moonstone has a strong and sacred link to the Moon, many of its qualities are connected with the Moon.  There is a strong female energy with Moonstone.  Moonstone has a goddess energy and mothering quality.  It brings new beginnings, deep emotional healing, and calm emotions.  It enhances intuition and psychic abilities.  So it is an excellent stone to keep with your divination tools and to use during meditation.  Moonstone is a reflection of the wearer.  It does not change or alter personality per se; it reflects it out so that it can be understood.

In India it was believed that Moonstone grew under the rays of the moon and absorbed its mystical qualities.  Romans believed it had the power to endow love, wealth, and wisdom.  The play of light in Moonstone is said to evoke tender feelings and safeguarding love.  It is even said that if you give your significant Moonstone jewelry you will always have passion for one another.

Everything is part of a cycle of change, Moonstone reminds us of that.  During the waning phase of the Moon, place Moonstone on a window sill.  The rays of the Moon recharge the stone and attune its energies to the receding tides.  The very structures of life can be changed with Moonstone.  It is reflective and soothing, especially to instability and stress.  It helps you understand yourself which brings happiness to your environment.  There is a connection between plants and Moonstone.  Place the stone at the base of a stem or hang from branches to encourage growth.

Using Moonstone you can also make Moon Raking.  Moonstone is at its strongest and most power during the full Moon.  Moon Raking water helps store this energy.  Place Moonstone in a crystal, glass, or clay bowl.  Add spring water.  Finally place outside under a full moon.  Visualize the moon’s rays filling the water with its energy.  Store the water; it can be used in healing rituals, for cleansing stones, purification, and other Moon magic.  When Moonstone is placed under your pillow it can promote a restful sleep.  In India it is said that Moonstone will bring beautiful visions at night.