new path


June, 2013

I started practicing Paganism as a solitary practitioner in 2010.


In that short time my life has changed quite a bit and I’ve learned more than I thought there was to know. From reading books to meeting people, I’ve had the opportunity to see the world through new eyes. It has been an amazing experience, and I know it’s just the beginning.


But it hasn’t been all roses.


Most people on this path know how difficult being a new Pagan can be. The overwhelming differences in belief systems, the stigma we face from others that don’t take the time to understand us, finding books at libraries and stores – this can be a difficult path to follow.


Eventually though, if we stay with it, we find resources – books, people, groups, and others – that help us. Within these resources we find signposts that guide us down the path or point us in new directions.


This column is about the signposts I’ve found so far, being a new Pagan, guiding me along my path. I write about the types of books I found that when I started, including some that didn’t speak to me, the people I’ve met and the groups I’ve joined, and some of the experiences I’ve had so far. I also write for the same reason as many others – writing helps me process and understand what I’ve learned, where I am in my practice, and where I want to go.


I’m thankful for the opportunity to write this column. Since becoming a practicing Pagan I’ve learned so much from the articles in Pagan Pages. I hope I can help others new to the path, and, of course, learn more along the way.


I hope you enjoy reading it and I look forward to your feedback.