Interview with Shaheen Miro & Review of his Lunar Nomad Oracle Deck

June, 2018

The Lunar Nomad Oracle: 43 Cards to Unlock Your Creativity and Awaken Your Intuition”


by Shaheen Miro

Published by Weiser

Published: 2018

Pages: 146-page Guidebook + Deck of 43 Cards


In his first deck, Shaheen Miro presents a set of 43 keys that tap into your lunar self and unlock the unfolding mysteries of life. Based on the symbols in the Lenormand deck, he has added more cards as well as more layers of meaning to all the cards. While still serving to understand the mundane circumstances of our daily lives, these cards delve deeper into the creative and intuitive self – the lunar self.

The solar self is logical, analytical, realistic and reasonable. Adult. Safe. It often overpowers the fluid, mystical, passionate, wondrous lunar self that longs to fall in love with the world. This deck got me in touch with, as Miro prefers, “the path of the self-expressive, soul-seeker, the mystical traveler who treats the world like a great canvas of adventure, expressing and exploring. Cultivating vibrance and buoyancy.” The liberation he speaks of comes from bringing the lunar self forward and letting it speak.

And speak it does.

I had never used a Lenormand deck before, so this set of symbols was new to me. I found them powerful. From the first time I used them, they drew information out of me I didn’t know was there. If these cards are meant for you, I trust they will awaken your intuition and tap into your inner wisdom, freeing you to become a nomad on a lunar path. Approaching them with a sense of wonder, the symbols trigger universal, general and personal interpretation, allowing you to tell a story.

My journey with the Lunar Nomad Oracle began when I was gifted a deck of “gypsy” fortune telling cards,” said Miro, an intuitive reader, energy worker and artist. “It was an old deck of 36 cards, each with its own symbol and illustration. There was no name or association to Lenormand on the deck, just these simple cards with a profound and uncanny wisdom about them. They reminded me of old dream symbols or tea leaf reading emblems; tea leaf reading is one of my favorite forms of divination.”

It was the perfect framework upon which intuition could unfold.

Something in me felt prompted to explore these symbols through my own psychic lens. I wanted to see how the energy of the symbols moved me to create. I felt like I channeled the deck into creation. I would allow the energy of a symbol to enter my awareness,” he said.

I would contemplate a symbol, letting it fully wash over and saturate my awareness. Then the energy of that symbol would begin moving me, almost like I was translating the energetic signature into something visual. I am a mixed-media artist, so I work in layers, combing illustrations, textures, colors and washes together. With the Lunar Nomad Oracle these resulted in these fascinating illustrations… each one seems like a little dream being cracked open and spilled out for us to wander through.”

The cards are rich with imagery and symbols that provide clues and prompts to the intuitive self. There are no suits and no linear structure, leaving the reader great freedom to add personal interpretations and insights. Each card is a word that, together with other words, forms a sentence. The more cards and the deeper you go, the more sentences become paragraphs that become stories.

It was affirming to find the way I have come to read cards is how he explains it to his readers – that it’s not about memorizing meanings, it’s about looking at the cards and making up a story. There is no right or wrong interpretation. Next, you’d review the keywords for each card, adding to the story those that resonate, thus allowing you add more to your story.

Although Miro offers a simple three-card layout of obstacle/focus/outcome, he also states these oracle cards do not need a spread with assigned meanings. Nine cards (typically three rows of three) make for a detailed story.

The oracle can be used to diagnose a situation, to look into the unknown; to explain or deconstruct an experience or memory; or to help create something. Cards are drawn differently depending on the intention.

Of all my decks, about 75% are tarot and 25% oracle. I find myself using tarot cards 95% of the time, and the ones I turn to most have a strong feminine energy (two are round, one is dreamy). This is the first oracle deck I have used day after day for most of the month rather than just pulling one out for a reading here and there. Working with three a day, the more familiar I became with the cards, the more I was hooked.

The artwork has somewhat of a Victorian, steampunk look to it. Some of the cards look dark – not in a sinister way, but more like how things look after the sun has set and the colors are swallowed by the night. The cards also have multiple layers. Mountain (pictured above), for instance, is more than a high green hill that presents an obstacle as well as a peak presenting another perspective. Lunar Nomad’s mountain card has geometric drawings superimposed on it, assuring me there are solutions to the seemingly insurmountable situation. For the key card (pictured above), an open hand holds a translucent key. Other than being offered the key to open all doors, the fact it does not appear as a three-dimensional solid key reminds me that my mind forms my reality. For you it might have a different message.

No matter what you see in the cards, or what story you weave, as Miro states, “Remember, the magic is in you, not the cards; they are only keys to unlocking your inner wisdom and magic.”

The Lunar Nomad Oracle is all my own,” Miro said. I created the card artwork and wrote the guidebook. This is my invitation for people to open the door to a new life where magic is real. The guidebook is my personal take on what the images convey to me, and how the process unfolded in my life. But there is nothing set in stone; I encourage people to use this oracle and the information in the guidebook as a platform to discover their own inner wisdom it’s right there under the surface just waiting to be found.

Working with oracles, and the Lunar Nomad Oracle specifically, has become a way of life for me. I do not see divination as predicting the future, to me it is a deep and sacred communion with our own inner magic and the limitless possibilities in the Universe. Everything is made of energy, we all tell an energetic story that is generated from our thoughts, feelings, ideas and beliefs and that energetic story becomes the narrative of our lives. If you make conscious your personal energetic story you have access to all the possibilities around you. You can shift the energy, change the narrative and create a whole new future. That’s the magic I share with my clients, and anyone who joins me on the Lunar side.”

He has a new book coming out next year.

For information and articles on magical living, intuition and self-empowerment, visit Shaheen Miro’s website and his Instagram where he encourages people to join him to learn about the oracle and other mystical work as well as to share your own readings with the cards by tagging him.

The Lunar Nomad Oracle: 43 Cards to Unlock Your Creativity and Awaken Your Intuition


About the Author:

Lynn Woike was 50 – divorced and living on her own for the first time – before she consciously began practicing as a self taught solitary witch. She draws on an eclectic mix of old ways she has studied – from her Sicilian and Germanic heritage to Zen and astrology, the fae, Buddhism, Celtic, the Kabbalah, Norse and Native American – pulling from each as she is guided. She practices yoga, reads Tarot and uses Reiki. From the time she was little, she has loved stories, making her job as the editor of two monthly newspapers seem less than the work it is because of the stories she gets to tell. She lives with her large white cat, Pyewacket, in central Connecticut. You can follow her boards on Pinterest, and write to her at woikelynn at gmail dot com.

The Nereids

December, 2017

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

The Nereids are Sea Goddesses/Nymphs and the daughters of Nereus and Doris, who was the daughter of Oceanus. Dorisname means bounty of the sea, which is perfect for the Mother of the Nereids, who represent all that is beautiful about the sea.

They are 50 in number, all of whom loved to dance and sing with their melodious voices. They dressed in the finest silks and their heads were crowned with red coral.

All of them were oracles and had the gift of prophesy and divination. They could prophesy shipwrecks and storms, as they rode whales and dolphins throughout the ocean. They were the protectors of the sailors and fishermen, whom they would save when the predicted storms would appear.

They lived with their father, Nereus, but would go forth to accompany the King of the Sea, Poseidon, who was married to Amphitrite.

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Each of them represented a part of the sea and the oceans bounty.

The Greek poet, Hesoid called them truthful and unlyingand beyond reproach”.

These 50 sisters had one brother, named Nerites, who was born after all of them. It is said that he was the most beautiful male and, one can assume, spoiled by his sisters.

While not all of the Nereids has their own legend, they each had their special part of the sea or specialty.

Aktaia – “Goddess of the sea shore”;

Doto – “safe passage to boats and ships; She also had a temple in Gabala;

Amatheia a healer, who nursed and nurtured the fish of the sea;

Galateia – “Goddess of the sea foam”;

Amphinome the seas bounty”;

Keto – “sea monsters”;

Amphitrite Possessed the power to calm the waters and quiet the wind; She did this along with Her sisters, Kymatolege and Kymodoke and Kymo;

Amphithoe – “moves swiftly”;

Eukrante – “successful voyage”;

Galene – “calm seas”;

Eunike – “maritime victory”;

Autonoe – “with her own mind”;

Dynamene – “the power of the sea”;

Erato – “the lovely”;

Halia –of the brine”;

Kallianas – “lovely queen”;

Eudora – “fine gifts of the sea”;

Eukrante – “successful voyage”;

(Photo Credit:

Eulimene – “good harbor”;

Lymnoreaia – “salt marsh”;

Eumolpe – “fine singer”;

Oreithyia – “raging sea”;

Pherosa – “rescuing sailors”;

Protomedeia – “first queen”;

Psamathe Goddess of Sand”;

Agave the illustrious

Thetis – “the unofficial leader of the Nereids

(Photo Credit:

The remaining Nereids are Thaleia, Theisto, Thoe, Laomedeia, Maira, Leagore, Melite, Panopeia, Nemerites, Menippe, Neomeris, Neso, Nesaire, Apseutes, Dero, Pherosa, Ploito, Eione, Polynome, Dexamine, Pontomedousa, Eugare, Proto, Kallianeira, Pontoporeia, Poulynoe, Kalypso, Eupompe, Klaia, Pronoe, Euarne, Hippothoe, Klymene, Iaira, Kranto, Ianassa, Ianeira and Ione.


In the legend of Jason and his search for the Golden Fleece, the Nereids were instrumental in helping him and his crew survive. Hera had asked Thetis to protect Jason from the anger of Zeus. As Jasons ship, the Argo, was sailing between the Wandering Rocks (which would destroy the ship and everyone aboard), the Nereids surrounded the ship while Thetis took hold of the rudder blade. Thetis directed the course of the ship, the Neireds tossed the ship back and forth, carrying it above the waves. The ship would have been destroyed, if not for the bravery of the Nereids.

(“Tritons & Nereids” by William Russell Flint)

One day as the Sisters were out frolicking between the sand and sea, Thetis was captured by the Warrior/King Peleus, who wanted to marry her. She unsuccessfully tried to run. She was, at that time, very unwilling to marry but eventually did so, with all of her sisters in attendance.

Thetis was the mother of Achilles; and so, the Nereids were present, marching in his funeral procession. As they proceeded upon the sea shore, they grieved with their sister.

Theseus was the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite, but his claim was disputed by King Minos of Crete. Minos flung his ring far out into the sea and demanded that Theseus retrieve it, to prove his claim. Theseus dove right into the ocean, where he was picked up by dolphins and brought to his mothers court, where the Nereids gave him a golden crown to prove his royal heritage.

The Nereids were mentioned not only in the works of Hesoid, but also Baccylides, Ovid, Plato and Sappho, amongst many others.

It is easy to imagine that all of our present tales and myths of sea monsters and mermaids that help sailors come to us from these legends of the Nereids.

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About the Author:

Susan Morgaine is a Daughter of the Goddess, Witch, Writer, Teacher, Healer, and Yogini. She is a monthly columnist with Her writings can be found in The Girl God Anthologies, Whatever Works: Feminists of Faith Speak” and Jesus, Mohammed and the Goddess, as well as Mago Publications She Rises, Volume 2, and “Celebrating Seasons of the Goddess”. She has also been published in Jareeda and SageWoman magazines. She is a Certified Womens Empowerment Coach/Facilitator through She is the author of “My Name is Isis, the Egyptian Goddess”, one in the series of the “My Name Is………” children’s books published by The Girl God Publications. A Woman International, founded by Patricia Lynn Reilly. She has long been involved in Goddess Spirituality and Feminism, teaching classes and workshops, including Priestessing Red Tents within MA and RI. She is entering her 20th year teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, being a Certified instructor through the Kundalini Research Institute, as well as being a Reiki Master. She is a member of the Sisterhood of Avalon. She can be found at and her email is

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Oracles And Omens

January, 2010

Oracles and omens have been around since the dawn of time. It has been well documented. Some, for instance, such as Plato, Pythia the famous Priestess of Apollo at Delphia, the Priest of Dodona, and Clarus and Notradomus. Pythagorus was a guru who founded a philosophy religion, gathered disciples and performed miracles and made prophecies. Apollomus Of Tyana who lived in the first century A.D., performed many miracles and after he died he was worshipped as a God. Socrates was another, who thanks to his familar, knew things before they happened.
Pagan supernatural powers back then guided everything. The moving of the sun, where lightening hit, the path that birds flew, door banging, lights shining, you get the picture. Early Christians believed in Pagan miracles, although they often attributed them to Pagan demons. That did not stop some from searching out the seer to beg for readings.
Pagan prophecy miracles number in the tens of thousands. In 1692 the Christian church passed a law called the Canon Law that forbid the practice of divination. But that did not stop the seer. They just became more private in their ways of doing things. Of course some of them were out to make money, to scam. But there were people who had the gifts to see into the future. Back then fortune tellers were called Sybil. A Sybil was a person who spoke Gods words for him. A God would move Sybil to speak, someone would write it down and later the words would be consulted. In Rome, for instance, they kept them in Sybilline books. They were collected and carefully guarded.
Not only are there Pagan oracles, but Christian and Jewish as well were given the gift. Scholars agree that the oracles existed and even flourished in ancient times, but they do tend to agree on some of the customs. Omens are related to divinatins, fortune telling, premonitions, apparitions and prophecies. Omens appear outside of human control. They are also associated with black cats, nightmares, lucky and unlucky days and breaking mirrors. Omens may be
considered good or bad.  Some forms of divination are astrology, augury ( the study of birds in flight), tarot cards, palm reading, geomancy (markings in the ground), Iching, fend shui, numerology, spirit boards, runes, and scrying.
In future articles I will be presenting different types of omens and oracles. Explaining how they work or not. These are things that people believe that will either help or hinder a situation because of their own personal ideas and superstitions. One should be very careful when contacting a seer. Yes, some are very gifted in their areas, but there are also people in it who are not gifted and out to scam money. Research before you put your money down.

Oracles & Omens

May, 2009

Dreams III

You sit up straight in bed during the dead of the night, your forehead is damp with sweat, and your heart is racing.  It takes you a few moments to ground yourself and fade back into your reality.  You sit in the dark and remember the story that just played out in your mind. What type of message was your subconscious trying to send?  Often nightmares or night terrors will reflect fears from our past, situations we are currently battling or events that we are worried about in the future.

Sometimes it will help to talk with someone about any disturbing dreams you may have.  Another opinion can often prove useful for seeing things in a different light.  Here is an example of a dream interpretation that I did when I was studying for my 101 degree:

In my dream I am in another time in my life.  I’m in a castle and I’m running away from someone who’s trying to hurt me.  I’ don’t know if he (it is a man) is trying to hurt just me of if he’s some sort of murderer running through the castle.  I am in the throne room.  There is a single golden throne with a red velvet curtain behind it.  I walk behind the throne and peer behind the curtain when whoever it is that’s chasing me grabs my left arm (I am right handed) and chops my hand off from the wrist.

You said that the dream was from your past; perhaps you could look for some clues to help you clarify what point of your life the vision is coming from.  This could be the key to identifying the problem.  The castle seems to represent the situation that the dream is centered round, the large event that causing your anxiety.  Being aware that you are in the throne room signals that you are the one in charge of the situation.  You are the “king/queen”, or the one making the decisions.  My intuition tells me that the man pursuing you is your own conscious.  The red velvet curtain may represent factors being hidden from you, as the decision maker.  When you are peering behind the curtain it could be that you are unknowingly telling yourself that you need to have more information before you should make your final verdict.  With you loosing your left hand, rather than your right, it seems that if you make your choice before seeing all the variables that you will still progress, but it will be harder that it could be.  I would definitely consider keeping pen and paper close by while you sleep to write down any small details that you remember immediately when waking.

Next month I would like to share some ways to influence your dreams and make the most of their prophetic abilities.

Oracles and Omens

March, 2009

Dreams Part I

We all see them flooding our in box, our Facebook notes and our MySpace message folders, those surveys that delve into the deepest aspects of our being.  They ask everything from our favorite sea animal to what we had for dinner last night.  As overwhelming as they can be, let’s all admit that we get a little kick out of reading our friend’s most personal fears and feelings.  Recently while scouring over such-said questionnaires I noticed the answer that several of my contacts had given to a particular query.  The question “What did you dream about last night” and the answers surprised me.  The replies ranged from “I don’t remember” and “Nothing much” to “I don’t dream.”  I was saddened by those responses and it brought to mind how dreams have been used as a form of divination by interpreting their meanings and searching for their origins.

Dreams have played a substantial role throughout history.  Greeks and Romans felt that dreams were messages from the Gods and often took interpreters with them into battles.  They used the visions as advice in planning their strategies.  Priests in ancient Egypt often played a duel role as prophet and dream recorder and dreams are mentioned hundreds of times in the Christian bible.  These visions have been acknowledged, documented and read for eras, but their origins have been disputed nearly as often.

It is widely believed that dreams are our subconscious mind sending us messages, confirmations, and warnings.  I believe the key to reading your dreams is to know when you are having prophetic dreams and when your just jaunting through the thoughts from your day.  Every article you read on dreams will tell you to keep a journal near your bed to write your thoughts down as quickly as possible after you wake.  This is really a great suggestion.  I’ve written many things through the night that I don’t even remember writing.  I find it comforting to have a notebook and pen within arms reach, not only for writing my dreams, but also for when inspiration strikes through the night.  How many times have I composed a letter or poem in my mind when drifting off to sleep, only to have it dance away into the night, lost forever among scattered thinking.  Even if an entire idea can’t be written in detail, a few keywords may be enough to revive the thought.

One of the keys to interpreting your own dreams is to know what events translate for you.  For example, I have found that births and deaths are reversed for me in dreams.  If I dream of a death in the family, there usually will be a new arrival and vice versa.  Perhaps you will find your own message have a similar pattern or maybe they will be more direct in their meaning.  This is why it is not only important to keep your dream journal, but also to follow-up with actual happenings to see how your visions translate personally for you.

Dreams, like several forms of divination, have many aspects and are too large to be written into a single monthly column.  I would like to break this topic down into chapters to continue for the next several editions.  If you are having a recurring dream or seeing something in your mind that you are questioning I would love to give you my take on it.  Remember, that only you know what your dreams are telling you, but sometimes another view can put things into light for you.  Please be as detailed as possible in your description and be sure to include any colors, images or sounds you may recall.  I feel that we have barely scratched the surface of the divine dream, and am looking forward to continuing this discussion in coming months.

Oracles & Omens

January, 2009

    • Divination

  • , what a lovely word.  According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition is: “the art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge usually by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers, unusual insight or intuitive perception”.  Sounds pretty complicated, and also a bit intimidating. I would be honored if you would join me in a journey down the winding path to explore the beginnings, history and many forms and tools of divination.  I tend to have a special place in my heart for the tarot, it was my introduction to my Pagan lifestyle and opened up an entire new world for me.  I spent many a night lying on my bed studying and reading on the meanings of my first deck.  The gift that my cards have given me have been numerous and have helped shed a new light on so many aspects of my life. Sometimes we don’t get the messages we were hoping for and that helps us to understand the bigger picture that is developing in our lives.  But, the tarot is just the tip of the divination iceberg.

    Methods of divining have their roots deeply embedded in history.  The ancient Greeks believed that the earth was a magickal place and this led them to use the most basic of elements in their divination practices.  Nature was considered to be the work of the Gods and so the signs that were given to them would often be seen as messages.  Water was thought to have  divine power and healing properties.  The Greeks believed that flowing water would bring dreams from the underworld and the dead and deliver them to the oracles who could interpret the messages.  Another commonly used water divining method was the use of healing wells.  It was believed that the position in which a coin would land in the well would predict the future of the sick and give advice on remedies.  Perhaps this is one of the earliest forms of today’s coin toss.  Bowls or copper vessels of water were often used to summon deities.  To evoke a God of the heavens you would use rainwater, if the God was earthly they would use sea water or river water and if they were contacting the dead they would use spring water.  Another ancient form of divination is aeromancy, the art of interpreting weather conditions and sky happenings as messages from the Gods.  This form of divination is still recognized today.  Christians attribute the star over Bethlehem as being a sign of the birth of Jesus, children delight in making a wish upon a falling star, and to this day many of us still recite the rhyme when we see the first star in the evening sky, “star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight”.  I find that to be one of the most interesting aspects of ancient divination, the way they have carried through the ages and are applied to our current lives.  Although some of the tools have changed, the basic concept still carries through.  Oracles in ancient Greco-Rome would often use cleromancy, also known as the casting of lots.  Through the ages the articles used were often bones and other  primitive materials, today they are available in pretty much any form that the seeker chooses.  I hope you will join me next month when we will dig deeper into the meanings and types of runes and stones used in past and modern times.