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April, 2019

Creates Outer

‘Inner creates outer’ is the only phrase my inner druid guides have repeated in my visions over many years. Usually they say nothing at all but simply stand waiting for me when I enter the spirit world, then silently lead me to a stone circle or nature sanctuary and let the transformative vision prepared for me unfold on its own. But this one phrase has been repeated at significant moments of budding awareness through all 38 years of my druid journey. Clearly, druids who remain silent 99% of the time want me to know this particular truth to my very core, inner creates outer. And whenever it’s whispered as a vision unfolds within my mind, I can feel this truth resonating through my heart and anchoring in there ever more deeply. A few words spoken in a surround of stillness carry great power!

But this teaching didn’t become real to me until I went to energy school 23 years ago. Our light-healing teacher kept saying how everyone’s own fear beliefs are created into their individual lives, most of those beliefs from past lives, completely unconscious, but repeated in the present time. He stressed the need to read shadow energies until we understood the belief our clients had once taken on. And then we drew this belief into the light of love in our hearts, until it simply melted back into light and was gone. Poof! The utter simplicity and magic of healing. But what completely astonished me afterwards was to watch the spirit world methodically clean up all reflections of recently-healed beliefs in my own and my fellow students’ outer circumstances. I was literally astounded to see living proof that inner does in fact create everyone’s outer world and how easily these outer ‘realities’ could be changed with inner healing work. That time in my life was extremely painful, and realizing I could change my outer misery by healing myself within drew me to my path as nothing else could.

did I know that it would take so long, that those past life beliefs
would quickly change into beliefs from my clients’ or my own
descent through seven heavens, down from the Creator Sun, the highest
world, to earth, the very lowest. Over all these years, though, my
own and my clients’ worlds have cleared of difficulty, slowly,
piece by piece, spirit guides carefully cleaning up outer fear
reflections after every single inner healing. Our dreams have grown
bigger, too, more and more aligned with Love and the will of heaven.
My very biggest dream is this; that everyone everywhere across the
planet will learn to heal their own inner fears and persist on a path
of transformation just like mine, because all of us together create
what happens on the global stage. I know in the depths of my being
that humanity can, and someday will, heal every fear-based outer
creation there is. And the spirit world will devotedly take away all
the dark reflections that ever were; greed, poverty, corruption,
murder, rape, war, insanity, illnesses of all kinds, and on and on.
Earth will become the reflection of the highest heaven she was always
meant to be, Paradise, a land of true-love partners living in beloved
communities, all in service to the One Beloveds, Goddess and God.
Does this sound too far-fetched to be real? I know it’s
possible, that it’s not so very far away, either, despite the major
troubles which surround us all right now. THIS is the true
power of ‘Inner creates outer.’ This knowing is the most
important one there is
(well, except for “Your heart is bigger
than any darkness,’ perhaps, the only other phrase they’ve
repeated over the years, whenever I’m tempted to close my heart
down instead of embracing some seriously disgusting or horrific fear
energy I’m working on long enough to transmute it back into love.)
Inner creates outer! I want to shout it from the rooftops
sometimes, so everyone will understand and turn inward to begin this
magical process. (Now that would surprise my neighbors, if
their reclusive, meditative, druid lady began hollering from the
shingles! But I AM tempted at times, I must admit!)

is another important piece I want to add here. For in the druid
courses and ceremonies I’ve studied or attended, this knowing is
completely absent. And it disappoints me every time. There are 16
light structures in that seventh heaven, which I was taught in
thorough and prolonged detail on my path up through them. The highest
light structure is the Creator Sun, home of God/Goddess and the place
every one of us was originally created from. It is this sun which
creates the inner worlds, those many planes of light we are
all ascending, plus every being’s inner spirit or
personality. Every person’s personality is made up of twelve basic
parts, each a reflection of one of the gods or goddesses in the
Creator Sun (Goddess, God, divine infant girl and boy, father of the
mind, mother of the mind, virgin girl, virgin boy, father of action,
mother of action, little girl and boy). So, everyone’s inner spirit
has these same basic divisions, each part with very specific
directives and regencies in every life. For instance, if a person is
at work earning a livelihood, his or her inner father is lit up, for
that’s what the father part of the spirit is responsible for,
regardless of which outer type of body that spirit may be
inhabiting.) And it’s through these inner levels that all
creativity is born and flows forth. The inner spirit is also
the Source of both Love and healing, for those powerful regents of
the Creator Sun flow through each and every one of us. And the spirit
is highly, highly creative! It’s the diamond spark in the
very core of each heart that creates all individual love and fear
beliefs into our own little worlds (and to a lesser degree, what
occurs across the planet). Inner creates outer! Two light
structures below the Creator Sun is the Stillpoint Center, which
looks like an eye. This light structure takes the directives of the
Creator Sun and creates them into the outer worlds across the cosmos.
So, it’s primarily focused on the outer world. The Four Directions
circle of gods and goddesses is the central core of the Stillpoint
Center, surrounded by the circle of Zodiac Elders. And between those
two circles are the three great rays of aspect, which split the four
basic spirit divisions of inner mother, father, girl, and boy into
twelve, i.e. the Zodiac regents. These rays of aspect are the three
descending rays that many druids revere. And all of these are in the
Stillpoint Center, with its focus on the outer world. The inner
regents with their creative power are totally missed
here! Inner creates outer! The origin and flow for everything
there is
streams down from the Creator Sun into the small central
eye of the Stillpoint Center, and all those SC regents are in full
service to it. Period. (See the first book of my trilogy, Alba
Reborn, the Revised version, for a complete discussion of the
regents of the Creator Sun and Stillpoint Center)

eight high holy days of the druid year are also portals during which
the inner spirits of everyone across the cosmos opens each year as
follows: Christmas dawn/divine infants, both girl and boy; Imbolc,
little girl; Vernal Equinox, little boy; Bealtain, virgin girl;
Midsummer, virgin boy; Lughnasa, mother (action); Autumnal Equinox,
father (action); Samhein, grandmother (elder mother of the mind),
Midwinter (elder father of the mind). And following those holy days,
we each have six weeks of growth of that particular part of our
spirits every year. But again, in the ceremonies I’ve attended and
the courses I began, these spirit openings and inner connections are
completely missing. I must say this bothers me greatly!
Greatly! (Though I definitely do NOT want to get into a big
conflict with any other groups here and am not trying to say I am
better than anyone at all. I just think this point needs to be made.)

do I know all this?, you may ask.I simply sat and felt the
living spirit of those holy days. And all the 20 years of
reading and research I did before that only left me more confused
than when I began, too many gaping holes, and even more distortions.
Druidry is a Goddess path. It’s Her spiritual stream
on earth. And She wants us to connect in the now with the
living breathing power of spirit. Sit down, for goodness sake,
clear your mind, and open your heart. That’s how I learned
everything of value I know. It’s time to open our sense of the
inner, to tap into the power and flow of spirit and
Creator Love. It’s well past time, if you ask me, for only
this will bring forward the healing of the earth and transmute all
those shadows into real love at along last. I say, let the days of
spirit power and the reign of love that’s been promised from time
immemorial begin.


the Author:

Jill Rose Frew, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, energy healer, workshop leader, and author. She will be opening a school teaching light healing and the Celtic path of enlightenment in 2019. For information, please see

Guardians of the Celtic Way: The Path to Arthurian Fulfillment on Amazon

Review of The Death Show: A 14-Part Series on Healing and Understanding presented by The Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show

October, 2018

The Death Show: A 14-Part Series on Healing and Understanding presented by The Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show


…”The World’s Only Show About Forensic Soul Analysis. If Science & Mysticism got married, the Outer Limits of Inner Truth radio show would be their child. OLIT (Outer Limits of Inner Truth) is a program about introspection, discovery, and evolution. It premiered on February 2014 and within a few short months, was picked up for national syndication on Starcom Radio Networks (44 AM Stations). In 2018, OLIT was picked up by Mental Health News Radio Network (a large media network that features programs about psychology and mental health)…”

This 14-Part series about Death is comprehensive and informative in its presentation. Each broadcast is an hour or more in content with each section parceled out to reflect all of the stages, questions and beliefs about Death. The collection of more than seventy interviews is a mix of select listeners and a heavy dose of professional clairvoyants, psychics, mediums, artists, clinical psychologists, therapists, Reiki Masters and more. Overall, I found the broadcasts to more than adequately foster a place of community, sharing and counsel that is applicable to all aspects of the grieving process and more importantly to the fear of the unknown and our own mortality.

Although time intensive, I enjoyed listening to the different perspectives presented and broadening my own philosophies regarding the Death Process. My Mother passed two years ago on September 22nd., so the information presented was both timely and comforting.

These are the topics explored:

The Healing Process Begins

Managing Mindset Parts 1 and 2

Exploring Mental Health and remaining centered and focused throughout the grieving process.

What You Can Do For Others

Practical advice on how to navigate grief as a support for the bereaved. It is a delicate space of knowing when and how to interject your support and sympathy when you are trying to offer comfort. Understanding what this looks like and that every individual is unique in how they process loss provides the necessary insight in reading the situation and assessing the need.

The Virtues

The Virtues are the Elite Team of experts on the Outer Limits including a Medium (Lisa McGarrity), Psychic Empath (Kerrie O’Connor), Animal Communicator (Lisa Caza) and Astrologer (Constance Stellas).

I was particularly drawn to this fifth installment and discussion of the Soul’s Journey and past life experience. All of us want more information on what to expect of our own death and how to reach out to those who have passed. Questions such as – How long before you should wait to attempt contact with your loved one? What forms do the Spirits take when they present themselves to the psychic/medium? How are they able to communicate?

How soon after the passing would you wait to connect? – general rule of thumb about 1 year for clear connection.

I especially liked the simplicity of this suggestion by Lisa McGarity:

What to do if you would like to communicate with someone passed over…..

Sending the intention of being able to clearly communicate with your loved one. Write a letter as though you were going to interact on a physical level. Often the response will come in the form of a dream or impression.

Teachers and Mystics Parts 1 and 2

There are many beliefs and cultural bias around death. Hearing some of these teachings and the ways we process the spiritual nature of death. Precepts such as non-judgment and the dispelling of the illusion of corporeal and manifest life. The Soul and the human form are reflections of consciousness and the levels of understanding and development that has occurred within manifest form, aligning the transition from life to death into the point of resonant energy.

Near death Experiences 3-Parts

A series of interviews with individuals who have had NDEs and their unique stories that carry some of the common threads.

Nanci’s Story

An depth sharing of a NDE and the blueprint of our cosmology that she was given.

Communication With the Departed

How communication occurs and the various modalities and types of communion that can be used to seek counsel from those passed.

Animal Afterlife

This section offered some much needed comfort and information to those who have lost a beloved animal companion.

Science and Skeptism

The conclusion of the series attempts to bring science and the inherent skeptic nature into cohesion. It concludes with a 4-way debate between the host, Ryan McCormick, David Silverman President of the American Atheists, David I. Orentein, Ph.D., Humanist Clery and Atheist author and speaker

NDE Researcher Dr. Jeffrey Long. The opening question posited by the host, Ryan is:

What if all of the previous segments were “bullshit”? What if science had a logical explanation for everything stated and there was nothing mystical about the experience of death? Ryan goes on to encourage listeners to develop their own belief systems rather than “following” the conclusions of others. This segment opens with an interview with Bob Berman, astronomer and co-author of Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe who promotes knowledge of our place within the Universe in both the stages of life and death and time’s role in creation.

The debate opens Pandora’s box of enabling the listener to formulate their own realities between what science and mysticism repel as truth and attempt to coalesce as belief.

To access the series: The Death Show


About the Author:

Robin Fennelly is a Wiccan High Priestess, teacher, poet and author.

She is the author of (click on book titles for more information):


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