The Global Apology Project Shamanic Journey or Meditation #1

December, 2017

Shamanic Journey or Meditation #1

Please see my related feature in this edition explaining what The Global Apology Project is!

In the Closed Facebook group I have started for this project we have decided to post a suggested shamanic journey or meditation every week, inviting others to focus on a particular aspect of this work. In this short article I will share Journey #1. The link for this group is:

Journey or Meditation #1 (posted on Sunday 26 November 2017)

Today I invite everyone here to undertake a journey to your Helping Ancestors and ask to be shown if there is apology-and-healing work to be done on acts they committed and never made amends for.

This journey is not at all meant in a judgemental way. Perhaps they were involved in things that felt “right in the cultural climate of those times”. Perhaps they were under extreme pressure (e.g. war or famine imposes exceptional demands on people). Our job is not to judge – our job is to feel compassion and apologize, unreservedly.

Perhaps they were involved in wars, imperialism, colonialism? Perhaps they stayed closer to home but were involved in disputes with their neighbours over land and marriages or inheritance?

When you are shown an issue – do your own work, following a method that works for you.

When it feels “done” return and do your own shadow work or inner work on this issue: do you, in any small way, perpetuate this issue in your community/web/family etc. today? Apologize and commit to making small changes, one day at a time.

If it feels right to share – feel free to share your discoveries here and inspire others – or seek support. I trust it will be freely given!

Love and Blessings to All as our group continues to grow and people continue to gather.

Please expect further blogs and updates from me as this project unfolds!


About the Author:

Imelda Almqvist

Imelda Almqvist’s book Natural Born Shamans: A Spiritual Toolkit For Life (Using shamanism creatively with young people of all ages) was published by Moon Books in August 2016.  She is based in London,UK and teaches shamanism and sacred art internationally.  She is a presenter on Year of Ceremony for Sounds True and on the Shamanism Global Summit with The Shift Network.

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February, 2016

The art of Seeding

Magick moves strongly through the month of February as Brighid weaves her magick of healing, creativity and preparation for the new life of Spring in just a few more weeks. Each year at this time, I spend some time thinking about what I wish to plant as the seeds of new beginnings and endeavors in the coming year that will become my beautiful garden of creative effort. And, so towards those ends I offer a 2-part magickal pathworking to stimulate the senses and flow of crafting a sanctuary and growing place for your intention. Enjoy…

The Secret Garden

Part One

This meditation can be used to plant the seeds that will bring abundance into your life, whether it is health, financial or personal growth. Form your intent and then enter your Secret Garden.

Part One would be aligned to use at the New Moon and Part Two would be empowered at the Full Moon. You may hold this cycle in place for as long as you need to draw to you what you wish.

Sit in a comfortable position with a white candle lit in front of you a few feet away. As you stare at the flame of the candle allow your gaze to soften and the rhythm of your breath to become slowed and easy of pace. As you continue to gaze at the candle flame allow your eyes to gently close and retain the image of the flame within the center of your higher consciousness. As the flame expands and becomes brighter and luminescent of white light see your physical image standing directly in front of this veil of white light. Give as much detail, shape and form to that image as you can. And when you feel ready step through this white flame of purification.

As you emerge through it’s dense veil, you find yourself standing at the outer gate of what appears to be a garden. The wrought iron of the gate is slightly rusted with weathering and is embraced on either side by a brick wall that seems to extend infinitely on either side. As you look upwards the tops of scantily budded branches reach upwards towards a clear blue sky and the promise of lush greenery is just a few months away. It is Spring and time to prepare the ground for new planting and growth in the months ahead. You move towards the Gate and barely reach forward with your hand as the Gate gently swings open, allowing you entrance. This Gate has no need for lock or key for you are the only one who has the powerful energy to open its gate. Your thought, your intent and your will are gatekeeper, gardener and master designer of all that is contained within this sacred space. As you move forward, the Gate closes gently behind you and the warm Spring air embraces you. Each footfall provides the crackle underfoot of stone and dirt and you take a moment to look around and drink in the sights and smells of this place bursting with new life.

As you continue along the Path you can feel the energy of new growth underfoot and surrounding you but that is not your focus this time and your eyes come to rest on a dark patch of earth a few feet ahead of you. This ground will need tilling and clearing so that it may be a place of nurturing for what will be planted soon. You kneel in the center of this ground covered with dried and dead weed, root and thorn that are no longer of use or conducive to new planting. As you sit centrally, take a moment to ground, center and focus your will and intent on clearing and purifying this space.

Now you are ready to begin and as you reach out to pull out the first patch of weed and overgrowth, feel the release of this action. Sense the sigh of the earth as you continue in this manner to un-tether and uncoil dead root. Move around the circle of this space and remove and untangle all unnecessary growth; carefully and completely removing all of it.

When you have removed the last bit of overgrowth take a moment to look around and acknowledge the strength and transformative power of the task you have just finished. You can feel the gratitude of the earth below and the un-constricted flow of the fertile energy of this space. The piles of weed and tangled root you pulled from the ground encircle the space and as you have expected, slowly they begin to be drawn down into the surrounding earth; consumed and absorbed by the Great Mother to be transformed and renewed within her womb. These are no longer of concern or care to you and the plans you have for new growth in this place.

It is now time to complete the last stage of this process of clearing away and preparing. As you rise to a standing position you hear the gentle sounds of the music of the winds playing through the branches of the trees. The music is sweet and gentle and you begin to move rhythmically around the newly cleared earth. Your feet are moving lightly here and there as you move the soil around; aerating, mixing and blending all of its parts. Continue dancing, feeling the soft, pliable earth below as you blend energy and breath. Your heart is light and the feeling of freedom moves throughout your being. You will know when the ground is just right and the foundation lain. And when this moment arrives you slow your movement, catch your breath and close your eyes with arms outstretched at your sides offering thanks for the energy provided and foundation laid.

Your work is done for now and it is time to leave this place. The earth will settle into just the right form and space and the energy of new growth will continue to build as the sun provides nourishment and strength. And, the moon, offers the opportunity for rest and renewal. As you move out of the space you have prepared and step once again onto the path you are filled with joy and anticipation of what potential and opportunity awaits you on your next visit. You continue along the stone path and see the Gate just ahead. Turn and take one last look at your surroundings. You will return to this space again and as the seasons change so will the colors, smells and sights that surround you.

As you approach the Gate it gently swings open and you step through. The soft clanging of metal closing echoing in your ear as it shuts. You turn again to face the front of the Gate and wall and take a moment to give thanks for this space and what is contained within. You turn away feeling the presence of the white veil and its energy and density beckon you. Step through and emerge once again as observer. Allow your focus to move gently from this center of consciousness and return to your physical being, the rhythm of your breath, the rise and fall of your chest and the physicality of yourself sitting comfortably in your room.

Part Two will post next month…..

Finding the Pagan Way

September, 2014

Finding the Pagan Way

For many of our readers, I will be speaking to the converted, when I say that Paganism is a very wide term. It covers very many groups and belief systems, but for me personally, it was like stepping into the light. All I had read and analysed over the previous 45 years came to life when I moved to Lincolnshire, in the United Kingdom, and met my present wife, Tina. It was around then that I became much more involved in the pagan movement.
This poem I wrote, describes the impact that discovering paganism as a lifestyle,- rather than a case for study, had on me.


Don’t search,- Look.

So many many hours I spent in dusty rooms with dusty books,
I never touched the Earth,
My mind could reach the furthest edges of the universe,
yet never saw the sky.
Oh! What a fool was I, that I should never feel the earth ,
or gaze in awe upon the evening sky.
I search the ancient wisdom of the dead,
And never stopped to listen to the beating of my heart,
Or what it said.

My spirit withered like the crumbling parchments over which I peered and pondered ,
Like some dried up husk ,- My childhood lost , my youthful joy was choked by gloomy shadows of the past.
What kind of wisdom chills the bones and turns your feet to clay,
What kind of truth can suck the laughter and innocence of youth away,
and leave just tired old bones and sagging flesh that stink of misery and
pity and decay,
A fool was I , my weary eyes despised the cheerful light of day,
and wallowed in that dusty darkened world of candlelight,
And never saw how far away from life that my poor soul had strayed.

And then one day I stared into a pair of eyes of violet blue,
and little did I realise that Life would never be the same again,
How could I tell the strange, amazing things that they would do,
They burned into my very soul and tore my dust-filled world in two.
In a single moment I had died and was reborn,
My childlike eyes looked up in wonder at the morning sky,
The long, long night had fled, and brought a new and wondrous dawn.
The vibrant colours of the world revived my my soul that blessed morn.
I listened to the joyful songs of birds at early morn.
The wisdom I had sought, was there before me all along.
It whispered in the trees, I felt it, written on the veins of Autumn leaves,
I saw it in the flight of birds and heard it in their joyful songs.
I smelt in on the leaf-strewn forest floor,
I knew my search was over and that I need seek no more,
I felt within my very blood and bones,- the secret I had sought for ‘oh’ so long.
At last, my dreary world of darkness faded, and was dead and gone.

I wandered barefoot on the glistening dew-capped morning grass, my mind was dazed ,my heart was full of joy.
The Earth flowed through my naked feet, She rose and touched the sky,
She brought me to the wisdom I had sought since I was young,
I knelt upon that sacred place and thanked the gods for what my love had done,
For Fortune smiled upon me when I listened to the words my love had said..
She said, ”Don’t search,- just Look , my love”,
and on the day I looked , my search was done.

Patrick Kavanagh



I grew up in Dublin, Ireland,- with many things happening around me that people would call “occult”. I lived in a house that was reputed to be haunted by a previous tenant, and my mum read the future in tea-leaves and playing cards. I saw faeries in the fire and flitted around silently and almost invisibly, hearing conversations that were much too adult for my early years. I would sit quietly for hours, lost in my own little world and totally unnoticed.
I grew up in a strange world of superstition, violence and ignorance. I was never at home in the world in which I found myself. It was as if those around me were a different species,- crude, cruel and dangerous. The neighbourhood in which I lived seemed like a battle ground. My one true love, and my only comfort were books. I was an avid reader and I took the perilous trip to the next borough every few days with my dad’s library tickets. I was about seven and had out-read the children;s section, so I told them I was collecting the books for my dad.
A devout Catholic,- I was drawn to the priesthood, and had my first interview at the age of twelve.
My dad died that year and I began to question everything I had thought I believed in. It began a spiritual journey that was to last me my whole life……

Remember Lord

Remember Lord ,When I was young, and felt your hand hold mine,
Remember when I woke in fear at night,
And you were there to take away my fright,
Remember Lord.

Remember when I knelt to say my nightly prayers, you’re angels gathered round my bed,
I used to feel the beating of their wings,
And heard them sing of many joyous things,
Remember lord.

Remember how I never feared to leave this Vale of Tears, though little time had passed since I’d been born,
This world, at that young age, held little joy for me
As if I knew, right from the start, that I had been reborn,
Remember Lord.

Remember Lord, my single wish,- to stand before Your Throne and sing your praise,
To be amongst the your vast Angelic Choir,
Along with them, my voice ,in joyful song, to raise,
Remember lord.

Remember how I knelt before your priests,- If indeed your priests they were , in shame,
I’d tell them all my petty crimes,- my sins washed clean,
And wish to be with you before I sinned again,
Remember lord.

Remember how I walked away, my anger stronger than my fear of your impending Wrath,
I could no longer see your Love in this cruel world,
I couldn’t bear the loss of those I loved,
Remember Lord.
Remember Lord , how lost and hurt I felt, How hard I tried to make it on my own,
I tried my best to do things right, without Your Light,
But things just kind of seemed to work out wrong,
Remember lord.

Remember Lord,Though many years have passed since my first childish Prayers,
And I have lost and found my way through many paths throughout the lonely years,
I cannot turn the years round and live in child-like faith,
But I remember You,
Remember Me.

Patrick Kavanagh
June 2012

Spiritual Seeker

November, 2013

It is November, and I’ve just about hit the halfway point of my planned journey. But, like most things in life, it isn’t turning out like I expected. For instance, I’ve hardly read any of the books that were on my original list, nor have I developed that meditation practice I keep talking about. And rather than finding a spiritual path that makes me feel at home and welcome, I continue to feel out of place no matter where I turn.


Take, for example, mommy blogs. I’m a stay-at-home mommy of a kindergartener, and it is important to me to spend time teaching my son, even though we don’t homeschool. We also like to do seasonal crafts and other cool things like that, and mommy blogs are a great source for ideas. But, for some reason, it seems like the vast majority of mommy blogs are run by fiercely Christian women. Many of them aren’t exceptionally vocal about their beliefs, but there is definitely a subtle undercurrent that an outsider can’t miss.


I also feel like an outsider when I’m indulging in my more “esoteric” hobbies, like Tarot. So many people in that Tarot community are die-hard Pagans, and their beliefs also come through very strongly on their websites and through their forum posts.


Clearly, there isn’t anything wrong with people being vocal about their spiritual beliefs. I actually find it really fascinating to see how, say, being a Christian can be working into math lessons. But, at the same time, it can also be isolating for those of us who don’t share those spiritual beliefs. Sometimes I feel like a bit of a fraud when I’m interacting with the women on the mommy blogs. There seems to be an assumption that if you are posting you must be Christian too. And, I’m pretty uncomfortable with that.


Of course, this is my problem. There is no real segregation on the Internet. We can mix with whomever we’d like, and share as much or as little about our lives as we’d like. And, in actuality, I’ve found a lot of the people whom I interact with to be very accepting. Even though I am an “outsider”, I’ve been given the chance to review Christian-based parenting books and webinars, all of which I’ve actually taken a lot away from.


This outsider/insider feeling is helping my spiritual journey in some unexpected ways. First, I’m learning to live with the uncomfortable feeling it causes in me, which is a tremendous feat for someone who hates to be uncomfortable. I’m also learning that a lot of the boundaries between insider and outsider are just drawn inside our own heads, and that people are much more accepting than we generally think. At the start of this project, I felt a bit odd about wanting to read the Koran, the Bible, the Lotus Sutra, etc. because these aren’t books of my faith, but now I more clearly realize that the outsider label I was taking on when reading these is something I am applying to myself, and that the insiders of these faiths want people to read their holy books and to interact with them with regards to their religion. All it took was some welcoming ladies from mommy blogs and Jesus-centric math worksheets to make me realize this.


Next month: I finally begin my regular meditation practice… or do I?