Book Review – Wicca, Plain & Simple: The Only Book You’ll Ever Need by Leanna Greenaway

April, 2018

The cover states that the book is plain and simple and, also, the only book you’ll ever need. The forward of the book was written by Judika Illes, who is, also, an author and I quite liked it. The first chapter informs the reader about Witches and magic. She touches on the different types of Witches like Hedge, Traditional, Gardnerian, etc. It’s nice because she just does a quick little description of each, but it’s enough to give the reader a good idea of the differences between them. After that, she mentions Covens and how they were formed when Wiccans were persecuted so they had to worship in secret. Then she gets into Angelic Wicca right at the end and how she has personally chosen to follow the Angelic Wiccan path. It’s a great first chapter considering all that she mentions, but it doesn’t seem overwhelming at any point.

Chapter two breaks down Wicca and positive thoughts. “Life is like a big classroom. With each day, we learn and encounter new experience, and although at times the problems we face are hard, by going through the processes, we climb that spiritual ladder and evolve to a higher plane.” Has got to be my favourite quote from the book. It resonated to me as someone who has survived a lot of abuse and it made me feel like maybe my next life may be better due to the struggles I’ve already endured. She ends the chapter after going over some “Wiccan Ground Rules”

As with almost all Wiccan books, there is a chapter about Tools. That’s chapter 3 here. She gives a good list of typical items, touches on colour significance in the candle section and briefly talks about all the things you should have on your altar. This book lives up to its claim of being plain and simple, but in a good way. The way she just touches the tip of everything would make it a great book for a beginner.

Lunar magic is next. I think lunar magic should also be a pretty standard topic in Wicca, as a lot of what we do is based on the moon cycle. “The gravitational field of a full moon changes energy particles that reach the earth, influencing the way that we think and feel by changing the functions of our brain”. She informs the reader about the various cycles and the importance of each.

Chapter 5 is a very short chapter about initiation, specifically self-dedication and initiation, with just a few steps. The following chapter is about growing your own garden, the benefits of that and some ideas on which plants to grow and why. It’s one of the longer chapters of the book, and for good reason. She writes about what would be good for teas, tonics and superstitions, but again, in a user-friendly way with nothing being too complicated.

Chapter seven delves into animal magic. It’s another very short chapter that doesn’t get into much. I would have liked this section to be a bit better as half of the chapter is a personal story that is nice, but considering how much space if takes up, there isn’t a lot on animal magic itself. The tarot magic chapter is next, and that one is much better, with a lot of good information in a short amount of space and she writes about how “all tarot cards hold a magic of their own, and they can all help to bring about a positive result to your spells.”

I really liked chapters nine and ten. Chapter nine is about magnetic magic and chapter 10 is about the power of the pendulum. I, personally, use a pendulum all the time to help me with tough decisions and she suggested a great way to use a dictionary to help with divination, and the way she talks about the healing powers of magnets, I think a lot of readers would like it. She touches on some basic spells as well, which they are plain and simple again, so beginners can feel like these are spells they can do easily.

The rest of the book is spells specifically. There are spells for love, health, wealth, prosperity, happy families, career and willpower. All of the spells are user-friendly, and don’t need much for supplies. I am a fan of casting a circle before doing certain types of magic, but the author suggests just sitting and asking for protection. I personally wouldn’t feel safe enough to perform some of these spells without a proper circle, but I’m sure a lot of people would be fine with it. I think once a person has had experience with darkness, they are a bit more cautious.

The book overall is only 127 pages, and so it really is “plain and simple”, but she touches on a lot of different topics in those few pages. I would recommend this book to anyone starting out, but not really to anyone that has been practicing Wicca for a while. I still took some information out of it, as I do every book and I was really happy with it. The book is a quick and easy read, and I know if I meet anyone who is interested in Wicca I would for sure tell them about this book. I, also, think I will be looking into more of Greenaways’ books as it seems like she knows what she is talking about, and I love that she doesn’t over-complicate anything. I am happy I had the opportunity to read this book and write a review for it.

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Worth the Witch

January, 2018

The BOHO Box




The BOHO Box is a recurring monthly box subscription full of surprises like beautiful boho jewelry, natural beauty products and cosmetics, essential oil-based perfumes, incense, crystals, candles… and surprise gifts like dreamcatchers or leather journals. Their boxes are $39.95 a month.

Right now they are only shipping within the United States, but if you join their Newsletter you get 10% off your first box!


The BOHO Box has sent us a box to review…so let’s get right to it.


The Box Arrives…



The BOHO Box comes in a completely plain brown outer box. This is great news to me. Though I am out of the broom closet (and you can find me kissing the tree in front of my house when I borrow from it) I favor this due to the fact that many are in the broom closet and you never know about nosy neighbors seeing things on your front doorstep.





Inside this box is another box and the beginning of the goodies! This box is beautifully decorated with their logo and states proudly “The BOHO Box”. You also pull out your first gifts that give you an inkling of what your box will be like.

First, A Bumper Sticker that states “Follow the Moon”. Nice, bright, and simple. You can put it on your car, altar, or anywhere.

Next, you pull out a real delight that makes you think. A gorgeous, handcrafted mask. With glorious plumage. The jewels around the eyes give it a festive effect. Great for Samhain, a party, or a fun ritual/spell.

Now I’m really curious. Let’s open this box and really dig in!



Included Papers

When the box with The BOHO Box business logo on top is opened you are greeted by a purple wax sealed letter. There are 2 pages to the letter. The first page is a letter that states all the goings on within the company and is very interesting. It tells you the topic of the Box for the month. Our Topic: Moon Goddess! The first letter goes on to detail all that is held within the box and what everything is used for.

The second page is information on different Moon Goddesses from all over the world. (Pictured in full box photo later.)

The letters are printed on beautiful parchment paper. The wax seal adds an elegant touch.


Spooky & Elegant Rhinestone Spider Bracelet



Who would like a spider bracelet? I would! Especially one like this! Elegant is definitely the word for this bracelet. The rhinestones have a wonderful crystal-like feel. Sturdy, not cheaply made or flimsy. The design is gorgeous. Clasps on easily. No fear of falling off. The way it clasps it seems to be able to fit multiple size wrists.


Wild & Free Boho Crescent Moon Layer Necklace



This decorative necklace has a very creative design. It harnesses the moons power in many creative fashions. It definitely has a wild & free feel to it. The short part of the necklace has a choker feel to it, while the long piece gives you a lariat effect. Both work together to give a wonderful appearance.


Anointing Oil Formulated for Rituals & Spells



Given to us is Samhain Anointing Oil for Rituals & Spells by one of the most trusted and best Pagan companies known to us online shoppers, Azure Green. It smells wonderful, like nutmeg and cloves.


Boho Ring with Mandala Inspired Design



It’s Large in design size and very pretty. But it’s hard to send a ring. The finger size is average to small. It didn’t fit me or my young niece. I did find someone for it to fit and she loves it. So that makes me very happy because it really is a very pretty piece. I can see how difficult it is to include a ring in a box. It’s a wonderful idea, though.


Black Pouch Containing Gemstones



The black velvet pouch contains 3 raw stones, this means they are not polished down to smooth stones. You get the in their raw energies. The stones are a Black Obsidian, which has a glorious shine to it. An Amethyst and a Moonstone. They are all sparkly, huge pieces. The reasons for sending them and their correspondences are listed on the papers sent.


The Moon Incense Cones



The Moon Incense are from HEM which is a company, if you burn incense on a regular basis, you may know well. They are a great company. Well known and trusted. The scent is relaxing when burned, it gives a clean aroma.


Celtic Inspired Crescent Moon Pendant



Beautiful moon with lovely markings. Almost looks like marcasite. The three bulbs could represent the triple goddess. Choker length. Good medium size.


Silver Nail Polish to Mirror your Jewelry



Now that you shine with your new jewelry, your beautiful mask, and your fully anointed, why not have your nails shine, too!! This is a full size bottle of Silver, shiny polish. Not sample sized. It’s silver, also, not like foil, or a gray.


Moonstone Pendulum



Good weight. The peachy color to the pendulum is delicious. The gemstones that run up the chain are brilliant shades. The gemstone chips on the balancing side of the pendulum are a very pretty touch.


Cloth Pendulum Mat



As if a pendulum was not enough, a pendulum mat was sent! I have not seen one of these. I am used to seeing pendulum worksheets on paper. This is a thick cloth. The bottom side has a grip type fabric to it. The top is made of a velvet type fabric. It is a lot fun to work with. We tried it with those new to the pendulum and those who are old hands at the pendulum and they both enjoyed it.


Starry Forest Card to be Framed



A beautiful picture is sent to inspire you. It is of the night sky in the forest. The stars in the background look as if they glow. The picture is for you to save and frame or just hang. It really is breathtaking.


Personal Oracle Card Reading



I found this reading to be something rather incredible because it hit right on what I was going through at the moment. Without the round about mumbo jumbo that could fit any situation. It spoke to me directly. Also, sage advice was given.

The card that was drawn for you, is given to you to keep. The deck the card is taken from is beautiful. The advice is given on parchment paper. I found this part of the box to be the most inspirational.


Over All Impression…



I think The BOHO Box had me from the wax seal! No wait, the mask! It spoke of surprise and whimsy ahead. Boy did they deliver! Each turn had a new surprise and unique gift. This box made me shine in so many ways. It made me feel pretty and good inside and out!

The jewelry and polish made me shine & glow on the outside. The incense and stones had me feeling good spiritually. The pendulum, pendulum mat & anointing oil The BOHO Box provided helped me to be more spiritual in my everyday life.

Now this reading The BOHO Box sent me. Honestly, it blew me away. I don’t know how they did it. How they can give a personal reading to touch everyone in a subscription box, but they do. It was personally addressed to me, by name and all. I am very, very impressed. The box is only $39.95 and for all you get, I find this a very fair price.


So who is behind The BOHO Box? Her name is Diana Price and she took some time from her very busy schedule to talk with us at PaganPagesOrg about The BOHO Box and more.


PaganPagesOrg: What brought the idea of The BOHO Box to you? 

Diana Price: Even before I discovered that the box subscription phenomena was a real “thing,” I thought it would be cool to create a subscription to some kind of box filled with things to pamper people and make then feel good. Then I discovered a lot of people were already doing that and became a subscriber to a box myself. 

When that box arrived every month, I was downright giddy. That great feeling inspired me to get serious and do it myself. I have many interests, mainly metaphysical, but I was building a boho lifestyle blog and decided to go with The Boho Box first. Ironically, that boho site is being revamped because I discovered that “gypsy” is considered a racial slur, so The Soul of a Gypsy has to be completely rebranded. Fortunately, The Boho Box also has a separate site/domain.

I’ve also secured domains and social media for an astrology box and may try to create one for my jewelry/metaphysical store, The Midnight Rose, but I’m still learning the ropes with The Boho Box. One at a time…


PaganPagesOrg: How did you begin the process of the subscription?

Diana Price: I joined up on groups with others doing subscription boxes to learn as much as possible and signed up with the selling platform Cratejoy, but the costs of it are high, so I am trying to funnel subscribers directly to my site with the hope of reducing the cost.

I already had a list of suppliers from trying to launch online stores in the past and a small store on my Tarot and Horoscopes site, so I had the resources for the products already.


PaganPagesOrg: How do you choose what to put inside the boxes?

Diana Price: I try to choose monthly themes and sort of match things up, but this last month I think I got a little too caught up in that. I had found these gorgeous crystal lotuses, then choose very sparkly jewelry to go along with it. It didn’t go over so well, so lesson learned…. stay BOHO!

I still try to keep with a theme because ideally I want all the jewelry pieces to work together so people can layer, but check myself to make sure I stay in line with the boho style. 

After the jewelry pieces are selected, I browse through my suppliers and start filling in the other goodies. I’m also wanting to create more handcrafted items starting with the February box.

Basically, I try to create a box I’d love and get excited about opening. 


PaganPagesOrg: Is The BOHO Box a recurring monthly box subscription?

Diana Price: Yes, it’s a monthly subscription.


PaganPagesOrg: Are you, yourself a pagan?

Diana Price: Yes, although I tend to be a bit of a closeted one, not talking much about that or my tarot and astrology interests with many casual friends because I’ve been burned in the past by that. Many years ago I worked night shift in a nursing home and would bring books to read in the downtime, often on metaphysical topics. I found out from co-workers the Southern Baptist charge nurse was telling everyone I worshiped the devil and didn’t know it, and even said “Suffer not a witch to live.”

I was devastated. Unfortunately, many who visit your site will probably have a similar story.

I’m working on being more open about my pagan and Gothic sensibilities. I’m currently on a travel nurse job in Charleston, SC, and as I was driving around, I realized my style and the vibe I REALLY want for my new store and jewelry line, The Midnight Rose, is more witchy southern Gothic and I need to fully embrace that. I had been sort of “mainstreaming” the jewelry line and avoiding anything too pagan or dark, but that’s who I am and I need to embrace it.


PaganPagesOrg: What are some of your interests?

Diana Price: I love to travel, although preferably without the nightmare of a temp job I’m currently on, and love photography, tarot, and I’ve been doing paranormal investigations. I’m also getting serious about candle-making and natural beauty products as well as jewelry design. 

I’m quite the foodie, so I’m trying to cram in as much fine dining as possible while in Charleston and I’m taking next weekend to visit Savannah. I’m sure I’ll return inspired!


PaganPagesOrg: Do you sell other products?

Diana Price: Yes, as I touched on, The Midnight Rose will be selling more than jewelry when it’s fully up and running – also new and vintage clothing, custom candles, herbs, natural beauty products, and Victorian/Southern Gothic gifts as well as tarot readings and astrology charts/reports. I’ve also started designing a line of Semicolon jewelry for suicide awareness.


PaganPagesOrg: Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or your boxes?

Diana Price: Like many other box businesses, I’m just a small, “mom and pop” operation, but I take each box personally and always try to deliver a lot of value and something that makes people happy. I think that’s especially important right now in these dark times we’re living in. I believe one of the best ways to fight back against that darkness is to spread as much light and positivity into the world as possible.


I’d like to thank Diana Price for talking with us and I wish her so much prosperity on her endeavors. I know I can not wait to see her new ideas. If they are anything like The BOHO Box I know they will be great!!


Helpful Links:

If you are interested in Visiting The BOHO Box Site, Visit:


You can Subscribe for $39.95 a month by Visiting:


For More Information on The BOHO Box, Visit:



About the Author:

Jennifer Sacasa-Wright is a Witch and she runs PaganPagesOrg eMagazine.  She loves hearing your opinions & thoughts on the eMagazine and welcomes comments. You can find her email address in the about section.  When she is not working on PaganPagesOrg she is creating in some other way.

Seeing the Signs

April, 2017

Using a Pendulum with Runes


Since buying a set of Runes in January of this year, I have been working with them and studying both their history and lore diligently. Using Alexandra Chauran’s wonderful book, Runes for Beginners: Simple divination and Interpretation as well as the chapter on Runes in The Fortune-Teller’s Workbook: A Practical Introduction to the World of divination by Sasha Fenton, I am slowly – very slowly – becoming adept at using the stones. I am also – of course – searching the internet for all the information I can find. I made a chart for myself that I refer to quickly and am beginning to memorize the Elder Futhark alphabet. I found the font online and downloaded it so I can use it on my computer.


One thing I do on a daily basis is draw a Rune as part of my morning meditation. I have been doing this for years with one of my Tarot decks and now I compare the two messages and see if they are working together or opposed and what that means for me. It’s amazing how often they work together. For instance, pulling VII The Chariot and the Rune e , which is “eow”, “horse”, meaning “movement, travel”. Or II The High Priestess and L , which is “lagu”, “lake”, meaning “moon goddess, women”. The more I use the two divinatory methods together, the more this happens. There is a kind of synchronicity that seems to be occurring which is really cool.

Of course, plenty of times, I can’t make head or tails out of either the Tarot card or the stones and I just sit there looking at them like what the fuck is this? But that’s okay, too. Sometimes there is no message. That’s just the way it is. The message is that there’s no message. Like the Beatles sang, “I’ve got nothing to say and it’s okay.”

This morning, I pulled the Ace of Wands and v, which is emotional happiness. That tells me that my emotional happiness comes from starting a new project and sticking to it – rather than looking for emotional love – I am happiest when I am working. I have been writing all day and feeling really good about myself.


One of the things I do at least once a week – if not more – is read the Runes using my pendulum. This is how I do it. I put out all the Runes face down. Since there’s 25 of them, I make a square of five rows of five stones. Then I let my pendulum choose which stones to turn over. If the pendulum moves – generally in a strong back and forth motion – then that’s a stone to be turned over. If the pendulum doesn’t move, then I go onto the next stone. Out of twenty-five stones, the pendulum will pick between three and seven stones. Usually it picks five. Most of the time, in fact.



Again, sometimes I can get a good reading out of this method and sometimes I can’t. Sometimes I can even get the Runes to spell an actual word. But if I can’t, it’s no big deal. I just work with what I’ve got.


This particular reading I did just before I went on vacation. The pendulum picked six stones this time. N and x both indicate needing to watch my back. Naturally, whenever you’re traveling, you have to be careful of everything – where you set your luggage, when you pull out your wallet, who you talk to. Of course, this is true of life in general! k is warmth, “life” and s is the sun, meaning “life force”, and on my travels, I would be seeing both my beloved only son James, and my elderly parents. t is “Tir” the war god, meaning “passion” but it looks like an arrow shooting into the sky – I was flying on my trip and I passionately love to fly – even with the inconvenience of going through TSA! And e is movement – I have been in perpetual movement these past few weeks – taking busses, subways, trains, and of course, planes. So this reading really hit the mark!

The more I use Runes – either with other divinatory methods or alone – the more I love them. If you haven’t gotten a set yet, get out there and buy yourself one! It’s well worth the money. Or find twenty-five small stones and paint the letters on them. But do it! Runes are a great divinatory system and everyone should have a set on hand.

Seeing the Signs

September, 2015

Using a Pendulum with Tarot Cards or Oracle Cards

When I was researching last month’s column on using a Pendulum, I found a blog called “New Age Blog” written by Travor Mayes. The page I was on was from 2009, but it had an entry about using your Pendulum in conjunction with Tarot Cards. He said to lay out nine cards and then: “Let the pendulum select which cards apply to you with a yes answer, the pendulum will also decide how many cards to turn over.”

This is of course rather confusing but I got out my Rider-Waite deck and after shuffling and cutting them the proper amount of times, I laid out nine cards. I didn’t have a particular question in my mind – I just wanted to see what would happen.

The pendulum barely moved or didn’t move at all as I held it over each card. Then – the fifth card – it started moving – very definitely – in an up and down movement. I turned the card over. It was the Queen of Cups, reversed. The pendulum was still until the last card and then it moved in the same definite way. I turned the card over and found The Magician. Given that I have been in my usual summertime depression, I saw the reversed Queen of Cups as my current weepy self and the Magician as the power within me to change my mood for the better.

So then I reshuffled the cards and laid out another nine cards. Since time, I asked why I was depressed.


As you can see, my cat Radar was helping me!

I tried the method other ways. I used three cards, five cards, seven cards. It works best with nine cards. I’m not sure why that is, except that the fewer cards you have laid out, the fewer cards the pendulum picks. With only three cards laid out, it is possible that the pendulum might not pick any one of the three. Honestly, that gave me pause. Maybe the pendulum knows more than I do and it’s just not a good time for a Tarot reading.

Another thing I tried was laying out the entire deck, all seventy-two cards. I had to lay them out on my living room floor and it took me quite a while to hold the pendulum over each card as I meditated about my question.


But again – it was just amazing how the pendulum started swinging when it wanted a particular card. There was absolutely no mistaking it. Out of seventy-two cards, the pendulum picked fifteen cards. I shuffled these cards and laid ten of them out as a Celtic Cross:


I also did a trumps-only spread using the Lovers Tarot and I had a fun time with the Secret Dakini Oracle, and this method works wonderfully with the Motherpeace Tarot too. In fact, I am going to try and develop more ways of using the pendulum with Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, even regular playing cards – I think this is a great way of blending divinatory mediums and I haven’t had this much fun with my cards in years!

Works Cited

Seeing the Signs

August, 2015


Divining by Pendulum

Recently, I received a beautiful pendulum from our generous editor, Jenn. I have used pendulums in the past but they were homemade ones of braided embroidery floss & crystal buttons. This is a really nice one!


It felt really good in my hand and it was weighted perfectly. And I loved the pentacle etched into it!

Although I have used pendulums in spell work in the past, I naturally had to pull out my books and do some research on using one. I was rather dismayed at what I found, or what I didn’t find. But perhaps that’s because of my own preconceived notions and I admit that right now.

First I consulted The Fortune-Teller’s Workbook by Sasha Fenton. She only has two pages on the subject and personally I think what she presents is pretty useless – more dedicated to dowsing than to using a pendulum. She writes that both methods “are normally used to locate things”. Also: a pendulum can be used “predictively” for giving a “straightforward yes or no answer to a question.” (Fenton, 198)

I have only heard of dowsing for water. And where I’m from, you use a dowsing rod, one of those sticks that have one prong at one end and two at the other end, to search for water. Although she mentions dowsing for a “long-lost gold ring” (Fenton, 199) nowadays I suppose you might have better luck dowsing with a metal detector. But I suppose you could dowse for anything if you wanted to.

The only other book that mentioned using a pendulum for divining purposes was Raymond Buckland’s The Fortune-Telling Book. I thought that one of my other occult books might mention using a pendulum but none did. (It was fun and informative looking through all of them). Buckland also connects Dowsing and the use of Pendulums but he has a separate chapter for Dowsing. When I looked up Pendulums in the Index, I was redirected to “Radiesthesia”, which he describes as a “refinement” of the “art of dowsing, rhabdomancy or water witching” (Buckland, 397) He goes on to say that although its history “can be traced” over thousands of years to its origins in the Orient, it became quite popular in the Middle Ages and remained popular into the Nineteenth Century. He writes that in the Middle Ages a key on the end of a chain was popular; but any kind of small weight will do – a ring, a pendant, a special locket. (Buckland, 397) I imagine that this kind of divination was easy to carry around with you and easy to disguise when any kind of soothsaying or witchery may have been punishable by torture and death.

The use of this kind of divination is deceitfully simple. The pendulum swings one way for “yes” and the other way for “no.” What could be simpler? However, it often gives no answer at all. “If the pendulums swings in a circle or doesn’t swing at all, it may be because the question asked is ambiguous and needs rephrasing, or is one that cannot be answered with a simple yes or no.” (Buckland, 398)

He talks of using a pendulum to find lost objects. For this, you use a map, and the pendulum swings when you move it over the area where the object you wish to find was lost. Out in the field, you need to mark the area in a grid and move accordingly, using your pendulum as a guide. It should swing in the same place where it did when it was being held over the map and you will find your object. (Buckland, 399) I personally have never used a pendulum in this way.

Growing up, I always heard of using a pendulum over a pregnant woman’s belly to determine the sex of her unborn child. If the pendulum swung straight back and forth, the child was a boy. If the pendulum circled, the child was a girl. This was often done at baby showers by one of the older women. With the advent of sonograms, this is a lost art.

So, how do I use my pendulum? I use it for “Yes/No” questions. “Should I stay or should I go” comes up a lot! I also have been using it in conjunction with Tarot readings. With a daily 3-Card Spread, I will hold the pendulum over each card and note the way the pendulum swings – which direction, how strong, if it’s in a circle, etc. I’m not quite sure what I’m doing with this yet! But it’s an interesting experiment. I write down my findings and hopefully, a pattern will emerge.

And isn’t that what divination is about? Looking for patterns and seeing the signs? 

Until next month, blessings from pollyapplequeen…

Crafting in Sandi’s Enchanted Garden

June, 2013


Making a Pendulum from a Crystal


                Hello crafty witches! My name is Sandi and I will be showing you how to create fun and magickal things right here in my enchanted garden. I want to thank everyone at Pagan Pages for inviting me to create with you! Today we are going to make a crystal pendulum and a question board.

                Pendulums are used for many different things from finding lost items, to figuring out answers to problems, and even locating spirits. The pendulum is basically a chain with a pointy end. Copper and crystals are the best things to use for your pointer on your pendulum. If using a crystal you can choose one whose properties match the intentions of the question you are trying to answer.

                A question board can be something as simple as a piece of paper with yes and no written on it or as fancy as you could imagine making one. A question board isn’t necessary but can be a great help with focusing and for learning. If you are looking for a lost item a floor plan of the place you want to search is necessary. Hold your pendulum over the plan while seeing your lost item in your mind. The pendulum will move towards the spot your object is hiding! If you are searching for spirits focus on the desire to communicate with the other side and ask questions. The spirit may move your pendulum in the direction that indicates a yes or no answer to you. Sometimes a pendulum has been known to point to spirits in a room.

Before using you pendulum you must first calibrate it. To do this begin by establishing the direction you want it to seeing for a yes answer and which way for a no answer. Next, begin by asking questions you know the answers are true. After a few of these ask questions you know to be false and see how it answers. Once satisfied with the way the pendulum is answering you can begin using it for divination and searches!

                You will need:

A crystal with a definite point

A 6 ½” chain or rope

2 – 10” wires to wrap your crystal

3” wrap wire

A bead of your choosing

Flat nose pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Wire Cutters


The first thing we want to do is to wrap our crystal so it can be hung from a chain. 

Take your 2 wires and bed them into an L shape in the center. Hold them so that they face each other and make a small square in the center.

Place the bottom of the crystal through the square and twist the ends        

                                          with your pliers 6 times.

Then fold the twisted wire flat against the stone towards the top and

start twisting the new sides together.     

Bring the sides to the top of the crystal, hold together, and bend the wire back with the round nose pliers into a bail.  


Take your wrap wire and wrap it around the bail.    


Cut off the excess wires and flatten.


Cut a 2” – 3” length of wire and run through the bead. Use your flat nose pliers to hold the wire and the bead. While using the round nose pliers make a small loop and wrap the excess around the loop to hold it in place. Do the same with the other end but slip it through the chain before closing it off. This bead at the end will help you to hold onto the pendulum when using it. 

Use a jump ring (or make one with wire) to hold the pendulum to the chain, and you are done!