Review of The Death Show: A 14-Part Series on Healing and Understanding presented by The Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show

October, 2018

The Death Show: A 14-Part Series on Healing and Understanding presented by The Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show


…”The World’s Only Show About Forensic Soul Analysis. If Science & Mysticism got married, the Outer Limits of Inner Truth radio show would be their child. OLIT (Outer Limits of Inner Truth) is a program about introspection, discovery, and evolution. It premiered on February 2014 and within a few short months, was picked up for national syndication on Starcom Radio Networks (44 AM Stations). In 2018, OLIT was picked up by Mental Health News Radio Network (a large media network that features programs about psychology and mental health)…”

This 14-Part series about Death is comprehensive and informative in its presentation. Each broadcast is an hour or more in content with each section parceled out to reflect all of the stages, questions and beliefs about Death. The collection of more than seventy interviews is a mix of select listeners and a heavy dose of professional clairvoyants, psychics, mediums, artists, clinical psychologists, therapists, Reiki Masters and more. Overall, I found the broadcasts to more than adequately foster a place of community, sharing and counsel that is applicable to all aspects of the grieving process and more importantly to the fear of the unknown and our own mortality.

Although time intensive, I enjoyed listening to the different perspectives presented and broadening my own philosophies regarding the Death Process. My Mother passed two years ago on September 22nd., so the information presented was both timely and comforting.

These are the topics explored:

The Healing Process Begins

Managing Mindset Parts 1 and 2

Exploring Mental Health and remaining centered and focused throughout the grieving process.

What You Can Do For Others

Practical advice on how to navigate grief as a support for the bereaved. It is a delicate space of knowing when and how to interject your support and sympathy when you are trying to offer comfort. Understanding what this looks like and that every individual is unique in how they process loss provides the necessary insight in reading the situation and assessing the need.

The Virtues

The Virtues are the Elite Team of experts on the Outer Limits including a Medium (Lisa McGarrity), Psychic Empath (Kerrie O’Connor), Animal Communicator (Lisa Caza) and Astrologer (Constance Stellas).

I was particularly drawn to this fifth installment and discussion of the Soul’s Journey and past life experience. All of us want more information on what to expect of our own death and how to reach out to those who have passed. Questions such as – How long before you should wait to attempt contact with your loved one? What forms do the Spirits take when they present themselves to the psychic/medium? How are they able to communicate?

How soon after the passing would you wait to connect? – general rule of thumb about 1 year for clear connection.

I especially liked the simplicity of this suggestion by Lisa McGarity:

What to do if you would like to communicate with someone passed over…..

Sending the intention of being able to clearly communicate with your loved one. Write a letter as though you were going to interact on a physical level. Often the response will come in the form of a dream or impression.

Teachers and Mystics Parts 1 and 2

There are many beliefs and cultural bias around death. Hearing some of these teachings and the ways we process the spiritual nature of death. Precepts such as non-judgment and the dispelling of the illusion of corporeal and manifest life. The Soul and the human form are reflections of consciousness and the levels of understanding and development that has occurred within manifest form, aligning the transition from life to death into the point of resonant energy.

Near death Experiences 3-Parts

A series of interviews with individuals who have had NDEs and their unique stories that carry some of the common threads.

Nanci’s Story

An depth sharing of a NDE and the blueprint of our cosmology that she was given.

Communication With the Departed

How communication occurs and the various modalities and types of communion that can be used to seek counsel from those passed.

Animal Afterlife

This section offered some much needed comfort and information to those who have lost a beloved animal companion.

Science and Skeptism

The conclusion of the series attempts to bring science and the inherent skeptic nature into cohesion. It concludes with a 4-way debate between the host, Ryan McCormick, David Silverman President of the American Atheists, David I. Orentein, Ph.D., Humanist Clery and Atheist author and speaker

NDE Researcher Dr. Jeffrey Long. The opening question posited by the host, Ryan is:

What if all of the previous segments were “bullshit”? What if science had a logical explanation for everything stated and there was nothing mystical about the experience of death? Ryan goes on to encourage listeners to develop their own belief systems rather than “following” the conclusions of others. This segment opens with an interview with Bob Berman, astronomer and co-author of Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe who promotes knowledge of our place within the Universe in both the stages of life and death and time’s role in creation.

The debate opens Pandora’s box of enabling the listener to formulate their own realities between what science and mysticism repel as truth and attempt to coalesce as belief.

To access the series: The Death Show


About the Author:

Robin Fennelly is a Wiccan High Priestess, teacher, poet and author.

She is the author of (click on book titles for more information):


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Jade Owl’s Kitchen

October, 2013

Photo used with permission.



Blessed Samhain!

This is hands down, no doubt about it my favorite time of year. It is the time of year of new beginnings, so I use this time to clean out all the old and make room for the new. I will clean out my herb cabinet and return the old herb to the earth via compost. If I feel the need for a new besom, I will either make one or purchase it. And instead of waiting for January to make new resolutions I will state mine at the end of my Samhain ritual. (And of course some of them will be long gone by Thanksgiving)

October is the last month many of us have to harvest what we have grown thru the year. By this time I have long since gotten all my herbs and flowers harvested, dried, and put up. But what about the barks, bulbs, and roots? They are ready now. Generally you should gather your barks in the fall when the sap is running. This reduces the damage to the tree. Remove small vertical pieces of the bark; never remove all the bark and never a complete band around the tree. You will kill it. Allow the bark to dry completely before using it.

Gather your bulbs and roots after the top of the plant has died back for the year. Some roots will reabsorb the moisture from the air; if this happens it will get soft and will need to be thrown away. Chop your roots into smaller pieces as some will be too hard to chop after they are dry.

Bulbs can be dug up and stored in the fridge until the next growing season by placing them in a paper bag and storing in the bottom of your fridge. Keep an eye on the bulbs to make sure they are not getting moisture as they will rot.

I will start making my herbal blends and tincture at this time. For the rest of the year it is pretty slow as everything goes to sleep for the season. I can experiment to see what works and what doesn’t without feeling like I am being rushed. As the earth is sleeping I am busy being creative making my own incense and potpourri.

This is something to try if you have them in your area. Years ago a neighbor of mine tried to keep Praying Mantises in her yard, as they eat the bugs that would eat her flowers and plants. This time of year is when you might start seeing their eggs. Each October (mid to end of month) she would go and gather some of the eggs and keep them in her fridge to keep them from freezing as it will kill the eggs if they do. The eggs are small, foamy looking and will be attached to leaves, stems, and branches.



with permission by:




Pet recipes


Doggy Peanut Butter Cookies

½ c honey                                                                    ½ c molasses

1 ¼ c rice flour                                                            11/2 c all natural unsweetened peanut butter

½ c buck wheat flour                                                  ¾ tsp baking soda

½ tsp baking powder                                                  ¼ tsp salt

1tbsp beef or chicken soup base dissolved in ¼ c hot water.

¼ c olive oil

In large bowl beat the wet ingredients and egg together until smooth. I another bowl combine dry ingredients and slowly mix into wet mixture until combined. If mixture is too dry add ¼ cup

Take a small amount of dough and roll into a ball about the size of an acorn. Place on a cookie sheet about ½ inch apart. Once cookie sheet is full take a fork and make the criss cross marks in the top mashing the ball down like you would if you were making cookies for yourself.

Bake at 375 for 10 – 12 min. cool and store in an air tight container.


Catnip Treats for Kitty

1 ½ c rice flour                                                            3 tbsp wheat germ

¼ c soy flour                                                               1/3 c evaporated milk

1tsp malt powder                                                        ½ tsp bone meal

1 ½ tbsp crushed catnip leaves                                   1 tsp chicken flavored soup base in ¼ c hot                                                                                       water

1 egg                                                                           1tbsp olive oil 

1/3 c milk

Mix dry ingredients together and add all remaining ingredients. Knead dough to mix well. Roll flat to ¼ inch thickness and cut into ¼ in strips and then cut into squares. Place on oiled cookie sheet and bake at 375 for 20 min. Cool and store in an air tight container.

Cooler nights are coming. Make sure your pet is where it can get out of the elements

I love to be in the kitchen and this time of year usually finds me making lists of things I want to make for all the holidays coming up. I make cookies, and candy for Samhain, Thanksgiving, Yule, and Christmas. (I was raised a Christian and still celebrate those holidays with my family) Every year I try to come up with at least one new recipe for each holiday.

Spooky Punch

In a large punch bowl combine 2- 2 liter bottles of 7-up with 1 gallon of apple cider. Add 2-3 peeled, cored, chopped apples, white grapes, and a package of gummy worms. Add ice to bring the level to just under the rim of the bowl. To liven up the punch you can add some regular or Malibu Rum. Please be responsible when adding alcohol.

I am serving this punch at my wedding on Samhain.


Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a great snack and you will have plenty after carving your pumpkins this year.

Rinse your seeds well. Preheat oven to 375 and line your cookie sheets with parchment paper.

In a small bowl combine 1/3 c canola oil with ½ tsp garlic salt, 1 tsp onion powder, 2 tsp crushed rosemary, ½ tsp thyme, and ¼ tsp sage. Pour this over your seeds and toss to coat. Spread seeds in a single layer on cookie sheet and bake till they are an off white color. You do not want them brown!! When done slide them off into your party bowl.


Something to add to your Samhain celebration

I try to always remember those that have past during this time of year and one way I do it is to set a table for my loved ones who have moved on. I will set up a small table with my favorite dinnerware and stemware and decorate it as I do the regular dinner table. Instead of serving food I will put a tiny pumpkin with my loved one’s name painted on it in the center of the plate. This way I feel them when I sit down to dinner.



Witchy Beauty

Clay masks remove toxins from the skin. Just simply mix powdered clay with enough water to make a paste. I add sea kelp to my clay because of oil problems on my face. Leave your mask on until dry and gently remove with warm water and a cloth. Rinse the cloth out good.


Recently a friend of mine mentioned how her feet were swelling and painful. I told her to rub peppermint oil into her feet. It may not remove all the swelling but will help some with the pain.

Try mixing 10-12 drops of peppermint oil with rubbing alcohol (at least 70%) and place in a spray bottle. When needed spray onto legs and feel and rub in. Be sure to wash hands before touching your face or eyes.

Next month I will be adding a new element to my column. I know that Pagans are all over and in every profession in this world. I was a truck driver for 17 years, and I will be adding some tips and info I have learned on the road for those Pagan Trucker readers we have here at Pagan Pages. Stay tuned.


That is it for this month. Til next month: Keep your brooms under the radar.

I love to hear from my readers. You can email me at: [email protected]

Blessed Be,

Jade Owl )0(

© 2013 By: Jade Owl (Margaret Creekmore)

Rebel Rede

May, 2011

Healing, the Witch Way

About two months ago my Pug Nacho Libre unexpectedly passed away. He was only 4 years old. It was the first time I have ever lost a pet and it was much harder than I thought it would be. I was surprised by how much my body reacted to the grief. One of the issues was that his death was so sudden and unexpected. I tried to dry my tears and to move on with my normal day to day life. I knew I was pushing away the grief and not really dealing with how I was feeling, but I thought it would hurt too much to really face what happened. I was also overwhelmed with my class and work schedule and felt like I did not have time to grieve-my life was just too busy. After about a month though I realized I really needed to deal with what happened and to start the healing process. It was then that I remembered I am a witch. I have magickal ways I can help myself to heal. I don’t know why I did not think about this before, but I suddenly just had the urge to do a healing ritual, some spell work, and some magickal cleansing.

It doesn’t matter how or what you do to magickally heal, but I do believe it is important for witches to do something other than mundane healing. I chose to cleanse my room (where Nacho died), have a ritual, and to do a three day healing spell (candle spell work).  I also threw a little Hoodoo in there, and used some graveyard dirt, string, and a crossroads to “bury” my grief. It is what worked for me. My favorite picture of Nacho Libre is now resting safely on my ancestor altar, where he is at peace. Through my magickal workings I am also slowly coming to peace with what happened. It is never easy for us to face death and loss of any kind, but it is a natural part of the cycle of life. Death is just the emptying of our physical shell, so that our spirit can move on to another place. Nacho isn’t gone forever his spirit is just on a different plane now. I still am finding physical evidence of Nacho in my house every day. Even in death he is still wreaking havoc and causing trouble. That’s just the crazy Nacho that I love!

Spot – Our Magical Cat: The Story She Wants Me to Share

January, 2011

Spot – Our Magical Cat:

The Story She Wants Me to Share

Spot was our very special pet.  She came to us from out of the wild in the spring of 1995 when she was about a year old.  We decided that May 1st was her birthday.  She had a very playful and inquisitive nature.  For a couple of months when my husband, Mack, and I would walk to the nearby restaurant down our street, often on the way there and back we would become aware of the presence of a little black cat following us.  We would turn to look and she would scamper into the shadows of trees and nearby objects only to emerge and follow us when we had turned away again.

Sometimes we would pretend to chase her and she would pretend to be chased, only to resume following us, and eventually disappear into the shadows.  I thought to myself, “There is a cat who knows she is black.”  I assumed she had a home somewhere in the neighborhood, but she had no collar.  For the next three weeks it rained almost continuously.  Then, one day, we returned to our home to find this little black cat all drenched and crouched on our doorstep.  She was obviously in need of a home.  We took her in, fed her, and nursed her back to health, as she needed some nourishment and de-worming.

Mack said he thought she had been living in the wild for some time, but, as she was very affectionate, she must have been raised by some loving humans.  She had no fear of people, only a healthy wariness of them.  It was also obvious that she was in heat, and we were deciding whether we really could keep her as we were not supposed to have a pet in our apartment.  We are on the second floor and have a spacious porch.  Naively, we thought she would stay on the porch with her food and litter box when we were away.  That is how we discovered ‘the cat elevator.’  One of the juniper bushes along the side of the building had a trimmed area off its trunk, just at the level of our porch.  By the time we discovered that she could come and go as she pleased, we also discovered that she was pregnant.

By this time, it was also pretty obvious she had chosen us and we were going to have to make things work out together.  We named her Spot because she was all black but for a large white patch from her throat down to her chest.  I checked out the cat encyclopedia and found her in its pages staring back at me, matching exactly the description of the beautiful longhaired black Norwegian Forest Cat with the large intense yellow eyes and exquisite triangular shaped head and face.  She also had the characteristic of ‘rusting’ when exposed to sunlight.  I would refer to her as my fire cat when her reds, bronzes, and golds reflected in the sunlight.  When out of the sunlight she would transform again to black.

Spot gave birth to five beautiful babies.  We ran an ad in the paper and found loving homes for all of them.  Then, I rushed her to be spayed, assuring her that she would always be my ‘kitten’ no matter what.  Spot was a natural birder.  She was not at all much interested in mice or frogs or anything other than birds.  She was so good at catching birds that we kept a bell on her to give the birds a fair chance.  In spite of the bell, Spot still managed to occasionally catch birds and would bring them to us, dead, as a gift, or, quite often, she would release them alive inside the house so she could chase them.  This always created pandemonium, which she loved.

Spot would regularly accompany us on walks in the neighborhood, usually to the post office, but she would not go all the way.  She had a favorite set of bushes she would sit inside of, and watch and wait for us to return.  She would then come out and resume the walk home with us.  She was not as fond of riding in the car but, with some persistent encouragement, she would tolerate it.  At her best, she really enjoyed watching the world pass by through the windows.  At home on her porch, she would constantly survey the neighborhood, her ‘domain.’  Riding in the car expanded her sense of place.  She knew exactly where she lived in the scheme of things.  She could come and go freely, and she was known and loved throughout the neighborhood by people and creatures alike.  She was a true queen.

I had become accustomed to Spot being around me a lot now that I was working from home.  She was always very communicative.  Very talkative.  And, she had a large vocabulary.  She would boss me around and make me do things just the way she wanted them to be done.  For instance, she would command me to make the bed for her every morning, and would not allow me to leave any wrinkles.  Sometimes I would hold Spot on my lap and gaze into her deep yellow lantern eyes and ask, “How will I ever live without you?”  Not that I was really expecting an answer, but her answer would come innocently, “What do you mean ‘without’?”

I know the life span of a cat, in human terms, is short.  But my last cat was a venerable Siamese who lived to the age of 23.  He was very healthy all of his life and was never under a regular veterinarian’s care because I could not really afford it.  When we lost Si, it was difficult, but understandable.  His bodily systems were shutting down.  He had lived a long life and it his time had come.  Now that Spot was going to be a part of our family, I wanted us to do the best we could for her.  We decided that rather than rely on the same country doctor who had done her spay surgery, we would take her for annual checkups at the large veterinarian facility in nearby Sumner.  They were well established, with a good reputation, so we trusted them and went along with their program of recommended vaccinations.

Spot was very happy and healthy and we never had any problems until the summer of 2007 when, based on her blood tests from her standard annual examination, she was diagnosed with early feline hyperthyroidism.  She was 13.  As far as I could tell, she really was not manifesting any symptoms of the disease.  I was curious about its cause and asked her doctor lots of questions.  According to him, in many cases they are finding that it is hereditary and begins to manifest as a cat approaches its senior years.  He also told me that it has become more prevalent in the later part of the last century, which veterinarians theorize is due to successive inheritance of the trait among the cat population.  He gave me literature to help me understand what effect the disease can have if it is left untreated and what the options for treatment were.  He also strongly recommended radioactive iodine treatment, which is a onetime procedure done at a specialized clinic.  As it so happened, there was one nearby, in Tacoma.  He referred to this treatment as safe and assured me that it was a ‘cure’ for the condition, whereas the other treatments would require lifelong therapy.  My husband and I discussed it and agreed to have it for Spot.

Because it was an expensive procedure, we could not have it done until March 2008.  By this time, Spot was 14.  Everything went well with the treatment.  Spot’s 1st month follow-up examination was perfect, and so was her 3-month follow-up.  This examination coincided with the time that her standard vaccinations were due, so I asked that they be done at the same time, thinking it was convenient to do so.

Over the course of the next 14 months, Spot began to develop a progression of serious medical conditions: osteoarthritis, lupus or similar auto immune disorder (requiring chronic steroid dosage), prerenal condition (earliest indicators for a body in danger of developing chronic renal insufficiency that can often be averted with appropriate medical treatment), chronic urinary tract infections (requiring antibiotics), chronic kidney disease (requiring 3 times a week intravenous fluid), anemia (requiring a blood transfusion), diabetes (requiring twice daily insulin injection), and ultimately, end-stage renal disease and sepsis.  Spot was in and out of the emergency hospital and several times needed to stay in for extended periods of time.  At home, we cared for her and gave her the treatment she needed.  Assisted and supported by Mack, I nursed her throughout her progressive stages of health and appealed to the Goddess to heal her.

Throughout this period of Spot’s illness, Mack and I were in the process of closing a deal, on a lot across the street from where we live, where we plan to eventually build our own home.  I found myself, on several occasions, sitting by a little crab apple tree on our soon-to-be-own land, praying to the Goddess to heal Spot.  Every time the thought occurred to me that she was dying, I was afraid because we did not, yet, own our own place.  Where to bury her?

Spot, however, was not afraid.  She made an amazing recovery and seemed to be making progress to her good state of health.  In May of 2009, we finally closed the deal and got our land.  Spot had become healthier than she had been in quite awhile and spent the next three months hanging out with us on our property, doing wonderful lazy cat things in the sun and exploring all of its plant life.  Until nearly the very end, I believed that Spot could be healed.

Her time to die came on August 19, 2009.  Spot was 15 years old.  Mack and I were with her during the day and a half of her passing, until her very last breath.  The Goddess had given us time for Mack to build her a beautiful wooden coffin, and we knew where we would bury her.  Now, she is the heart of my sacred grove near the little crab apple tree.  Mack later built me a beautiful garden bench, where I can often sit and meditate, and be with Spot.  It is a powerful place.

But this is not the end of her story.

Initially, my grieving period was intense.  I could still feel Spot’s presence and I strove to maintain contact with her.  In meditation, I can see her eyes gazing back at me.  I can feel the exquisite silky texture of her long fur and the velvet of her nose and paws.  I can feel the outline of her cheek bones while I rub her cheeks.  Now, when I do this, it is a joy.  But it was extremely cathartic for me in the beginning.  Several times, I asked Spot for a sign.  Once, right after I asked, a crow landed on the window ledge, called loudly, and then flew off.  Another time, when I was on the bench in the grove, a black walnut dropped from the sky.  It landed ten feet away on the grass glistening with dew, making it look like a jewel in the sunlight.  What is most interesting about this experience is that crows like to drop these nuts, usually on the pavement, to crack them open.  But, as I examined the sky, I could see no sign of a crow nearby.

For months after Spot died, I tried to deal with nagging thoughts and emotions regarding the progression of her illness, things I had not allowed myself to completely process earlier because I was so absorbed with trying to save Spot’s life.  I was conflicted.  I could not let go of the feeling that something was not right.  I asked Spot what she wanted me to do, and she told me she wanted me to uncover the truth.  I had kept all of her health records and I started going back over things.  It was a puzzle I felt I had to solve, and I also felt Spot driving me to do it.  There was data indicating Spot had had signs of a prerenal condition prior to having the radioactive iodine treatment and studies show that the radioactive iodine treatment can worsen such a kidney condition.  It looked to me like Spot’s doctors should not have recommended this treatment and should have alerted us to the need to be proactive in treating her prerenal condition.

I learned that a pet loss support group was available at the Tacoma Humane Society so I went there for two consecutive Saturdays, and was fortunate to be the only person attending.  Therefore, I was able to have a one-on-one session with the same facilitator both times.  She helped me find my conviction to go ahead and put together a detailed report of my findings to present to the veterinarian specialist who had given Spot the radioactive iodine treatment.  I decided to send him my report and ask him to meet with me to discuss it.  It took awhile to make the connection with this doctor, but he eventually honored my request and we talked the entire experience out over the phone.  He pointed out where some of my conclusions were not correct, agreed with some of them, and also pointed out some other things that were astonishing to me.

When Spot’s osteoarthritis was diagnosed, I had taken her to her doctor because she seemed to be in pain around her hips.  They gave her an injection of Metacam, which they referred to as ‘Kitty Tylenol’ and also gave me an oral form that I was to give her several more times at home.  But this veterinarian specialist informed me that Metacam is usually given to dogs and is known to be toxic to cats and especially damaging to their kidneys.  There is a website that has some startling information regarding this: .

The veterinarian specialist graciously offered to contact Spot’s doctors at the Sumner facility for me.  Eventually, all the doctors involved in Spot’s care, including this specialist, conducted an in depth review of her case and held a conference.  The outcome of their conference is that the hospital has made specific changes in their health policy for cats, and they have even named the new policy, ‘The Spot McLaughlin Health Policy for Cats’ in honor of Spot.  They will no longer prescribe Metacam to cats unless the owners insist on having it, in which case they must sign a disclaimer.  They also will stop giving vaccinations to any cat over ten years old.  In gratitude, I sent them one of my favorite photos of Spot, framed, to hang on their office wall, next to her health policy.

It was some consolation.  Far from replacing Spot, of course.  But both Mack and I feel satisfied that our efforts have born fruit for Spot to be long remembered, knowing that she lives on in a way that will make life better for many other cats.

Ever since Spot died, I have sensed her presence with me often.  She still goes walking with us, like she did in life, for she was that kind of amazing companion.  I know when Spot is walking with me now, because even though I cannot see her, I can feel her and am filled with a joy that is like warm sunshine.  There are other creatures, and a rare person, who also seem to notice her with me.  Spot is here because she likes this place.  It is still her earthly home and even though she can travel anywhere anytime she wants, she always comes to me when I call her.  Sometimes, sitting at my computer, I feel her lightly brush my bare leg with her fur.  Sometimes I see her from the side of my eye, but when I turn to look, she has disappeared into the shadows.

Now, more than a year later, we have another wonderful kitten.  A Ragamuffin breed, he was given to us in circumstances filled with synchronous coincidence that leaves us no doubt that Spot picked him for us to fill in, with joy, the deep space she made in our lives.  His name is Socks.  As a result of my veterinarian experiences with Spot, we chose to take a different health path for Socks and find an alternative to allopathic medicine for him.  Just at the time we decided this, a friend introduced us to Dr. Jennifer Preston, Holistic Veterinarian.  She has opened our eyes to the truth surrounding the current widespread common use of vaccinations in animals and the fact that there is a healthy alternative.

She provides a lot of excellent information on her website: .

I am still shocked and amazed, that I was so naïve.  But, I also know that I am not alone in having blind trust in allopathic animal doctors’ advice.  I am also grateful that I want to learn and understand more.  On behalf of Spot and Socks, Mack and I encourage you to do the same.

Mary McLaughlin, November 2010

HearthBeats: Notes from a Kitchen Witch

August, 2010

Pets and hot weather

For many of us this is our favorite time of year and a chance to have fun outdoors with our pets. The Humane Societies want Pet owners to enjoy this time while being mindful of the dangers that hot weather can pose for our Furbabies. Dogs primarily control their body heat thru panting and drinking cool water. In extreme heat, it can be difficult for pets to cool off and overheating is a serious danger.

On very hot days, pet owners should always be aware of their pet’s condition. Immediately stop strenuous exercise if pets start excessively panting, drooling or appear weak. You should take these simple precautions.

  1. When pets are outdoors they should ALWAYS have access to shade and cool fresh water.
  2. Avoid strenuous activities during the hottest part of the day. If you run with your pet, do so in the early morning or very late afternoon, when the humidity and temperature are lower.
  3. Asphalt and concrete can become VERY HOT in the sun, these surfaces can burn your furbabies paws and reflect additional heat back up at them.. Minimize exposure to these buy walking them on the grass or dirt as often as possible.
  4. When Traveling bring water and a travel bowl for your pet.
  5. NEVER EVER leave your furbaby in the car… If you see a pet locked in a car and in distress call the local police and ask them to call animal control. The pets owner  will thank you for saving their furbabies life.
  6. If you plan on shaving your pet please leave at least 1 inch of fur as they will get sunburns too.

Heat stroke is a very serious and often fatal condition. Pets in this condition should be moved to the shade, cool water given to them and ice packs on their chests and bellies while transporting them to the Vet.

These furbabies are part of you hearth and home, they love you, keep you safe, warn you of dangers and love you unconditionally… Please return the favor and do not do to them what you would not do to your own child.. they are and defenseless and depend on us as much as our children.

Pets and flea— and the treatments.

Further on this would be flea season for many of us… when all the animals you have indoors or outdoors seem to be bringing in all sorts of nasty fleas… or being bothered by biting bugs of some sort. There are a few things that you can do year round to help this.
1. Diatomaceous Earth is Mother Nature’s product with no harm to the environment, pets or to people. Diatomaceous Earth is not actually an “earth” but it is the fossilized remains of microscopic shells created by one celled plants called DIATOMS. As you will see, there are many uses for Diatomaceous Earth. This food grade product( not pool grade) can be used internally as well as externally. When lightly rubbed into their coats or dusted on their premises, it is very effective against fleas, ticks, lice, and other pests on pet dogs, cats, and birds. It can also be used as an organic wormer and will kill any worms or parasites the pets may have. When using as a de-wormer, mix the Diatomaceous Earth into their food as follows:

  • Large Cats – 1 teaspoon
  • Kittens – 1/4 teaspoon
  • Dogs 100 lbs + – 1-2  tablespoons
  • Dogs 50 – 100lbs – 1 tablespoon
  • Dogs Under 50 lbs – 1 teaspoon
  • Mini dogs – 1/2 teaspoon

As pets get older, they also get sore joints. With Diatomaceous Earth in their diet they will feel better.  Apply to moist kennel areas to reduce odors, dry the area, and prevent pest breeding.  Deodorizing and absorption are natural functions of DE, so add to kitty litter to absorb odors and keep the litter box drier.

Household Pests:

Diatomaceous Earth is a natural, organic insect killer. Diatomaceous Earth kills by physical action and not by chemical so there is NO harm to pets or humans.  The tiny hard and sharp diatoms scratch off the insects waxy coating, causing it to dehydrate.
Use Diatomaceous Earth for control of roaches, silverfish, ants, fire ants, bedbugs, lice, mites, spiders, earwigs, flies, fleas, box elder bugs, scorpions, crickets, and many other insects. Diatomaceous Earth can be used in and around the home, yard, animal housing, etc.  Sprinkle a 2 inch wide border around the foundation of your house to prevent insects from entering.

This can be used on humans as well as pets.

2. Eucalyptus.

To foil the nasty little pests in your home, place eucalyptus in dog bedding, under carpeting, and in furniture. Sachets of eucalyptus can also be placed in linen closets, and in low-lying cabinets and drawers. An infusion of eucalyptus oil in the final rinse when you launder your dog’s bedding will kill fleas, their eggs, and any mites that have hopped

On for the ride. Make sure to always wash suspect linens in hot water.

Make your own flea dip.

Vacuum carpeting and furniture frequently, and bathe an infested dog with a quality flea dip. You can make your own from 1/3 cup of dried rosemary leaves steeped in 1 1/2 cups of boiling water and left to cool overnight. Strain and combine the liquid with warm water and 1/4 cup of lemon juice for your pet’s final rinse.

3. Essential Oil Repellants

Drops of eucalyptus, cedar, peppermint, citrus (dogs only), lemongrass, pennyroyal oil, will  work as repellants. You can mix 10 drops all oils but pennyroyal oil( only 5 drops) with hot water.. shake well and spray on carpets , floors, beds and furniture.  You can also place all or one of these on the collar of your pet as a repellant.. but be careful with this as pennyroyal oil is toxic in larger doses.

While not an insecticide, these blended oils repel fleas with their smell. Even better, the scents are often quite pleasing for people. Be careful with your cats.. they can be very sensitive to essential oils and they have a very hard time processing them. Do not place directly to their skin or sleep areas. More around them. or on the collars so the repellant works but the cat does not absorb into their skins as much.

Blessed be and Happy August

Until next time

Blessed Home and Hearth

The Hearthkeeper

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Animal Wisdom

February, 2009

Connecting With The Heart Of Your Familiar

One of the many things that we as witches strive for is to recognize the interconnectedness of everything. We look to the Goddess and God to show us the way. I am a hereditary psychic medium, animal communicator and have seen energy since I was thirteen. But even with these gifts, it took me a long while to discover the key to blending my energy with that of my familiar.  Animals are one of the best ways to connect with Divine energy for they are closest to Earth. They react instinctively and intuitively, their psychic connection is powerful and they are not guarded when it comes to sharing their wisdom. It is merely finding the way to listen and understand.

Each animal has their own purpose, just as we do. Some are meant to be protectors, others to be guides or healers. Familiars are meant to be all of these things. Did you ever notice when you are not feeling well your furry friend will lay right where the pain or discomfort lies, when you cast the ritual circle they have a need to be just outside or inside, that when something isn’t meant to be on the altar they knock it off?

These wonderful and gifted creatures deserve the utmost respect, the same that you would give anyone else in your circle. They are teacher, friend, and family. A simple way to connect with their loving spirit is to sit or lay with them, hold them if you can.  If you cannot hold them then just place a hand on them. Close your eyes, and match their breathing. Visualize their energy do not give it a color that will come on it’s own, see your energies blending with theirs. Your heartbeats matching in time, breathing with them. You may notice that your familiar will become very still as you do this. That means they are accepting you completely as a part of them. If they move away do not fret it just means that at this moment they are either to agitated or that you are not yet ready for the experience and knowledge they have to share. It is not a rejection. Also be aware that if you are in a heightened state or your energy is not completely calm the animal may react to this. So center yourself then try again.

I have a familiar, she is a beautiful tabby named Stevie I have worked with her for years. When I do energy cleansings or healings on clients she is right there jumping up on the massage table showing me where there are issues. Thought speak is the easiest way for these wonderful animals to get their messages across. A part of recognizing the interconnectedness of us all is opening ourselves to the wisdom of others. A way to do this with your familiar would be through mental pictures. A type of telepathic sending and receiving. Visualize in your mind something you would like for them to do, like look at you. Imagine that message being sent through the air to the point between their eyes. See what happens. This may not be something that works right away, but needs time and patience to develop. Animals don’t always recognize right away that someone is speaking to them. Especially if they have lived on their own with no other animal interaction. Their conversational skills could be a little bit behind. So like I said you must be patient. For others who have already developed a strong bond you may be doing this unconsciously already. Be aware.

The most important thing you can do to connect with your familiar is spend time with them, many of the animals that I speak with on a daily basis complain that their humans do not spend enough time giving them attention or playing with them. These animals want to help us on our journey, bring life, friendship, and understanding to our path. Be open.

Morgan’s Wardrobe

August, 2006

Households and Their Pets

Merry Meet Everyone!

Wishing everyone a Blessed and Bountiful Lammas!

This month I have decided to talk about how pets fit into the Wiccan household. Since Wiccan households see things a little differently than mainstream households, of course we treat our animals differently as well. As people who honor deities and energies of Mother Earth, we cannot help but hold Her wild creatures in reverence as well as Her domesticated creatures.

First and above all, pets in a Wiccan household are usually unbelievably spoiled. They are more than just pets; they are members of the family. Their moods and feelings are taken into account as such. Most magickal households will also have a conglomeration of animals if at all possible. They are treated as family members and are given the same attention and regard. Living in a house that is technically two residences, our household is home to 4 cats, 3 dogs and a myriad of fish. All are happy, well cared for and given at least as much attention daily as the children in the household.

One word of warning here is that while there may be many pets in a Wiccan household, it is also required that they all well cared for. This includes not just being fed and watered but being given the attention they both need and deserve. To have animals and not do this would be showing blatant disrespect to Mother Earth.

The presence of ritual in the Wiccan household is another aspect that doesn’t exist in mainstream households. While our pets are obviously present for our daily magickal workings, they may also participate in them as well. Some pets, not all, are considered to be familiars and will actually lend their energy to the daily magick of the household. Some of our household pets are familiars, actually, come to think of it, most of them are. Familiars are attached to a specific person and this is also the case here. While all the pets interact with all members of the household, each of them is spiritually connected to a specific member of the household. As spiritual consorts, each of these familiars aide the household member they are attached to in some special and/or magickal way.

As with good pets, familiars also tend to choose their ‘people’. When looking for a familiar, one can only ask that one be given and wait for an answer. Don’t expect that you will be able to go out and pick up a household pet and it will be an automatic familiar. It just rarely works that way. Familiars tend to appear in some of the strangest places in the strangest ways. My familiar is a perfect example of this. Through a twist of fate, I acquired him at the very young age of three weeks. At the time, I did not realize he was my familiar as I wasn’t particularly looking for one. I had just lost my dear old familiar of many years and hadn’t even given thought to a new one. One day a friend of a friend, someone I didn’t know well at all, asked me to take one of their kittens early. He was being such a piggy that the one other kitten in the litter was not getting nearly enough to eat. Since I had hand raised kittens before, I agreed to take on the task of raising the little piggy. The rest is history, as they say.

As you can see, pets hold a position of high regard in this household. I cannot stress enough that proper care must be given. This is something that needs to be considered before taking on the responsibility of a pet. To steal a comment that a friend recently made to me, they are not houseplants or frozen dinners to which one can just add water, they need love and attention. Yes, they can be and are work as well, pleasant work but work all the same.

Another consideration is what kind of pet you are willing and able to care for. Some pets require more attention than others to be healthy and happy. If you are looking to bring a pet into your home and are unsure of what type of pet might work the best for you, talk to your local veterinarian or humane society. They can help you to choose the pet that fits your lifestyle. Who knows, that perfect familiar may just be waiting to be adopted!

Light and love to all from Minnesota!


author bio:

R.Beth Hall was born in Southern Minnesota and grew up around the country as a “Navy brat” since her father had a career in the Navy. Her mother was a teacher for 20+ years and she also has a brother who lives in Denver, Colorado. Living in Garden Grove, California, until she was 18, she now lives in the Mankato, Minnesota area and has for the past 30 years. Although she is living the single life now, she has three children and four grandchildren to date; they all currently live in Minnesota as well.

R.Beth has an Associate of Applied Science degree as an Administrative Legal Assistant and while she has held several jobs in this capacity, she currently works as an independent contractor for a mail processing company. This gives her time to pursue her music passion. She has spearheaded a folk duet called Dusty Rockers that plays in local coffee houses and are working on recording an album.

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