Book Review- Searching for the White Magician: Spiritual Psychology and Manifestation of Destiny by Stefania Magidson in dialogue with Carmen Firan

February, 2019


for the White Magician

Psychology and Manifestation of Destiny

Stefania Magidson in dialogue with Carmen Firan

invite the reader to join me on a journey of exploration and
rediscovery of that inner place that holds the lens of mystery
through which Life filters, if we allow it. I invite (him) to find
that magic wand that transforms inner worlds into realities whose
potential is only temporarily dormant.”….

Stefania Magidson

love books where there is a dialogue between two individuals that
allows for dynamic discourse rather than simply a teaching or
theoretical format. Searching for the White Magician is just that.
Its premise is not new-that of seeking the Higher Self and its
connection to the deeper understanding of our resonance with the
Universe. But, it bears repeating in all venues, methodology and
practices to really allow access for everyone. Stefania and Carmen
exchange ideas and philosophies around this query and within the
pages an unfolding of practical application and understanding is

has a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, and her level of
inquiry and overlay of psychological analogy from a spiritually
infused scientific perspective offers the reader something to grab on
to when aspects of intuition and reaching beyond the five senses

topics flow from the realization that we are a “Grain
of Sand”
in a much larger sandbox
that is the Cosmos, to the question of how and if we “Can
(we) Choose Our Destiny”
“Feminism and Femininity”,
and more. My favorite was the chapter of discussion around “Religion,
Dogma and Divinity.”
I appreciated
the author’s perspective that they are not mutually synonymous and
it is our work to sort out what we believe and what we believe in.

conversation regarding “The Cycle of Existence” provides enough
meat and bones to satisfy the most cynical of inquiry with an opening
quote of… “Let us learn to add
life to our years, not just years to our life.”
heeding this statement opens you up to the possibilities inherent
when you choose to be more present and engaged in the joy and pain of
your life.

is clear in reading this little book that Stefania has a good grasp
of Buddhist and traditional Eastern philosophies and although not
clearly overt in every reading, are the underpinnings of what becomes
an exploration of what is both philosophical and inherently spiritual
in nature. The questions are universal, the answers highly individual
and personalized and the structure and wisdom within this book lead
the reader to thinking more broadly, feeling with more awareness and
being more attentive in all aspects of their lives, mundane,
spiritual and subtle.

who is the White Magician?

The White Magician is that Higher Self inside of us which understands
the subtle notions of the Universe and is in direct contact with our
intuition,, that side of us which has access to what is available
beyond the five senses…”

in all, this is a surprising important read that may be small in
size, but packs a deliberate awakening punch!

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the Author:

Fennelly is a Wiccan High Priestess, teacher, poet and author.

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Book Review: Confessions of a Bone Woman – Realizing Authentic Wildness in a Civilized World By Lucinda Bakken White

May, 2018

Book Review

Confessions of a Bone Woman – Realizing Authentic Wildness in a Civilized World By Lucinda Bakken White

This is a “coming of age” tale, the story of one woman’s rediscovery of freedom, joy and ultimately, herself. Lucinda Bakken White excavates her soul from underneath a lifetime of meeting expectations and fulfilling the demands of parents, peers, career, marriage and children and life as a “powerful socialite.” How does she do that? By excavating the bones and feathers of “roadkill” and creating art from them. She finds her life in the death and resurrection of the wilderness animals she roamed among as child.

Bakken White tells her tale of innocence lost and reborn using animal archetypes to describe herself at different points in her life. She moves from being a wolf, secure with her place in the pack, to a wolf among lions, changing her “skin” to meet the expectations of society and family. Her description of how she gave herself up, piece by piece and bone and bone, is worth reading. From the perspectives of both parent and child, it is an accurate description of how we are trained to conform, to be other than who we are and to take off the “skins” of our true natures to wear designer clothes. We become disconnected from the rhythms and cycles of the natural world and we fall out of balance with ourselves.

(Bone Altar)

Bakken White hears the call back to herself in dreams of Wolf and feels the pull to work with bones when she finds a buffalo skull that appears to her as a portal to other realms. She becomes “ravenous for bone” and finds that animals, dead and alive, communicate with her like her dreams do. Encounters with animals become an invitation to communicate with forces greater than herself and force her to stay aware and connected, pulling her back to herself and out of her superficial preoccupations. She finds herself working with carcasses of animals, preserving them, honoring the lives of the spirits that had once inhabited them and ultimately making sacred their presence here on Earth. Bakken White writes about digging into decaying carcasses with her fingers to get through what is dead to the bones, the structure of a life; she realizes that by digging through decay and going inside, with persistence and without horror, she can pull out and restore that which gives her life meaning.

Now as a woman coming of age and fully inhabiting her Elderhood, Bakken White works with other women to examine the masks they wear. She writes that in “looking back, I realized that bone by bone the animals I found were a metaphor for my personal process of discovering, unmasking and reconnecting the scattered parts of my true self.” But rather ending the book by identifying with the archetype of La Loba, the wolf woman who sings over the bones, Bakken White’s last chapter is called “Skunk.” Skunk is confident with herself and owns respect!!

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About the Author:

Susan Rossi is a Practitioner and Teacher of Shamanism. She is a long-time explorer of The Mysteries – the connections between mind, body, spirit and how to live in right relationship to all of the energies streaming through the cosmos. She works with clients as an astrologer, coach, ceremonialist and guide to the wisdom that each of us has the capacity to access. Her focus is on guiding clients to unblock and rediscover their inner wisdom. , exploration of the birth chart, ceremony, legacy writing, hypnotherapy, energetic healing practice and creation of sacred tools are integral pieces of her practice.

Susan trained in Soul Level Astrology with master astrologer Mark Borax. She delights in exploring with individuals the planetary pattern under which their soul choose to incarnate.

Flying to the Heart