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March, 2019

Crystals for Luck & Happiness

month with both the winter & cold weather dragging on (in my neck
of the woods) and St Patrick’s Day coming, I thought we can sure use
some crystal aids for bringing us more joy & happiness and some
good old luck! Are ya with me? Good! Read on to see which are my
favorite go-to crystals to get my happy on and when I need some luck
on my side.

Yellow Apatite

or golden apatite is best known for its amazing manifestation powers,
but for me it’s also just as fabulous for bringing joy. It’s sunny
gemmy color makes me feel happy upon looking at it! Yellow is a
cheerful color, and if you ever don’t know which crystal to choose
for a certain function you can always choose based on the color.
Colors are important because they can tell us which stones align with
the chakras, but also pretty much everyone knows the feelings that
are induced by looking at different colors! And yellow crystals are
bound to bring happiness and cheerfulness. Yellow apatite is a stone
that brings positive energy into your auric field. It also has solar
vibes and strong male energy. This bright and stimulating energy
strengthens your willpower and can help you discover what you really
want in life. It strengthens your confidence as well. Helps you to
become MORE…..of whatever you want more of in your life. Makes you
more positive overall and enthusiastic. Very powerful yellow ray


Jasper is known as the “happiness stone”. They say it’s
like valium in crystal form. If you are feeling down or blue, this
stone will be your best friend! It encourages feelings of joy and
helps you to release negative feelings so you are more optimistic. It
aids you in reframing negative experiences into a new positive light.
It helps you to communicate positively and helps you to verbally
express feelings of love to others. It relieves tensions, stress and
worry and makes you more aware of the good things in life. It
promotes self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. Ocean Jasper
has a strong heart based energy and I hope you will try this for
yourself next time you need a boost!


is another beautiful yellow color crystal and it is indeed a mood
booster and will cheer you up. It’s known as the “merchant’s
stone” and should be put in your wallet or in a cash register if
you have a store to attract abundance and success to you. It has a
strong sun energy and brings light into all areas of your life.
Brings joy, happiness and good energy to you. Citrine also transforms
negative chi energy into positive beneficial chi energy. Since it
doesn’t absorb the negative energy but instead transmutes it, citrine
never needs to be cleansed. Wear this bright sunny stone to tap into
the beautiful properties.


Aventurine is best known for its ability to promote growth. Whatever
you are wanting to grow or multiply, this is your best tool. I always
add green aventurine to my plants. (Just place on the soil or bury).
It also can help grow your luck. This is the stone recommended for
good luck rituals of any kind. It’s the stone you want if you’re
gambling or playing the lottery, as it’s the stone that boosts your
chances in any situation and helps align opportunities for you. It’s
also what is referred to as the “stone of personal growth”
and also aligns opportunities for learning, growing and personal
development. Green Aventurine is an optimistic stone and promotes a
zest for life. It promotes success and confidence and draws abundance
of all kinds to you. It can protect your heart, acting as an
emotional anchor of sorts. It can even help you to work through
unresolved emotional issues. This stone is such an important one for
anyone’s collection. A workhorse for sure.


doesn’t love pyrite? Its glittery golden sparkles that look like
literal gold. It looks rich and expensive, so if you want luck
(especially prosperity luck) then it makes perfect sense that this is
a great choice. This is a perfect stone in feng-shui for bringing
prosperity and abundance into your home or place of work. Pyrite
helps to relieve “poverty consciousness” and limited
thinking. It increases focus and gives you motivation and
self-confidence. It’s a symbol of wealth and success. It’s revered to
as “fool’s gold” but if you use this stone a fool you
definitely are not! Brings vitality, creativity, protection and
instills a warrior attitude. Gives you the ability to pursue your
dreams. Dream in gold and dream big and use pyrite as your partner to
create your bliss.


is known as a lucky charm. It promotes success, wealth and wisdom. It
is the best good luck charm for wealth, abundance and prosperity
specifically. Green represents growth and vitality (as with
aventurine) and not only growing a richer life in respect to material
possessions, but a richer experience in all aspects of your life.
It’s a wish stone or dream stone. Hold this or wear this stone when
you are visualizing your goals and dreams. The stone for dreamers,
reach for the stars with this powerful ally at your side and make
your thoughts become your reality! Jade is also a well known stone
for eternal youth. Using a jade roller for your skin, or making jade
water to spritz your skin is a great practice to incorporate into
your daily skin care regiment.

hope this gives you some crystals to get started with to tap into
happiness and joy. Try out one or more of these stones and see if
they make a difference in your life. If you need luck or good mojo
get yourself one or all of these good luck stones and start
experiencing their magic. All of these crystals work together
beautifully and complement each other, so the more the merrier!

invite you to make a happiness or luck grid with these stones, adding
quartz to magnify them all! How powerful that would be! Have a very
happy and lucky month and I hope you will come back next month to
read more!




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