Book Review – Angels, Spirit Guides and Goddesses by Susan Gregg

May, 2019

Book Review
Angels, Spirit Guides and Goddesses
by Susan Gregg
Quarto Publishing

Ms. Gregg’s book contains 100 different Divine Beings that can be called up for various situations. I love the art work for each being. There are four sub headers in this book: Archangels and Angels; Saints; Ascended Masters and Master Teachers; and Goddesses and Deities.

think that the way Ms. Gregg has laid the book out is very intuitive.
Each page begins with the name of the Divine Being, then if
applicable she writes where it comes from (i.e. religion, culture),
then the author states in what ways the being will help you. Then Ms.
Gregg gives an Invocation, and she also includes a small bit about
each Divine Being.

knew most of the Archangels, Angels and Saints. I learned somethings
in the Ascended Masters and Master Teachers. There were a few there
that I had only heard the names and knew nothing else of that being,
and only one I had never heard of before reading this book. (And I am
one who then takes that information and goes on a mad search to learn
more as soon as I can. So, this opened a new rabbit hole for me.)

and Deities really opened my eyes (and lead to another rabbit hole).
There were many Goddesses and Deities from other areas of the world,
that I admit I knew nothing about. Now that I have read a bit of
something about them, I can start to learn about them and develop a
relationship with them.

The way that Ms. Gregg has written this book, she has given some great in-depth information in a page. Each entry is only a page long, but it is packed with important information. No fluff or filler, but information that gives the reader the ability to start dialog with that Divine Being.

You can tell that Ms. Gregg wrote this book from a place of knowledge and understanding. The 220 pages of this book contain Divine beings from Hindu, Greek, Roman, Irish, Celtic, Sumerian, Norse, Hawaiian, Inuit, Mesopotamian, to only name a few. I had a great time reading this book and doing more research on the Divine Beings that were calling for me to learn more about them.

think Ms. Gregg has written a great book for those that are looking
for a starting point or are looking for information on how a Divine
Being will work with them. Use this book as a way to deepen your
relationship with any Deity, Archangel or Ascended Master you work
with now. Or to build a new relationship with one calling to you now.

Angels, Spirit Guides & Goddesses:A Guide to Working with 100 Divine Beings in Your Daily Life on Amazon


the Author:

reading and was thrilled to become a Reviewer for PaganPages.Org.
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Children’s Book Review – The Natural Storyteller: Wildlife Tales for Telling by Georgiana Keable

December, 2017

The Natural Storyteller is a gorgeous heart-warming book full of stories that children (and people any age!) can relate to. It is a collection of stories, carefully gathered over a period of years, from all over the world (different sources, locations, periods in history). Some are based on myths, others on legendary figures or even saints (e.g. St Francis of Assisi makes an appearance – but in the story we meet his child self!) or extraordinary things that happened in the lives of ordinary people.

What steals my heart about this book is that it unflinchingly addresses the turmoil and realities of life in the 21st century. The author does not shy away from tackling themes such as deforestation, war or corporate greed.

My favourite story is the King of the Deer (perhaps because I live in the forest in Sweden for part of the year where I see deer daily and observe them very closely). I had a rather traumatic encounter with deer hunters only two weeks ago and this story (about the King of the Deer putting a stop to the hunting of all animal species) really pulled at my heart strings.

I live in London for the larger part of the year and there is a lovely story about a London woman who finds a wounded baby sparrow on her doorstep during World War II. She takes him in and he becomes her companion, eventually bringing comfort to people who lost their homes in air raids. The woman was called Clare Kipps and I am under the impression that this story is based on a real life person.

The author describes herself as going on hikes and actively asking strangers to tell her stories. Predictably many people first say they don’t know any stories before proceeding to tell a very unique story indeed. Many of those stories are about friendships between humans and animals.

I love the scope of subjects, characters and locations. I also love the fact that she does not shy away from the difficult aspects of life. When children hear about characters in stories surviving such things and even finding courage or beauty under challenging circumstances – then that same resilience is reinforced and inspired in the audience.

Many stories end with a Q&A section where the storyteller can ask questions to test if the children have understood the storyline correctly. There is also a Myths from the Land of You section where children are encouraged to connect the story to their own lives and experiences.

This book is that rare thing: it unlocks emotions, ideas and a wild surge of creativity. Even I now want to take myself off on hikes around London and ask complete strangers to tell me stories about sparrows and crows (and may just do that for a day!) Stories about other subjects would be welcome too…

(Full disclosure: I was asked by HawthornPress to review this book as a teacher and author of a book about innovative work with children myself).

Imelda Almqvist, 9 November 2017, London UK


About the author:

Imelda Almqvist is an international teacher of shamanism and sacred art. Her book Natural Born Shamans: A Spiritual Toolkit For Life (Using shamanism creatively with young people of all ages) was published by Moon Books in 2016.  She is a presenter on the Shamanism Global Summit  2017 as well as on Year of Ceremony with Sounds True. She divides her time between the UK, Sweden and the US. She is currently working on her second book Sacred Art.

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