severus snape

In the Words of Mama Bear

February, 2016

The Lessons of Professor Snape


Mama Bear sits here looking at the 2” of snow that was dumped upon us last night without warning, and at the pile of cats holding me here in my chair. How on earth am I supposed to get a blog written? Do you know how hard it is to type with paws and claws and purring motors everywhere?

I shan’t write a long entry this month, however, I did want to speak on something that has affected us all; the death of Alan Rickman.

I know, why aren’t I writing about Lenny or David or any myriad of stars that have passed to Elysium in the past few weeks? Because they never touched me the way that Alan Rickman, in his role as Severus Snape did.

In that role, Alan Rickman portrayed something and someone that not only tugged at my heartstrings, but held up a mirror to my own life. It showed me that it’s ok to hold on to a dream, to help someone else manifest it if that dream manifests for them and not for you. In fact, it helps you to grow as a person.

He was the dreamer of far flung dreams, the last to give up, even after death had conquered Lily Potter. Instead, Professor Snape dedicated his life to the care and education of her son, Harry. In keeping Harry alive, his love for Lily lived on. No matter how much Harry and his crew loathed or feared Professor Snape, he always looked out for them and cared for the.

How many of us have done exactly that? Lost something or someone and then given all of our attention to someone or something else to enable that love to live on? Why do we do it? Do we do it to allow ourselves to see the original dream play out not as we wanted it to, but as we needed it to?

It’s difficult. Truly it is, to give something or someone everything that you are and will be, to spend those hopes and dreams, to watched them dashed and lived out by someone else, or something else.  Then you spend all of your energies protecting that someone or something else, just so you can see that dream live up to its full potential. Don’t overlook it. It’s like the old adage, “Where a door is closed a window is opened.”, and sometimes those windows lead you to worlds and opportunities that you cannot imagine, yet they are greater than you ever dreamed.

Mr. Rickman, thank you for bringing the lessons of Severus Snape to the big screen and into my life. Thank you for giving me hope, that no matter what, my dreams can continue in some form or fashion, even if they aren’t what my original vision was.

And I will remember you. Always.