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November, 2018

The Light Impulses of Sacred Sexuality

(The Kiss by Rodin)

With all the news and conflict about the Kavanaugh appointment to the US Supreme Court, I decided to focus on sexuality in this month’s article, specifically the energies of sexuality, which give an entirely different spin on what’s actually happening. If you watch the light streams around any love-making act, you’ll quickly notice there is a very bright Source of light high above. And beams from this Sun stream directly into the crown and heart of each individual partner, and from their human arms and eyes into one another. Those light beams are coming directly from the Creator Sun, the Source of Love for everyone in the cosmos. And it isn’t just any light, either. In the very center of the Creator Sun are God and Goddess, the Creators. They’re in a forever sacred marriage, and Their own individual vibrations are quite different, two ray colors and qualities of love with different directives and regencies across the cosmos as well. Her ray color is ivory, like moonlight, and it holds an intimacy/union essence. It’s the Goddess Who is regent of sexuality. His ray is rose red, and it holds a love-forever-true essence, the bridegroom, if you will. These two suns of light in the Creator Sun pulse apart and together in every moment, the Heartbeat of the cosmos. And in the coming together, a bright diamond light is created, dazzling clear light. THIS is the love force, the beam of light that is streaming down into those human lovers. It holds a highly creative orgasmic essence.

All humans have their own personal clear stream of diamond love coming down from the Source, VERY obvious to anyone who sees light in the ethers. And this light nourishes everyone on the INSIDE, plus giving each of us a heart full of love to pass along to others we care about. We humans do not create love, though it certainly feels like we do. And it is this very strong, dazzling, clear light that is affected by sexuality. For growing children, this light remains as a direct stream from above. But when the first love-making experience happens (hopefully as loving young adults), these personal clear streams of light of both partners are closed down from above and sent into each person’s outer human partner, instead. This means, each person’s partner becomes her or his source of love in a very real sense. When the two lovers adore each other and the union is consensual, this shift is sweet and meaningful, each partner basically becoming the priest or priestess of the clear light of love for the other. It is extremely POWERFUL, this shift, for after love-making, one’s partner feels like one’s own personal god or goddess. And this exchange of clear light, one to the other, lasts for one calendar year from the time of each love-making. In a relationship where love-making does not occur, each person retains her or his own light stream from the Source, and I believe this is why some monastic orders insist on celibacy, to keep the order’s love-light free and clear of any filters partners might add that could get in the way of the divine flow.

Not only that, but the action center in the root, the light behind the pubic bone that creates all our physical experiences, is also joined together in lovers for one year from each love-making experience. (This light center sends out tiny pictures of what God/Goddess wish to manifest in each person’s life. And the spirit world sees that this manifestation happens for each one of us. It’s how our personal physical experiences are directed and manifested, the creation of our own little worlds.) So, the personal worlds of both partners become intertwined after love-making as well. His strong beliefs in love and hers combine to create a new shared path of experience, but each partner’s personal fear beliefs also show up in both lives. (Inner beliefs create each person’s outer world. Our own little worlds are created out of what each person believes in. This is bedrock divine law.) So, if one partner has little self-esteem, perhaps, then this will be created into the other’s physical life for one year as well. And this shift into shared experience is more powerful in some ways than the exchange of clear light streams. Just to be very clear here, both these shifts, shared experience and clear light, happen and remain for the entire year, even if the lovers are together for only one night and never see each other again (though repeated union will intensify the exchanges). It happens if a single individual has many partners over the course of that year with every one of those lovers! It’s wise to be careful what one is actually taking on from a lover when making these sexual choices in life. (How sex workers manage to take in so much and live through it in their lives, I simply cannot imagine. How on earth could a woman break out of so many fears being built into her life? They are far braver than most realize.)

But let’s think about rape for a moment, shall we? The vast majority of rapes are males forcing themselves on women, so I will use this as my example, though I know it’s a bit limited in scope. These raping men have a need to force themselves on women, to control, dominate, and harm, both physically and emotionally. And THIS raping man then becomes his victim’s inner god for one full year! Her dazzling direct stream of pure love is cut off and comes through him. It’s like dropping through seven heavens straight into hell! Not only that, but his beliefs, which are extremely fear-based and harmful to herself, to say the least, manifest in her path of experience for a full year as well. This is control with a capital C! Rape is far worse than most people realize, beyond sacrilege. In fact, I can’t think of any words to condemn it vehemently enough.

Not only that, but there are parent streams of light from above, divine mother and father beams, that create and overlight all human parents caring for every human child, providing shelter, food, clothing, and especially love. But when the first love-making happens in young adulthood, these parent streams from the Creator Sun are shut off, too, so the young lovers can leave their growing-up homes, start earning their own livings, and create their own family. If it’s a loving relationship, this shift deepens the commitment, one to the other, bringing both partners into lifelong partnership both in outside work and in the home. But with rape, the divine parents’ light streams from the Creator Sun are closed off with no human partners to take their place. The victim’s livelihood from parents is lost, the relationship with human parents and family greatly diminished, and the inner dismantling of the carefree consciousness of a child who carries little responsibility follows, for the spirit world sees that these changes definitely take place in life. The lack of responsibility mindset of a child changes into the burdensome worry of having to provide for oneself, and the workload of normal adulthood becomes the daily experience of both lovers.

Now, let’s think about pedophilia in light of all these energy shifts taking place with a young child’s first sexual experience. Afterwards, the Source of love comes to the child through the abuser, instead of directly from above, with all the abuser’s fear filters in place in life and within. And the parental/family cocoon is broken down, the child having to fend for her/himself in a very real way. A heavy work pattern is one of the hallmarks of hidden childhood sexual abuse. I know these energies very well myself, for my own first sexual experience was at the age of three and a half. This caused a severe rift in my family, and I was held apart from the family circle in significant ways from then on, doing a lot of chores mainly. Do you see what I’m talking about? The Source/parent lights of love are definitely shut off for the young child, and there is no going back. For myself, I have since realized this was my core wound, the fear I agreed to carry and help heal for the universe. We all have one. So, I can now understand and forgive. But how many abused children are able to do that? How many thousands remain lost and alone? Too many to suit me.

So, this article is a plea to all readers in a way, to wake up with regard to sexuality, to THINK about what we’re really doing when we choose our sexual partners—to actually create our futures in love, honest-to-God/Goddess LOVE, for our partners, our children, our nations, and especially, our very world.


About the Author:

Jill Rose Frew, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, energy healer, workshop leader, and author. She will be opening a school teaching light healing and the Celtic path of enlightenment in 2019. For information, please see

She is author of Guardians of the Celtic Way: The Path to arthurian Fulfillment (her name was Jill Kelly then), and Alba RebornAlba Reborn, Book One, RevisedAlba Reborn, Book Two, and Alba Reborn, Book Three.

Guardians of the Celtic Way: The Path to arthurian Fulfillment on Amazon

Book Review of Pastel Spells by Rose Orriculum

November, 2018

Book Review

Pastel Spells

by Rose Orriculum



Taken from the back cover “Pastel Spells is a pocket spell book filled with a variety of spells for witches of all levels of experience, from beginners to long-time practitioners.” That statement really sums up Pastel Spells so well.

This is one of my favorite spell books to date. It doesn’t focus on any certain type of spells and even includes curses. Some of the of the spells are romantic, sexual, anti-love, platonic love/friendship, help with relationships, sour relationships, self-love, self-care/habits, self-care/emotional, healing, and, as I mentioned, curses. There is also a few spells on gender and some on orientation. I felt these spells were something very unique that I had not seen in other books.

I have personally tried some of these spells and I am in love with them. I tried the Stuffed Animal Sleep Spell for my son. He loves his new stuffed animal and now will not sleep anywhere without it.

I have also been using the Restarting Spell at the end of each month. I feel this spell is a great way to end the month and get ready for the new one.

Rose Orriculum has such a way with words and spells. I enjoy her work and cannot wait to see what else she comes up with. To learn more about her, check out my interview with her in this issue!

Pastel Spells on Amazon

Sexual Harassment on the Energetic Level

November, 2018

The week I wrote this article  the case  of Christine Blasey Ford was headlining. She is a university professor from California who has accused supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of a sexual assault that occurred when they were both teenagers (in the 1980’s). Dr Blasey Ford has been forced to go into hiding since the story went viral and her life has been turned upside down completely. Yesterday many people close to me were glued to their screens as she gave her opening testimony and explained how  the sexual attack has changed her life.


I am acutely aware that her story is upsetting and triggering many other women who have had similar experiences and are now experiencing flash backs or nightmares. (It certainly brought up some memories and issues for me personally). These women (as well as some men) may not have found the courage (or place of personal safety/support from loved ones/enough confidence or indeed faith in the public justice system etc.) to speak out. Or they may have spoken out (as I once did) and been hammered into the role of perpetrator for making allegations.

My shamanic teacher colleague Caroline Kenner helpfully shared a link about the concept “DARVO” yesterday:

DARVO refers to a reaction perpetrators of wrong doing, particularly sexual offenders, may display in response to being held accountable for their behavior. DARVO stands for “Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender.” The perpetrator or offender may Deny the behavior, Attack the individual doing the confronting, and Reverse the roles of Victim and Offender such that the perpetrator assumes the victim role and turns the true victim — or the whistle blower — into an alleged offender. This occurs, for instance, when an actually guilty perpetrator assumes the role of “falsely accused” and attacks the accuser’s credibility and blames the accuser of being the perpetrator of a false accusation.

Institutional DARVO occurs when the DARVO is committed by an institution (or with institutional complicity) as when police charge rape victims with lying. Institutional DARVO is a pernicious form of institutional betrayal.


I would like to take a moment of silence and contemplation to acknowledge the experiences of all people (women, children, men) who have lived through sexual abuse of any kind. Tragically this makes up a large percentage of the world population (the #Metoo phenomenon has certainly flushed that fact into our collective awareness, beyond any reasonable doubt).

Many authors have written beautifully and courageously about sexual harassment and sexual abuse. It is not my call to add to their words and testimonies. Instead, by means of this blog, I feel called to explore a more hidden dimension of this phenomenon. What seems to escape our collective awareness is the impact of sexual abuse or harassment that occurs on the energetic or astral (if you prefer) plane.

Now you may say: “What?! You mean sexual abuse that never actually happened?!”

Let’s take a step back and please allow me to explain what I mean.

As a shamanic practitioner (and teacher) I have heard more than my fair share of stories from people (not exclusively women) who woke up in a night sweat to the sensation of someone climbing into bed with them. From people who started to dread falling asleep because the same character would show up night after night tormenting them or interfering with them.

Let’s be very clear: I am speaking about a sexual/emotional/psychological/spiritual interference that does not take physical form, here. By this I mean that the perpetrator is not physically present in the room – but nevertheless there is an undeniable sensation of being touched, intruded on, violated or abused in some other way.

I am aware that victims of sexual abuse may well have flash backs due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Indeed, this could be one explanation for the phenomenon I am trying to describe, as trauma dissolves a person’s sense of time and space, meaning that past events appear to recur in the Here and Now.

I am also aware that many (if not most) people will experience dreams with uncomfortable or unwelcome sexual content from time to time (such as having sexual interaction with a person other than their current partner). Again, that may just explain some of this. After all we cannot really control our dreams the way we control our waking actions and choices.

There may be other explanations as well. It has been said that the human body does not forget and that our body holds the memories that our conscious mind represses or denies. I have certainly found evidence of this in my own body.

Therefore… yes… to all those possibilities. But still, my mind is not at ease.

Let me approach this issue from a different angle. I am aware that in some circles or circumstances (let’s say a group of friends out clubbing) it is considered acceptable to talk freely about other people’s physical attributes. E.g. “I would never consider dating her, she is way too fat!” – While the person thus discussed wouldn’t never even contemplate a date with the speaker. But that side of the story is not being acknowledged. There is the illusion that a physical characteristic allows us to make arrogant and severely imbalanced assumptions about someone: “I wouldn’t dream of dating her – but she would date me if she could!”

Recently I have found myself in a situation where one person keen to find a life partner has been eyeing up every possible “candidate” moving into their line of vision (here I mean walking into a public area), endlessly running a commentary on their physical attributes – while the person thus being commented on was engaged in a different task altogether (doing some gardening and her focus completely on her plants). I could spot absolutely no flicker of reciprocity in response to the obsessive interest and (for lack of a better word) “meat market approach”. This process has, I believe, also been called “undressing with the eyes”.

People commonly masturbate while calling up in their mind’s eye images of people they fancy. Pornography actively invites that – and to my mind there is no problem (and here I am only speaking regarding this specific issue, not other dimensions of the phenomenon) if the actors (or photo models) willingly participated and received a fee for their work. They then agree to, and actively invite that kind of attention. In other words: they are paid to carry the projections or obsessions of others.

I think that we all have understanding and compassion for a lovesick teenage boy or girl obsessing about their “love object”. Having said that, in my opinion there is more of an issue when mature people do this to others (in graphic detail!) without even stopping to meditate on the energetic ramifications of this. During half a century on this planet I have had three stalkers and I know how utterly unpleasant it is to be followed or obsessed about in unwelcome ways.

The suggestion I am posing by means of this blog is that all adults (certainly those with a degree of spiritual and emotional maturity!) need to do some shadow work (read serious soul-searching) on the role we ourselves all play in this larger phenomenon. It is easy and natural to get outraged by cases we follow in the global news – and I am horrified by the fact by some of the responses that Dr Blasey Ford has received for her courage to speak out and potentially protect other women from a man in a position of great power – what else could she have done?!

When I use my imagination and try to place myself in her shoes I sense I would speak out to mainly protect other women, knowing what this man is capable of. I would be acting from a place of knowing that no apologies or amends were ever made – therefore there is no evidence the man has changed.

Holding a position or office of power in society needs to be matched by exercising the muscle of moral integrity.

However, speaking on another level I also believe that an issue has now come to public attention and to my mind it extends well beyond the specifics of the Blasey-Kavanaugh case. All of us have inner work to do on this…None of us, who claim a degree of awareness or “evolved consciousness” can escape doing shadow work on this… To resolve this we need to “own” the fact that we are participants, not observers.

Imelda Almqvist, London UK, 29 September 2018


About the Author:

Imelda Almqvist is an international teacher of shamanism and sacred art. Her book Natural Born Shamans: A Spiritual Toolkit For Life (Using shamanism creatively with young people of all ages) was published by Moon Books in 2016 and her second book Sacred art: A Hollow Bone for Spirit (Where art Meets Shamanism) will be published in March 2019.  She was a presenter on the Shamanism Global Summit in both 2016 and 2017 and is a presenter on Year of Ceremony with Sounds True. She divides her time between the UK, Sweden and the US. She is currently in the editing stages of her third book “Medicine of the Imagination” and has started her fourth book “Evolving Gods: The Sacred Marriage of Tradition and Innovation”  (website)  (blog)

(YouTube channel: interviews, presentations and art videos)


Natural Born Shamans – A Spiritual Toolkit for Life: Using Shamanism Creatively with Young People of All Ages on Amazon

3 Pagans and a Cat Podcast Monthly Feature

August, 2018


3 Pagans and a Cat Podcast

Three Paths, One Journey, No Cat

In this highly informative & entertaining podcast, three family members embroiled in wildly divergent traditions gather in one room to discuss, debate, and flat-out argue about their magical, mythical, and mundane lives, all for our education and pleasure.

Each month we will share an episode with you from their back catalog of impressive podcasts & keep you up to date with their up coming month’s featured highlights. We don’t want you to miss a thing!



This Month’s Podcast from their Backlog

Episode 2: Neo-Paganism and Sexual Abuse

Car, Gwynn, and Ode discuss recent accusations of sexual abuse by ADF founder Isaac Bonewits, as well as dealing with sexual misconduct in the pagan community generally. This episode contains upsetting, potentially triggering content, and listener discretion is advised.


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She Who Is All – The Goddess of Ten Thousand Names

July, 2018


(Painting by John Collier – Source: Wikipedia)

When my children were small, I was good friends with a woman whose birth family practiced Orthodox Judaism. We had known each other many years, our children were close and we had each been to many family gatherings. One summer, we were attending a pool party at her house and her parents were in attendance. I went to say hello to her father and then asked him about Lilith, as the first wife of Adam. His response was to look at me, say nothing, then turn to walk away. He never really spoke to me much afterward.

THAT is the power of Lilith.

Who was the powerful woman? Was she a demon? Was she a woman that refused to be subservient to a man? Did she leave Eden on her own? Was she kicked out?

Her origins seems to be rooted in Babylonian demonology. In Sumerian, her name comes for “lilitu”, which means “female demon” or “wind spirit”.

In the Sumerian tale of Gilgamesh, the hero (Gilgamesh) goes to help the Goddess Inanna, who was being beset by demons, one of which was Lilith. This part of the tale was added some 600 years after the original.

(Source: YouTube)

In Jewish tradition, Lilith is a dark demon, but others see her as a dark Goddess, but either way, she is ancient and powerful. In the Talmud, she was described as being sexually wanton and the stealer of men’s sperm from which she gave birth to demons. The Talmud, the book of civil and ceremonial law, states, “It is forbidden for a man to sleep alone in a house, lest Lilith get hold of him”.

It is in the Genesis Rabba, religious texts with rabbinical interpretations of Genesis, that we first hear of Lilith as the first woman, created at the same time as Adam.

Adam demanded that she life beneath him and she refused. Adam wanted her to be subservient to him and she refused. She stated, “We are equal because we are both created from the earth.”

(Photo Source: The Lilith Library)

This myth was added to book “The Alphabet of Ben Sira”, which added that Lilith then fled into the desert. Adam complains to God that the woman that was given to him has left. Three angels are sent after her. The angels tell her that she must return but she refuses and says, strangely, that she knows that she was made to harm children, but that if she sees the names of these angels on amulets, then that child will be saved.

Some would say that when she refused to lie beneath Adam, that she was turned into a demon, a succubus, and banished from Eden. For some, she became a sacred whore, beautiful, dangerous, who would seduce men and kill them.

Eve was then created from Adam’s rib, making her made from him, submissive to him and would lie beneath him.

She has been an influence in literary characters, such as in “The Coming of Lilith” by Judith Plaskow, among many other stories, novels and poems. It is said that C.S. Lewis’ “The Chronicles of Narnia”, that the White Witch was influenced by Lilith. There is the Lilith Faire, which raises money for battered women’s shelters and breast cancer awareness.

Girl God Publications has the “My Name is……” series, written for children, where Goddesses who have been demonized, have their stories told in a positive, affirmative manner. The third in this series is “My Name is Lilith“, by Monette Chilson, which I highly recommend.

(Photo: Amazon)

Lilith has become an icon for feminists who see her refusal to lie beneath Adam as a call to freedom, a rallying cry to break away from the bonds of


She can be looked to for inspiration in being and accepting who we are – strong, empowered, independent women, making our own choices and living the lives we choose.



About the Author:

Susan Morgaine is a Daughter of the Goddess, Witch, Writer, Teacher, Healer, and Yogini. She is a monthly columnist with Her writings can be found in The Girl God Anthologies, “Whatever Works: Feminists of Faith Speak” and “Jesus, Mohammed and the Goddess”, as well as Mago Publications “She Rises, Volume 2, and “Celebrating Seasons of the Goddess”. She has also been published in Jareeda and SageWoman magazines. She is a Certified Women’s Empowerment Coach/Facilitator through She is the author of “My Name is Isis”, one in the series of the “My Name Is………” children’s books published by The Girl God Publications. A Woman International, founded by Patricia Lynn Reilly. She has long been involved in Goddess Spirituality and Feminism, teaching classes and workshops, including Priestessing Red Tents within MA and RI. She is entering her 20th year teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, being a Certified instructor through the Kundalini Research Institute, as well as being a Reiki Master. She is a member of the Sisterhood of Avalon. She can be found at and her email is [email protected]

My Name is Isis: The Egyptian Goddess

Sexual Magick **Adult Content

December, 2009

** Adult Content **

The Dark Side of the Divine Feminine

It is relatively easy, in a Patriarchal Society, to pay tribute to the Creative Aspects of the Divine Feminine. Yet, one should at least appreciate the Non-Creative Aspects as well.

In Tantra Yoga one uses the ability to arouse certain energies of “Lust”, that when retained by the Practitioner, are termed “Ojas”.

When these Ojas physically and astrally manifest themselves, they are termed “Kalas” and relate very strongly to the Sexual, Astral, and Physical Fluids of the Male, and Female Human Being.

The Female is representative of the Lunar Force in both its waxing and Waning aspects, just as the Male is symbolic of the Light of the Sun in its yearly patterns of Increase and Decrease.

There are 14 base Kalas and 2 Hidden.

The Lunar Orbit is completed every 28 days, thus there are 14 days when the Light increases, and 14 days when the Light decreases. Each specific major Phase (i.e. either Waxing or Waning) adds to the number of Kalas and brings the number of Kalas to 15 types for each phase of this “Cycle of Time”, or Time “Period”. There is also a Hidden Kala which is outside of the Cycle of Time. Thus the total Kalas are 16 Bright Kalas, and 16 Dark Kalas.

In recent times, due to the Paternal structure of Society, only the Bright, Waxing, and Fertile Aspects of the Divine Feminine have been appreciated. Yet, the Darker Mysteries of the Divine Feminine are left largely unexplored. Many societies have Taboos against Sexual Intercourse during a Woman’s menses. This is a carry over of the fear of the Female, when she is elevated above the realm restricting her to the role of Mother, and Keeper of the Home.

For the Mysteries of the Dark Side of the Divine Feminine are the Mysteries of Sex for purposes other than Pro-Creation. It is the emission of the Blood that reveals this side of Things, not the emission of Semen. Blood has long been used as a medium for Spiritual Forces. At this point in a Woman’s reproductive cycle, there are Spiritual Forces that are emitted by the Menstrual Flow. These are the energies of Dissolution and the direct projection of the Divine Feminine Power (it is not introverted and retained for the production of a Child). No wonder Male-Dominated Society fears Sex outside of Procreation. It is a direct release of these Feminine-based energies into the World. These are “Transformational” energies, and are only “Destructive” in their ability to dissolve the “Illusion” of certain false viewpoints held by an unbalanced and Male-Dominated Society.

The Tantrics used a variety of techniques, but all of them were preceded by one thing… an appreciation, reverence, and worship for the “Non-Creative” Potencies of the Goddess.

First, there were certain Ritual Violations of Taboos of Caste, Diet, and Environment. This was not done to be offensive to other traditions, but to elevate the Participants over the Laws of both God(desses)s and Humanity. Thereby, ritually identifying the Participants as Deities in themselves. Then the Male began to “Worship” and Bathe the Goddess, anointing her with various perfumes and scented oils specific to varying body parts, and energy centers. The participants may spend days together before actually touching one another. Once touching began, Words of Holiness and Power would be vibrated into both Physical and Subtle Centers. Only the strongest among the “Heroic” Class would be deemed worthy, or able, to tolerate the presence of the Goddess in her Nakedness. An act made even more Powerful if menstruation was occurring.

Sexual actions would be very prolonged and orgasm specifically delayed and intensified in order that the personalities of the participants would be dissolved. Thus allowing the manifestation of Divine energy utilising the Bodies of the Participants as the appropriate Vessels required to contain the energies of the Deities invoked into corporeal form.

These Rites were conducted outside of the normal parameters of Orthodox Religion and Paternal Society. This side of Tantra was involved in the worship of the qualities of “Dissolution”, “Transformation”, and “Desire” which have nothing to do with the continuation of a Male Line. So, these things were labeled as “Dark” and “Malevolent” by the Establishment.

A return to the Mysteries of Lord and Lady should be inclusive of all sides of being in all their varied and sundry aspects. Hopefully, the future will bring us just such an appreciation of the True Nature of all things.

Sexual Magick ***ADULT CONTENT***

November, 2009


Bodily Fluids and Sexual Magick

Well, we have discussed Taboo and Chastity as techniques in one’s Sexual Magick arsenal. Today, we are going to discuss techniques involving Bodily Fluids.

This is also one of the most dangerous arenas for Sexual Magick. WARNING: The most dangerous Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are contracted via Body Fluids. Before engaging in this type of activity, one should be assured that there is no chance of contracting an STD (Laboratory Testing, Monogamy, etc.).

The Reproductive Cycle of Humankind can (and should) be viewed as a Microcosm of the Creative Act of the Universe. An initial dichotomy manifests as two opposites, which through union creates something totally distinct from either source. This union temporarily “destroys” the individuality of both in the “fusing together” of the opposites. This gives a rather unique meaning to the term, the “Big Bang Theory”.

Now, when Humans mate there are fluids that are secreted prior to the consummation of the Sexual Act. These fluids provide lubrication and a very nice pool for our little tadpoles to swim in. Both genders contribute, and in the intermixing of these Body Fluids a medium is Formed, which can lead to a penetration of the ovum by the sperm. In other words, the union of male and female is capable of creating “Life”. How much more Magickal can it get? Well, if this process involving sexual fluids can create life… which is in a sense… a display of ultimate power… then these fluids must truly have unique Magickal properties.

Paschal Beverly Randolph was a Rosicrucian, Sex Magician, Spiritualist, and advocate of equal rights in the 19th Century. He developed an organization called the “Brotherhood of Eulis” where Initiates received formal training in various techniques of Sexual Magick. It was not of a restrictive nature. No chastity in this group! In fact the teaching of the Brotherhood was firmly based in the necessity to bring the female to orgasm (a very untypical view for the 19th Century, and sadly enough in the 21st). The body positions and postures were based on certain Western Esoteric teachings. The most difficult part is the “Concentration” required during the fulfillment of the Sexual Act.

During the mutual Orgasm, both parties were to hold the object of their desire firmly in their mind. The intense Creative energies released during simultaneous Orgasm can effectively dissolve the barriers between Worlds and “Create” a Thoughtform of much potency. This energized Thoughtform is the “Magickal Child” of this Union. This Child is the product of the Sacrifice and Death of the “Old King” (the now flaccid Penis) in his “giving” to the Queen. However, this Potency and Power of the Creative Energies of both parties have now been used to “Animate” (give “Life” to) the Thoughtform created during the Sexual Act. This was also a Theory advocated for the betterment of Society, since Children conceived within such a program were deemed to be most worthy and blessed vessels for Great Souls to manifest themselves in.

The difficult part is maintaining this level of concentration during Orgasm… which is where utilizing a Chant or Mantra comes in very handy. If one trains themselves at chanting or the use of mantras, one can reach a point where the Chant takes on a life of its own. The Chant becomes background music to everything else, and seems to mysteriously play constantly through one’s mind. The Chant no longer requires verbal recitation, it plays on and on, like a line from a TV commercial that is stuck in your head (an insidious use of Black Magick by marketing firms). When this level of Chanting is achieved, one only has to initiate the Chant, and it will be playing in the background, without having to over concentrate and wreck the sensual mood by making everything too mechanical.

Now, this focused energy has created a new form within the combined body fluids (post Orgasm) that are now resting within the Grail. This is now a “Consecrated” substance. It can be used Eucharistically, it can be used to Anoint, or Consecrate tools, papers, spells, talismans, amulets, sacred grounds… the list goes on.

Suffice it to say, this is a very Powerful Substance and it is called by some: the “Elixir of Life”. The further uses of this substance will not be discussed today but will be left to the Creative Genius of the Sexual Magicians experimenting with these techniques.

I finish with a quote from Paschal Beverly Randolph’s Eulis:

“CONCLUSION: THE LYMPHICATION OF LOVE. — I have already herein called attention to the various secretions — normal — of the human pelvic viscera, and named them lochia, exuviæ, semen, Duverneyan lymph, prostatic and Cowperian fluids. I now call attention to another, different from all and far more important than either, and which is the only one common to both sexes alike. I refer to that colorless, viscid, glairy lymph, or exudation which is only present under the most fierce and intense amative passion in either man or woman. This lymph has been noticed by M.D.’s, and regarded as a. vaginal or prostatic secretion, but it is neither. They sought for its point of issuance, but found it not, because, prior to its escape, per vagina and male urethra, it is not a liquid at all; but, the liquid is the resultant of the union of three imponderables, just as common water is the result of the union of two gases and an electric current. Just so is this lymph the union of magnetism, electricity, and nerve-aura, — each rushing from the vital ganglia and fusing in the localities named. When it is present in wedlock’s sacred rite then Power reigns and Love strikes deep root in the soul of the child that then may be begotten. If it is absent, the world is sure to receive a selfish, mean, small, contemptible thing in human shape, — a terror, or stalking crime and pestilence, — a partial man or woman, of little use to him or herself, and none at all to others, the world, or God.”

Blessed Be!

Sexual Magick **Adult Content**

October, 2009

**Adult Content**

Chastity as Sexual Magick

Despite the interest in the other forms of sexual magick… today we are going to discuss, “Chastity”. It is important to realize that chastity is also a form of Sexual Magick and has been used for magickal purposes for untold millennia.

In the ancient Roman religion there was only one type of “Priest” who’s role was carried out exclusively by Females. These were the Vestal Virgins, who, from pre-puberty committed themselves to Chastity for 30 years.

Now, curiously enough… their primary job was to attend to the Sacred Fire. It is also of note that cross-culturally… the Sexual Energy is often called the “Sacred Fire”. Vesta was Goddess of the Hearth, the home fire. This is quite telling in itself.

In medieval magickal grimoires it is common to see rules to refrain from sexual activity for a set period of time before evoking the spirits to visible appearance or beseeching the Angels for aid.

In Taoist Internal Alchemy and some forms of Yoga, the Sexual Energy is tended to, by withholding it… and circulating it through various “Channels” and “Meridians”. This sexual energy seems to link Heaven and Earth through Humanity, which stands between them.

By withholding the Sexual Force, one is able to internalize the energies and then utilize them for other purposes… whether Mystical or Magickal.

There are even techniques where one brings their self to the very brink of orgasm and then by physical manipulation withholds the release of the energy, so that it may be re-absorbed and transmuted into something immediately and Magickally useful.

Because the individual’s Sexual Force is part of the Creative Energy of the Universe… it may be used to “Create”. This can be quite obvious, as during the conception and birth of a child. However, the retention, circulation, and release of these same energies through Magickal Rites can be extremely powerful tools for today’s practitioner of the Art.

As anyone who has restrained from sex long enough can attest… the withholding of Sexual Forces definitely builds up some energy that requires an eventual “release”. We also occasionally hear someone describe a fantastic session of sexual activity as, “there were fireworks going off”. Now, by the inner retention of these energies… one is able to re-channel them and in effect cause the same fireworks to be used as fuel for another Magickal vehicle.

Now, IMHO it is not healthy (in today’s society) to repress the sexual energies for extended periods of time. The Catholic Church which has for centuries advocated the Sexual Magick of Chastity in its Priests and Nuns… has been involved in countless cases of sexual abuse, due to the longterm effects of sexual restraint in those not psychologically prepared to handle it.

The big advantage this method (with some exceptions where actual sex is halted prior to orgasm) has over most of the other methods of Sexual Magick is its high level of safety against STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases). So, if you want to try Sexual Magick, but have fears over its safety… maybe try a period of Chastity. After all, aren’t you sacrificing a part of yourself and your own creative energies in service to the Lord and Lady?

Sexual Magick **Adult Content**

September, 2009


Taboo and Sexual Energy

Of all areas of one’s life there is no area as enmeshed with Prohibition and Taboo as one’s Sexuality. Sexual impulse and energy was the basis of the modern Psychoanalytical movement as propagated by Sigmund Freud. Freud was able to identify many dysfunctional patterns within humanity’s social structure as being the result of repression of sexual impulses… particularly as advocated by (but not the exclusive property of) the Orthodox Monotheistic Faiths. At the same time it is important to recognize that the modern revival of various Pagan and Neo-Pagan Faiths is in part a reaction to the restrictions (on perfectly Natural Behaviors) that are so strongly advocated in the Orthodox Monotheistic Religions. It is also important to recognize (before I’m accused of demonizing the Abrahamic Faiths) that nearly all ancient Religions, whether Pagan or Monotheistic, include prohibitions and taboos of various types… sexual and non-sexual. When it comes to Magick, a great deal of energy is released by the violation of a Sexual Taboo. This is obvious, even on a casual level, where some folk’s find semi-public acts or other personal taboos, to be so very exciting. Let’s look at Taboos a bit closer… from a Magickal perspective… particularly when it comes to Ritual, but first a note of caution; sexually prohibited actions can also be harmful to an individual in many cases, and one should do some self-examination or engage themselves in therapy, if this is the case. Neither, am I advocating that you just go out and violate all of your personal values and morals (unless you are extremely attractive and live in Eastern Michigan… did I mention I may be reached through……..), just to do so. What I am saying is that in some cases, where there are very few hang-ups, neuroses, etc.; violating a taboo (which can be simply trying a new activity)can release a great deal of Repressed Energy. This same Sexual Energy is what fuels the operations commonly referred to as Magick. However, the level of consciousness at which the operation is conducted can alter the ceremony dramatically. The Taboo can be literally broken,

Symbolically broken, vicariously broken. But one should not proceed to a level that can be psychologically or physically harmful to themselves or another participant. In regular life… one couple may find it appealing to role play and dress up as characters different from their normal selves… another couple may find this akin to a rejection of either his or her self, or both… or even perceived as a form of cheating. Although both couples may be able to identify the activity as a dramatic portrayal of a taboo (sex outside the monogamous relationship); one couple is able to utilize this as a tool to release greater amounts of sexual energy, while the other is only able to view the suggestion as a personal rejection, and the energies are again unhealthily repressed… or harmfully misdirected. However, if one can take a more healthy and Magickal view of Sex… the dramatic role playing of the Taboo of Sex with another partner (i.e. your attired as other people than yourselves), when combined with the assumption of the Astral Figures of the appropriate Deities by the Participants, can actually release the energy required to “jump start” or enliven these Astral Forms as Psychic Generators… which are able to bestow this same Creative energy, elsewhere… as directed. When one participates in the performance of a Taboo, whether performed directly in a Physical Manner, Vicariously by observation of Ritual, Symbolically such as in a Eucharistic Rite, or Dramatically as in Ritual Performance and Role Playing… there is a not only a release of energy but adiminishment in the Ego. This diminishment in the Ego is every bit as important as the release of Energy that occurs. In a Dramatic Ritual the diminishment in Ego that occurs simultaneously with the release of Sexual Energy (which is Psychically amplified by the performance of the Taboo), may be utilized to allow the Consciousness of the Deity being invoked to, in effect, fill the space vacated by the now diminished Ego. Meanwhile, this now expanding Force of Deity is energetically fueled or catalyzed by the released Sexual and Creative Energies. In this way is Humanity able to imitate Deity and even Create Deity itself… to some degree. Now, the invoked Deities, which have become conduits for this Creative Force, are able to administer it to the other Celebrants (if there are any) either through Eucharistic Rites, Symbolically, Vicariously, Directly (via Orgiastic Rites), to charge Talismans or Amulets, to direct Spells, Theurgy, etc. Hopefully this has provided fuel for thought into the energies released by permitting that which is forbidden. I have stuck with providing more in the way of hints than specific guidelines in performance. However, there is more than enough information there to allow those that are ready to apply the information, to do so. The forces are very real as are the risks involved. In the right hands these methods are a blessing in the wrong hands they can be a curse. Use with caution and Blessed Be!