Finding Your Own Way

November, 2018

Chapter 7

Meditating With A Spirit Drum

One of the easiest and most effective ways to meditate is by using a ‘spirit’ drum.

Having been a part of many workshops and drumming circles, I can personally attest to the simplicity and effectiveness of using ‘spirit’ drums for healing and journeying.

If you have a few interested friends and somewhere to go to practice, – you will find that it is an amazing and uplifting experience.

Should you wish to form a circle, you will find that spirit drums vary greatly in price.

A lot of people use ‘bodhrans’ instead, as they are cheaper and can be bought from most music shops. They are hand drums used in traditional Irish and Celtic music.

If you look online, there are many useful videos to get you started. Compact discs are also widely available with shamanistic drumming and Spirit music. I would recommend Native American drumming tracks, but that is just a matter of personal taste, – there are drumming tracks available from many cultures.

If you decide to drum in a group, the biggest obstacle to success will be your own self-consciousness. Having just a small group of two or three close friends will help.

The rewards of overcoming your initial feelings of reserve are well worth the effort.

In a drumming circle, the energy of the drums take over, and the rhythm takes on a collective life of its own.

It is always a good idea to set out your intentions before drumming. Whether you wish to feel uplifted, journey, or send healing to someone, – make your intentions clear before beginning the drumming session. Imagine yourself working within a golden circle of love and protection.

Upload a few tracks online until you find a beat that appeals to you and practice it quietly in private until you feel confident with it. There is no great art or skill required. The most powerful beat is a simple steady rhythm of single beats on the drum. This is called a shamanistic beat.

Spirit Drum Meditation

To begin, choose a quiet area where you will be undisturbed.

Take several deep breaths and tell yourself to relax.

Take a little time to read the poem below and to absorb the images from the artwork

You may play a drumming track quietly in the background if you wish, but it is not essential.

Imagine a golden sphere of protection around you as you work.

Begin with the third eye meditation.

As you breathe out through your third eye, visualise a shining path ahead of you.

Allow yourself to be drawn onto this path.

You can see a fire ahead of you, in the distance, and you walk slowly towards it.

If you see any creatures nearby, take note, as they may be important to you later on in your journeys.

You will see a group of figures around the fire. Some may be drumming. Some may be dancing. How they appear to you will depend on what it is you need to learn on your path.

Spend some time by the fire and take note of whatever you experience there.

Stay near the fire until you are ready to return.

Turn back and walk down the path and you will find yourself back where you started the meditation. Breathe slowly and easily and open your eyes when you are ready.

If you feel uncomfortable at any stage of the exercise, simply open your eyes and you will return to your room, safe within the circle of light.

Finish the meditation by thanking your subconscious mind for its cooperation. Also, thank any Deities and helpers. Then draw the golden circle back to you and close the session.

What you experience and where you go on this journey will vary greatly according to your personal needs. It is always helpful to spend a few moments in setting the boundaries for your journey before you begin. What is it that you wish to achieve? What type of journey are you expecting? Is there some challenge or personal goal that you wish to focus on?

This meditation is particularly powerful when done in a drumming circle.

Be sure to have a drink and a snack before travelling home or handling any machinery.

Write down anything you saw, heard or felt. Especially, note any creatures that you encountered.


The drums are beating softly in the distance,

Like a peaceful heart. they draw me to them,

leaving life’s conundrums far behind.

Like poetry, with inspirations, much too large for words,

The rhythm opens up my soul and fills my mind.

As I sit and write, the rhythm of the drums still beats within my heart.

In the forest of my mind, I see the shamans dance and whirl.

Orange flames that go so high, they almost reach the moonlit sky.

Somewhere in the Once, or in the Now, they beat their drums for me.

And now the healing magic of their chants is reaching out to me.

Wolves with emerald eyes are in the shadows.

I can hear the eagles piercing cry.

Brother Bear is everywhere, and I can also see.

All the spirits of the native forest watching over me.

Lending me their powers, so I can live the life I never thought could be.

There is poetry in every beat, and magic in the rhythm of the drums.

Through the cadence of his chants, I find the link, the shaman comes.

Healing for the body, for the spirit and the mind,

As I leave this world of consternation far behind,

and find again, the wisdom and the beauty that was meant for all mankind.

This is another meditation for the spirit drum which came to me a few years ago.

It is almost impossible to meditate without finding a great connectedness with the wider universe and the earth around us. This poem is a warning about the way we are treating the earth.

We are all interdependent, – if a single species dies, then we are all so much poorer and so is the legacy that we leave to our children. If the earth dies, – then we die with her.

Whether we have one life or many, we have a duty of care for the planet and those around us.

As we develop through meditation we will feel this much more keenly.

Reaching out to the world and the people, plants and animals around us will bring us much joy.

However, our increased sensitivity brings with it a need to learn to protect ourselves, and a tendency to avoid certain people and situations. Unexpected changes will begin to happen in our lives, as we move into areas of activity that were once difficult to even imagine.

Be prepared too, for resistance from family and friends as you move away from old habits and develop new areas of activity. Much of it will be in a misguided spirit of over-protection, so be patient in your dealings with those who fear the changes in your life will begin to balance out as you forge a new agreement with your subconscious mind. You will be forging a new path in life which is based on your own needs and not the expectations of others.

A Warriors Tears

What will we make of the world when the last rose has died?

When all alone we stand upon the naked earth where once the weeping willow cried.

Where once the sparrow chirped upon the leafy bough,

And now, across the barren wastes, the wind blows soft and low

And when our world has gone,

Where will we go?

Where vast majestic rivers flowed, now runs a ragged little stream.

No fish still swim within its dark and murky flow.

No dragonflies above the bare, baked clay that guides its weary way.

No butterflies delight our eyes with a colourful display.

And when our world has gone,

Where will we go?

Take the seeds of mother earth and scatter them wherever you may go.

We can plant ten trees for every tree that dies.

Cut the fences, chop the posts and let the buffalo run free.

Take the earth back from the greedy; let us share it as we did in days of old.

For when our Mother dies,

Where will we go?

I channeled this in a couple of minutes. The first two verses came in an instant. I added the last verse after a moment’s reflection as a reminder that there is always hope.

For those who drum, it chants well to a basic shamanistic beat or, “drums across the water” (such as you might hear in an old cowboy movie)

My wife, Tina, told me to sing it, and I grabbed my drum.

To my amazement, it just flowed through me. It was a very powerful experience.


About the Author:

Patrick W Kavanagh, Featuring the inspirational art of Bill Oliver

Writer, poet, Patrick W Kavanagh was born in Dublin and now lives and works in Lincolnshire in a small rural town. Patrick became fascinated by the strange abilities of the human mind from watching his mother give psychic readings using tea-leaves and playing cards. With a lifelong interest in metaphysics and parapsychology, he has given tarot and spirit readings for over 40 years. He travels to many events with his wife Tina, exploring the power of shamanic drumming to heal, and induce therapeutic trance states. They also hold a regular drumming circle in the picturesque Lincolnshire Wolds.

By Patrick W Kavanagh available at most retailers:

Finding Your Own Way: Personal Meditations for Mastery and Self-knowledge on Amazon

NATURE ALCHEMY: A Journey to Yourself

March, 2014


~ Gift of Inner music ~



See how nature – trees, flowers, grass – grows in silence; see the stars, the moon, and the sun, how they move in silence…we need silence to be able to touch souls.  ~  Mother Teresa



This is a journey into the Gift of Inner music, a state of natural harmony with all life – and your Self – deep within the Universal Soul, of which you are an intimate part.  Allow yourself to go on this inner journey…into the Spirit of your Beautiful Infinite Self. Here is where you shall find your Truth.


Begin by getting comfortable. Find a space that feels at ease with your body, and let yourself get into a soft state of relaxation. Take some deep, healing, cleansing breaths…inhaling and exhaling…slowly and deeply…in and out…until you feel rested to begin your inward journey.  There is nothing you have to do, nowhere you have to go, nothing to figure out, nothing to decide. Just let it all go. Your mind is cut loose of all the ties that bind. You are just here…right now…in this state of gentle relaxation, and it is good…it is peaceful…it is soothing…let yourself soften into this presence…into this space.



Now, imagine going deep within, as you close your eyes, until you can hear a sense of quiet sound…deep, deep within.  “Silence is never merely the cessation of words…rather it is the pause that holds together – indeed, it makes sense of – all the words, both spoken and unspoken. Silence is the fullness, not emptiness; it is not absence, but the awareness of a presence.” (John Chryssavgis). Your sound, within the silence, is the presence of Peace – the peace of your own connection to Life Source Energy…a soft, gentle flowing spring into wholeness. Breathe in this wholeness, as it moves into the fountain of Well-Being.



There is fragrant, divine music here, amidst the silence of the Self. And here you are…feeling the music of YOU! It belongs to you and all life, and your spirit dances here! It is the sound of your pure, sweet essence, the sound of your heart singing. Let it come to you as it feels good and natural – this melody within your enchanting soul. It is part of your creation in the moment. This is your Gift of Inner music, right here, right now.



Inside the Sound of Silence,

You dwell.

Into this mystic place,

This Divine space…

You dwell.

This is the sound of Peace…

Your Peace of Self.

It is here where you dwell…

Within your own Inner music.

Know that the mystery of

Silent Sound

Is the mystery of the whole Universe.

And it is where you always dwell.

Rest in this knowing,

For All is Well.


This gift from Spirit can lead you to yourself – for it IS your Self. If you listen inside, to your Inner music, you can touch a part of who you are, and can find inspiration through your Divine Imagination, leading you to creation. The essential power of life-force energies dwell here. It is where a newborn sea turtle opens its eyes for the first time…where a perfumed rose softly shimmers in the morning dew…where the luminous moon glows in the indigo heavens.

Silent Sound is harmonious with the mystical music of the Spheres – the heavenly heartbeat of all life. It is a fountain of sound you can hear within – a harmonic convergence with the nature of universal vitality.

Inner music is a dolphin flying through the waves, cavern crystals sparkling in a soundless cave, towering trees praying in heaven’s gaze. Inner music is the fullness of life…the blossoming of our One Soul’s consciousness – in all manifestations – where love lies.

So…let yourself ride the magick carpet of Silent Sound – thru the open skies of your mind. Here you can find the Spirit of Soul…just let yourself go!



O My Soul!

I can hear your song…

Your Song of Life!

It is within,

Whirling within all the energies of Love.

Into the silence of Self

I hear your Masterpiece,

Chanting with the Heavens.

It is our Hymn to Life…

The Birdsong of Love,

Within and without…

Forever singing.

And I am at Peace,

With this Celestial Harmony.

I Thank You, O Silent Sound, for your Gift of Inner music.



~ From Heaven Sweet Nature Springs ~