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February, 2019

Universe Has Your Back … and More!

of the gifts I received at Yule was a set of meditation cards
entitled “The Universe Has Your Back”. Beautifully designed by
Gabrielle Bernstein, with artwork by Micaela Ezra, these are some of
the loveliest cards I have ever seen. I was first going to review
them for “Seeing the Signs” but after looking through them
thoroughly, I realized that they weren’t divinatory in the classic
sense but rather meant just for mediation. Not that Tarot cards,
Lenormard cards and Oracle cards can’t be used for meditation –
we all know that all these cards can be used very effectively as
meditative tools! But “The Universe Has Your Back” belongs to a
class of cards that are only for meditation. For this reason,
I thought they were perfect for reviewing in The Sober Pagan.

off, these cards are beautiful. Everything about them – the box,
the back of the cards, the card stock itself, the feel of the cards.
They are top-quality all the way.

inside of the box has this little message.

is the back of the cards. I really like this. Even before
you get to any of the meditative messages, there’s this lovely
image that begs for its own contemplative consideration. It’s as
simple as haiku but every bit as effective.

For the past few weeks, I have used these cards in my everyday mediation session. Instead of using a Daily Mediation book, such as Twenty-Four Hours A Day by Richmond Walker or Each Day a New Beginning by Karen Casey or one of the many other AA-approved books, I decided to simply pull one card from the pack and meditate on it. I’m not shuffling the pack or doing anything like that – I’m just taking the cards as they come – one card at a time – one day at a time. Each card is beautiful. I find myself looking forward to seeing what the card is going to be each day!

far, these are my favorite cards:

thing I’ve noticed is that any one of these cards could make an
awesome poster. Maybe I’m an elderly hippie but that’s what I

So who is Gabrielle Bernstein, the creator of “The Universe Has Your Back” cards? She is the author of The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith, published by Hay House. I have not read this book and the reviews were all over the place in terms of good versus bad.

To find out more, I Googled her and found her website. Here is the link to it: There are links to lessons on how to “Detox” yourself from being judgmental and how to pray for surrender. There’s another one for a “cord-cutting meditation”. There’s a link to her blog and a link to a place where you can “shop” for all kinds of stuff, including “The Universe Has Your Back” cards.

But of course, Gabrielle Bernstein is only one-half of “The Universe Has Your Back” card team – the artwork is by Micaela Ezra. Here is her website: Do yourself a favor and check it out. Although her artwork is based in Jewish philosophical thought, it is universal in its beauty and truth. I read a few of her blog posts and I look forward to taking the time to read them more closely when my surroundings are properly quiet enough for study. And as a craftswoman, I especially love her work with textiles.

I am quite pleased with this particular Yule gift! Not only did I
receive the gift of the cards themselves – and their meditative
messages – but I learned about the creator of the cards and the
wonderful artist of the cards. And every day – one day at a time –
I have a very valuable sober tool with which to work!

I very highly recommend “The Universe Has Your Back” cards.

next month, Brightest Blessings!


Bernstein and Micaela Ezra. “The Universe Has Your Back”: A
52-Card Deck. Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, 2017.

Gabrielle Bernstein.

Micaela Ezra.

The Universe Has Your Back: A 52-card Deck on Amazon


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