Book Review & Interview – Practical Magic, a Beginner’s Guide to Crystals, Horoscopes, Psychics & Spells by Nikki Van De Car

January, 2019

Review & Interview


A Beginner’s Guide to Crystals, Horoscopes, Psychics & Spells

I was lucky enough to receive
a copy of the beautiful book “Practical Magic”, written by
Nikki Van De Car and illustrated by Katie Vernon. This book was
published by Running Press Philadelphia, in 2017. It’s a beginner’s
guide to all things magical. It’s 152 pages long and is a hard back
book. There is an optional kit that accompanies this book, that comes
with a mini-book, 2 crystal tumbles, temporary tattoos, and a fold
out natal chart. Both the book and kit are available through many
retailers, including Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. The book is also
available for kindle. I was able to dig into both the book and the
awesome kit, so read on to hear my opinions.

First off, both the book and
kit are so beautiful! I love hardback books, and even more so if they
have a gorgeous cover with an appealing title and artwork. The
artwork throughout this book is very lovely.

This book is an amazing book
for anyone new to magic or metaphysical topics, as it covers many,
many topics and gives a nice overview of the subjects to get you
started. In the introduction of the book, Nikki says it perfectly:

“Here’s the thing-you
don’t have to believe in magic to enjoy this book. You just have to
want to.”

I LOVE that!

This book has 3 parts, (1)
Healing for Hedge Witches, (2) Magic for the Weekend Wiccan, and (3)
Casual Clairvoyance.

There is information on so
many topics, here are some (there are many more), auras, palm
reading, tarot, crystals, sabbats, horoscopes/astrology, dream
interpretation, herbs, chakras, and some recipes and spells too. It’s
chock full of subjects I personally am very interested in, and I know
most of my friends would be as well.

The book is geared toward
beginners to magic, but as someone that’s been involved in magic for
a long time, I still found the book educational and fun to read. Some
topics I’m more familiar with than others, but each chapter I got
something out of. I think anyone would enjoy this book very much.

Their is a very nice kit that you can get to accompany the book. In the kit you get an adorable mini book, a gemmy rose quartz tumble, a gorgeous tigers eye tumble, metallic & horoscope temporary tattoos and a fold out natal chart you can fill in with your birth info. There are sections in the book that will teach you about both the crystals and how to fill out the natal chart.

I love this kit, it ties in
with the book perfectly and is such a fun addition! If you know me at
all, you know I LOVE crystals, so I was thrilled two beautiful ones
were included!

Including the natal chart was
a great idea and very helpful for those new to astrology. And I’m
also a big fan of metallic flash tattoos, so love that this fun
element was included. The kit is also a great price for all that’s
packed in.

I thoroughly enjoyed both this
book and the kit. This would make a perfect gift for someone
interested in all things magical. Its also available through many
sites and at a fair cost. I highly recommend this book and kit!

was so kind…
as to answer some questions I had for her.
Here are my questions and her responses.

What inspired you to write this book?

I just love magic. I always have- I was the kid that talked to trees,
hoping a dryad would answer. As I got older, I let all of that go,
but writing this book gave me the freedom to get close to that
feeling again. It gave me permission to be open to that kind of
wonder- and that’s what I wanted to share.

What is one thing you hope readers learn from your book?

I want people to recognize the power of their own will. Over and over
again in the book I say ‘magic is about intention’. And so it doesn’t
matter how you want to channel your intention, your will, your magic-
whether its through chakras or dreams or herbal remedies. What
matters is how you live your life in that sense of personal power and

What made you decide to include a kit to go along with your book?

This was my publishers idea! Its a fantastic addition, and I just
love it.

Who is your target demographic with this book?

It’s pretty feminine, so for sure women. I’m in my late 30s and I
would 10/10 buy this book, so for sure I’m part of that target
demographic! But I feel like there’s an insurgency of a younger
generation of Wicca-curious millenials, and I hope this book can
support them.

How long have you been interested in magical practices?

After I grew up and got all adulty, I let go of magic for a long
time. It was only within the past 5 years or so that I began to
reconnect with my love of magic- when I sort of re-met that part of
myself, and I found I still really like her! Once I gave myself
permission to explore magic again, I started incorporating rituals,
spells, herbal healing, and the like into my daily life.

What is your favorite section in the book?

Personally, I turn to the herbal healing section ALL THE TIME. It’s
the most practical. But I loved writing the section on pagan
holidays, and those have become a large part of life. I love ritual
and holidays, and having explored the meanings of these celebrations,
I have found I really wanted to make them a part of my family’s life.

Are you planning on writing more books on magical/metaphysical

Yes! In fact I have 2 more on the way! “Magical Places”
is coming out in 2019 and “Wellness Witch” will follow
shortly thereafter! “Magical Places” explores the haunted,
healing and fairy-occupied places of the world, and “Wellness
Witch” expands on some of the healing practices in “Practical
Magic” with specific recipes and rituals.

can reach
Van De Car



hope you enjoyed both my review and my interview with the lovely
Nikki, and hope you will check out her website and book!! A huge
thank you to Nikki for answering my questions & sending me her
book to review and enjoy!

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Click HERE for Amazon Information


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