Witches Soul Work

June, 2015

Witches Soul Work: Healing the World Soul

Everyone is very focused on healing themselves, creating positive internal dialogue, loving themselves and their own spiritual advancement but one of the main magickal energies that Witches focus on is healing the earth. Can we really make a difference? How does it work?

Exercise: Close your eyes and think of the world today. What comes to mind? Do you think of wars, pollution, holes in the ozone layer, wide spread cancers, poisoned water?

Just imagine for one minute a new perspective. Imagine that what we see in our mind we manifest. What if the pollution, wars, etc. are being manifest by us (collectively) because somehow we have believed them to be real. Once they are real, through our manifestation, we continue to strengthen this reality by investing more power into it.

Just imagine for one minute that changing the way we see the world could change the world! We have to work for this new image to make the world whole again. It’s not enough to imagine that there are no horrible things going on in the world, because there are, just as there may be illness, sadness, bad relationships and so on in our own lives. But using the principle of positive affirmations we start to manifest a new way of being for ourselves and our world.

Instead of thinking things like: War is more widespread than ever! Humans have always been at war and always will be! Think: Peace is a possibility! Peace is spreading out across the world! Peace is real! Peace starts with me!

Instead of thinking: The world is polluted. The oceans are dying. Think: The world is healing. The world is strong! The oceans can regenerate! People all over the world are working for clean waters. The world is alive and it is healing itself.

This does not mean that you will stop all your wonderful habits such as recycling, water saving, leaving a smaller footprint and so on. We are all part of the world and the world is part of us. Just consider this: If we are part of the world and we heal ourselves, we are healing a part of the world just by our lives!

The Star in the Earth

In Faery tradition the sun is reflected in the earth as a star and the Underworld, which is a realm within the earth like another dimension, is the perfect reflection of the Sacred Earth. Going into the Underworld and bringing back this perfect image can change the physical world. The Star is the Soul of the Earth. We can see the Goddess Tailtu as the Earth Star (who can also be called by other Earth Goddess names such as Gaea). Imagine that you are going deep within the Sacred Earth where we find the glowing Earth Star. When we find the Star we enter into it as if it were a doorway to meet the Goddess. What will she say to you? Ask her how you can participate in healing the world. This is what she said to me on one of my visits.

Tailtu Speaks: I am a Goddess. I do not need healing! But I hold all the pain and sadness (joy and love) of the world—I hold it all!—If you do world healing work it heals you, so there is less burden of pain.

Earth Star Chakra


 You may not know this but you have a chakra that connects you to the earth star. Our aura surrounds us like an egg but it doesn’t stop at our feet. It extends below us for about a foot and at the bottom of it is the earth star chakra. It is through this chakra that we connect to the earth plane at in grounds our energy body. This chakra looks like an aqua aura crystal which is clear blue colour to reflect that the earth and our bodies are mostly water. To do powerful earth healing work it is important to ground into this chakra and awaken it.

In a standing position imagine that the two power centers in the soles of both your feet are opening. You might feel a warmth or tingling. Now visualize the blue crystal about 11 inches below you sitting in the bottom of your aura. Imagine that the earth star is pouring energy into this chakra. Now visualize that this energy is flowing up into your feet and up through your whole body. Be aware that you are completely connected to the earth star. You should feel solid and energized by this practice.

You don’t have to be standing on the ground to do this exercise. We are like fish swimming in the ocean, always existing (swimming) in the energy field of the earth whether we are on the 2nd floor of a building or even in an airplane. This is our home!

Conscious Water Crystals: The Power of Prayer made Visible

One of the ways that our energy changes us and changes the world is by influencing water. Water has the ability to change with emotions, prayers and impressions. This was displayed by the work of Japan’s Masaru Emoto. The photos have been published in a gorgeous book called The Messages of Water. If you still doubt that your thoughts impact the world around you, viewing Emoto’s work will erase this doubt forever.    

By blessings water and drinking it or pouring it onto the earth we can do powerful healing. Don’t think that such a simple and easy practice will have no difference. If each person blessed water with love and then poured a little onto a plant outside this energy would spread everywhere. Don’t forget that this practice also heals you and with each healthy and spiritual person the world a change comes. Let us live in this holy place!


Thriftcrafting: Witching on a Budget

January, 2015

Let it Rain


Merry Meet!

There’s an old Led Zeppelin song that ends with the words, “Upon us all a little rain my fall.” I want to show you how that rain can be used in ritual.

One of the directions I turn to each day is west as I honor the element of water. It comes in many forms: tears, sweat, blood, rain, snow, ice, streams, rivers, oceans, wells.

I remember early on my path, there was freezing rain on Yule, forcing the cancelation of an event I’ve come to think of as the Sacred Circle of Deep Dark Silence. I was pouty because I was missing out on the energy and wisdom it brought, which had sustained me through the previous winter. At some point that night, I realized the world outside was beautiful, all black and shiny. The freezing rain was like crystals shattering on the sidewalk, tree branches, windows and roofs. It was a gift – a gift that could be saved with the help of a bowl.

I have come to collect the rain, snow and sleet that falls on full moons, blue moons, dark moons, sabbats and other occasions such as birthday snows, vacation thunderstorms, pagan festival rain and water from a river water during a worldwide ritual. The water is poured through a coffee filter and saved in labeled jars.

I have used melted snow water from Imbolc to water seeds at Ostara. I have mixed water collected from a waterfall at sunrise on the summer solstice with salt when casting my Yule circle. Doing things like this remind me that the wheel is ever turning.

On one of Hecate’s feast days, I placed a bowl of lake water under the almost-full moon. I recharged it on other full moons while honoring Hecate at the crossroads. I keep it in a spray bottle and use it when I want to invoke her wisdom, protection, power or magic.

You can buy tiny flasks of water from the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England for $4.69 and you can purchase 250 ml of water from the Jordan River for $14.95, and 1.5 ounces of water from the Miraculous Spring of Our Lady Apparitions Grotto in Lourdes, France sells for $12.50 – not counting shipping and handling.

There are times the energy of waters such as these might be desired, but I work with what I’ve gathered for free. When someone travels, I always ask them to bring me back a small bottle of water. I’ll even provide the bottle. I’ve gotten water from the Suez Canal, the Jordan River and the White Spring in Glastonbury, England.

I’ve been blessed to become friends with another witch who does the same, and who had amassed even more bottles and jars than had I. One day this past summer, she and I combined our waters, carefully recording their sources. We then filled every small spice jar, canning jar and olive jar we managed to collect. At a pagan gathering, on behalf of our coven, we distributed the bottles along with slips of paper that read: “These waters have been collected from lakes, streams, rivers and oceans, waters of the world, dark moon rains, hurricanes, full moon rains, snow and sleet.There are drops of water from sacred wells. Take courage and stand for the health of all the waters. Speak your own thoughtful healing words. Form your intent and pour the water into running water. Let if flow toward the ocean. The ocean is the beginning of the earth. We all come from the sea. Please do not drink this.”

For a full moon in Cancer, coven members each brought some water to mix together in a container. We infused it with our energy and that of the moon. Stored in bottles, the idea was to use the water for healing.

Consider dripping some on the top of your head and saying: “With this water I heal myself of all the intolerance, resentment, anger, condemnation and frustration I direct at myself and others. I bathe myself in gentleness, acceptance, gratitude, enlightenment, generosity, abundance, peace, self-acceptance and love. As I say, so mote it be.”

I hope you’ll share ways in which you’ve incorporated water into your craft.

Merry part. And merry meet again. 

Pagan Parenting

September, 2009

Experiencing the Elements at the Playground

I am pleased to be a new member of the PaganPages family.  Welcome to Pagan Parenting Every Day.  Each month we will be exploring topics that relate to every day parenting with a pagan spin.  As a new parent looking for articles that relay parenting topics through a pagan perspective I find a lack.  I hope to address this gap and bring ideas to the table for discussion, learning and pondering.

Before we get to this month’s topic I’d like to say that the views presented here are based on one pagan parent’s perspective.  I am not trying to advocate a “pagan way” to parent, as I believe that as each child is different, so is each parent and each pagan in tern.  Rather, I am hoping to create a dialogue for parents and offer up some parenting styles, tips, methods, activities and issues.  The wide world of parenting is often daunting and a sense of support in our community can be a blessing to us all.  I also welcome questions, comments and suggestions for future topics.  You can contact me at stonegirl1177 AT yahoo DOT ca.  And now onto our topic for this month: Experiencing the Elements at the Playground.

As North American society has moved away from predominately dwelling on farmsteads and into urban lifestyles city parks have become a nature refuge.  As pagans many of us think that getting into nature, meaning out of the city and into a National park, camping, etc. is the only way to experience the elements.  But other than our 2 or 3 weeks a year of vacations, or our weekend day trips how can we bring the lessons and just plain fun of the elements into our children’s lives?  Some urban dwellers have backyards where they can explore the elements with their kids but if you don’t, or even if you do and you are looking for a change try taking a walk to your local playground.  The power and wonder of the elements are right there waiting for you and your family to appreciate them.


Swings and slides are perfect tools for really experiencing air.  Pumping your legs, you move faster and faster.  The air is all around you, blowing your hair and for kids who have a hard time understanding what they can’t see or feel in the moment this movement helps air, the invisible element become tangible.  Not to mention swinging is fun.  For toddlers and babies this aspect of motion is as far as you’ll need to take the activity.  Although you can repeat “Wind!” with glee in your voice to let them associate the sensations they are having with air.  For older children you can talk about the sensations they feel and mention some air correspondences like communication and the intellect.



Fire is not an element you openly see at parks.  It is not something you really want to encourage either.  But the big ball of fire in the sky can be your children’s plaything in its own way.  Shadow play is very entertaining.  Running and playing shadow tag, seeing the interesting shapes that you can make and for older kids you can talk about the length of your shadow and how that corresponds to the different time of day as the sun moves from east to west.  If it is a particularly warm day you can also teach even toddlers about the wonder of shade cast by trees or a nearby building.  You can move from the sun to the shade and experience the sensations of fire through the intense heat of the sun.



Water parks with their spraying are of course great to experience on hot summer days and a very fun way to play with water.  If you are out after a rain puddles can hold a wonderland of enjoyment for kids of all ages.  If your playground has a drinking fountain that is a great way to start a dialogue about the precious nature of water.  Even if your local playground has no water available for play or drinking you can bring some in a thermos or water bottle.  As children play they inevitably get thirsty, as they break for a drink they can think about how the body is mostly water and why they need to replenish their supply after they exert themselves.  Perhaps they can carry their own water bottle and this can be a great lesson in understanding the precious nature of water as a resource.



Sand boxes, pebbles, grass, wood chips, there can be many surfaces at the playground that are earthy.  Sand boxes are endless in possibilities for play: mud pies, drawing in the sand with sticks, shoveling, sand castles, and just getting dirty are all great ways to interact with mother earth.  Rolling down grassy hillsides, climbing trees, the reassuring thud of the earth beneath on a see-saw, share earth’s rhythms with your child and you can also chant if the mood strikes.  If your neighborhood playground is on concrete there is usually some crack somewhere with plants pushing up through it.  What a powerful lesson to learn about, how even a substance as strong as concrete can be severed by the earth and strong plants will reclaim the space if left to their own devices.


Regardless of time constraints and nature access you can have family adventures with the elements in urban settings.  All it takes is some imagination and a desire to be in the moment.  A healthy dose of spirit can make our neighborhood sacred regardless of how much vegetation is around us.  We are nature; nature is with us in each moment, just waiting for us to notice.

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