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Book Review – The Witch’s Book of Mysteries by Devin Hunter

March, 2019

Book Review
The Witch’s Book of Mysteries
by Devin Hunter

forward of The Witch’s Book of Mysteries, written by Jason Miller,
jumps right into what the reader can expect from The Witch’s Book
of Mysteries by Devin Hunter.

“What is a Witch? It’s a tricky label. For some people witchcraft
is a religion. If you worship the old Gods and fol
a religion like Wicca, then for those people your are a Witch. Other
People focus on the craft part of witchcraft and consider use of folk
magic as the defining
of a Witch. If you know the magical properties of herbs, the words of
spells and the use of oils and candles and stones, then you are a

as Jason aptly states, the definition of what a Witch has all of the
overlays of modern society and traditional practices rolled into one.

is the third book by Devin in a systematic approach to introducing
the experienced student to the practices of witchcraft and honing
their skills into becoming a Witch. The first of the books, The
Witch’s Book of Power, explored all that comprises the journey of
developing your power and knowing when and how to tap into it for a
sustainable and effective practice.

Second book, The Witch’s Book of Spirits furthered developed the
power of the burgeoning Witch in accessing the world of spirits,
mediumship and all that is of what Devin calls the Familiar Craft.
And, as promised in this third book, The Witch’s Book of Mysteries
coalesces all that has preceded and the reader begins the practice of
working with those of the Sacred Fires, the Grigori, and the
expansion of the practitioners powers to becoming one with all of the

is not a book for the beginner and demands of the reader a
working-not theoretical-knowledge of witchcraft and all that goes
into claiming the title of Witch. The book is divided into two parts
and each builds upon the other in knowledge and practical
application. Many of the concepts presented are not your traditional
craft practices. Instead, they are a refining and adaption of
concepts that include some techniques and teachings that would have
been designated as disciplines for other paths.

Much like Christopher Orapello and Tara Maguire’s book Besom, Stang & Sword (read the review of this book in our February Issue), these are concepts of the Modern Witch drawing on the best of the old and propelling the seeker into a new form of witchcraft that makes use more cosmic principals.

of the best examples of what this new craft encompasses is the
definition and explanation of the a familiar concept, the Witch’s
Sabbat. As Devin points out, this term has come to be associate with
the eight festivals of the Witch’s Wheel of the Year. These being
tied to celebrations of specific times of the year, deities and
experiences largely pulled together and used as such associations by
those of
scholarly works and not necessarily of the craft themselves. Just
this idea makes so much sense if you consider that those we
considered to be practicing witch’s hundreds of years ago would not
necessarily have set aside valuable time and resources to celebrate
in the ways we do today. Even the Deities that may have been
associated with such rites would have been culturally based.

learn in this book that the Sabbat is an experience that occurs in
deep trance or while sleeping and requires the Witch have command
over his/her magical form that has the power and ability to move in
its pure form of power onto the plane of the Sabbat. This requires
the development of lucid dreaming, psychic awareness. and as Devin
states regarding the goal…”isn’t
necessarily to leave the body and travel to a different dimension,
but rather to travel through the inner realms of the mind and the
paths of the psyche to get to a different dimension”….
found this a telling perspective that emphasizes the reality that
being a Witch is really hard work that demands knowing yourself and a
very mature attitude towards stepping into your power.

Two of “Mysteries” focuses on taking the Witch beyond their scope
of power and realms of working and issues the call to reaching beyond
what is believed of the limitation of form and reach out to those
Spirits and guardians responsible for creation-particularly
ours-itself. These entities move well beyond the archetypal and
anthropomorphic energies of specific Deities, pantheons and the
traditional Gods/Goddesses. The Witch must thoroughly know who they
are in all of their power and rise to stand as co-creators with those
lesser known (and worked with) beings who are of support.

bibliography and recommended reading at the end of the book
exemplifies the care and thought that went into this book and, more
importantly supports Devin’s encouragement to learn as much as you
can about as much as you can to truly be informed in your own

Witch’s Book of Mysteries is a valuable resource to the advanced
practitioner regardless of the form your witchcraft may take. In
fact, whether you consider yourself a witch or not, the information
and way in which it has been compiled is well worth reading. This is
the craft that will move into the next generation of and with that
statement, you will hopefully see the durability and strength of a
power that is organically a creative and universal energy.

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