Wreathing the Wheel

March, 2019


been working with astrology a lot in my craft lately, and it’s
starting to work its way into all my designs! Here, I’ve added the
planets associated with each day of the week in a flow of stardust —
this is pretty, but it’s also a way of labeling the days and
reminding me of the planetary associations.

This March, the full moon is on Ostara, the Vernal Equinox. It brings with it a great potential for manifestation of personal works. To harness this power and celebrate the season, I’m making a renewed effort to spend time on my garden. My husband and I moved a little over a year ago from a large house that had a lot of garden space to a townhouse with fairly little garden space, and I haven’t done much with it yet. I brought several potted houseplants and a few garden herbs, a few of which are in the ground already — carnation, spearmint, rosemary, and valerian — but there’s room for plenty more

At right, I’ve made a detailed listing of the plants I’m growing or planning to grow, with notes about what type of soil they need, how much sun they should get, how often they should be watered, how large they are likely to get, and any other care information that seems relevant. There are a few spots to add plants, but since I don’t have much space, I’ll probably do so slowly

left, I have a log to track my progress and schedule important dates,
and a small map of my garden in the middle of the spread. Because I
have such little space, I have to have the plants spread out into
several different locations, and it’s important that I don’t
confuse them. Some of the plants I’m growing need to be treated
carefully and grown inside a terrarium due to their toxicity; some
will do better outside than in. In this case, organization is
extremely important!

final step in this process is to carry the theme forward through the
rest of my journal so that I can return to this intention on an
appropriate schedule and don’t forget what I’m doing or get lost
in my plans. With most of these plants, weekly observation should be
sufficient for me to determine their needs, but there is still quite
a bit of work to be done to get everything set up, and I’ll need to
be very careful when I’m starting my seeds. I can’t wait to see
what grows!


the Author:

an artist and witch. Her craft incorporates herbalism, spellwork,
trance, divination, auras, and more. Her work can be found at

Wreathing the Wheel

January, 2019

Tarot Journaling at the New Year

witches use their journals to aid in the study of divination by
tracking readings from sources such as Tarot, bone throwing, scrying,
and others. There are many different kinds of divination, and many
ways to track these practices, but today I’m going to focus on one
of the most popular: Tarot. Tracking Tarot in a bullet journal can be
a very rewarding practice, as it reveals patterns which aren’t
always obvious, such as “stalker cards” which follow you through
several readings over a period of time, or the appearance of a card
connected to a season or a timely event.

One exciting way to start a devoted Tarot journaling practice at this time of year is a New Year’s Reading. There are lots of different kinds of New Year’s Readings, but I like to design my own. I’ve been working a lot with the image of the Wheel of the Year, so for this year’s reading, I chose to do a reading based on the Wheel and the Compass. The inner compass is a bit like the cross in the Celtic Cross spread, but with three cards in the middle instead of two, to invoke a few more numerological correspondences of duality and trinity for a balanced interpretation with lots of possibilities.

You may notice that I have
not included my own personal interpretations in this particular
spread. I do not plan to direct an interpretation until the Sabbat in
question comes to pass. This means that I’ll have to do a short
ritual for reflection upon the reading, as a Sabbat practice. The
year’s reading starts not at Yule, which is still covered by the
monthly reading I did for 2018, but at Imbolc, at the start of
February 2019. The Sabbats occur on (roughly) a seven-week cycle
throughout the year, so I’ve marked out six interstitial sections
via radiating lines between each pair of Sabbats. This way I can
track weekly readings, and see how it all comes together as I go.

I like to draw small
versions of the Major Arcana cards drawn so that they stand out (and
because the codified scheme that I use for the Minor Arcana cards
doesn’t work for the Major Arcana!). The way that I do it, it
takes very little time and effort because the drawings are so small,
but it is still a fun way to make the spread pop.

January Spread

January, I’ve chosen associations based both on the time of year,
and for my own personal healing intentions for the new year. This
month, I call upon carnations, elder, and willow as green allies, as
well as rose quartz and onyx for protection and healing. I also like
to add the names of holidays that have some meaning to me, whether I
plan to celebrate them spiritually or not. For January, these days
are: New Year’s Day, Compitalia, and the Wolf Moon.

like to write the names of the plants and stones in small script near
the drawing so that I don’t get confused or forget what they’re
supposed to be. If you’re still studying correspondences, this is a
good way to rehearse some of those associations, and decorate your
bullet journal at the same time.


About the Author:

Sarah McMenomy is
an artist and witch. Her craft incorporates herbalism, spellwork,
trance, divination, auras, and more. Her work can be found at