This month I would like to dedicate to a fallen warrior. I did not have the honor of knowing this Soldier, he was best friends of one of our Desert Moon Soldiers. As Elder of a military Pagan group I see Soldiers through the good, the bad, and the adrenalin rushing times. As an empath, I feel the pain and suffering, as well as the joy and relief as we meet nightly for coffee and fellowship. I was on leave when the incident happened that took this Soldiers life, but hearing the aftermath is almost as bad as being here in Iraq when it happened. The Soldier wasn’t a Pagan and nor is his family, but he was a Warrior just the same, he was here willingly, to do a job most will never come to do nor have the stamina to do without having Warrior blood. The Soldier left behind two kids and it makes me sad to think of, but those kids will always see dad as a Warrior and know he died doing what he loved and that they will always have freedom because of what he died for. Morrighan has taken him to the Warrior Valhalla where he feels no more pain and suffering and dwells with all fallen Warriors. It makes death easier to bear knowing our close ones are in the Warrior paradise and it is a joy working with a Warrior Goddess who does look out for our well-being. I hate seeing and hearing of our Soldiers dying and getting maimed and really brings to mind the question on everyones mind of why we are here. Why are our Soldiers dying and for what cause? I know I’m here for the well-being of my Pagan Soldiers and doing my best with the healing, mentally and spiritually as well as physically when I’m able. As for the bigger picture of why our military is over here, we are bringing freedom to an oppressed nation and that much I can say. Now how long that freedom will last once we finally leave is anyone’s guess, but once these people taste the freedoms we as Americans so enjoy, hopefully they will fight to keep it. When I think of it in that way, it makes the death of our fellow fallen Warriors more for a noble cause then a waste of a precious life. With that in mind if you would please light a candle of healing for this Soldiers friends and family and remember him as a fallen Warrior. With that I will end in a poem a dear friend of mine wrote.


By Havensward

Blessings on the Warriors

Who walk the quiet path;

Who fight when they are needed,

But prefer the heartfelt laughs.

Blessings on the Spirits

Who think of themselves last;

Who put themselves in harms way,

Whose hearts are so vast.

Blessings on the Soldiers

Who die, not quite knowing why;

Who pick up their weapons anyway,

And give a mighty cry.

Blessings on the Others

Who stand by their side.

The Spouse, the Child, the Loved Ones

Steadfast, at home, abide.

Try and walk beside them,

The ones who protect us all.

They walk a difficult path,

They answer a Divine Call.

To each and all I ask

To lower tear filled eyes,

To raise heartfelt voices,

When a Blessed one dies.

Blessed are we who know them,

Blessed are we they love,

Blessed is this world they walk in,

Below and Above.