Let’s Spell it Out

Rebirth Through Oya Spell: Yoruba/Santeria Feast Day of Oya-2/2

Oya is the Orisha of death and rebirth and spring is the season of moving from the death of winter to rebirth.  She is the Keeper of the Cemetery, her home is the graveyard and the spirits of the dead are her subjects.  Oya has a relationship with Iku; the Spirit of Death whom she precedes, accompanies and carries with her on occasion.  When death strikes, Oya is the last breath taken along with the spirit Iku.

On a much lighter note, Oya is also the river goddess of Yoruba as well as the deity in charge of wind, lightening, storms and thunder.  As Guardian of the River Niger, her river symbolism is polished stones.  Lightening came from her consort Shango.

Shango took Oya from Ogun. She was originally Ogun’s wife and she stole his tools which were weapons of war from him.  The tools became part of her altar and when Ogun confronted her, she replaced the tools with farm implements.  Shango had a gourd of medicine which enabled him to split lightening and one day Oya dipped her finger in it and after tasting the medicine she shot fire out of her mouth when she spoke.  From then on she used her forked lightening to help Shango fight his battles.

Oya is seen as a strong woman who because of the war became fearless and courageous in the face of danger.  She is a proud, self-willed woman whose wrath is so terrible that it must be avoided at all costs.  Oya is represented by two swords that reflect her fighting ability.

Another symbol of Oya is horns.  Her sacred animal is the wild buffalo which she turns herself into.  Her color in the New World is purple but reddish-brown in Yoruba.  She is also known as the “Mother of Nine” as she had nine children.

The Spell

SUPPLIES: Purple candle, offering of shell corn, sword (or Athame)

Light the purple candle and call to Oya:

“I call to Oya

Of death, rivers and storm;

And on Your Feast Day

I ask to be reborn.”

Place the offering upon the altar and calls to the Buffalo totem:

“Sacred Buffalo Woman

Chief of the animals upon Earth

I give to you this offering

And ask for my rebirth.

Grant to me survival skills,

Prosperity and courage,

Fertility and abundance

And fill me now with knowledge.”

Holds the sword up high and say:

“Oya, I ask for the death

Of my old life.

Please cut away what holds me back

And free me now from strife.

I wish today to be reborn

And ride upon Your wind.

Oya, grant to me the change

Let my new life begin.”

Take a moment to visualize the negatives being cut away and the void being filled by the positives that you yearn for.  When the visualization is complete, say:

“So mote it be!”

Make sure to place the offering outside for the animals and nature spirits!