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The Anointer of the Sacrificial King

Springtime will soon be upon us, for some sooner than others.
At this time of the Pagan/Heathen feast of Ostara and the Christian feast of Easter, we think of the resurrection of all life.
Life on Mother Earth and life within ourselves are yearly renewed with each blossom that pops through the soil and each new leaf budding on a delicate tree branch. Islands of ice begin to melt in the brooks revealing cold, fresh bubbling water flowing gracefully on its merry way through-out the awakening woodlands. The last of the winter snows refresh the ever greening grasses newly springing up to greet the mild southerly winds. Robins reappear in backyards pecking for elusive worms and the glorious sun shines ever more brightly with each new day, as the promise of summer approaches, yet again.
Before the resurrection of life, there must be the sacrificial death. We see this in Nature with each autumn and winter season. Trees fall into a deep slumber while seeds fall into the earth waiting to give fruitful re-birth in March, April and May.
We also see this life and death cycle reflected in the Pagan myths of the Sacrificial King who offers his life for the fertility of the land which will in turn, nurture his people for the coming year.
The Sacrificial King cannot perform this holy task on his own, however. He must be anointed by the priestess of the Great Goddess. It takes a royal partnership of the Sacred Union, a partnership of the Divine Male and the Divine Female acting through their incarnated representatives on Earth, to produce this Great Sacrifice of renewal. In acts of fertile sacrifice resulting in acts of new creation there must be the precious Sacred Balance of the Male and Female Energies which spark and sparkle into existence the Spiral Dance of the Universe.
Mary Magdalene was the High Priestess of the Great Goddess (Barbelo/Sophia/Isis/Astarte) who anointed the Sacrificial King of Christianity. The significance of this anointing, faithfully recorded in every Christian bible on Earth as fore-told by Yeshua/Jesus, Himself, has gone unnoticed and unrecognized for centuries upon centuries upon centuries.
The earliest Christians, many of whom were emerging from the great ancient Pagan and Mystery religions, recognized this act for what it truly was. However, within just a few hundred years from the infancy of Christianity, the true meaning behind the anointing and the real identity of the Anointer became buried beneath unbalanced male-dominated dogmas and rituals.
The evidence for the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene will be borne out in a future article. Suffice it to say for now, that Yeshua/Jesus was of the Jewish royal blood-line. Mary Magdalene was His Royal Bride. As Her initiated priestess, I believe that Yeshua was an incarnation of the Divine Male.  I also believe Mary Magdalene, His Consort, was an incarnation of the Divine Female.
This is the true Myth of Christianity, the myth that was drowned beneath waves of one stifling doctrine after another. This myth is now coming to light thanks to the scholarship of people like Margaret Starbird.
The Divine Sacred Union was never lost to us rather, it was hidden from us like a precious jewel which had been dropped, trampled upon and deeply embedded in the mud beneath mindless feet, waiting to be re-discovered by those who persistently sought for it.  Those who sought for and found this jewel of Sacred Union within Christianity have graciously raised it to the Light, revealing it’s shining luminescent glory for all to see and rejoice.
Like the Pagan and Mystery religions of old as well as major religions like Hinduism, Christians also have a Divine Couple, a Sacred Balance, a Royal Bride and Bridegroom, a God and Goddess to honor and worship.
The Royal Bride, Mary Magdalene, anointed the Sacrificial King with her costly spikenard which was carefully sheltered within the swirling earth-toned colors of the alabaster jar. Without this anointing, Yeshua would not have been truly King, He would not have been the Messiah. A King must be anointed. Indeed, messiah means ‘anointed one’.
As Margaret Starbird states in her book, The Goddess in the Gospels, “The anointing of Jesus in the Gospels is an enactment of rites from the prevailing fertility cult of the ancient Middle East. In pouring her precious unguent of nard over the head of Jesus, the woman whom tradition has identified with ‘the Magdalene’ (the Great) performed an act identical to the marriage rite of the hieros gamous- the rite of anointing the chosen Bridegroom/King by the royal representative of the Great Goddess”.
She goes on to say, “Highlights of this story recounted in the four Christian Gospels are reminiscent of myths celebrated in pagan fertility cults of the Middle East, those of Tammuz, Dumuzi and Adonis. In the Pagan rituals surrounding the ancient myths, the Goddess (the Sister-Bride) goes to the tomb in the garden to lament the death of her Bridegroom and rejoices to find him resurrected.”
One has to wonder how differently Christianity would have evolved, both as a religion and within our own psyches, especially  the psyches of countless generations of young girls and women, had the significance of this story and the true identity and role of Mary Magdalene not been lost to us over the aeons.
It was when I was Russian Orthodox that I first learned the legend of Mary Magdalene and the red egg. It is a tradition within the Orthodox Church to give red eggs as gifts during the feast of Pascha/Easter after the long winter-ending Fast of Great Lent.
The legend, as it was explained to me by a Russian priest, states that Mary Magdalene traveled to Rome and had an audience with Tiberius Caesar. A gift to the emperor was expected at the time of the visit. Mary Magdalene brought, as her gift, a simple white egg.  The purpose of Her visit was to protest the death of an innocent man, Yeshua/Jesus under Pilate. She greeted Caesar with the words, “Christ is Risen”. Caesar replied with the disbelief that no-one could more rise from the dead than a white egg could turn red. As he spoke those words, the white egg held in Mary Magdalene’s hand slowly turned a deep crimson red. Mary Magdalene explained to Caesar that the red egg symbolized life rising from a sealed tomb. The Pagan emperor would have recognized the meaning behind life arising from a sealed tomb.
Each year, priestesses and devotees of Mary Magdalene place a red egg upon Her altar at Easter time in memory of this ancient miracle.
The rites and rituals of spring may include a reading or recitation of the tale of the Anointing and Sacrifice of the Great King by His Royal Bride. A story, in and of itself, that stemmed not just from the ancient Pagan rites but also within the true, inner tradition of Christianity. A story that has been long buried beneath the winter-snows of time and is now being resurrected amongst the lilies and lilacs of the spring of our century. A story that has been faithfully transmitted through legends, images and stonework.
In her book, The Holy Book of Mary Magdalene, the author, Jennifer Reif, has a beautiful spring ritual entitled, Day of the Verdent Magdalene, Grail of Earth and Heaven. Other rituals might possibly include a self-anointing of spikenard and myrrh as well as an offering of these precious ointments to Mary Magdalene, Herself. These sacred oils and ointments as well as candles and alabaster jars are available from www.abbaoil.com as well as other sources from Jerusalem.
Spring is a great time to plant an outdoor sanctuary garden in Her honor.  Roses, lilies and fragrant herbs planted beneath an arbor covered in grapevines would create a tranquil surrounding for Her statue or the statues of the Christian Royal Couple.
Green is both the color of fertility and the color Mary Magdalene wears in many of the paintings and icons that have been drawn in Her honor.
Of course, hot cross buns, braided egg breads and roasted lamb are favorite feast foods at this time of year.
Without the Sacrifice of the Divine Father incarnate, there could be no Life. Without the Blessing/Anointing of the Divine Mother incarnate, there could be no Sacrifice. Such is the myth and story of Spring. Our Story. The Earth’s Story.
Along with our offerings this coming season, let gratitude and appreciation be the greatest amongst them. No matter what trials we may be currently under-going during this troubling economy, spring ever returns, the sun warms our hearts, blue skies form an heavenly horizon above our heads, gentle breezes kiss our cheeks, the Creative Pair’s artistry colors anew our daily surroundings, the full moon rises every month and lakes, streams, rivers and forests await our visit in order to soothe our anxious spirits.
Everyone, everywhere can plant a simple plot or potted garden  of flowers, herbs and vegetables, tending Mother Earth and She tends us.
The Great Sacrifice of the Royal Couple, He, in the sacrifice of His very life, She, in the sorrowful anointing of and subsequent loss of Her Beloved, eternally begets the Great Resurrection and revival of all life everywhere.
Christians through-out the world remember and honor the sacrifice of Jesus/Yeshua at Easter-tide. Now, it is time to also remember and honor the One who anointed Him for His sacrifice, His Royal Bride, the One Who stands at His left-hand, Mary Magdalene. There is and always has been a Sacred Balance within Christianity’s core myths of sacrifice and resurrection. We just didn’t know.  We didn’t remember.
At last, after hundreds of years of being labeled as a penitent prostitute, the Lost Bride, the Royal Anointer is rightfully being restored to Her Beloved, the Sacrificial and Resurrected Bridegroom/King of Easter.
“I am the first and the last. I am the honored and the scorned. I am the whore and the holy. I am the mother and the daughter. …Do not banish me from your vision….in no place, in no time, be unknowing of me. Be alert. Don’t be ignorant of me.” (excerpts from Thunder, Perfect Mind, a Gnostic text. Author, unknown.)
Diakonissa Sr. Pamela Lanides.


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