Faeries, Elves and Other Kin

Dryads/ Sidhe Draoi


Copyright 2008 Howard David Johnson

Druidesses, Tree Ladies, Hamadryads, Tree Spirits, or in Gaelic Dryads are known as the Sidhe Draoi translated Faerie Druids. The element of the Dryads is the Air however; it is their temperament that best describes them. The Sidhe Draoi or Dryads are spirits that make their dwelling in the trees. Playful creatures are they, androgynous wisps of brilliant uncontaminated natural light flittering through the tree tops playfully acknowledging all human contact, but most commonly seen during the full moon of the Sabbats.

Sidhe Draoi Lore

Handed down by the Sidhe Draoi were the magical secrets of the trees and the means to learn the arts of astral travel and divination to the Druids. It has been said that while there is no harm in following the Sidhe Draoi’s music it may be wise to not stay to long for one may be tempted to stay in their astral realm.

Dryads were also native to many other lands such as Greece, where they are known as Drayades. One infamous Greek Drayades was Daphne, Daphne pursued by Apollo and once she caught him she turned him into a laurel. The Greeks also have the Drus tree spirits, and tree bound faeries Known as Hamadryads. Distinctively different than Celtic Sidhe Draoi, Hamadryads are unable to move from their tree of residence and as such spend their whole lives in one tree, where they were born, live and die.

Contacting the Sidhe Draoi

To contact the Sidhe Draoi you will need to invite them in to your earthly realm. The best way to do this is to find yourself a willow grove or another stand of sacred Druid trees and ask them to come and join in on your ritual, chance are they will be glad to join in but if they are feeling shy they will if they feel you are worthy and your request is fair they will present you a gift of their effervescent energies. However, sometimes you will not even have to invite them if you have wandered unknowingly into the land of the Fae they will oftentimes just appear while you are calling the guardians and spirits of the east.

Magical Help
Thought to be useful; the Sidhe Draoi can be of assistance when one is attempting to connect with deities but only if approached properly they mayhap be swayed into teaching you the secrets of tree magick, astral travel, and divination. It is essential to form a good rapport with these the Sidhe Draoi by frequently working with them, but be patient they love to play games.