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Dear Reader,

Welcome to ‘It’s In the Cards’ for www.PaganPages.org. At one time this column appeared in Finer Things Magazine in New Haven, CT, and I am very pleased to be writing my column again; this time for the Pagan Community.

Every month, I will do a tarot reading for one person whose question I choose for this column. Also, by writing me, you will have a chance for a free tarot 10 minute reading on the phone. If you would like to contact me about purchasing a reading, please visit my web site at www.SubRosaMagick.com or write me at [email protected]

Since I first began reading for the public 13 years ago, I found that I fell in love with being able to help people in their personal lives and on their path as a spiritual counselor. The cards, I have found, often tell us what we need to know, and not necessarily what we want to know. They provide a way for me to see deeper into the heart of an issue and often what magickal advice I also need to give to bring about change.

Even if you aren’t familiar with tarot cards as a form of divination, they also work in the same way other forms do, be it the Runes, I-Ching, oracles or Ogam. The symbols of the tarot speak on many levels, and allow a connection to be created with spirit; opening a doorway for the universe to communicate on a personal level. As an artist as well as a priestess, I acknowledge the power of these symbols, but as a psychic, I use them to “see” more clearly.

Mediumship isn’t something I intentionally practice, but sometimes I do receive messages from spirit or departed loved ones, and if I receive messages I will relay these to you as part of the reading.

I apologize for missing the last issue of Pagan Pages, as many forces seem to be moving within my own life that I have no control over.

This following is the question chosen for this month.


Dear Alicia,

What lies ahead for me in the cards this year? My birth date is 2/26/64

Blessed be,
Dark Angel

Dear Dark Angel,

I enjoyed my phone conversation with you earlier, and I hope I was able to help you. I do hope you will find that present your husband bought you while you were living. It most certainly explains the missing money. If I receive any messages from him, I will be sure to let you know. He hasn’t entirely left this plane, and his connections to you are very strong. As I sat down to write this right after our conversation the wind began to howl and the lights went out for a few seconds.

Now that the candle is lit on the altar, the wind has died down. Not even a flicker from the lights.

Indeed, you are the person I needed to write this article for. You were the one who I felt needed the reading the most.

As a Pisces, like other water signs, you have a connection to the mysterious cosmos that many do not understand. The other parts of your chart point to you having gift for manifestation, which lends itself to being a witch. You may not need an elaborate spell to make things happen, but rather, will them into being. So I want to remind you that when life hands you setbacks, to ‘be a witch about it’ and make magical lemonade out of those lemons. You are not simply a dreamer, but a dreamer who ‘does’ with a positive can-do attitude.

Rather than doing a 12 month card layout, I will use one that corresponds to the horoscope, which will tell you about what the different aspects within your life are moving toward.

The Ten of Cups inversed is in the first house, the self, and its ruling sign is Ares. Tens are cards of transformation and fate. Clearly, your sense of self is still healing from the separation of you from your husband by his death. I do not believe you will find true happiness within yourself for a while until you can find wholeness as a separate individual outside of a relationship. Losing yourself in another person when you are in love is so easy to do, and re-finding ourselves after can be like climbing an impossibly high, steep cliff. This is something you must do for yourself. The view at the top, I hear, is amazing. It is time to transform you and your life.

The Knight of Cups inversed is in the second house, resources and money, and its ruling sign is Taurus. I feel this too, reflects the emotions within, but this time they are also controlling what is without. Be careful with what you have, and now is not the time that you will be truly prosperous. When you are emotionally ready to go forward, it will happen for you on the material plane as well, but not this year.

The Nine of Swords
is in the third house, communication, and its ruling sign is Gemini. You have been through so much that those feelings are overflowing into your communication and connection. Nines represent endings of a cycle. You are through the worst of the storm, there is no need to come from a place of fear. Thoughts become words, words become actions, and actions become destiny. So be careful of those words you speak, and doubly so because of your gift for manifestation.

The Seven of Swords is in the fourth house, the home, and is ruled by Cancer. It is definitely time to begin anew even in terms of living space. Like the hermit crab, you have outgrown the old shell and it is uncomfortable emotionally as well as physically. This card advises not to discard everything, but to take with you what you can salvage and what is useful. All else will be baggage from your previous life.

The Knight of Wands inversed is in the fifth house, pleasure, creativity and romance; ruled by Leo. I believe rather than representing an aspect of yourself, this is your current love. Charming, but emotionally not an adult and acts on compulsions rather than thinking things through. Plan on being the adult, the responsible one, in your relationship and consider if you are prepared to take care of him for the rest of your life, because you will. Like myself, just because we have the strength to carries others doesn’t mean that we should. We might not be doing them any favors when fate may be pushing them to grow. People who are caretakers are often so used to being in that role they don’t notice.

The Ace of Swords is in the sixth house, health and work, ruled by Virgo. Now this was nice to see! By Samhain, these things will begin going your way. With the emotional healing will come physical healing, and with physical healing will come more opportunities.

The Ten of Pentacles is in the seventh house, partnerships, ruled by Libra. As with the Ace of Swords above, this signals a change by Samhain, and the seventh house’s connections with justice in terms of a settlement. Financially there will be balance in the household. Enjoy the ride while it lasts.

The Ten of Wands is in the eighth house, the taboos of sex, death and money, as is ruled by Scorpio. I truly have to ask you this; how much do you wish to carry? The weight of what you are carrying is too much and it is aging you inside. Perhaps you don’t have to do it all and give yourself permission to do so. Peace of mind is everything.

The King of Swords is in the ninth house, what is on the far horizon and travel, ruled by Sagittarius. It is an extension of the third house. It can also represent education and philosophy, important in your line of work. Do not allow this person in a position of ‘the sword’ to dominate or bully you. Perfectionism can take a nasty turn when it becomes personal imperfection’s projection onto others. My advice: walk away. He only has as much power as you give him. Take comfort in knowing that those who live by the sword tend to die by it.

The Horned One (the Devil)
inversed is in the tenth house, career and outward image, ruled by Capricorn. You have been condemned as the devil by someone who is “the Devil,” but this card inversed, I find has an inverse meaning of its own. The tables have turned and karma will be pushing this individual back, hopefully, back under the rock he crawled out from under. The prison and bindings of his own karma is at hand. Feel free to sell popcorn while everyone enjoys the show…his fall from grace as a fallen angel.

The Two of Wands is in the eleventh house, social relationships both personal and professional, ruled by Aquarius. This is a year to decide what you want, and who you wish to keep in your life. Where you decide to go is up to you, as is the company you keep. In time, what you need will come into view and you will know what to do.

The Hermit is in the twelfth house, what is hidden, is ruled by Pisces which is your sun sign. This to me, is a very hopeful card, but it’s also a card of looking within to find healing. It is the lesson of the bear who goes fearlessly into the dark caves to dream, and she emerges leaner, but well rested from the journey within. Let the love of the Goddess be your torch to illuminate the dark places that would cause you fear, because even though we all walk the path alone, we aren’t ever truly alone.

There is someone in the spirit world also looking out for you, and I am sure you will find him at the final end of your days. When you are both reborn, you will know and love each other again. The magick of true love can’t be broken even in death. But life is for the living, so don’t forget to live until then. It is the best way to still love him to love yourself as he loved you.

Admittedly, I’m crying as I write this, being the watery moon-child that I am. It has been feeling as I have been writing this, that I’m not alone, and I keep expecting to see someone out of the corner of my eye. So let the cold rain fall tonight and its darkness, the first stirrings of summer are almost here and the sun will shine tomorrow. It will shine again for you too.

Blessed be,
Rev. Alicia Lyon Folberth


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