It’s In The Cards

Dear Reader,

Welcome to ‘It’s In the Cards’ for www.PaganPages.org. At one time this column appeared in Finer Things Magazine in New Haven, CT, and I am very pleased to be writing my column again; this time for the Pagan Community.

Every month, I will do a tarot reading for one person whose question I choose for this column. Also, by writing me, you will have a chance for a free tarot 10 minute reading on the phone. If you would like to contact me about purchasing a reading, please visit my web site at www.SubRosaMagick.com or write me at [email protected]

Since I first began reading for the public 13 years ago, I found that I fell in love with being able to help people in their personal lives and on their path as a spiritual counselor. The cards, I have found, often tell us what we need to know, and not necessarily what we want to know. They provide a way for me to see deeper into the heart of an issue and often what magickal advice I also need to give to bring about change.

Even if you aren’t familiar with tarot cards as a form of divination, they also work in the same way other forms do, be it the Runes, I-Ching, oracles or Ogam. The symbols of the tarot speak on many levels, and allow a connection to be created with spirit; opening a doorway for the universe to communicate on a personal level. As an artist as well as a priestess, I acknowledge the power of these symbols, but as a psychic, I use them to “see” more clearly.

Mediumship isn’t something I intentionally practice, but sometimes I do receive messages from spirit or departed loved ones, and if I receive messages I will relay these to you as part of the reading.

This following is the question chosen for this month.


Dear Alicia,

What do I need to do/change in order to achieve my deepest dreams? Birthdate – 06/10/1969.

– Kelly

Dear Kelly,

As a Gemini with Venus in slow and stubborn Taurus combined with the inner restlessness of Mars in Sagittarius, you may find yourself in a bit of an inner conflict when you make decisions, however, with Jupiter in Virgo, luck comes to you rather easily once those decisions are made. Your greatest challenges will be to take risks and find your own personal liberation.

I’ve chosen a simple seven card horseshoe spread for you, which is also a lunar crescent in the same moon phase as I write this column. An extra card is drawn to represent you.





The Horseshoe card spread positions:
Significator card representing you
Card #1: Past

Card #2: Present situation

Card #3: Future

Card #4: Advice

Card #5: Outside influences

Card #6: Challenge/Limitations

Card #7: Outcome at this time

The Significator card is the Ten of Cups, representing you. You are very concerned with your loved ones, and they bring you great joy. Let this be the strength that propels you forward.

The first card is the Empress (3), inversed, which represents the past, but influences the current situation. It speaks of you as being a nurturer who has given away too much of themselves, presumably for too long a period of time. This tells me that you need to take care of yourself first for this to be the foundation of those dreams. Castles in the air are nothing until the foundations are placed under them.

The second card indicates present circumstances, which is the Ten of Pentacles, inversed. Tens are cards of completion and fulfillment. This card is the physical side of the home, in contrast to the emotional Ten of Cups above. At present, there does not seem to be the physical or monetary support to further your goals and vision. Inversed, it suggests transformation, of a situation ending.

The third card is the Six of Pentacles, representing the near future. This card directly ties into the last, as financial restrictions will change and progress will be facilitated. You can expect resolution and some very real and practical help offered to help you achieve your goals.

The fourth card is the Magician (1), inversed. Although upright, this card indicates power, and when inverted, it indicates abuse of power. It is deceptive magic and slight of hand, of things that are not as they appear to be. Seeing that this is the card which advises you – this is a warning to stay on the good path and not stray from it through another’s advice, which you can count on it being self-serving. Be careful with the gifts that you will be given in the future.

The fifth card representing outside influences is the Ace of Pentacles. As the Six of Pentacles suggests, there is prosperity coming your way. If you were considering a home-based business (which would be perfect for you) this would become a possibility. Aces are beginnings and cards of initiation. Once you have the means available you should begin.

The sixth card is the Eight of Wands, inversed, and in this lies your challenge. I believe this is connected to the Magician inversed as above, a conflict with someone who may be too close to you – quite literally. A price may have to be paid in making your decision to go forward and much discord over the issue, which doesn’t surprise me. People change and behave badly most often when money is at stake.

The seventh card is the Seven of Swords. Sevens are mutable, but your dreams can be reached with perseverance and a refusal to be dictated to by the wants and needs of others. What you sow now, will be reaped later in abundance. I can’t emphasize enough that you should already have begun your plans and to do your research before any of this manifests. Your dreams will bear fruit in direct proportion to how much energy you put into them, and the energy involved must be steady.

I drew one last card, the one from the bottom on the deck, and it was the Four of Cups. This symbolizes what is hidden from you, and doubly so by the car itself. Please be open to new possibilities beyond what you can see. The brass ring doesn’t come around very often, and sometimes what appears to be brass is actually gold. The universe will provide the means, but you must provide the determination. As in the Charge of the Goddess, “Keep pure your highest ideals; strive ever towards them, let nothing stop you or turn you aside.”

Rev. Alicia Lyon Folberth


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