Along Came a Spider…A Meditation

Driving is a cathartic process for me.  My mind is able to wander since my body is otherwise occupied with the driving process.  It’s just about the only time I hit the Theta state.  So, some of my best thinking is done in the car and I’ve taken to carrying a tape recorder for those moments of epiphany.

One of those moments, however, came quite unexpectedly.  I was pondering what to write my meditation on for this month and quite literally it dropped into my lap.  Sunlight flickered off a single thread of spider silk right in my line of vision, as a very sizable spider dropped onto my steering wheel.

I’ve always been fond of spiders and so it was not really an intrusion but more of a pleasant surprise.  Of course the nursery rhyme running through my head as I let out a laugh.  So, it seemed my inspiration had been determined for me and I’ve set out to write a meditation that would do justice to one of my totem animals.

You will want to find a comfortable place where you can relax, whether that is indoors or outdoors.  If you feel so inclined light a few candles, light some incense, and put on some background music.

Try to let the stress of the day, the push to do more than you are able to, work, kids, and anything else that is racing through your mind go.  Let it pass through your mind and melt away.  Take a deep breath and release it feeling your neck and shoulders relax.  Feel with each breath your muscles ease and relax.  Feel the tense muscles in your arms and fingers, your chest and stomach relax.  Feel your legs, and your feet all the way tot your toes relax.  Once you are ready take another cleansing breath and begin.

Lady Arachne, who has a gift for spinning and weaving webs, we ask that you guide our hands.  Allow your skill to work through us and ensure that our webs will be able to accomplish their tasks.  Allow us the wisdom to choose wisely what to weave, what to cut away from our loom, and when not to weave at all.  By your will and ours so shall it be!

Now picture a single strand of spider silk.  What color does it reflect if any?  What is it attached to?

This thread though delicate is also extremely strong.  This single thread represents where you have been, what you have done, and who you are.  Consider all the possibilities that are contained in that single thread of silk.

The most familiar structure we associate with the spider is the web.  Webs are complex constructions that enable a spider to catch prey.   However, there is a cost to its construction.  It is a physically trying task to complete the construction of the web.  Sometimes the web must be reconstructed to remain effective either due to structural damage or from time reducing its effectiveness.

Similarly, we can construct a magickal web to draw to us our desires.  The web needs to be tended to, sometimes reconstructed, and reinforced by our mundane actions. What will you give to create the web?

Take a moment to decide what you will be spinning your web to achieve.  What do you want to draw to yourself?  Are you looking to snag a new job? Do you desire a closer relationship to deity?  Make your intent clear.

Take your thread of spider silk and anchor it so you can begin spinning your web.  Note what you tether it to.  You will want to start by making a Y formation to create the first three radial lines.  These three lines are your foundation for the web. The first line represents yourself and your experiences.  What do the other two lines represent in your life?  How will these affect the rest of the web?

Continue adding more radial lines until you are ready to add the spiral lines.  The spiral lines will connect the radial lines and give the web its unique but familiar shape.  Keep in mind the goal of your web.  The spiral lines will ultimately be your actions both magickal and mundane that you will take to help accomplish the goal of the web.

When you are finished with the construction of the web, or close to finished, you will want to clearly state what your intention again.  Reach out and touch the center of your web feeling it resonate with the core of your being.  When you are ready take a step back from the web.  See it clearly in your mind, taking in any patterns that you may see.  Recognize this as your web, a manifestation of that which you desire to be in your life.

You may not finish constructing your web in one session, so feel free to revisit it often.  If something isn’t working the way it should feel free to reconstruct it.  The web is a representation of you and where you would like to go.  Sometimes life intervenes and disrupts the web we have woven.  Sometimes the anchors we have set we need to cut ourselves away from and rethink the structure of our lives.

When you are ready take a deep breath and release it slowly.  Let the web linger in your mind for a moment and then release it.  Know you can always return to it in order to tend to it, reconstruct it, rebuild it, or to start over.  Take another deep breath in and out.  Make the mental step back into this realm.

Take a moment to write down anything that you found of particular interest during the meditation.  Note any patterns, colors, spiders, or any deities that may have manifested.   These are specific messages for you.  These are the lessons of the spider and when one comes to sit beside you don’t run…listen.
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