Callie’s Cavern



Opal is a delicate stone, a beautiful stone with a fine vibration.  When you look at Opal you can understand how this stone can stand for beauty, lightness, love, and passion.  It is seductive.  It has been said that Octavius Caesar was willing to sell one third of his Roman Empire for a single Opal.  Opal can help you open yourself up to love.  It has been called a “Cupid Stone” and said to grant wishes.

If you are born in October Opal is said to bring good luck, but if your Opal splits that is seen as a bad omen.  Wives and girlfriends gave Crusaders Opals to bring them back safely and bring luck and battle glory.  Opal is much more then a stone for love and luck.  Enhancing cosmic consciousness allows Opal to open up psychic and mystic visions.  Opal promotes astral projection and opens up the mind.  It can be programmed for all energies.  This energy is healing, creative, and original, even helping you go unnoticed.

Working with Opal tends to magnify energy and boost feelings.  Helping access and express your true self.  Opal is so absorbent and reflective it picks up thoughts and feelings, amplifies them, and returns them to the source.  This energy may feel like scattered energy, make sure you are centered before you use it.  If you are overly sensitive to energy you shouldn’t wear Opal daily.  Opal brings things to the surface for transformation allowing us to take responsibility for feelings.  This beautiful stone teaches you that what you put out comes back.