Sexual Magick **Adult Content

Improving Humankind through Sexual Energy


We have covered a fair variety of the different aspects of Sexual Magick; however, one of the most important reasons to perform Sexual Magick is for the betterment of Humanity.

Most folks that are interested in Magick or the Occult are aware that ancient fertility rites were performed for agricultural and religious purposes.

However, there has been, for long ages, a subtle line of thought that these same types of fertility rites can be used to induce the incarnation of a higher soul into the body of a human infant, heal people, or improve the land. In fact the Sanctity that many standard religions attach to marriage is based on similar concepts.

The basic idea is that a Child that is conceived in Love, and with the correct Intent will draw down a Higher Soul into the Vessel provided by the Ritualized Sexual Act. And that the combined sexual fluids of the participants provide a subtle medium that attracts the Creative energies of the Universe into itself.

The general gist is that if more people were purposely conducting such rites, the increase in Spiritually Advanced Incarnations in the general Populace would stimulate further evolutionary advances within Society… thus, propelling Humankind to new heights

Another way that these Sexual energies can be used for the betterment of humanity is through the same schema used to increase crop fertility in times of old. One simply focuses the energy to the Earth, or directed towards healing a person, etc.

The sexual energies or “Eros” require that one be able to conjure up the “Ojas” or “Lust” energies and then direct them.

One may devise a Mantra as discussed previously… and allow this Mantra (that you have practiced for months and months) to play itself automatically over and over, until it seems to be running in the background. This allows one to perform more naturally in the bedroom than more formal rites.

The “Intent” of the Mantra (whether for a “Magickal Child” or Healing, or whatever) should be evident in its spoken meaning… thus it is a Ritual that does not require focus. This allows more spontaneity between the couple.

The couple should slowly allow certain Psychic and erogenous centers to touch each other. The Chakras, Erogenous Zones, Taoist Centers, or Kabbalistic Sephiroth all provide an excellent Anatomical framework for such foreplay. This will gradually increase both the activity of the relevant Pscho-Sexual Centers, and synergistically increases the level of Ojas or “Magickal Lust” as well.

One may incorporate Ritual objects such as Feathers, or even Whips and Chains, or Vibrators… whatever floats your boat.

As the act is performed the Mantra should be allowed to play on, and at the moment of release, a sharp visual focus should be added. This is particularly powerful if both parties incorporate the Mantra and Visualization… especially so, if simultaneous orgasm is achieved.

Although fairly simple, this technique has a broad range of application.

If one really contemplates the potential power at their disposal through the Creative Energies of the Universe the potential is enormous.