Airmid’s Cauldron

    Well it is that time of year when allergies abound and everyone is running back and forth to the Dr. and the Pharmacy and with all that, often either find no relief or suffer through worrisome side effects. Well there is another way… And that is to look to nature… After all Nature has given us most of the Dr. prescribed medications we use today, however, even with the natural ingredients they have added man made substances that in my opinion do little more than create other symptoms. That being said, this column will give the reader a holistic alternative (through remedy and recipes) to cure many of the ailments we all are afflicted with all year long. The first holistic remedy is for spring nasal allergies.
    Nasal Spray for Sinus Infection

7 drops eucalyptus tincture

    7 drops sage tincture
    7drops usnea tincture
    7 drops Echinacea tincture
    7 drops juniper tincture
    4 drops grapefruit tincture
    Place tincture drops in a one ounce nasal spray bottle, add distilled water to fill bottle the rest of the way to the top. Replace cap and shake thoroughly.
    Use as needed.

In next month’s issue we will be looking at wound powders as an alternative to Neosporin.