Scents for your Sensibilities

Oils and Spells

Oils can be extremely useful for spells. It is actually one of my personal favorite ways to include the power of the scent or plant, in the working. Some would say that an Essential oil works better for magical purposes. I will agree to some extent. If you are using the power of Rose the flower, the scent, the color, everything about “Rose” then you will probably want the actual essence of rose. Blends and synthetics are good for their purposes as well but they are created by taking other scents and a base oil being mixed together so there would technically be other vibrations mixed in with your rose scent.

Essentials should be diluted if you plan to wear it on your person as they tend to be extremely strong. Other ways of using an oil in spell work might be, drawing a ritual bath, and using a drop or two of your essential there. That would count as diluting the oil obviously. Other times the practitioner will rub the oil on a candle. This is called ritualizing the candle.

Other times an oil will be used to consecrate a magical tool, or alter piece. By rubbing the piece with the oil, the magical properties of the plant used in the oil, will fuse with the tool, thus giving it the vibration and other metaphysical properties to the tool. This action would be repeated for continued use or need of the plant, or changed by using a different oil the next time, depending on the work being done.

Oil burned can give the same qualities to the air thus within you by breathing in the scent. If you are doing meditation or transcendental work, burning the scent can be extremely helpful in reaching the most relaxed state for visualization or enlightenment.

The next few articles will include different scents for different spells. If you have a favorite oil for working a certain type of spell, I would love to read about it, and will include your recipe with the others, giving you credit for your recipe/blend. Sends suggestions to [email protected] with “oil blend” in the subject line.