July, 2010

Welcome to the July issue of PaganPages.

July, 2010

A few announcements:

Most classes begin this month.  Please be sure to check spruz daily for letters from your teachers.

We are collecting tools, incense, candles, etc… to send our Pagan Brothers and Sisters in the armed forces over seas again.  If you are interested in donating goods or funds, email [email protected]  Our soldiers need your help.

Be sure to join our facebook or myspace to see when new classes are added.


In This Issue:


The art of Steelgoddess


Interview with R. Wolf Baldassarro



Monthly Prayer

Awaken to the sunlight bright
Restful from the long dark night
Goodnight good Goddess, Blessed Be
Awaken my God to shine down on me
I thank you mother for all you give
In my true path I shall live
Trying my best to do what’s right
I know that you will give me sight
To see the things I need to know
And feel the things to help me grow
God and Goddess you are in me
Holding, Loving, Teaching me


I’m Skylla, a solitary wiccan from Western Maryland.  I am happily married with one teenage daughter and work full-time in the health industry.  I am a vegetarian, animal activist and feminist.  I graduated with degrees in History and Political Science and am always seeking new experiences and knowledge.  I love reading, researching, debating, computers, writing, crafts & music…and the list goes on and on!!

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Hearthbeats: Notes from a Kitchen Witch

July, 2010


Is your child safe at school.???  Maybe, maybe not. Bulling is a huge problem in schools today, whether you are in North America , Australia, or some little island somewhere. Children, teens , tweens and even adults seem to be ok with bullying their way through life. And many are pushed around, yelled and cursed at, physically, emotionally and spiritually harmed.

Recently my 13 year old daughter has been caught in the bulling web. She is no angel, but she is a pretty good kid, respectful of the karmic balance and knowing that what she puts out there: good or bad, will come back at her, so she is kind of mindful of her words and her actions.  But this one child, you know the one I mean, so sweet and nice in front of the adult or authority, but nasty and cruel one there is no one to see. She has it in for Sammi because she is different, in her clothes, her look, her attitude and her religion. And she is rather proud of her differences. This child and the group they belong to seem bent on making Sammi feel badly about herself, and continues to try to get her in trouble with the Assistant Principle. Report, calls for parental conferences, in school suspensions … and all Sammi is doing( for the most part) is being herself. Now as long as it was just words I let it go , for Sammi to deal with and learn how to live with awful people. But recently it became physical, with Sammi being slammed into a wall, then the following day being tripped down ½ a flight of stairs, resulting in a sprained ac in her shoulder and pulled muscles in her foot and ankle. We as parents need to do something about this, we need to teach our children that this is not acceptable. I know someone in school saw what happened to Sammi, with over 1500 kids in the school and at least ¼ of then departing out of that hallway.. but no one came forward. No one stood for her and helped her. No one reported it ..  We need to teach our kids that turning a blind eye is as bad as pushing the child themselves.. because the damage does not end if the bully gets away with it.

We also need to teach our kids ways to combat this behavior , not in the physical but in the spiritual and the magickal. To push back the negative and send it back at the sender. And to find balance in themselves so that a bully cannot get the foot hold and use the differences as weapons.

This happens in all of our school. It may not be bad in your area, but in some it is terrible. In one school not to long ago a young girl killed herself because she could not handle the bullies in her school… and thanks to God/dess that they were all caught , and tried in court for the mental and physical harm they cause… maybe this could have been prevented if their parents had taught them it was wrong to be so nasty and hurtful. And if her parents had taught her ways to protect herself from that nastiness.

Your browser may not support display of this image.

A spell/ chant I have been using for Sammi is kind of silly but seems to be working.

Bully Bully go away

Bully bully it’s not play

Bully bully I say GO AWAY

I defeat you NOW…. TODAY

So mote it be…

This one I found on the web, have not used it yet.. but will be.. with my Sammi’s help..


If you are trying to avoid a bully, try candle magick in

this way. This is a very old binding, a ritual, really.

Use a black candle to display the person’s anger. Calling

the elements, tie a cord (obviously short) around the candle’s

base or feet:

By three and nine your power I bind.

By Moon and Sun my will be done.”

Tie the candle’s waist now:

Sky and Sea, keep harm from me,

Cord go ’round, power be bound.

Tie cord around the candle’s neck:

Light revealed,


Snuff the candle:


Carry the candle, unlit of course. See if this works for

you. BB!

© 1999 Autumn Bad Lands

Here is a charm bag for peace from a group I belong to.

Charm Bag for Inner Peace
by Anna Franklin

Healing is not just about the body, but also concerns the mind and
spirit. If you are troubled, lay out a six-inch circle of pink cloth,
and sprinkle two teaspoons each of lavender flower, chamomile, and
pink rose petals, and olive leaves in the centre of the cloth. Add a
few drops of Melissa oil and a piece of rose quartz, saying: “I mix
and blend this herbal charm, To bring me peace and bring me calm.
Inner strength and tranquility, Goddess gives serenity.” Add the rose
quartz, and tie up the parcel with the pink thread. Keep it near you,
and rub it when you need its power.


Tape a recent, full length color photograph of yourself behind a hardware store style, one foot square mirror, facing inward, toward the painted [unreflective or back] side [of the mirror].

Hold the mirror over your heart, with the reflective side facing outward. Face the East

Say one time:

Mirror, mirror, work for me,

Bounce all slings, and arrows, keep me free,

As I will, so mote it be!

Turn right, facing south, and repeat the spell.

Turn right, facing west, and repeat the spell.

Turn right, facing north, and repeat the spell.

Return to the east, and point the mirror upward, and repeat the spell, and then downward, and repeat the spell.

Close by pointing the mirror forward, and say one time:

Mirror, mirror, come with me,

Wherever I go, stay with me.

As I will, so mote it be!

Place the mirror in one of your bedroom windows, with the mirror side facing outward,

Repeat mirror spell every five days, until the danger has past. More often if you need to.

Visualize a circle of violet light around you when they are near, keeping all negativity from you.  Chant silently to your self, “Thrice around the circle’s Bound, Trouble Sink into the Ground.”

You can list the names of the people who are harming you (Physically or mentally) on a piece of paper.  Draw a vertical line thru the list. This is the rune Isa. (or Ice) fill a ziplock baggie half way with water and put it in the freezer and say “chill out” and slam the door.

This will not bring harm in any way to the people listed, it will just keep them from bothering you. (As long as that paper stays in the freezer)

Your browser may not support display of this image. Your browser may not support display of this image. Your browser may not support display of this image.

Now I know this is not Kitcheny…. But it is family and family is the hearth.. so it fits.. Please stop the bullying from happening by reporting it, standing together against the bully whenever you can, tell them they are wrong as a whole group, not just one of you. And never ever let another person be harmed while in your view. One person can make a huge difference if they get together with one other person.. forming a link in the chain that will lock Bullying and negativity away from us all…

Until next time

Blessed Home and Hearth

The Hearthkeeper

PS. If there is anything you would like to see here.. please email me at [email protected]

Blessed be…

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The Crafty Writer

July, 2010


The magician pulls out his wand his magic wand and starts to say those famous words, Ala-kazam or Hocus Pocus, as he waves the wand. Poof goes the well timed smoke pellet and out of the empty box he pulls a rabbit. Wood working magic is an illusive illusion that occurs when someone with limited talent, creates something that they can use and are proud enough to use it.


There are so many forms of woodworking, from the intricate lathe, and saber saw work to the more traditional small tools that most people have. These house hold tools are sneered at by many, but they can produce amazing things that you should be proud of. No, I am not talking about hanging pictures or using the screwdriver to change the batteries in a favorite toy. These items I am talking about are time consuming and very relaxing for me.

Magic is a hobby of mine so it makes using the wood working craft that much more interesting. If I can create something the others don’t have, like my very own wand then it makes mine different than the plastic store bought ones. All I had to do is go out and ask the trees to donate one of its branches. Then if you asked properly you may find that the tree had dropped the perfect piece and all you have to do is pick it up and say thank you.


The wand shown was then stripped of bark, and sanded smooth. It even has a notch that my finger can lay across and give more control to the wave. Once you’re happy a bit of stain and a sealer like oil, varnish or polyurethane and you have a finished piece. All you need is some time, patience, a knife, sand paper and some kind of sealer. Items most households have or a trip to the corner store and minimal amount of money would remedy.


The illusions I create are not true magic, but the wood working to create them is. Like the Golden Egg a simple illusion where 2 pieces of rope are pulled through a solid golden egg. Or the Dragon Pagoda, where an empty space inside allows an object to materialize as you stare at the space. The Dragon Box is one of my favorites. For Halloween night I will swing it open showing that it is empty and than close it up again. I make the children say the magic words, Trick or Treat and then reaching into the box I start pulling pieces of candy enough for all of them. One of my more intricate pieces because it is a hinged box that is pegged and glued together with the only screws in it acts as hinges. These allow the magician to swing it open showing that it is an empty box. I did have to buy some wood, dole sticks, and glue, but it was worth it to see the kids’ faces.


A craft is a skill, art or dexterity. Wood working and magic are both crafts because you use all three to create a finished piece. Fortunately there are different levels obtainable in all crafts and each is equally enjoyable. Now watch me pull a rubber chicken out of my wood pile. For more information about magicians contact the Society of American Magicians at www.magicsam.com or the International Brotherhood of Magicians at www.magician.org . For more information on wood working, check out your local hobby or hardware store.

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The Art of SteelGoddess

July, 2010




Many thanks to Jenn for the lovely invitation to introduce me on Pagan Pages! My name is Steelgoddess and I am a full time illustrator with my feet firmly planted in an imaginary world where Witches (the good ones) and flying cats on brooms happily exist together. There are a huge variety of residents in all shapes and species from the ordinary to the extraordinary who are far from shy and wish to be known that they do indeed exist!

I am delighted to share my quirky imagination with you and hope you enjoy the many things that I have available. All lovingly crafted from a Hedge Witch who believes Witches, Wiccans, and pagans of all beliefs deserve beauty and whimsy in their magical lives, you will discover illustrated Book of Shadows spells, Apothecary Labels, Stick Witch decals, decorative parchment paper, and a variety of other unique treasures.

Please feel free to visit my little ol’ shop at www.ceridwensmagicweb.com/catalog

Follow me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/steelgoddess

With Love and Light,
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July, 2010

(Loo-nas-ah) Major Sabbat (High Holiday) – Fire Festival August 1, 2

Other Names: Lunasa (meaning August), Lughnasaad, Lughnasa Celtic),First Harvest, August Eve, Feast of Cardenas, Feast of Bread, Tailltean Games(Irish), Teltain Cornucopia (Strega), Ceresalia (Ancient Roman) Harvest Home, Thingtide (Teutonic), Lammas (Christian). Laa Luanys, Elembious, Festival of Green Corn (Native American)

Animals and Mythical beings: Griffins, Basilisks, Roosters, Calves, Centaurs, Phoenix

Gemstones: aventurine, citrine, peridot, sardonyx, yellow diamonds, citrine

Incense and Oils: wood aloes, rose, rose hips, rosemary, chamomile, eucalyptus, safflower, corn, passionflower, frankincense, sandalwood

Colors: red, orange, golden yellow, green, light brown, gold, bronze, gray

Tools, Symbols, and Decorations: corn, cornucopias, red, yellow flowers, sheaves of grain (wheat, barley, oats), first fruits/vegetables of garden labor, corn dollies, baskets of bread, spear, cauldron, sickle, scythe, threshing tools, sacred loaf of bread, harvested herbs, bonfires, bilberries, God figures made of bread or cookie dough, phallic symbols

Goddesses: The Mother, Dana (Lugh&’s wife & queen ), Tailltiu (Welsh-Scottish), Demeter (Greek), Ceres (Roman grain goddess .. honored at Ceresalia), the Barley Mother, Seelu (Cherokee), Corn Mother, Isis (Her birthday is celebrated about this time), Luna (Roman Moon Goddess), other agricultural Goddesses, the waxing Goddess

Gods: Lugh (Celtic, one of the Tuatha De Danaan), John Barley Corn, Arianrhod’s golden haired son Lleu (Welsh God of the Sun & Corn where corn includes all grains, not just maize), Dagon (Phoenician Grain God), Tammuz/ Dummuzi (Sumerian), Dionysus, plus all sacrificial Gods who willingly shed
blood/give their life that their people/lands may prosper, all vegetation Gods & Tanus (Gaulish Thunder God), Taranis (Romano-Celtic Thunder God), Tina, (Etruscan-Thunder God), the waning God

Essence: fruitfulness, reaping, prosperity, reverence, purification, transformation, change, The Bread of Life, The Chalice of Plenty , The Ever-flowing Cup , the Groaning Board (Table of Plenty)

Meaning: Lugh’s wedding to Mother Earth, Birth of Lugh; Death of Lugh, Celtic Grain Festival

Purpose: Honoring the parent Deities, first harvest festival, first fruits grains & drink to the Goddess in appreciation of Her bounty, offering loaves of sacred bread in the form of the God (this is where the Gingerbread Man originated)

Rituals and Magicks: astrology, prosperity, generosity, continued success, good fortune, abundance, magickal picnic, meditate & visualize yourself completing a project you’ve started

Customs and Activities: games, the traditional riding of poles/staves, country fairs, breaking bread with friends, making corn dollys, harvesting herbs for charms/rituals, Lughnasadh fire with sacred wood & dried herbs, feasting, competitions, lammas towers (fire-building team competitions), spear tossing, gathering flowers for crowns, fencing/swordplay, games of skill, martial sports, chariot races, hand-fastings, trial marriages, dancing ’round a corn mother (doll)

Foods: loaves of homemade wheat, oat, & corn bread, barley cakes, corn, potatoes, summer squash, nuts, acorns, wild berries (any type), apples, rice, pears, berry pies, elderberry wine, crab apples, mead, crab, blackberries, meadowsweet tea, grapes, cider, beer

Herbs: grain, acacia, heather, ginseng, sloe, cornstalks, cyclamen, fenugreek, aloes, frankincense, sunflower, hollyhock, oak leaf, wheat, myrtle

Element: Fire

Gender: Female

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A Simple Path: Journey of a Hedgewitch

July, 2010

*The Hedgewitch lives in the space between the Village and the Forest. Between the mundane and the magical. S/He lives with a foot in both worlds.
This column is dedicated to the Hedgewitches of the planet earth.

What Dreams May Come
A Brand New Hedge…July 2010

Greetings all! I have been away from the friendly confines of Pagan Pages for the past couple of months due to some major developments in my life.
While things did not play out the way I expected, at all, (that’ll teach me to have specific expectations!) they have found a way to bring me unimaginable joy and a sense of completion.
Some of you may remember the big white house I found a year ago in the tiny town I lived in, in California.
It was a house I had dreamt about since I was a teen, and was so astounded to find it, there, on my same street, standing empty and alone.
It pained me to see her without the luxury of laughter and the smell of cooking food, and smoke from her chimney. Houses are meant to be lived in, and loved in, and she had been empty for some time.
Well, because I had dreamed of her, and identified so immediately with her plight, I assumed, too, I was the one to live in her.
It is human nature, I suppose, to want to “own” things.
And I fell head over heels into the trap of yearning to own her.
Well, as the months went by, I meditated hard on having lights fill her windows and activity to go on behind her curtains. And, one day, this is exactly what occurred.
A couple bought her, shortly after the new year, and began an immediate renovation.
After they moved in, I would walk past, at night, so I could see the lights on, and hear the sound of people coming from inside.
Despite the fact it wasn’t me, which of course, gave me some moments of sadness, I was very happy someone had come to give this house a Life.
Shortly after that, all Hell broke loose in my own life.
It began with my husband losing his job.
At the time, it seemed a horrible thing, but I always knew these things come and go. My husband did not take it so well, but he is learning to make friends with his misfortunes.
In time, the economic base of our life was depleted, and we could no longer afford to remain in our home in California.
We debated for many weeks over how to resolve this inevitability, but to no avail. My husband even got a great job, in Oklahoma, but it was not part of our life plan to move there to live. He resigned after 2 days, and came home to the west coast.
For all the years we were away from our original base of operations, the Oregon coast, I had been adamantly opposed to returning. It just didn’t feel like it was time yet.
We had discussed it, but not in a serious manner, as I couldn’t imagine myself being back there again. Or, more accurately, could not imagine myself not living in my quaint, lush, tiny town in California.
Still, one night, completely out of the blue, I was struck with the full force of one single uber-focused thought. “It is time to go back”.
It was as though someone had flipped a switch inside my spirit, and suddenly, I couldn’t get back fast enough.
I told my husband what had happened, in my head, and he just stared at me blankly. “I thought that was the last place you wanted to be!”, he replied.
I know. It was.
But now, not so much.
The very instant I came to this awareness, the wheels of change began turning at full speed.
Everything we needed came into place, and we made the move back to the beach on a shoestring.
Within 2 days, we had a house. An old employer of my husband’s, and lifelong friend had a house he wasn’t renting (had not, in fact, rented out for over 4 years). He offered it to us at exactly half what our rent had been in California.
The house is a cottage, located on the edge of an unspoiled forest. When I say the edge, I mean, you walk out the back door and you are in the forest. You walk out the front door, and you are in the clearing.
It is on the edge. A threshold, if you will.
It is also just outside of town, but just round a corner, perhaps one mile away. It has the appearance of complete seclusion, though, we can see the highway from here.
It is just past the fog bank cut-off, as well, so when it is dreary at the beach, it is often warmer and sunnier here.
There is an orchard which butts up against the forest, filled with ancient apple trees in a sad state of neglect.
Wisteria vines lie on the ground between the house and garage for lack of someone to arbor them.
Underneath every leaf is another surprise someone else planted and is now blooming for my eyes only.
The lower garden is almost an acre, and has provided a glorious spot for the family garden.
I have installed a fire pit under the upper apple trees, and have built sacred fires and thanked the gods from leading me here.
The property is owned by a man who believes only in buying land, never selling it. His son (and presumably heir) is one of my husband’s best friends, and is also of this same ilk. I feel more secure on this land than I have ever felt, anywhere.
Instead of an intense desire to own this land, I feel very much owned by her. As though she has been waiting for me to arrive and begin to make right the wrongs of many years of neglect.
I feel, too, as though I was not the first person to make strong magic in this house, and when I painted the living room, I saw some candlewax which had dripped onto the wall in a few tiny places, and painted over them, allowing those layers of magic to remain.
The sacred plants I keep finding in random places, and the sense that those who lived here before me had been preparing it for me all along.
I have released my expectations, and embraced the unfolding of what was meant.
I have watched my desires make manifest before my very eyes, even before I could fully grasp what was happening.
When I was able to let go of what I perceived to be the “right” outcome, the truly divinely inspired outcome appeared.
Since I arrived 6 weeks ago, I have remodeled the cottage, planted a huge garden, had a chicken coop built, and have procured 6 Australorp chicks, who are now nearly big enough to go and live out in it.
We have reconnected with family and friends, and have settled into our new hedge, right here, a mile from “home”.
I am overwhelmed by my sense of gratitude on a daily basis, and rather than making magic to change energy and circumstances, find myself making most prayers for Thanksgiving, these days.
For years, I dreamed of a house that wasn’t mine, but needed to help. But for all those same years, what I wished for was not a grand home, but a cottage on the edge of the wood. A few hens for laying eggs, a home that is tidy and warm, but off the beaten track.
A garden that will feed us, and herbs which will heal us.
The Universe has seen fit to accommodate me in these wishes, and I am mindfully aware of how grateful I am.
I shall have many, many updates on the Farm Life, over the summer, but know I have taken up enough of your time, already, today!
I pray that your own deepest desires, the true desires of your heart, are making manifest in your lives as well.
Brightest Blessings for an Abundant Summer!

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Magickal Forecast – July 2010

July, 2010

Magickal Forecast – July 2010

SOL: By 7:00AM each day the Sun in the house of GEMINI will be bright and dominant in the morning hours and in the early afternoons. In the month of July the Sun would be an excellent choice for all kinds of magick, as Sol is the most powerful of all planetary forces. If there are any sun-worshipers out there; this is your time.

MERCURY: The morning hours, Mercury in the house of CANCER will be racing away from the Sun (in the opposite direction) all month long in the morning hours. Theurgy and other forms of mercurial gnosis should be possible despite the warnings of pop-culture astrology in mundane matters.

VENUS: in the house of LEO, plus MARS: (in between), and SATURN: in the house of VIRGO: respectively, from a “little before lunch time until sunset” will be sweeping across the afternoon sky. They will be located close enough together in the sky to carry influence on each other, yet far enough apart for you to separate the vibrations. My recommendation would be to use your Unicursal Hexagram and invoke all three.

LIBRA: 6:00PM till 9:00PM, a Zodiacal invoking of Libra will be nice, as would an invoking of the Elemental AIR.

SCORPIO: 8:00PM till 11:00PM, a Zodiacal invoking of Scorpio will be nice, as would an invoking of the Elemental WATER.

PLUTO: 8:00PM till 11:00PM, during the same time frame as Scorpio will be a great chance to work with PLUTO. Pluto can be very revealing. The cabbalistic key at the end of this essay contains all you will need to start your path of discovery. Pluto is not quite in SAGGITARIUS but very close. It may be a good time to work with the elemental FIRE.

CAPRICORN: “11:00PM till 2:00AM” a Zodiacal invoking of Capricorn will be nice, as would an invoking of the Elemental EARTH.

JUPITER & URANUS in the house of PISCES will be available from just after Midnight till almost Sunrise. Jupiter has been conferencing with Uranus for a long time. Most of their business is done and he should open for magick and gnosis during this time window. The Asana of Pan while staring at the Tarot Trump X Fortune could bring incredible result. Meditating as the god-form Amun Ra will be excellent for astral travel and gnosis.

ARIES, TAURUS, & GEMINI will be available in the wee hours for pure clean Zodiacal Magick, or Elemental Magick with FIRE, EARTH, or AIR respectively.

SYNOPSIS: SOL in the morning and JUPITER in the wee. These are the star players for the entire month of July. The associated cabbala, with the matching Tarot Trumps as visual keys should be enough, but ritual Invoking will be better. There are also many opportunities in July for Elemental or Zodiacal Magick.
The days will be hot and the energy of SOL could be harsh. Be strong and bask in the heat. Accept his light, and if it is too harsh, then invoke the cool shade of Aquarius. This is done with the progressed Tetragrammaton of “HehYodVavHe” and the visual key of the Tarot Trump; The Star.

*Cabbalistic Key: Many of you understand ritual timing and cosmic associations to every aspect of Magick, but for those that do not, utilize the key below. The first one is an example.

• To access any of the planets simply follow this formulae by utilizing the keys below. This example is for Jupiter: Meditate as the god-form Amun Ra and whisper: “EL” 4 times between deep slow breaths, while staring at X Wheel of Fortune, Simply relax and drift off. Be prepared for visions.

• Jupiter: As god-form Amun Ra; X Wheel of Fortune & utterance of: “EL”. X4.
• Uranus: As god-form Djehuti: all 4 minor arcana Twos & utterance of: “Yah Kok-ma”. X2.
• Sol: As god-form Ra: XIX Sun & utterance of: “HehYodVavHe-Eloha-Ve-da`at. X6.
• Mercury: As god-form Djehuti: I Magician & utterance of: “Elohem-Tsev-a-ot”. X3.
• Venus: As god-form Hathor: III Empress & utterance “HehYodVavHe-Tsev-a-ot”. X7.
• Mars: As god-form Horus: XVI Tower & the utterance of “Elohem-Gebor”. X5.
• Saturn: As god-form of Sebek: XXI Universe & the utterance of: “HehYodVavHe-Elohem”. X6.
• Pluto: As god-form Serquet: XIII Death & utterance of: “Ka-da’amp VavHeHeYod”. X 3.
• Neptune: As god-form Ptah; all 4 Aces & utterance of “E-he’ye”. X1.

Suggested timing for elemental & astrological workings or meditations:

• 7AM to 10AM: Taurus: Earth
• 9AM to 12noon: Gemini: Air
• 11AM to 2PM: Cancer: Water
• 1PM to 4PM: Leo: Fire
• 3PM to 6PM: Virgo: Earth
• 5PM to 8PM: Libra: Air
• 7PM to 10AM: Scorpio: Water
• 9PM to 12AM: Sagittarius: Fire
• 11AM to 2AM: Capricorn: Earth
• 1AM to 4AM: Aquarius: Air
• 3AM to 6AM: Pisces: Water
• 5AM to 8AM: Aries: Fire

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Faeries, Elves, and Other Kin

July, 2010

poetry and the Fae

poetry and the fae have a long association, with the best known being that of True Thomas, or Thomas the Rhymer.

Born Thomas Learmonth around 1220, he is the author of many prophetic verses, although some were most certainly fabricated after his death around 1298 in order to further the cause of Scottish independence.

Thomas’ gift of prophecy is linked to his poetic ability, a gift granted him after he spent seven years in Fairyland with the Queen of Elfland.

While I am no True Thomas and have never spent but more than a few hours at a time inside the magical realm of faerie, I’d like to share with you two pieces of my own poetry inspired by the fae.

The fae think they make delightful light summer reading during the turgid, drowsy month of July.


Down in the meadow where the mosses grow,

The Pixies dance with their hair aglow.
Deep in the forest where the trees grow tall,

The Dryads hold men’s hearts in thrall.

In rivers, springs, fountains and streams,

Naiads whisper their sultry dreams.
On the moonlit shore of a secluded bay,

Kelpies shed their skins and play.

Beneath the ocean’s waves and foaming curls,

An Undine entwines her hair with pearls.
Upon a rocky shore perhaps you’ll hear

A Mermaid singing, soft and clear.

Look to the sky and high mountain peak

If it’s the winged Sylphs you seek.
High in the midnight sky do climb,

Dragons and Gryphons in their prime.

Within their deep dug diamond caverns,

Dwarves drink in their shinning taverns.
Wherever minerals gather in great numbers

So the Gnomes are wont to slumber.

Be you looking for shoes or wealth,

Tis the Leprechaun you must approach with stealth.
Next to the hearth you will always find

A loyal Brownie to each house assigned.

Slight not these helpful fellows nor spurn,

Or Hobgoblins into Boggarts turn.
From under the eaves when death draws near,

The Banshees wail and soon appear.

Out on the marshes at the end of day,

Will o’ the Wisps wait to lead you astray.
Rocking in the cradle by the candle light,

Changelings cry o’er their pitiful plight.

Beware the shape-shifting gray horse,

The Kelpie will drown you and much worse.
If you at night a black horse do meet,

Tis a Pooka and your foot best be fleet.

To see the Faerie Folk is to be granted a boon,

Given only under a Faerie Full Moon;
Come dance with me when the moon is bright

In my Faerie Circle to gain Faerie Sight.

Kat Cranston

February 2008


The other night I chanced to hear

A scuffle going on quite near.

The sounds weren’t very loud at all,

But did sound like some kind of brawl.

I looked around my room to see

Just what on earth the noise could be.

I closed my eyes and concentrated,

The fighting still had not abated.

Was that a yelp that I just heard,

A clash of swords? Oh, how absurd!

Now without the aid of eyes,

I let my ears become my spies.

Quickly realization spread;

It came from underneath my bed!

There behind the bed’s dust ruffle

Was going on a mighty scuffle.

All my brownies and house elves

To the teeth had armed themselves.

The enemy were (the mere thought sickens)

Dust bunnies grown as big as chickens.

Each had two beady eyes, redly glowing,

And two long yellow teeth, still growing.

They really were a gruesome sight,

And not at all inclined to be polite.

Encouraging our side to do their best,

I lay back down to get some rest.

I had no doubt by break of day,

Those dust bunnies would be cleared away

By my faithful, dust bunny-eating fae.

Kat Cranston

February 2010

May a faerie muse seek you out and amuse you throughout the whole of summer.  Bendithion!

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Numerology, Lesson 1

July, 2010

Introduction to Numerology

Numerical symbols for counting have been around since the very creation of man to mark the means of organization. The dawn of man has brought forth a new meaning to numbers in counting with politics, sports, construction, and other major forms of civilization impacting cornerstones. The ancient Greeks themselves used numbers to help describe the world while Pythagoras used his method, the Pythagorean Method, to assist those in a deeper understanding of these symbols of value as he gave them a new life, yet he was not the first. The Hebrew people themselves have their own methods in deciphering the will of God in the form of the Kabblah using a systems called the Temura, Notariqan, and Gemetria. Aleister Crowley wrote many books and papers on this material of mixing numbers and spirituality and his former student, Israel Regardie, complied his Kabbalistic works as he called the 777 and other Kabbalistic Works of Aliester Crowley. Even in the form of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn magick these three Hebrew methods were mandatory for all members to learn in their magical journey. In the study of the Kabbalah it says there were 22 letters of Creation, thus later influencing the tarot’s major arcana with the letter. These forms of numerology used in tarot used on the Ceremonial Magick path marks the he first key of The Fool card and used the letter Aleph the ox in Hebrew and is represented by the air in astrology, amazingly enough the magicians of past used the number 0 to represent the connection to the Ain Soph in the Fool, or God, instead of the limited 1. This carries the concept “out of nothing comes something”; this would  also encompass the idea of the big bang theory of 0 as well, meaning a sphere of matter explodes out of nowhere causing the expansion of the universe we live in today.  These are one of many books that will assist you for your quest to relate numbers to the spiritual, this is truly a tough task to the untrained eye, but well worth it. The whole idealism as the reason why we turned to numerology is diagnosed to the fact we see numbers all around us and wish to see a deeper meaning in our lives, destiny, and hidden secrets or qualities we may have never expected to find within ourselves, much like the great magicians and philosophers of the past did before our time.

The method I will be utilizing is one that is sound and easy as a whisper to the ears in the modern era, though it is much more limited then other methods. The will be the Pythagorean numbering technique for all of your ways of finding your soul urge number, destiny, karmic number, and all these primary numbers to knowing who you are inside. The Pythagorean method is the easiest of all the methods to perform, however, it is not for everyone. There is an alternative method that was used during the dark ages by magicians called the Chaldean method and this is a bit more tedious to study and learn, but in some cases will give you the answers you might not accept in your mind with the Pythagorean method. I will display them the further you read before the entire lesson on the classification of numbers. The Hebrew method is more difficult then the last two methods, but is more closely related to the connection with God or the AIN SOPH in these numbers.

The positive aspects of the method I will be using are focus around the lack of sophistication of learning another language and getting your letters confused when converting them to the numerical values. The the ease of the Pythagorean technique the basics will be more the easy to learn, even your child can learn these courses without thinking with this very method. I have done a lot of magical experimentation with numerology that has been very affective with the Pythagorean Method. I would take one of the nine meaning and make sure all my letters would add up to the proper number so the goddess of Pallas Athene realizes the efforts I apply to my True Will through all the knowledge I fight to gain. I will admit by far, magically, this method is the second most affective for me in success rate. If this can work for me it can most definitely work for you as well. The negatives in the Pythagorean method and Chaldean method are both very limited by the fact there are only the numbers one through nine, which will give you are very limited meaning to what you are looking for in yourself, so I personally choose the ways of the old Judaism magicians. In my personal opinion there are always more then 9 answers. During the time the Pythagoras way of counting was in tact with the Greeks there was a number missing, zero. Many of the modern numerologists now use the number zero to the Hebrew definition or with the tarot meaning, unity with God. So this method to me is one of the most effective and changing everyday to match our very needs to find ourselves and inner peace.

Numerology itself has it’s own taste and art that is somewhat opposite to the conclusion used in regular mathematics used in school. As an example I will use the name Bob, it adds up to 10. Standard mathematics this stays as 10, but in numerology we add a twist! If 10 was the final say in the name we add 1+0= 1. We do this due to the fact we keep numbers in the one through nine. The numbers we will not change are the master numbers on the other hand. The master numbers are 11, 22, 33, 44, and so on. These numbers carry a special power by adding the double resonance of the same number, but there is a lot more risk involved when you have a power number and can completely be your downfall, I should know I have 11 in my first name and 33 in my last name; so you will realize you have to keep yourself in check in some parts of your life the equation represents. When I write these numbers I will also but the addition with breaking the master numbers down though it is not traditionally done, so the equation of 11 would look like this 11/2 or 1+1=2.  The next set of numbers for the lecture is the karmic dept numbers or the number that represents something have not experienced in a past life. These number are  13/3, 14/5, 16/7. and 19/1. The karmic dept numbers are not recommended not to be broken down as well. These numbers represent what will or has happened to you in which you have to take and learn from in order to prosper. Particularly these numbers can give you warning signs on what obstacle you have to embrace for in the future.

Numbers, Letters, and their meaning in the Pythagorean Method of Counting

1= A, J, S and means Independence

2= B, K, T and means Partnership

3= C, L, U and means artistry

4= D, M, V and means Builder

5= E, N, W, and means Seeker

6= F, O, X and means Roots/Home

7= G, P, Y and means Sacred Quest

8= H, Q, Z and means Wealth/Visionary

9= I, R and means Transformation

At this point I feel like I must make it clear that the numbers one through nine are very vague like I said before, but the gods and goddesses themselves keep information vague so we can find our very own path. So when the deities in the celestial heavens allowed this system, along with many other divine numbering systems of divinity, they kept them lacking detail so we can learn about ourselves and solve the riddle of life on own. I do not want to feel like just just because eight is your destiny number that you should be entitled to being a millionaire and on that note just because numerology dictates it. The number eight could merely mean you have many ideas that are used on a small scale to help you gain wealth in terms “emotional” or “spiritual” wealth. Everyone has their very own meaning of wealth and the gods will only accompany you with their meaning of wealth on your destiny. So take the information with a grain of salt in this case, find out what these numbers mean to you, and come up with your own views. The goal of this class is for you to be educated enough to form your own opinions by experimentation and draw up your own results. Every different person and culture has various views on these numbers, but I am going by the western esoteric style of using these numbers.

Master and Karmic Dept Numbers, Letters, and their meaning in the Pythagorean Method of Counting

11/2 and means Peace Messenger

22/4 and means Master Builder

33/6 and means Great Healer

44 /8 and means Abundant Power

13/4 and means Taking Shortcuts or the Wrong Effort

14/5 and means Self-indulgence

16/7 and means Bad Love/ Mistrust in Love

19/1 and means Selfishness/ Wrong Authority

Once again I wish to state as I did above, learn the knowledge; but take it with a grain of salt. The gods have their own view to send to you with the use of these numbers.

The information provided above on the chart “Numbers, Letters, and their meaning in the Pythagorean Method of Counting” lets work on figuring out how to add names up and find out the deeper meaning of your name. Keep in mind only use your legal name! Lets use the specific name Robert. The key to figuring out how to convert the letters into numbers is in the chart: R=9, O=6, B=2, E=5, R=9, and T=2. Now comes the easy part, add them all together. 9+6+2+5+9+2 = 33, so we do not reduce this due to the fact it is a power number, 33/6. So Robert is 33. Lets do Anthony now: A=1, N=5, T=2, H=8, O=6, N=5, Y=7. The equation would now be 1+5+2+8+6+5+7=34, this time we break down 24 since it is not a master number or karmic number: 3+4=7. In conclusion this what the total for Anthony. Lets revert back to the name of Robert and see what that name can be in depth to the character named Robert, the number is 33/6 revolving around the idea of being a Great Healer and with the last name Anthony it means this individual is also has  a great sense of spirituality involved in his or her life as well with the number 7.

The last segment of this lesson consists of dates of birth and the significance of your birth, much like how important your natal chart is with the proper time and date of your birth. In numerology we use the method of month/day/year. Lets say the birthday of John is  10/2/2000, breakdown the month, day and year and memorize them. These will be used separately for the upcoming lessons on the equations for the next few months to come. 1(10=1+0= 1) as the month, 2 as the day, and 2 (2000=2+0+0+0=2) as the year. Now add these up together and you obtain your Destiny Number or also known as your life path number. So 5 will be John’s life path number. The Life Path number determines your destiny, John’s destiny is to be a seeker of knowledge and answers in his life as is dictated by 5.

I would like to say my farewell to all of you to who have read this article and appreciate your time to read this article. If there are any questions, concerns, or comments feel welcome to email me at [email protected] with the subject as ” Numerology Question”, “Numerology Concern”, or “Numerology Comment”. I will reach you ASAP.

My deepest Blessings to all of you,

The Vayutiger

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Back to Basics of Magick, Lesson 1

July, 2010

Back to Basics of Magick – Lesson 1

Class Basics & Etiquette:

First, I wanted to take a minute and thank each of you for embarking on this journey.  As you know this is a year long series of classes that will have us revisiting and exploring in depth topics on magick that we at times take for granted.  The hope is that if you are a seasoned practitioner that you will take something new away from each lesson that will deepen your practice.  If you are new it is meant to give you a good foundation on which to begin your practice.

As you can see from the syllabus there are a total of 12 lessons, beginning with the one here.  Each month a different aspect of magick will be touched on.  Some topics that we’ll discuss are ritual, laws, witches pyramids and more.  The lessons are designed to make you think and discuss.

Each lesson will also contain an assignment.  There will be instructions on how to complete these and if you will be asked to email it to me directly or if it will be strictly in the forum.  I highly encourage discussion in the forums.  The more you discuss with one another the more you will get out of the class.  I certainly don’t have all the answers and differing perspectives encourage growth.  I do ask that you be respectful of one another.  If debate becomes too heated I will step in to moderate the discussion.

Lesson 1: Ethics of the Witch/Wiccan Practitioner

If there is one thing that I have found out over my years as a practitioner of magick is that it requires a great deal of personal responsibility and ethics.  This certainly isn’t a light topic for a first lesson but I think it’s a terribly important one.  A pagan author, and a good friend, often says being a witch is a lot of work.  She’s right!

For me, personally, I have seen a lot of people looking for the easy way out and they think that magick is the answer.  Certainly rituals and spells amplify and enhance our lives, but we must do so responsibly.  So, what exactly does that mean?

First, I am never hasty in casting spells or performing ritual.  You want to make sure that you are in the right frame of mind.  If you cast in anger or without fully thinking everything through it affects your magick and its outcome.   A perfect example of why this is important comes from a personal experience.  When I was a much younger and more impulsive individual I just decided that I needed a change.  So I did magick to help effect that change.  I did a spell and it worked, but not the way I thought it would.  My life for months was in a constant state of change, I moved and changed jobs. Twice!  I also ended one relationship and started another almost instantly.  It was crazy, and until I finally connected the dots on what I had done my life was in chaos!  Obviously, I did work to negate what I had set in motion and things finally began to settle down.  It was a very important lesson that I had to learn the hard way.

If you are angry, don’t do magick.  This is a rule of thumb that I live by.  Why?  Well it’s easier to take the time and cool off.  Rather than cast a spell that would be rash and impulsive and that ultimately you’d regret take a time out.  Give yourself at least a day to sit on the situation and think it out.  Someone started a personal attack on a friend of mine and her first reaction was to bind them.  Well, there is a time and a place for this, but since she acted and did the spell in anger all it did was bind that person to her.  It was a mess and took a lot of time to rectify.  In retrospect she agreed she should have taken a moment to reflect.  The ethics involved here also should deter you.  Performing a spell on someone is in and of itself something that should not be done lightly.  Add to that the fact you’re emotionally charged and it’s just not a good combination.

An important aspect of magick is that it follows the path of least resistance.  So, make sure that your intent is precise and clear.  The more thought you put into your spells the better the results and the more predictable they become.  I like to think of spells like recipes.  Once you’ve made a recipe a few times you know the basic routine.  You know what works and what doesn’t.  You know that to get the right results you put in specific ingredients and leave out others. It’s the same way with spells.  You have to know what the right correspondences are and those things that work in harmony together.  Taking the time to properly prepare your ritual/spell is the sensible thing to do.  You don’t want to do a prosperity spell just to come into a large sum of money because some distant relative passed away.

As a magickal practitioner, even if you aren’t Wiccan, you’ve probably heard of the Wiccan Rede; ‘An it harm none, do what ye will.’  We’ll discuss this in depth in another lesson.  However, make sure that anything you do is for your highest good.  If it involves anyone else at all that you have their permission and it is for their highest good as well.  I personally do not do work for anyone that I do not have permission from.  I find that my magick work best and encounters the least amount of resistance when it is invited and expected.  You also need to learn to be specific.  If you don’t specify what it is you are working for deities, elementals, fae, or the forces at work must guess.  That can have unexpected results.

Do everything possible, mundanely, to achieve your goals.  Magick should always enhance and support your practical work.  For example, what good would it do to perform a ritual or cast a spell for a new job if you never put in an application anywhere?  However, if you do the leg work and put out a few applications and resumes you can then use magick to make them more appealing to potential employers.  It is a much more effective way to use magick and it’s more productive.  What does this have to do with ethics?  It makes you a responsible practitioner because you don’t always run to magick first.  It means you know that sometimes you have to do the knitty gritty work to help things manifest into your life.

Magick, spells, and rituals are meant to help us achieve and maintain balance.  A little common sense goes a long way and shows those you know that you are a dependable and responsible individual.  This is important for a couple of different reasons.  You’ll encounter those that will come to you for advice and wanting to learn.  You want to be a good example for those people.  You’ll also come into contact with those individuals that are mundane.  They will not be knowledgeable about magick. You will be the person that they associate with Wicca, Witchcraft, or Paganism.  If you come across as a responsible and knowledgeable practitioner that carefully weighs the consequences of your actions that goes a tremendous way.  You will be, for better or worse, the person that they see as the spokesperson for your religious path.  How do you want to be perceived?

Assignment 1:

1)      Forum: Add to the discussion on the forum a little about who you are, what brought you to the class, and what you hope to get out of it.

2)      Start a journal to track your spells and their outcomes.  What was your emotional state when you performed it?  When did you cast it?  What was your intent?

3)      Email: What does being a witch/wiccan/pagan mean to you?  How does personal responsibility play into that?  Email me your responses. A minimum of 3 paragraphs are required and discussion on the forum is encouraged.

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