Magickal Forecast – July 2010

Magickal Forecast – July 2010

SOL: By 7:00AM each day the Sun in the house of GEMINI will be bright and dominant in the morning hours and in the early afternoons. In the month of July the Sun would be an excellent choice for all kinds of magick, as Sol is the most powerful of all planetary forces. If there are any sun-worshipers out there; this is your time.

MERCURY: The morning hours, Mercury in the house of CANCER will be racing away from the Sun (in the opposite direction) all month long in the morning hours. Theurgy and other forms of mercurial gnosis should be possible despite the warnings of pop-culture astrology in mundane matters.

VENUS: in the house of LEO, plus MARS: (in between), and SATURN: in the house of VIRGO: respectively, from a “little before lunch time until sunset” will be sweeping across the afternoon sky. They will be located close enough together in the sky to carry influence on each other, yet far enough apart for you to separate the vibrations. My recommendation would be to use your Unicursal Hexagram and invoke all three.

LIBRA: 6:00PM till 9:00PM, a Zodiacal invoking of Libra will be nice, as would an invoking of the Elemental AIR.

SCORPIO: 8:00PM till 11:00PM, a Zodiacal invoking of Scorpio will be nice, as would an invoking of the Elemental WATER.

PLUTO: 8:00PM till 11:00PM, during the same time frame as Scorpio will be a great chance to work with PLUTO. Pluto can be very revealing. The cabbalistic key at the end of this essay contains all you will need to start your path of discovery. Pluto is not quite in SAGGITARIUS but very close. It may be a good time to work with the elemental FIRE.

CAPRICORN: “11:00PM till 2:00AM” a Zodiacal invoking of Capricorn will be nice, as would an invoking of the Elemental EARTH.

JUPITER & URANUS in the house of PISCES will be available from just after Midnight till almost Sunrise. Jupiter has been conferencing with Uranus for a long time. Most of their business is done and he should open for magick and gnosis during this time window. The Asana of Pan while staring at the Tarot Trump X Fortune could bring incredible result. Meditating as the god-form Amun Ra will be excellent for astral travel and gnosis.

ARIES, TAURUS, & GEMINI will be available in the wee hours for pure clean Zodiacal Magick, or Elemental Magick with FIRE, EARTH, or AIR respectively.

SYNOPSIS: SOL in the morning and JUPITER in the wee. These are the star players for the entire month of July. The associated cabbala, with the matching Tarot Trumps as visual keys should be enough, but ritual Invoking will be better. There are also many opportunities in July for Elemental or Zodiacal Magick.
The days will be hot and the energy of SOL could be harsh. Be strong and bask in the heat. Accept his light, and if it is too harsh, then invoke the cool shade of Aquarius. This is done with the progressed Tetragrammaton of “HehYodVavHe” and the visual key of the Tarot Trump; The Star.

*Cabbalistic Key: Many of you understand ritual timing and cosmic associations to every aspect of Magick, but for those that do not, utilize the key below. The first one is an example.

• To access any of the planets simply follow this formulae by utilizing the keys below. This example is for Jupiter: Meditate as the god-form Amun Ra and whisper: “EL” 4 times between deep slow breaths, while staring at X Wheel of Fortune, Simply relax and drift off. Be prepared for visions.

• Jupiter: As god-form Amun Ra; X Wheel of Fortune & utterance of: “EL”. X4.
• Uranus: As god-form Djehuti: all 4 minor arcana Twos & utterance of: “Yah Kok-ma”. X2.
• Sol: As god-form Ra: XIX Sun & utterance of: “HehYodVavHe-Eloha-Ve-da`at. X6.
• Mercury: As god-form Djehuti: I Magician & utterance of: “Elohem-Tsev-a-ot”. X3.
• Venus: As god-form Hathor: III Empress & utterance “HehYodVavHe-Tsev-a-ot”. X7.
• Mars: As god-form Horus: XVI Tower & the utterance of “Elohem-Gebor”. X5.
• Saturn: As god-form of Sebek: XXI Universe & the utterance of: “HehYodVavHe-Elohem”. X6.
• Pluto: As god-form Serquet: XIII Death & utterance of: “Ka-da’amp VavHeHeYod”. X 3.
• Neptune: As god-form Ptah; all 4 Aces & utterance of “E-he’ye”. X1.

Suggested timing for elemental & astrological workings or meditations:

• 7AM to 10AM: Taurus: Earth
• 9AM to 12noon: Gemini: Air
• 11AM to 2PM: Cancer: Water
• 1PM to 4PM: Leo: Fire
• 3PM to 6PM: Virgo: Earth
• 5PM to 8PM: Libra: Air
• 7PM to 10AM: Scorpio: Water
• 9PM to 12AM: Sagittarius: Fire
• 11AM to 2AM: Capricorn: Earth
• 1AM to 4AM: Aquarius: Air
• 3AM to 6AM: Pisces: Water
• 5AM to 8AM: Aries: Fire