A Witch’s View

Being in the broom closet is not a comfortable place to be.  There’s too much old stuff hanging around, it’s far too small and it smells a little like mothballs.

I’m not in the closet but there was a time when I couldn’t be my authentic self.  I was far too worried that my friends wouldn’t be my friends anymore, my family would consider me weird and my then husband would ridicule me.  It turned out I was right on all accounts.

When you’re not living life how you feel you should be, you’re not being your authentic self.  It crushes your spirit and often depression isn’t very far behind.  Living in the fear of what other people think, especially those closest to you, because you’re not a mainstream, cookie cutter clone is an invite to major stress.  Often the fears are unfounded and loved ones love us unconditionally.

I went through a divorce which altered my life completely. I realised I had to be me, take back control of situations that I’d allowed to get horrendously out of control and pursue life on my terms.  It wasn’t easy and at times it was excruciating painful.  I lost everything I knew including my parents and brother. Cut off, gone from their lives as if I never existed.

And yet there is a quietness and a peace to be found when old relationships, however permanent they’d been in your life, dissolve and you’re free to find new ones that suit you.  You learn about yourself because you’re forced to grow and develop.  It’s true what they say about the Universe detesting voids – sooner of later you fill the gaps that were left behind with new and wondrous things.  And most importantly you know you will never, ever fit in a broom closet again.