Arimid’s Cauldron

Lughnasadh Honey Muffins

1 C. Milk

½ C. Strained Wildflower Honey

½ C. Raw Sugar

3 C. Oat Flour

3 t. Baking Powder

¾ t. Sea Salt

¾ t. Powdered Grapefruit seed

1 C. Blackberries washed and drained

3 Eggs Well Beaten

¼ C/ Melted Butter

Blend milk, honey, and sugar. Combine with sifted dry ingredients. Add eggs and butter, mix lightly but quickly fold in blackberries; bake in well greased muffin tins at 375* degrees for approximately 20 mins.

With Lughnasadh soon to be upon us this recipe is sure to become a favorite.