Spellwork Through Poetry, Lesson 11


Our lessons have been geared toward putting our thoughts into a poetry form. Most of the writing has been straight forward about the topic. This month will be more of a challenge; I would like for us to explore metaphors.

Quick review:
~Similies are comparisons of unlike concepts using like/as.
I was as hungry as a lion.
~Metaphors are comparisons of unlike concepts without using like/as.
I was a lion ripping through the kitchen hunting for something to eat.

Similes are ultimately easier than metaphors because the comparison is more direct; you are able to clearly state the two things you are comparing, and why you are comparing them, in the sentence and you use like/as to connect the two ideas. (I was as hungry as a lion).

Metaphors are more difficult because the comparison is indirect. You briefly state the main item and elaborate on the compared item. Why you are comparing the items is also vaguely stated. In my experience, it is easier to write a simile and change it into a metaphor than it is to just write a metaphor cold. However, once you have the basic comparison, you can extend your metaphor for pages and pages.

The full moon is like a white frisbee

Mother Earth hurls the disc in the sky,
Canis Major chases it down through the dark
With Canis Minor on his heels.
It soars higher and higher all night,
Passing The Hunter poised to strike.
The pups are later joined by Sirius
In their quest to catch their toy.
Soon the disc begins to descend,
Caught again by Mother Earth.
The pups have had their fun,
They now wait for night fall again to play.
The three cuddle together and doze away
With the dawn.

I would like you to try to write a metaphor for a spellcast. This will be in the style of free writing, in poetic stanzas or not.